Chapter 555: Seventh layer AoTianJue

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Long Yi was shocked in his heart. But, at that moment, his meridians swelled suddenly, and AoTianJue that had remained still at the fifth layer suddenly started to breakthrough. Moreover, this breakthrough had come unexpectedly and more violently than any other breakthroughs before. With regards to AoTianJue above the fifth layer, Long Yi had no experience as the highest level he had reached in his previous life was just the fifth layer. When he saw that the true qi in his dantian was boiling over, Long Yi seemed somewhat terrified.

“F**k, how can it come at this time?” Long Yi landed on the mountain without stable footing and he felt that the true qi in his body was boiling over. The pain which was caused by the burning feeling was not only physical. Even his powerful consciousness felt as though it was being tortured as a heavenly fire raged throughout his body.

The clothes he was wearing were quickly reduced to ashes and it disintegrated. White smoke appeared from all parts of his body. All the plants within 100 meters around him instantly withered and the stones on the ground started to turn red. That boiling true qi appeared as if it wanted to melt everything.

The meridians in Long Yi’s body started to convulse for one moment before expanding in the next moment. In addition, he felt as if a huge hammer was ferociously smashing against his sea of consciousness, making him feel intolerable pain. However, his mind was extremely clear. He wasn’t able to faint even if he wanted to. He had once thought that that extreme pain on his soul was the greatest pain he had ever felt. However, he realized that it was nothing compared to the pain he was feeling now.

Relying on his last bit of endurance, Long Yi activated a barrier bead to create a barrier around him. He also summoned Long Two and the other god beasts in order to guard himself. He knew that he was always defenseless when making a breakthrough… He couldn’t tolerate any mishap, otherwise, his soul would scatter without a trace.

A golden light shot out from the golden cloud mark on Long Yi’s chest and it vaguely linked itself to Long Yi’s sea of consciousness. Then, the Lightning God spirit tablet and Wind God spirit tablet which hadn’t appeared for a long time appeared and circled above the head of Long Yi, emitting a purple and cyan radiance.

Somewhere in Lost City, in the dark space, the Dark God statue in the hall located at the depth of the cold pond suddenly emitted a radiance and a humanoid form appeared.

“Wind God Mark! Ai, it seems like nothing can be forced.” A hoarse voice resounded within this hall.

At this moment, Long Yi was already reaching the limit and was about to fall apart. If he failed to retain his sanity; even if he was able to keep his life, he would turn into an idiot.

The true qi was still boiling within his meridians but the golden cloud mark on Long Yi’s chest was still injecting dense energy into his body. It integrated with the true qi within his body and compressed it, making it even denser.

The meridians were like a balloon right now. As though air was continuously blown into his meridians, it started to inflate. However, his meridians weren’t fragile like balloons. Rather, they were unconsciously shrinking which increased the density of the air in his meridians. Merely, however tough and tensile a balloon was, it would inevitably explode if air entered it without limit. Moreover, the density of the air would reach a maximum.

Finally, the true qi within the body of Long Yi expanded to the maximum limit and exploded after his meridians shrunk.

Along with the sound of a muffled explosion, a blast of air started to spread all around with Long Yi as the center. The barrier was instantly torn to pieces a dust and sand cloud rose from the ground. The entire earth shook violently and even crowds of people far away felt the shaking of the earth. In addition, magic glasses in Soaring Dragon City shattered and everyone thought that they were struck by an earthquake.

Even after a long time, people were afraid that something had happened. However, they discovered that this big explosion had come from the mountain at the outskirt of this city. They could still see a dust and sand cloud at that place which covered everything.

At this time, a well-trained army stationed outside the city had already rushed towards this mountain. In two days, it would be a coronation ceremony in order to announce the ascension of the Blue Waves Emperor. It was a sensitive time and there was no way any mishaps would be allowed to happen. Obviously, there was no way the huge explosion would be ignored. Even though it had happened at the outskirts of Soaring Dragon City, it still had to be investigated thoroughly. If the explosion had occurred in Soaring Dragon City itself, the number of casualties would be through the roof.

When the army of several thousand arrived, they were completely shocked. The mountain which used to stand tall outside Soaring Dragon City had already been leveled to the ground. There were only pieces of broken stone and branches which were left on the ground. To destroy such a huge mountain… Only divine magic would be able to level it to the ground like this.

At that time, a loud roar came from the sky and everyone turned to look at the source of the roar. Through the dense dust cloud, the soldiers were able to make out a godly figure. He was wearing a godly armor which emitted a silverish-purple radiance. The armor had many mysterious patterns engraved on it. In his hand, there was a huge hammer which was surrounded by lightning. Of course, that person was Long Yi who was wearing the lightning god armor.

“Is it him? That stinking kid, can it be that he surpassed the God rank??” Two hundred li away, Sword God Murong Bo who was coming to Soaring Dragon City with three great Elders of the Murong Clan suddenly stopped. When he heard the roar and sensed the majestic energy fluctuation coming from that place, he muttered to himself in doubt.

“It’s him!” Beitang Yu, who was only 50 li away from Soaring Dragon City, shouted. She was returning with the allied army and she immediately commanded them to stop. When she sensed the familiar aura coming from the distance, her ice-cold and indifferent face finally had a bit of fluctuation.

