Chapter 242: Discovery

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“Senior Brother Yun Feng, how did Death Swamp turn to this?” Yun Feng and Yun Hai had accepted Elder Ping’s orders to investigate the three matters. They travelled for days before arriving at Death Swamp. However, when they saw the situation in Death Swamp, Yun Hai was puzzled.

“Not sure. Regardless, we should continue our journey!” Yun Feng squatted down at the shore, and used his hands to scoop up the water to inspect. He was also bewildered by the situation, but he didn’t think much of it.

“Senior Brother, which matter should we start investigating first? Death Swamp is so big, it’s very difficult to locate a single person,” The duo had trained here in the past. This place could be said as a dangerous yet unrewarding location. Therefore, if there weren’t any objectives, they wouldn’t be here. Now, they were shouldering heavy responsibilities. In addition to the generous reward given by the sect, this was simply worth it. But to search for a person in such a big place, how could it be that easy?

“Wait until we arrive at Death Fantasy Ocean, then we will decide. The incident happened so long ago, so they wouldn’t be here,” Yun Feng also had no idea. However, because of his teacher’s order, and for the rewards, he could only handle the matters seriously.

“Senior Brother, that Cheng Yu kid is only in Foundation Establishment Realm. Must the Sect Master dispatch us to handle him? In contrast, it is the expert that killed Yun Tian that makes me somewhat worried. That person should at least be in the Golden Core Realm late stage. Both of us might not necessarily win against him,” Yun Feng thought of having to confront a Golden Core late stage expert, and his heart felt quite worried.

“Hard to say. Since Yun Tian self-detonated his Golden Core, it meant that he intended to die with the other party. Then, he most likely should have been injured by the explosion. Perhaps, he might be hiding nearby to recuperate. With both of our strengths, handling an injured Golden Core late stage expert shouldn’t be a problem,” Yun Feng analyzed.

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“What Senior Brother said seems reasonable. Yun Tian’s luck was quite pitiful. He could have provoked anyone, but chose to provoke a Golden Core late stage expert. Does he truly think that just because he’s Elder Cheng’s direct disciple that no one would dare to kill him? Hmph! Isn’t he dead without any dregs left now?” Yun Hai and Yun Feng were under the tutelage of Elder Ping. Therefore, they didn’t have any favorable impression of the disciples under Elder Cheng’s tutelage.

“Don’t talk about this. We should first look for the soul tool. At the very least, when we return to the sect, we will have something to report,” Yun Feng shook his head while saying.

“Eh? Senior Brother, did you notice something amiss in Death Bone Tomb?” In the late night, they had flown for a long time in Death Bone Tomb, but they had yet to meet one white bone soldier. This was truly too weird.

“How come there aren’t any white bones soldiers?” At this moment, Yun Feng had also noticed this problem. Those who came to Death Bone Tomb before would know that the night was the time when the white bone armies rose. But both of them had flown for so long yet they had seen none.

“Senior Brother, do you think this is related to Death Swamp’s transformation?” Yun Hai voiced out.

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“It’s possible. Seems like this unknown transformation happened to this Death Forest. Even a soul tool was born. Seems like the period we need to stay in Death Forest might be prolonged. Perhaps, there might be a greater treasure that will be born,” Yun Feng associated all the unusual conditions before speaking.

“Really? Senior Brother, then wouldn’t we become rich?” Yun Hai replied happily.

“Everything is just conjectures. Don’t be too happy too early. We ought to continue our journey.”


“Tian Xing, why isn’t he waking up yet? Could something have happened to him?!” It had been three days, but Cheng Yu stilled laid there unmoving. There was no indication of him regaining consciousness. There was nothing but worries inside Tian Xue’s mind.

“Senior Sister, relax. You are just randomly guessing. Look at Senior Brother’s complexion. It obviously recovered by a lot. Furthermore, try sensing it. Senior Brother’s surrounding spiritual Qi are still pouring into his body constantly. This shows that Senior Brother is still self-recovering. I think he ought to wake up soon,” Tian Xing consoled with a smile. However, he knew this wasn’t so. It had already been three days. According to Cheng Yu’s injury, he should have long woken up, but there wasn’t any reaction from him. If it wasn’t because he was still breathing, Tian Xing would have thought he was dead.

“There’s someone?” Tian Xing’s expression got solemn as he whispered to Tian Xue.

“What should we do? We cannot move him cause of his current situation,” TIan Xue said anxiously. Cheng Yu was able to absorb spiritual Qi. This meant that his cultivation technique was circulating within his body. He was currently in the ethereal realm state. They mustn’t interrupt him in any way. However, they were already in the depths of Death Fantasy Ocean. To arrive here meant that the person was definitely not simple. They were extremely nervous and worried.

“Let nature take its course. Hopefully, this person isn’t an enemy,” Tian Xing prayed for Cheng Yu to wake up and also hoped that the person was a friend and not a foe. Otherwise, with just him and Tian Xue’s strength, they wouldn’t be able to handle the people who were able to make it here.

“Brother Xuan Feng, are you sure that we can get pass this flowery ocean here?” The vegetation in the flowery ocean were at least a meter tall. Although they couldn’t see them, their voices already reached Tian Xue and Tian Xing’s ears.

