Chapter 554: Hanyan

“How is it possible for there not to be moral principles and ethics?” Elf Queen sipped a mouthful of good wine and said gently.

“Perhaps, it is possible. How can you know that it isn’t possible if you don’t try it?” Long Yi said as he looked into the starry sky.

“Maybe it is possible. However, it’s possible that someone will become hurt in the future. If that happens, what am I supposed to do? I can’t turn back time…” The tone of the Elf Queen seemed to have a hint of fluctuation.

“Lu Xiya will not be hurt. On the contrary, she is very supportive of this…” Long Yi lowered his head and said as if he was thinking aloud.

Elf Queen trembled and waves suddenly surged forth in her heart. Her calm expression also instantly changed. It became one of alarm and bewilderment. What did this bad fellow mean? Could it be that Lu Xiya truly doesn’t object to her and ……

“I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m leaving.” Elf Queen tossed out the chaotic thought from her mind. At this moment, all she wanted to do was calm down.

Long Yi immediately reached out and grabbed the wrist of the Elf Queen. It seemed as though a wave of courage swept across him as Long Yi leaned in and kissed the Elf Queen on the lips. It was as though he had thrown everything to the wind… It seemed as though he had forgotten the consequence of forcefully kissing the Elf Queen in the past.

Anyway, when he felt the sweet fragrance coming from her soft and warm lips, Long Yi became extremely excited in his heart. He sucked on her lips in a daze as he hugged her.

The Elf Queen had no reaction and she stood rooted to the spot. She was completely stunned. Her brain had turned into a blank space and her body had gone soft. Her heartbeat was accelerating but she didn’t struggle at all. She allowed Long Yi to hug and kiss her.

The greedy hands of Long Yi moved towards the full and towering bosom of the Elf Queen and she instantly woke up with a start. She started to ferociously struggle and she managed to push Long Yi away. Raising her hand, she moved to slap Long Yi across the face.

Closing his eyes, Long Yi prepared himself for the slap which was about to reach him. He was ready to take on the wrath of the Elf Queen. However, even after a long time, the expected slap didn’t reach him. He silently opened his eyes and he saw that the beautiful eyes of the Elf Queen were staring at him. He saw that her eyes were filled with tears and her jade palm was stopped in midair. She was currently staring at him with a complicated expression on her face.

“I’m sorry, I…….”

“No need to speak. You are not wrong. I’m the one that made a mistake.” The Elf Queen interrupted Long Yi and she changed into a beam of green light. In an instant, she disappeared from the roof and left behind Long Yi who was staring at the sky. Long Yi made a bitter and helpless smile as he finished the last of his wine. He smashed the wine cup after the last drop of wine disappeared into his mouth.

At this moment, the heart of Long Yi was also filled with regret. He knew perfectly well that this kind of matter couldn’t be rushed. However, he was still unable to control himself as he forcefully kissed her. From this point on, Long Yi was afraid that they wouldn’t even be able to enjoy a normal relationship.

“It seems like our great love saint also has a time when he drowns in sorrow…” At that time, a voice which seemed to be laughing at him entered Long Yi’s ears. The voice was mocking him but there was a hidden bitterness hidden behind it.

The breathing of Long Yi stagnated and he turned around. He saw Mu Hanyan who was wearing a fur robe as she stood on the back of Bai Yu. Her beautiful hair wasn’t tied up as it hung down loosely from her head.

The expression of Long Yi slowly became sharp. This charming and pretty girl in front of him was so close at hand. However, to Long Yi, she was extremely far away… She was so far away that he could feel a stabbing pain in his heart. In the past, he had thought that with his charm, she would wholeheartedly fall in love with him. The facts showed that it was his wishful thinking all along. It was indeed a laughable matter.

“I know that you have many questions you want to ask. Follow me.” The charming expression on Mu Hanyan’s face stiffened. She became unable to maintain it any longer and her expression reverted back to one of emptiness and indifference.

Two people, one in the front and the other in the back, went to the outskirts of this city and landed on the top of a mountain. At this moment, the eastern sky had already welcomed the first rays of light. This morning glow dyed the horizon red and fresh as a comfortable morning breeze blew across the land.

“Why?” After a long time, Long Yi slowly opened his mouth. When he thought about the thousands of soldiers who died in the imperial palace at the hands of those dark warriors, Long Yi’s heart bled. It was alright if anyone else betrayed him… However, Mu Hanyan was the one who betrayed him. If it was someone else who betrayed him, he would have simply gotten angry. However, Mu Hanyan was the one who betrayed him… It broke his heart.

“Why not?” Mu Hanyan indifferent said and with the rosy dawn reflected in her beautiful eyes, an ice-cold flame rose in her eyes.

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth twitched. He stepped forward and ferociously raised the chin of Mu Hanyan and looked straight into her eyes.

“Tell me. Tell me you betrayed me not because you wanted to harm me! Tell me that you had some secret difficulties.” Long Yi’s voice was hoarse and his handsome face was painfully distorted.

Mu Hanyan gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. She couldn’t look at Long Yi who was suffering with her indifferent expression. She wanted to tell him that she had never thought of betraying him and she left because it was the only thing she could do. However, she said nothing. Some matters in the world were up to destiny. It was just like the fate of the two of them. No one was able to stop them from seeing each other and no one was able to stop them from loving each other. There was also no one who could stop them from opposing each other. Everything happened because of fate.

