Chapter 74: Corrupted Kundalini (Part 2)

“Perfect. Now come with me, you’ll have to clean the poisoning energy your brethren left behind in my chakras. If you dare try something funny, I’ll make you think that the outside world is actually a kinder place.” → Shen

Shen said in a threatening way while dragging the snake by the tail through the hearts cordon.

The current of energies was stronger than before, making their travel more violent than before.

“Woah wow what the hell?!” → Shen

Shen was dazed, having to spin all the way toward his heart. The wave of energies was especially violent this time and the feelings sent toward him were of strong affection, gratitude, happiness, and relief.

“Huh? “ → Shen

Shen was dazed by the waves coming his way. He looked at how waves of energies filled his heart, just like how ocean waves filled huge craters near the sea when there were tides.

“Hahaha~! So she finally became aware of her inner demon. Took you long enough.” → Shen

Shen laughed while feeling the strong feelings of happiness coming from Sylvia; then he turned toward the snake which was lying on the ground. He filled him with some of his energy, making him waste the energy he needed to repair the lower Dantian.

“Now that you can move, go and absorb the damn poison from inside my chakras.” → Shen


Shen slapped the snake again, strong enough to make the head turn with a 90 angle.

“-If you dare do something, I’ll slap the sh*t out of you, got it?!” → Shen

Shen made a threatening face then returned to his consciousness, leaving behind a teary demon-snake, having eyes as if saying, ‘But you already slapped me…’

When Shen returned to normal, he felt his stomach rumbling. He got outside his room, nearing the kitchen when he suddenly hears some rushed steps.

“Hm? Oh, hi Sylvi- BUGH!” → Shen

Shen looked in front and was able to hear the steps nearing from right beside the next corner. From there, Sylvia with teary eyes and a flustered face appeared. When she saw Shen, she jumped right in his arms, making him slip and fall with her on top of him right in the middle of the hallway.

“Woah! What’s up Sylvia?!” → Shen

Shen was flabbergasted by her sudden attack, also having his breath cut for a moment.

She looks up and without telling him anything, she kissed him deeply.

“Thank you, Shen. I couldn’t detect that demon. If it weren’t for you, he would’ve grown more and more, giving me a bad heart.” → Sylvia

She rested her head on his chest then continued.

“I also thank you for helping me get rid of that stain in my heart… When I thought you’ll leave me forever, I felt like my world crumbled. I couldn’t think of anything else, my mind went completely blank. That night when I was in your embrace, I was able to control those thoughts but when you said you’ll leave me again, they resurfaced, making me anxious because of these thoughts, I was never aware of the inner demons.” → Sylvia

She stood there on top of him, feeling his warmth while making her feel relaxed.


Shen looked at her then he patted her head with care.

“Well, good to know you’re alright now. Also, that demon wasn’t normal, it was created inside your kundalini. Sylvia, let’s go in my room, I want to ask you something.” → Shen
“Mm.” → Sylvia

The two of them walked back inside Shen’s room and started to talk about what happened while he was inside the sacred ground, right under the sealed arch.

“As I thought.”

She opened the Chaotic Path Of Kundalini.

When Shen was still on Earth, he was able to look around on some books that talked about a form of power named Kundalini, later to find out there are actually two paths on which one can walk. The path of creation, where the Kundalini is using the feelings of harmony and affection to make the host stronger, be it spiritually or physically. One can cultivate it alone but is better in a couple, making for the perfect double cultivation.

As I said, I never thought of using this as an excuse to sleep with her! It’s a coincidence, I swear! → Shen

Shen tried to convince himself of a truth that might soon turn into a lie.

The other path is the one of chaos. On this one, the emotions that bring destruction are transformed in something like dark chi, which is then circulated inside the body. This path gives incredible bursts of power with immediate results, but at the same time, it slowly corrodes the mind, heart, and body, making for a dangerous berserker.

“Sylvia, please show me the base of your spine.” → Shen

Shen said with a serious face.