At this moment, Long Yi, however, stood majestically in the air after roaring. Naturally, this was just in the eyes of those soldiers. As a matter of a fact, Long Yi was in a trance as he looked inside his body. He discovered that his meridians had turned invisible and his majestic true qi circulated around his body. The only difference was that jt was circulating in reverse.

Moreover, in his sea of consciousness, there was the addition of a cyan magic core and the wind god spirit tablet was continuously revolving around it. Now, only the earth magic element had yet to transform into a magic core. Out of the seven spirit tablets, Long Yi had five of them. He was only missing the earth god spirit tablet and the water god spirit tablet. 

“Seventh layer of AoTainJue…I actually skipped a layer?” Long Yi was somewhat surprised. The might of the first layer of AoTianJue and one layer was not equal. The further he got, the more the gap between the layers increased. Between the fifth and sixth layer, the difference could be compared to the difference between heaven and earth. He actually broke through to the seventh layer directly… Hereafter, he no longer needed the help of wind magic to fly. Moreover, after this breakthrough, he was able to completely equip the lightning god armor.

Just as he thought about the lightning god armor, is changed into a purple light as it disappeared into his body. The lightning god spirit tablet in his sea of consciousness instantly became dim.

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Long Yi came back to his senses and he suddenly discovered that several thousand soldiers below him were looking at his naked body with their mouths wide open. Long Yi couldn’t help but curse as he took out a new set of clothing. He quickly wore it before descending to the ground.

“We pay respect to Young Master Ximen.” These soldiers immediately fell to one knee and respectfully saluted him. Long Yi had a great prestige within the army. He was the one who nurtured the Hell Angel and created the Unparalleled Battalion that had never lost. Moreover, at this moment, Long Yi descended from the sky like a god after instantly leveling a mountain to the ground. At this moment, all of them held him in awe and veneration in their heart. 

“Well, this place is fine, sorry for the trouble. Brother, you can return.” Long Yi waved his hand and said.

These soldiers accepted the orders and left. Long Yi nevertheless sat down on a big rock, looking at this mess in a daze. Was this truly his doing?

Although he could also flatten mountains before, it was limited to only small hills. This was a huge mountain which was a kilometer tall! The part which shocked him was that he didn’t even intend to crush the mountain. It was flattened by the energy which leaked out from his body during his breakthrough. How could he not be surprised? The mountain flattened during the battle of Midi’er and Sharman was not even half as big as this mountain.

Whoosh, several shadows flew to the sky from this ruins. They were Long Two and the three god beasts which Long Yi had summoned in order to protect him when he was breaking through. All of them had a haggard appearance as they were practically buried alive when the mountain collapsed. 

“Wuwu……” Those god beasts called out to Long Yi with dissatisfaction and shook their body to shake off the dust.

Long Yi simply shrugged his shoulders innocently at the god beasts. As though he suddenly remembered something, he pulled open his lapel and he saw that the golden cloud mark on his chest was still present. He even suspected that this mark had something to do with him bypassing a level. He felt that the surging true qi in his body had a link to this golden cloud mark. Of course, he also knew that Mu Hanyan was the one who gave him this mark. What exactly could it be? Also, where was she now?

When the smoke and dust dispersed, Soaring Dragon City had already reverted back to its normal state. At this moment, Ximen Nu along with a hundred or more officials under the escort of five thousand shadow cavalrymen came to the east city gate. He wanted to welcome the army that had returned triumphantly.

Flying over, Long Yi took over the unicorn which a bodyguard beside Ximen Nu was riding. He rode it as he made his way to Ximen Nu.

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“Father.” Long Yi greeted Ximen Nu.

“Made a breakthrough?” Ximen Nu sized up his son and sighed with emotion in his heart. The color blue was made out of indigo but was more vivid than indigo. If not for this son’s help, then it was impossible for the Ximen Clan to win in such a short period of time. Thinking about it, in the past, he was an absolutely lawless silk pants under the protection of the clan’s prestige and everyone called him a sex fiend. Now, his strength had reached the apex and everyone deeply respected him.

“Yes, father.” The excitement of Long Yi had already calmed down. He indifferently answered with a smile.

“Good, good, wait for a few years and father will pass the throne to you. You will absolutely develop our Ximen Clan to absolute the pinnacle.” Ximen Nu happily patted the shoulder of Long Yi. He had yet to officially ascend the throne, but he already wanted to pass the throne on to Long Yi.

The expression of Long Yi became bitter but he didn’t refute his father. Like hell he wanted to become an emperor who had to constantly worry about the livelihood of common people. Fighting to win over state power was easy. The difficult part was defending the position. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t want to spend the remainder of his life doing that. He just wanted to leisurely travel all around the world with his women. Of course, he didn’t dare to say so at this moment. With the age of this old man, he could still sit on the throne for more than 20 years without any problem. At that time, he should already have many sons who were grown up. He could casually grab one of them to become the next emperor. It seemed as though he had to accelerate his baby making process.

Just as he was thinking about the future, everyone had already arrived at the Ten Li Pavilion which had been built meticulously. The Ten Li Pavilion also had another name, and it was also known as the Victory Pavilion. It was a place where successive emperors welcomed their victorious army when they returned from battle. It was also the place where the common people bade farewell or welcomed the return of their friends and family.

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