Chapter 240: Tian Xue in Danger

Cheng Yu sat quietly at the riverside, staring at the circular moon. Millions of thoughts were going through his mind. Just now when Tian Xue were throwing a tantrum, it made him recall the few girls back at home. Yang Ruoxue’s composed beauty, Lan Ya’s enchanting and daring, Lin Yuhan’s pure and delicate, Han Xue’s fury and overbearingness, and Yao Na’s maturity. These women’s smiles and frowns started to emerge before his eyes. He had left for about two months. He had no idea if they missed him or not. Now that he’s not around, their side should be filled with lots of houseflies. If he got to know that they dared to go date other guys, once he returned, he would definitely slap their behinds.

His mother. Being uncontactable for so long, she would definitely start worrying about him. Thinking up to this point, a warmth arose from Cheng Yu’s heart. Now that he had his own family and was no longer alone, he needed to increase his strength in order to protect and live together. There was still that group of soldiers, as he was not sure how well they had mastered the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique. Were any of them able to sense Qi? So long had passed, they should have been sent for a mission. Hopefully, they will all be able to return alive. Recalling all the memories he had in his world, everything seemed to be a dream to him.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu, are you angry with my Senior Sister?” Tian Xing suddenly walked over and asked.

“Do I look like I’m angry?” Cheng Yu looked at Tian Xing, smiling.

“Nope. However, I can tell that you aren’t happy. I know that Senior Sister has given you a lot of inconvenience. I represent my Senior Sister to apologize to you. I hope Senior Brother doesn’t bicker with her,” Tian Xing stated embarrassingly.

“Hehe. You understand your Senior Sister quite well. However, I don’t have the mood to be angry with her. You don’t need to think too much about it, and there’s no need for you to apologize,” Cheng Yu chuckled. When he was in the Luminous City, Tian Xing had made a move against him and Cheng Yu had counterattacked, causing Tian Xing to be injured. During that point of time, he didn’t have a favorable impression of Tian Xing. However, ever since yesterday when he saw Tian Xing staking his life to protect Tian Xue, Cheng Yu felt that Tian Xing was truly a man of steel. With backbone, loyalty, and able to see the big picture. When he saw such a scene, the impression of Tian Xing had went through a big change. This was perhaps the reason why Cheng Yu wanted to save them!

“Senior Brother, actually my Senior Sister won’t act like this usually. I’m not sure why she did so for the past two days,” Tian Xue’s actions for the past two days had been seen by Tian Xing. In the past, Tian Xue had always been a cold lady. However, ever since they had been saved by Cheng Yu, Tian Xue would always do some weird things.

From time to time, she would look for Cheng Yu to trouble him. Furthermore, she seemed to enjoy it and was never tired of it. No matter how Tian Xing saw it, he felt that Tian Xue had fallen in love with Cheng Yu. Therefore, he intentionally came over to probe Cheng Yu. In the process, he would mediate their relationships. If Tian Xue had really fallen in love with Cheng Yu and yet she still irritated him every day, once she caused Cheng Yu to start hating her, wouldn’t it produce the opposite effect? So, he came over to put forth good words for Tian Xue.

“Hehe, really? She seems quite normal to me,” Cheng Yu smiled, glancing over at the barbequing Tian Xue.

“How can it be? My Senior Sister usually is very virtuous. I think it might be because Senior Brother Tian Heng and his team all died, therefore sometimes her temper would become a bit irascible,” Tian Xing explained. He did not wish to let Cheng Yu think that Tian Xue was one of those restless women, making a big fuss of everything. The view of females in the Cultivation World was still very conservative. Ladies needed to be virtuous. Therefore, Tian Xing was afraid that Cheng Yu would misunderstand.

“Really?” Cheng Yu smiled dully, not questioning it. The Cultivation World was filled with killings. Every day, there would be someone dying. This was common knowledge to all cultivators and also their ending.

“Of course. Senior Brother, how do you feel…of my Senior Sister?” Tian Xing pondered before asking.

“What? You wish to be the wingman?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Wingman?” Tian Xing was confused. This was the way of speaking in the Secular World. How could he possibly understand it?

“Haha. You think about it yourself!” Cheng Yu smiled lightly, lying on the grassland. He placed his hand behind his head and looked at the starry sky.

“Then, how do you feel for my Senior Sister?” Tian Xing rubbed his head, not understanding the meaning. So, he returned to his original topic.

“You wish for your Senior Sister to marry me?” Cheng Yu did not reply, but countered with another question.

“Of course.”

“How do you feel of your Senior Sister then?” Cheng Yu questioned.

“My Senior Sister is very awesome! Pretty, gentle, kind. Furthermore, her aptitude is also very good. Not long later, she will probably advance to the Golden Core Ream,” Tian Xing pondered before speaking.

“Since you feel that your Senior Sister is so good, why don’t you marry her?” Cheng Yu had always thought that there were too many good women in the world. He couldn’t manage those that don’t belong to him. But those around him, he would definitely grab them with his hand and not push them away.

“How can that be? She’s my Senior Sister. I have always treated her as a sister. How can I marry her?” Tian Xing commented surprisingly.

“Idiot. She isn’t your blood-related sister,” Cheng Yu said disapprovingly.

“Senior Sister and I grew up in Tianshan Sect together. She always treated me as her brother and I have always treated her as my sister. Furthermore, I have someone I like already,” Tian Xing explained.

“Alright! Let’s talk about your Tianshan Sect!” Cheng Yu didn’t speak much. Everyone’s romance was different. In any case, once he had fallen in love with a woman, he would chase her to the other side of the world. Compared to all this, he was more interested in knowing the so-called ten great sects.