“Hm~? Because I’m weak right now you’re trying to take advantage of me? I never knew you’re such a wolf, Shen.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with a naughty smile, touching her lips with her finger in a sensual and provocative manner.

“Eh? No! God damn it, woman! You’re trying to tease me? I need to confirm something by looking at the spiral on your back!” → Shen

Shen reddened and explained himself in a hurry.

“What~? Are you sure it’s just that?” → Sylvia
“ Fine! Don’t show me then, it’s not like I’m doing this for myself!” → Shen

Shen got annoyed and stood up, but he was grabbed by the hand and dragged back down on the bed by Sylvia. His face was that of shock. He looked at Sylvia with big eyes and she was just as confused.

“Ah. Ops~ forgot you’re not as strong as before. Your aura is still quite powerful, so I forgot that at this moment, I’m thousands of times stronger than you~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said while looking at Shen like a lion at its prey.

“Huh!?” → Shen

Shen felt a vein popping on his forehead at her provocations.

“This girl thinks she’s suddenly the man of the house, huh? Alright little girly, you asked for it. [One with the Universe: Second Chapter]” → Shen

In this form, Shen can control the mana around him at the same level as a Saint. Even so, the time limit is still 20 minutes, but his control over his own mind is much more superior in comparison with when he’s at the last chapter, being more aware of what was happening.

“Really? Using your strongest skill right from the start? Not fair!” → Sylvia

Sylvia paled and got up from the bed but was grabbed by Shen, his eyes shining with a bright green.

“Even though you’re still stronger than me, I can at least lift your body without too much of a problem, see?!” → Shen

Shen lifted her in a princess-carry then placed her back on the bed.

“Kya?!” → Sylvia

Sylvia was surprised, she didn’t expect for Shen to act so aggressively.

“W-wait, Shen. I’m not ready.” → Shen

She reddened, thinking that Shen wanted to double cultivate again.

“Huh~? Where is the tough lioness from before? This little kitty amuses me.” → Shen

Shen grinned then he swiftly turned Sylvia around and grabbed on her skirt then pulled it down.

“Kya! Shen! Since when are you so wild?!” → Sylvia

Sylvia was red and closed her eyes. She was able to push Shen away, but she was still doubtful about his final reason because she couldn’t feel lust or any negative feelings from him.

Shen pulled off the skirt a little only together with her panties to see the slightly red spiral going up on her back. The difference this time was a blackened part on one of the lines going upwards, now it was at the same length as the navel.

Shen was shocked. He never expected for Sylvia to advance so fast on the chaotic path.

She’s already on the second step! I need to cleanse her Kundalini, or she won’t be able to use it again. In the worst case, she’ll go berserk the moment she reaches the 4th step! → Shen

Kundalini had to go through the 7 main chakras inside the body to fully activate. The Root, The Sacral (Also the lower Dantian), The Solar plexus, The Heart (The middle Dantian), The Throat, The Third-eye (the upper Dantian) and lastly The Crown. Sylvia’s chaotic Kundalini already reached the Sacral, changing her body structure.

Shen looked and examined Sylvia’s back, trying to see any differences from what he remembered. Unable to see much, he asked:

“Sylvia.” → Shen

“Flinch Y-yes?” → Sylvia

Sylvia didn’t expect for Shen to start a conversation after having her back striped and touched all over like this.

“Have you felt any differences lately? Feeling like this body is not really the same or like it feels different?” → Shen
“Huh? Well, not really. Everything is just like before, except for my physical power growing stronger, other than that nothing weird, why?” → Sylvia

Her physical strength? → Shen

Shen understood that the chances weren’t that obvious to the naked eye but were pretty severe on the inside. He then touched again her back, trying to feel the differences in her muscles. Unlike before when he embraced her that night, this time her muscles were better proportioned, slowly developing the body of an athlete. Even though barely not visible yet, her muscles did start to change.
Feeling his gentle touch over her back like this, Sylvia moaned out a little bit embarrassed; even so, still unable to attract Shen’s attention.

