Chapter 75: The World of Pleasure (Part 1)

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“If I keep it up like this for another week I might be able to heal up and start cultivating. The problem is the necessity of a bigger amount of energy… I wish that cedar milk had enough natural power so it would help with the healing. If I start eating the high-ranked plants from the Yggdrasil I might really explode… I need something moderate.“ → Shen

After a week, they finally arrived at the Pirate’s Peninsula and anchored the ship 1 kilometer away from the shore so Shen won’t feel the distorting energies from the Pirate’s City.

“Oh my God, there is a damn miasma from all that pollution!” → Shen

Shen looked with the eyes from the First Chapter, his face completely disgusted by the view.

“Yeah… If I get closer than this, I’ll seriously start to feel the miasma envelop me, entering the chakras and meridians which aren’t even fully repaired yet. Sylvia, I’ll await the good news about the food I asked you to bring.” → Shen

Shen said with an apologetic smile. He felt bad for having Sylvia bring him food while relaxing inside the ship.

“Sure. Please relax and wait for me. I’ll bring you whatever you need.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with a bright smile.

Woah! So shiny!

Bururiba and Shen both covered their eyes, blinded by her kindness.

“Damn Shen, I’m so jealous. Having such a Goddess by your side, lucky b*****d.” → Bururiba

Bururiba said with envy in his eyes.

Hmph! Feel free to look but don’t you dare touch.” → Shen

Shen said with an imposing air.

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“What are you two talking about?” → Sylvia

For some reasons, Sylvia felt annoyed by their conversation and asked with a furious smile.

“Ah, HEY! We arrived! Let’s go!” → Bururiba

Bururiba tried to escape, hinting Shen to play along.

“OH, you’re right! I must go back now. I wish you lot have fun, see ya!” → Shen

Shen played together with Bururiba and escaped inside the ship.

While Shen was residing inside the ship together with the high-elves; Bururiba, Sylvia, Tian, Ashura, Theo, Melinda, and other 50 crew members started to go around the peninsula, resupplying the ship with provisions and energy stones. Everywhere they looked, smoked cigars, empty broken bottles, broken swords, and even blood was visible on the roadside, giving off a chaotic feeling. Women while smoking were blinking at one man or another, children were stealing from other drunkards which collapsed on the roadside, while one could hear shouts and laughter from inside the taverns which reeked of alcohol and smoke.

“Alright. I’ll go on my way toward the auction shop to register these items Shen gave me to sell. Tian, I’ll ask for you to go together with the two disciples, Sylvia and Ashura. The rest, go and make the preparations for the next travels! This time we’ll use the flying engines, so you better get the required amount of energy stones! Also, if someone jers at you, bash their faces in! People must know that Boss Bururiba is back! Boahahaha~!” → Bururiba
“Yes, captain!”

The crew answered instantly and left to buy what they were told or start fights with whoever seemed to have a foul mouth.

“It’s not like I mind but there is no real need for King Tian to come with us, right? I mean we are strong enough to take care of ourselves.” → Ashura

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Ashura said with a neutral voice while glancing at Tian.

“That might be so, but nobody knows who you are. They know that I’m the right hand of the former pirate-king, like this you can evade problems pretty easily, right?” → Tian

Tian said with the same plain voice.

“They all are weak. There won’t be any problem.” → Ashura
“Turning an entire city against you might prove to be a problem.” → Tian
“… You have a point.” → Ashura
“Are you two alright with this? Wouldn’t it have been better to stay beside your master right now?” → Sylvia

Sylvia asked while looking at Theo and Melinda.

“Master needs to recover, we better not bother him right now. We’d rather help Miss Sylvia to buy the fruits and plants for our master, like this we can be of some more help.” → Melinda

Melinda said with a smile. Nobody, not even Sylvia knew about the fact that Shen successfully found a way to repair his meridians.

“Alright then. Let’s move out.” → Bururiba

Bururiba left toward the auction house while Tian and his group strolled along the road.

There were mostly only bars, gambling houses, taverns, and brothels. The shops and inns were on the more central parts of the city-port.

A lot of people gazed at them, especially at Sylvia. The males would shoot out lustful gazes’ time to time, but nobody dared to step forward or make a sound. Tian would glare at anyone who showed interest for them.

“For some reasons, I’m happy that master is not around.” → Theo

Theo said with a wry smile.

“Hm? Ah.” → Ashura

Ashura didn’t get it at first, then he imagined Shen having to deal with all these gazes at Sylvia.

Nope. He would snap after the first minute. Even crippled, he would try to blow up this place in no time.

Ashura and Tian felt like they just dodged a bullet. Everyone knew by now that if someone dared to hit on his lover, Shen would turn into something worse than Ashura.

“Aha…Aha…” → Sylvia

Sylvia laughed with a wry smile. She knew exactly what they were thinking.

They finally reached the central marketplace and entered a medicinal shop.

Right at the corner of the shop, a woman in black clothing revealed herself from the shadows.

That was Jian Tian? If he is here then that Bururiba must be around as well. I must report back to the captain.

With such thoughts, she melted in the shadows, disappearing completely.

On the other part of the city, at the auction house;

“Oh my~. But how may I help you today, Pirate-King Bururiba~?”

An enchanting woman with black, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes talked in a seductive tone to Bururiba. Both of them were sitting on a red sofa. The woman had a mulled dark-blue dress and beside her, 2 goons of the dragoon race, stood with imposing looks on their faces.

“As beautiful as ever, Miss Sofia. Please don’t be so polite to me, I’m not the Pirate-King anymore so it’s fine to be more relaxed.” → Bururiba

Bururiba said in an elegant and humble way. However, on the inside, he was nothing alike.

