Chapter 556: Grandfather awaken

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In the extremely short ten li road from the city gate to the Ten Li Pavilion, more than 100,000 people had gathered. They all wanted to see how powerful this iron-blooded army that had survived in the midst of corpses for several years was. They also wanted to see how the very famous Hell Angel looked like. They heard that she was admired by countless men and she was worshipped by countless women which piqued their interest.

At this moment, Long Yi was sitting upright as he stared at the hint of black lines which was appearing in the distance. He could feel that the earth was starting to shake rhythmically. A sense of excitement filled Long Yi.

Out of all of his women, Long Yi felt the most grateful to Beitang Yu. For the last several years, she had campaigned all across the country in his place. In her world, there seemed to be no other entertainment other than strategizing. Long Yi kept everything she did in his mind. At this moment, that proud little girl who was extremely stubborn appeared in his mind. She was the same girl who bit him several years ago.

That distant black line quickly moved forward, gradually forming an unstoppable black wave. By this time, one could already see the banner which was raised high by the vanguard. That banner was black in color with a golden edge and a big word, ‘Unparalleled’ was written on it. This banner was very famous. It was the banner of the Unparalleled Battalion which terrorized the battlefield.

“Father, it’s the Unparalleled Battalion! It’s Unparalleled Battalion.” Among the crowd, a fourteen or fifteen year old teenage boy excitedly pulled at the sleeves of his father and his eyes were shining with a fanatical hue. As of now, there was a saying that the general of a position was useless if they had not joined the Unparalleled Battalion. Everyone knew that the Unparalleled Battalion had the best soldiers. As such, the best generals were also naturally in the Unparalleled Battalion. Among the allied army, the greater part of the generals who had made a name for themselves in this expedition were those generals who had climbed up step by step from the bottom. Of course, the most famous of them all made their name in the Unparalleled Battalion. Other than Beitang Yu and Tyrant Bear, there was a general who made a name for himself. It was Nangong Nu. He had already become the third key figure in the allied army.

“Son, wait two more years. After that, you can join the Unparalleled Battalion.” That father used his big hand to stroke his son’s head. His finger only had three fingers which showed that he was a veteran in the army. He had retired due to the injury he received on the battlefield when he fought against the Proud Moon Empire. He had personally experienced the might of the Unparalleled Battalion. Now, the greatest wish in his life was for his son to become a part of the Unparalleled Battalion one day.

The army proceeded closer and closer to the city and the citizens could see the sight of 10,000 soldiers from the Unparalleled Battalion clearly. They were wearing black colored armor and they rode on a black colored unicorn. The gap between every unicorn was exactly the same. In addition, even though they were still quite a distance from the city, everyone was able to feel the blood momentum they carried with them. The bodies of the citizens were trembling in fear as the troops approached.

The soldiers from the Unparalleled Battalion were not divided into cavalry and infantry. All of them were all-rounded as they were personally trained by Long Yi. Cavalry charged like a whirlwind and infantry formed steel like defense. However, the purpose of the Unparalleled Battalion was to assassinate other targets. They were used to carry out small-scale repeated attacks which trusted deep into the enemy forces.

There were three people who led the army. One of them was wearing a general armor with a blood-red cloak. He was actually Long Yi’s brother-in-law, Nangong Nu. The current Nangong Nu was completely different from the Nangong Nu in the past. In those days, he was just a wimpy kid who was only as tall as Long Yi’s chest. Now, he had already grown big and tall. He had a tough and stocky build and there was a sharp light shining in his eyes.

There was another general who was wearing black fur all over his body. It was Tyrant Bear and he looked extremely frightening. There was another general who had an ice-cold appearance. She was indifferent and she wore a purple battle robe. Of course, she was Beitang Yu. She was riding in the middle.

The heart of Long Yi trembled while staring at Beitang Yu’s unchanged appearance. Their eyes met each other and both of them felt as though they had been apart for generations. The yearning they had accumulated for a long time exploded.

Beitang Yu followed the gaze of Long Yi and slowly, her ice-cold indifferent expression began to melt. A hint of a fascinating smile appeared on her face.


The room was filled with a light fragrance. Beitang Yu had already changed her clothing. Right now, the Hell Angel who could shake heaven and earth was happily snuggling in the bosom of her sweetheart like any other common woman. In addition, the sunlight spilling through the window illuminated them, adding a layer of magnificent golden glow on their skin.

“If this is a dream, then I hope that I will never wake up.” Beitang Yu sighed and whispered. Now, she looked very cute. At this moment, Beitang Yu was already no longer the general on the battlefield. She was just a woman… A pure woman.

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“This is a real dream. We are living in it right now. We’ll never wake up from it, however, we will slowly fade away as we welcome the next generation.” Long Yi gently patted the back of Beitang Yu and said.

“Even in next reincarnation, I hope that I will dream about you.” Beitang Yu softly said with a smile.

“You will… You definitely will.” The black pupils of Long Yi flashed as he suddenly thought about Little Qi in his past life. In that blurred image, only that pair of gentle and beautiful eyes was still clear. If this world was where they would reincarnate, where did Little Qi reincarnate into?