So right now she can use strength past her limits. This will destroy her body little by little after every sudden burst of power… Even though her muscles also grew with this, is just the body’s way to resist the ridiculous strains on it. If this continues, the muscles will rupture and her body will start breaking down. → Shen

When the chaotic Kundalini will reach her Solar plexus, the spirit will crumble. When it will reach the heart, it will fill it with negative emotions. When it reaches the throat, she’ll want to distance herself from the others and have difficulty in communication. When it reaches the Third eye, her mind will become messy and she won’t be able to think straight. When it reaches the Crown, there is no more control over anything, be it body, feelings or thoughts, having completed one circulation and infesting all the chakras. Before it could finish the second circulation, help from outside must be given or else the victim will go wild, killing and destroying everything till it burns out its own life-essence.

“Sylvia, that bonus in your physical strength is no good. I’ll explain to you later, right now I need to cleanse the circulation then close the path of Chaos, making you circulate through the path of Creation once again.” → Shen

Shen explained in a vague way then he touched her spine-base with mana-imbued fingers, focusing on the darkened part of the spiral.

“Eh? What- Hauh~!” → Sylvia

She didn’t really understand what Shen just said but before she could ask, a cold hand on her back made her twitch and moan from having her Kundalini activated again from the outside.

Mm~ Shen, what are you trying to do?” → Shen

With a blushing face and a heavy breath, Sylvia asked while grabbing tightly on the pillow, almost ripping it.

“At that time, you entered something like a berserk mode, right? When you fought with that demon-woman.” → Shen

Shen asked with his eyes closed. He tried to make the snake absorb the residual energies inside Sylvia so to cleanse her chakras and meridians.

“I-I think so, why…?” → Sylvia

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Sylvia was surprised and stopped fidgeting.

Shen explained to Sylvia why he needed to inspect her Kundalini, telling her about the two paths and about the demon he’s using at the moment to clean her circulation.

“You absorbed it?! Shen! That’s too dangerous!” → Sylvia

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Sylvia was shocked by the idea of having him who barely can stand, hold onto an internal demon created by her in his own body. She tried to get up, but Shen held her shoulder with a firm grip, then he caressed her head gently.

“-Shen?” → Sylvia
“I understand your worries but I know my limits. And try to stay down and relax, I need to absorb the impurities then close the path you opened from a burst of emotions. Just believe in me.” → Sylvia

Shen said with a calm voice, making Sylvia trust in him and lay down again.

“At least, can you cover my lower parts? It’s really embarrassing…” → Sylvia

Sylvia was red after having her butt exposed to Shen so plainly for a while now.

“Hm? Ah! Sorry! That wasn’t my goal!” → Shen

Shen hastily pulled up her skirt and just touched from over the cloth. Even though the energies circulated slower like this, it was still better than making Sylvia embarrass herself again.

As always. No matter how embarrassing it is, if it’s for his researching he’s able to do it without even thinking. → Sylvia

Sylvia felt amused by Shen’s reaction and just stood there, having Shen cleanse her circulation.

After 20 minutes Shen was finally able to clean up the residual energies inside Sylvia and redirect the circulation on the path of Creation. Because had to use the second chapter at the beginning, he was extremely hungry now.


“… I’ll go now. Try to feel the essences of creation and use them to circulate the Kundalini through your seven main chakras.” → Shen
“Eh? You don’t want me to cook for you?” → Sylvia
“Of course I want, but this is more important at the moment. Don’t leave this room till you finish at least one full circulation.” → Shen

Shen left and entered the kitchen, starting to make something that resembled food. After eating what he made by throwing some cooked legumes and medicinal plants together, he started eating fruits till he was full. He rushed back, this time entering Sylvia’s room, his being occupied by her. He sat down and started meditating, this time trying to repair his own chakras, starting with the lower Dantian. Before long, Shen was able to barely heal his chakras while his meridians were still messed up. Unlike before, his meridians are in a much better state but the damage is still visible and heavy.

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