Damn it! I’m not used to dealing with these kinds of women! Let’s just get it done with then get the hell outta here! → Bururiba

Even though his outside appearance was that of a cool young man, in truth he was actually incredibly anxious.

It feels like she can see through me! Argh~ I hate this! → Bururiba

“Oh my~. Such a sweet tongue you have there, you might be the only one to whom I won’t mind giving a kiss~.” → Sofia

Sofia said while lightly touching her lips with her finger in a seductive way.

She was able to see right through Bururiba’s disguise, but she loved playing along with him, teasing him at random moments.

Bururiba twitched but his face was the same poker-face as before.

Oh my God! This woman is damn dangerous! L-let’s get to the subject! Yes, yes. Focus on what you came here, Bururiba! → Bururiba

“My~ how lucky of me.” → Bururiba

Bururiba just laughed a little when he said the reason for coming here.

“Now put the jokes aside. Miss Sofia, I’ll ask for you to put on the auctioning these three weapons. I want only money or 3 flying warships each.” → Bururiba

Sofia was surprised about what he said and then she was completely shocked when she saw the items. Her beautiful lips made a little ‘o’ shaped expression while her eyes were filled with surprise.

Bururiba showed her a green staff with a huge emerald stone on top, a long and sturdy sword made from some kind of black metal. The sword was pitch black and the light was completely absorbed by it. A pair of claws used as gauntlets with looked as if they were made from ice. They were cold, and a cold mist was emanating from them, even so, they’ll never melt even if dropped in magma.

“Greenwood Staff, Devil’s Sword and Yeti’s Ice Claws! Such an incredible harvest! I start to love you more and more, mister Pirate-King~.” → Sofia

Sofia looked at Bururiba with eyes like those of a feline locking on its prey.

She’s gonna eat me if I stay here anymore! → Bururiba

Ahem So, may I ask how much do you think I might get on these items?” → Bururiba

Bururiba showed a cool front, trying to stay calm till he got out from Sofia’s office.

“Oh~ how impatient. But that’s also a part of yours that I love~.” → Sofia

Sofia then put on a serious face, making her aura become more domineering. She took the items and started to examine them one by one.


Bururiba showed an indifferent face but his back was sweating. The first time he had to deal with this strong aura he almost thought she was going to attack him.

“These items seem to be old but that doesn’t make them weaker than the first day they were created. This shows the true worth of these weapons. The rank of such items must be around Epic. Did you say that either sell them for cash or exchange them for 10 flying war-ships? That’s indeed quite complicated but it’s not impossible.” → Sofia

Sofia smiled relaxed then continued.

“A war flying ship costs around 10.000 gold coins. An epic weapon can cost at minimum 20.000 to 30.000 gold coins. If the buyer is desperate then the price can fly up to even 45.000 or even 50.000 gold coins. If you’re lucky, you can get the ships only with two such weapons.” → Sofia


Bururiba was shocked. He knew the worth of the Epic ranked weapons in this world, but it was still incredible every time he heard about it.

And to think he has other epic weapons and even legendary! That Shen… How in the world is he just a player? Having such ridiculous luck as to get all that treasure from those old ghosts. Makes me damn jealous! → Bururiba

“Say now, Mister Bururiba~.” → Sofia

While Bururiba was thinking on his own, Sofia took the liberty to sit on his lap as if it were normal.

“Won’t you accompany this weak young lady for a drink after work~? Being surrounded by all these brutes is quite scary, you know~?” → Sofia

Sofia whispered sweetly in his ear, making his back sweat.

Hold your breath! Control yourself! She’s baiting! → Bururiba

Bururiba tried his best to keep the poker face on while she was sensually caressing his chin.

Alright! Now, open your mouth, steady voice, cool eyes, calm movements, you the man Bururiba!

“Miss Sofia, it’s not appropriate to sit on your customer’s lap, am I right? If you could excuse me, I need to organize my crew for the next expedition.” → Bururiba

Bururiba wanted to grab hold of her hands, which were placed around his neck, so he could get her up from his lap but…

“If you don’t accompany me to a drink, then I’ll feel too depressed to open the next auction in two days~.” → Sofia

Sofia said with a beautiful smile, making Bururiba freeze.

You can keep such a cool front even with me going so far. How cute~. → Sofia

Even the goons were dumbfounded by her words and actions.

“M-Miss Sofia. If we don’t open the auction in the pre-established days, then the pirate-king will get angry and-”
“Huh?! Did I give you the right to speak?” → Sofia

Sofia glanced at the goon who just spoke out, her aura emanating a thick blood-lust.

S-S**t! Her other face is showing! The face of the woman nicknamed ‘Megalodon’s Fang‘!

The goons panicked and bowed down instantly.

“P-please forgive us!”

The 2 goons and Bururiba started to sweat. When they first met, for some reasons, Sofia was extremely angered and she rebelled against the Pirate-King’s crew. That muscle-brained man tried to fight her head on but was beaten black and blue by her, using only a chain with a Megalodon fang attached at one of the ends. She was supposed to be the Pirate King if she didn’t decline the offer. When Bururiba became the new Pirate-King, for some reasons Sofia became interested in him, perhaps because she precepted him differently from the other pirates.

Hmph. Should I make you two understand who is the real boss here?” → Sofia

Her eyes cold as ice and the thin silver chain on her right hand, shining with a white luster.



Bururiba froze on the chair. After seeing her fight that one time he knew full well he couldn’t mess with her. He became the Pirate-King just because she refused.

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