Knock, knock, knock. One had to wonder, who was the one who couldn’t tell good from bad. They had to disturb them at this time.

“My husband, the patriarch wants you to come now.”

The voice of Nangong Xiangyun came from outside.

Long Yi stood up and opened the door and he saw Nangong Xiangyun standing outside. She stuck her tongue out at him and she seemed to be in a bad mood.

“Xiangyun, familiarize Beitang Yu to the other sisters. Your husband will reward you after he returns.” Long Yi smiled and pinched the cheeks of Nangong Xiangyun. When he thought about the promise to battle against her for three days and three nights, he was truly happy.

 Long Yi arrived at the study of Ximen Nu and he pushed open the door. He entered the room and saw that both his father and mother are inside. His little sister Ximen Wuhen however, was familiarly chatting with Sword God Aunt Ou.

“Father, did grandpa wake up?” Long Yi asked. Before, Aunt Ou had always been in the secret room trying to wake up his grandfather. When he saw that she had finally appeared outside, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Quick, your grandma Ou said that your grandfather will wake up soon.” Ximen Nu said, showing an exuberant and triumphant expression. He appeared a lot younger.

Grandma Ou? Long Yi looked at Aunt Ou with a strange look on his face. He was really not used to this form of address as Ximen Wuhen usually addressed her as Aunt Ou.

“It is nearly time… We should go in.” Aunt Ou held the hand of Ximen Wuhen and opening the door of the secret room, everyone entered.

The entire group of people stood in front of the stone room, only Aunt Ou sat on the edge of the bed as she warmly looked at Ximen Kuang who was sleeping quietly. At this moment, her heart was filled with emotions. In the blink of an eye, more than 20 years had already passed and they had grown old.

At that moment, the eyelid of Ximen Kuang who was lying on the stone bed lightly quivered. He slowly opened his eyes with some difficulty. Seeing this, the heart of everyone involuntarily tightened.

Ximen Kuang half opened his eyes and after blinking several times, his pupils gradually became focused.

“Yan’er?” Perhaps, because he had not spoken for a long time, the voice of Ximen Kuang was very hoarse. He completely ignored everyone and he looked at Aunt Ou with agitation in his eyes.

Aunt Ou trembled, Yan’er was her pet name. Other than her master, only this old man before her had the qualification to call her like that. When her name left his mouth, she started to shed tears.

“Father.” Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan stepped forward and agitatedly called out.

Ximen Kuang turned over and watched the excited face of Ximen Nu. His eyes slightly glimmered with some complicated feelings. He seemed surprised. Was this his son? That extremely haughty boy who always made a display of his abilities had unexpectedly become turned into a white haired old man. He had a steady and reserved manner. It seemed as though he was a sage who had experienced great changes in his life.

“Grandson Ximen Yu greets grandfather. Allow grandson to improve grandfather’s blood circulation.” Long Yi also stepped forward and greeted. Without waiting for his answer, Long Yi grabbed Ximen Kuang’s hand and slowly injected his true qi into Ximen Kuang’s body. This moment, since Long Yi’s AoTianJue had already reached the seventh layer, the purity level of his true qi had already reached a new height. Its effects were multiplied.

Not long after, Long Yi stopped. Ximen Kuang’s shoulders moved and he actually jumped out of the bed. He began to stretch and he started to move his body about.

“Hahaha, you are my grandson. Good, good, looking at your skill, even our forefather Ximen Jinglei cannot compare to you.” Ximen Kuang was full of energy after Long Yi treated him and his hoarse voice also became full of vigor.

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Long Yi just smiled. He fully deserved this. With his current strength, he could already wear the Lightning God armor for a short period of time. Although he had not tried the power of the Lightning God Hammer, he knew that this weapon which used to belong to the main god was far more powerful. As for how much more powerful it was, it was unknown. He wanted to look for a time in order to test out the power of his weapon.

“Eh, is this my granddaughter?” Ximen Kuang looked at Ximen Wuhen who was indifferently standing at one side. That indifferent and above worldly material temperament of Ximen Wuhen rather surprised him.

“Granddaughter Ximen Wuhen greets grandfather.” Ximen Wuhen took a step forward and bowed.

“Ximen Wuhen!” Ximen Kuang was shocked. He shot a glance at Ximen Nu before turning to Aunt Ou who had an unnatural expression on her face.

Ximen Wuhen was confused as she didn’t understand why her grandfather had such a big reaction after hearing her name.

Aunt Ou walked to the side of Ximen Kuang and said after a sigh, “It has already been more than 20 years. Now, some matters should be clarified.”

At this moment, Dongfang Wan thought about Long Yi’s words about how Ximen Wuhen might not possess the blood of the Ximen Clan. She started to turn nervous. If this matter was learned by her husband, what would he do? This was related to the dignity of a man.

Dongfang Wan pulled the sleeve of Ximen Nu as she felt ill at ease. However, Ximen Nu tightly held onto her little hand in order to comfort her. Looking at his expression, she seemed to realize something.

“Second brother.” Ximen Wuhen panicked a little and she leaned closer to Long Yi. Although she didn’t know what it was about, she knew that this matter definitely had something to do with her.

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