“If you hate me, then kill me.” Mu Hanyan used a similarly hoarse voice to speak as tears slid down from the corner of her eyes.

“You know that I cannot kill you.” Long Yi reached out his hands and wiped her tears.

“You can. In this world, you are the only one who can kill me…” Mu Hanyan closed her eyes and stretched out her neck. She placed Long Yi’s hand on her neck without saying another word.

Exerting some force in his hand, he tightly gripped Mu Hanyan’s neck. When he felt the soft neck, Long Yi’s breathing stopped for a moment.

After a long time, Mu Hanyan opened her moist eyes and she saw Long Yi’s tear-filled eyes. Her heart shook as if a bolt of lightning struck her. This was a man’s tear… He was shedding tears because of her.

“Yu……” Mu Hanyan nevertheless was unable to restrain herself and wept with grief as she repeatedly kissed Long Yi.

Both of them were people with an incomparably tough will. However, at this moment, their feelings for each other got out of hand and they kissed each other with an insane amount of passion. It was as though there was nothing else left in this world other than the two of them. They simply wanted to vent out all their feelings. Everything else was not important.

Clothes flew everywhere and they rolled about on a huge rock. Now, their arms and legs were wrapped around each other as they passionately kissed each other repeatedly. They left marks on each other’s body.

Finally, when everything stopped, the sun had already risen from the horizon and golden light illuminated the two completely naked bodies on the summit of the mountain. At this moment, they looked like a harmonious couple.

“If I can, I really want to live with you forever till the end of the world. If I cannot be with you in this life, I hope that we can be together in our next life. I rather you hold on to the hate for me than forget me…” Mu Hanyan closed her eyes and lied on the chest of Long Yi. Her messy beautiful hair fluttered in the air along with the gentle breeze, but her expression looked peaceful.

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At this moment, Long Yi who had the vitality of a dragon even after fighting for three days and three nights, fell into deep sleep. His breathing was even and he had a gentle smile on his face.

When the sun reached the center of the sky, Mu Hanyan crawled up from the chest of Long Yi. Strangely enough, there was a trail of red blood flowing out from the corner of her mouth. In addition, there was a hint of a golden color in the midst of that blood. On the chest of Long Yi, a golden cloud mark appeared.

Mu Hanyan wore her cloth and stared at the sleeping Long Yi in a trance. At this moment, with her beautiful hair hanging down loosely from her head, she looked just like a sad fairy.

“Yu, I love you.” Mu Hanyan mumbled and gently kissed the lips of Long Yi. With a sudden jump, she stood on Bai Yu’s back as she flew far away.

Crackle, at that time, a milky white pearl which was hanging from Long Yi’s chest started to emit a soft radiance. It started to rise up into the air.

“Xiao Yi……” Long Yi, who was sleeping soundly, suddenly muttered. He called out Xiao Yi’s name in his sleep.

An almost transparent silhouette appeared in midair. She opened her transparent eyes and her long hair fluttered in the wind. A naked Xiao Yi fluttered in midair and she gently looked at Long Yi. Her pink lips opened and closed as if she was trying to tell Long Yi something. However, it seemed as though she was isolated from the world as her words were inaudible.

“Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi, quickly return. Your Young Master misses you.” Long Yi waved his hand towards Xiao Yi and shouted loudly while running towards her. All of a sudden, he realized that even though he was shouting, no voice came out from his mouth. Even though he had been running, the distance between them was getting bigger and bigger.

Suddenly, the scene changed. Long Yi seemed to have reached the high clouds. Below, there was a city with crowds of people and the overall layout of this city was similar to Soaring Dragon City. This city was lively and bustling as a ceremony was going on along with gorgeous magic fireworks in the sky.

Then, Long Yi caught sight of himself. In the instant he saw himself, the scenery around him completely disappeared. A white beam of light illuminated him. He was dazed and panic-stricken. In addition, his face and robe were stained with blood. At this moment, he appeared as if his soul had flown away. A strange and frightful expression was on his face.

“How can this be? How can I do this?” Long Yi shouted at the top of his voice and he felt as though someone suddenly hit his head. He woke up with a start and he instantly sat upright.

Long Yi looked all around and discovered that he was still at the top of a mountain. He was still wearing his robe but at this moment, his forehead was full of sweat. Mu Hanyan who was supposed to be asleep in his bosom had disappeared a long time ago.

When he thought about Mu Hanyan, Long Yi’s expression became gloomy. He forgot about his dream for a moment. Now, he only had the conversation between Mu Hanyan replaying in his mind.

She definitely loved him. Long Yi finally reached the conclusion that she was indeed in love with him. However, where did she go again? Could he ever see her again? Long Yi sighed as he shook his head. He got up and arranged his robes. However, when he got up, he discovered an indistinct golden cloud mark on his chest.

“Strange, what is this?” Long Yi touched it and discovered that it was smooth. It should have already integrated with his skin and Long Yi no longer thought about it. He could always think about it another day.

Long Yi wore his clothes neatly and seeing it was approaching noon, he recalled that the allied army of the two empires led by Beitang Yu would be arriving soon, so he flew away.

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In the instant he was in the air, Long Yi realized that the true qi within his body was chaotic. Especially the true qi in his dantian. It was blowing over which made him almost plummet straight to the ground.

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