“Brother Qing Xi. Trust me. Our direction is definitely not wrong,” Another Golden Core expert said. Looking at the thirty people behind him, Xuan Feng was filled with confidence. Ever since Xuan Feng and Qing Xi failed to get a hold of the soul tool, they formed an alliance. Furthermore, a few of the other groups had also formed teams with them. This group had two Golden Core experts. Other than the ten great sects, they were definitely an extremely formidable group.

“Xuan Feng? Qing Xi?” Tian Xue and Tian Xing looked at each other. Both shook their heads to indicate they did not know them. Both of their expressions grew even more solemn. This indicated that the poeple coming over weren’t friends. Hopefully, they weren’t enemies either.

“Elder Feng, there’s people over there!” At this moment, a scout ran over to their front, narrating respectfully.

“There’s people? Do you know who they are?” Xuan Feng was surprised. To be able to reach here meant that the people weren’t simple. It was highly likely they were from the ten great sects. Ten great sect people were usually very overbearing. Xuan Feng and the others didn’t want to come into any contact with them. If the other party was truly from the ten great sects, it would be better for them to change directions.

“Not sure. They had three people. Two males a female. One of them seems to be injured,” The scout narrated.

“Only three of them? What’s their cultivation?” Xuan Feng was startled. In such a place, the three of them were either in dire straits or experts.

“All are in Foundation Establishment Realm.”

“Oh? Let’s go and take a look,” Xuan Feng heard that the other party was only in the Foundation Establishment Realm, so he immediately felt relieved.

“This is bad,” Their conversation wasn’t spoken softly. With Tian Xue and Tian Xing’s ability, they were able to hear it distinctly. Now that they were coming over, they immediately got anxious. However, Cheng Yu was still unable to move. They truly had no ways but to confront them.

“Elder Feng, it’s them!” A group of people came out from the flowering shrub. The scout pointed at the nearby Tian Xue and Tian Xing as he spoke. Tian Xue saw the other party actually had thirty people. Furthermore, there were two Golden Core experts.

“Who are you people?” Xuan Feng looked at Tian Xue as he spoke.

“I’m Tianshan Sect’s Tian Xue. This is my Junior Brother Tian Xing. Not sure what comments do the two seniors have for me?” In front of the two Golden Core experts, Tian Xue didn’t dare to act unreasonably. Honestly speaking, she hoped that the other party would give Tianshan Sect some face and not make things difficult for them.

“So it’s Tianshan Sect’s disciples. Nice to meet you. How come there’s only three of you? Where are your other senior and junior brothers?” Xuan Feng looked at the other party expression as he spoke. When it came to the ten great sects people, the small sects did not have any favorable impression of them. Now that they met a few that were left behind, they would certainly not let them off so easily. However, they still needed to verify if there were any additional companions with them. Otherwise, once the news of them bullying the ten great sects was to be spread out, it would bring trouble.


“Our Senior Brothers just went out to explore the road ahead. Both of us were assigned to stay behind to look after our injured Junior Brother,” Tian Xue saw Tian Xing was about to answer, so she hurriedly took over. She was afraid that Tian Xing would speak the truth. Once these people had any ideas, things would become troublesome.

“Oh really? Since it’s like that, we will stay here and rest for a while. Later on, we can also look for your Senior Brothers to inquire about the situation in front,” Xuan Feng laughed. After that, he beckoned his head, indicating his subordinates to start resting. When seizing the soul tool, the two of them had been bullied by the four of the great sects. Now that they had met similar people in this place, why would they let them off so easily?

“Senior Sister, what should we do?” Tian Xing wasn’t foolish. When he heard Tian Xue’s reply, he understood the hidden meaning in her words. But now that they were resting here, it wouldn’t be long before everything was exposed.

“If we can drag, drag! I hope that they won’t make a move against us. It would be the best if we could persevere until Cheng Yu wakes up,” Tian Xue glanced at the peacefully sleeping Cheng Yu, and commented worriedly.

“Brother Xuan Feng, I can see they are obviously tricking us. Why aren’t you making a move on them directly?” Qing Xi sat together with Xuan Feng as he voiced out his doubts.

“It’s better to be extra cautious. The three of them are all in the Foundation Establishment Realm. It’s unbelievable that the three of them were able to arrive here. I feel that the chances of them having a companion is very high. If by any chance a companion of theirs pops out, we will be in trouble,” Xuan Feng had always been cautious when dealing with stuff. After all, the other party was from Tianshan Sect. If they wanted to eliminate a small sect, it was as easy as a snap of their fingers.

At this very moment, an acute transformation was happening within Cheng Yu’s body. Previously, a core had formed in his first branch. But now, the first, second and third branches had gave birth to a core each. Now, there were a total of three cores within him. Qing Xi sat at the side, glancing at Cheng Yu’s face by accident. Suddenly, he felt that Cheng Yu’s face felt very familiar. He rapidly turned around and took another look at Cheng Yu’s face. The more he observed, the more he felt Cheng Yu looked like that person. The more he observed, the more excited he got. Qing Xi looked at the nearby meditating Xuan Feng, and inspiration struck his mind. He signaled a few of his disciples. After speaking a few sentences to them, he also entered into a meditative state. After a while, Qing Xi arrived in front of Xuan Feng, sitting down.

“Brother Xuan Feng, I feel that it’s better for us to leave first!” Qing Xi smiled as he spoke.

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