“But we are talking about Senior Sister? You still have yet to tell me how you feel for my Senior Sister?” Tian Xing spoke earnestly.

“What’s there to talk about your Senior Sister? She appears to be a woman, that’s all,” Cheng Yu stated nonchalantly.

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“Huh? Just like that?” Tian Xing was shocked.

“At least that’s what she is now. Alright, we will put a halt to that topic. Tell me more about the ten great sects.”

“Ten great sects? Senior Brother, you aren’t from the ten great sects?” Tian Xing was surprised. In his opinion, Cheng Yu was so powerful, so he ought to be from the ten great sects. It shouldn’t be those ordinary ten great sects either.

“Who told you that I am from the ten great sects?”

“Could it be…Senior Brother, could it be that you are someone from the secluded sect?” Tian Xing thought of such a possibility.

“Secluded sect? What’s secluded sect?” Cheng Yu questioned curiously. Until now, he had only heard of the ten great sects. Now, another moniker ‘secluded sect’ suddenly appeared. This Cultivation World actually has so many influences?

“This…Senior Brother, you don’t even know of all this?” Tian Xing was baffled.

“Why are you asking so many question? Answer whatever I asked,” Cheng Yu had never once truly understood the Cultivation World. Now that he had finally found a genuine person from the ten great sects, he might as well get some information from him.

“Oh. The Cultivation World have four secluded sects. They are mainly made up from righteous, neutral, nefarious, devil. They are Limitless Palace, Great Buddhist Temple, Black Sky Sect and Demonic Palace. They have long secluded themselves. Therefore, they are addressed as the secluded sects.”

“Limitless Palace and Great Buddhist Temple are secluded sects? Then the ten great sects?” Cheng Yu had heard of the Great Buddhist Temple from the senior monk and also knew from him that they had long secluded themselves with Limitless Palace. However, he always thought they were one of the ten great sects. He never expected that Limitless Palace was actually classified as a secluded sect.

“Er. The ten great sects are Tianshan Sect, Cangling Sect, Shushan Sect, Kunlun Sect, Huaxian Valley, Tianyin Sect, Aurotic Temple, Netherworld School, Blood Slaughtering Palace and Evil Spirits School,” Tian Xing did not understand why would Cheng Yu ask of all this, but he still explained it very clearly.

“Isn’t Netherworld School, Blood Slaughtering Palace and Evil Spirits School demonic sects? Why are they also in the ten great sects?” Cheng Yu questioned.

“Yea. The ten great sects include all the righteous and demonic sects. However, they don’t coexist together. If you were to ask who are the ten great righteous sects, they would be the same, but also including Spirit Tool School, Pill Concoctions School and Purple Cloud Sect, replacing the three demonic sects.”

“So it’s like that,” Cheng Yu nodded. He never imagined that the Cultivation World actually had so many sects.

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“How much do you know of Kunlun Sect? For example how many people they have, how many of them are above the Golden Core Realm?” Cheng Yu pondered before asking again.

“Around a thousand! As for how many are above the Golden Core Realm, there’s no way I would know. Even our Tianshan Sect has many Golden Core experts, and I don’t even know our count. How could I possibly know Kunlun’s?” Tian Xing answered honestly.

“Ah!” Just when Cheng Yu wanted to continue understanding about the Cultivation World, Tian Xue shouted.

“Not good!” Cheng Yu glanced at Tian Xue’s direction. There was no one there, leaving behind an empty roasting frame. With a swoosh, Cheng Yu scuttled there.

“Tian Xue!” Cheng Yu arrived, but he couldn’t find any traces of Tian Xue and the enemy.

“Cheng Yu save me!” Suddenly, a voice was heard from far away. Cheng Yu flew in the direction of the voice.

“Wu! Wu! Wu!” Cheng Yu dashed for hundreds of meters. Finally, he saw a tree-like plant, binding Tian Xue tightly, causing her to not even able to scream.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu shouted, charging at that monster.

“Boom!” That monster stretched out a tentacle, swirling towards Cheng Yu’s sword. Cheng Yu erupted his qi, turning the Purple Light Sword. The Purple Light Sword revolved, slashing all the tentacles on it into pieces.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!” Just when Cheng Yu was about to chase after that monster, those large flowers around him also turned into the monster-like appearances. Countless tentacles stretched over to Cheng Yu.

“It’s actually an illusion beast!” Cheng Yu understood.

“Screech!” Cheng Yu was worried about Tian Xue’s safety. He did not wish to fight with the illusion beast. Layers of sword reflection slashed out, slicing the illusion beast into two. Cheng Yu quickly chased after the previous illusion beast. In his pursuit, lots of illusion beasts appeared to obstruct him. Fortunately, Cheng Yu’s strength was great. Among these illusion beasts, the strongest was Foundation Establishment late stage. How could they obstruct Cheng Yu?

“Illusion Monarch Beast! Looking for death!” Cheng Yu pursued. Finally, he saw Tian Xue. However, she was bound up by a large tentacle and was about to be placed into its mouth. Cheng Yu was angered. Sword reflections shot over, chopping the tentacle away.

“Clang!” However, the Illusion Monarch Beast had the strength of Golden Core middle stage. An ordinary sword reflection was unable to slice its tentacle as it was blocked by the Qi armor. However, because it was put to a stop by Cheng Yu, the tentacle was repulsed and Tian Xue didn’t get swallowed.

“Bang!” The Illusion Monarch Beast seemed to notice Cheng Yu. Being interrupted during his meal, it was angered. A tentacle swept over vigorously. Cheng Yu dodged and a pit appeared at the spot he was originally standing in.

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