Chapter 75: The World of Pleasure (Part 2)

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Title:Blacksmith In High School | Tags: Time Skip
Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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If I had to fight her that time, I would’ve gotten that Megalodon fang shoved right up my ass as the pirate king got in his! I need to get out of here smoothly! → Bururiba

“Miss Sofia. I understood. I will accompany you for a cup of coffee but please calm down. It’s improper for such a beautiful lady like you to frown and speak in such a way.” → Bururiba

Even though his words were truly daring, his back was sweating bullets.

“Oh my, please pardon me, dear Pirate King~.” → Sofia

Sofia got up and bowed like a lady, her face flustered cherry-red while feeling affected by his gentle speech.

Tsk. Who would’ve thought he’ll have such a sweet tongue? He’s more of a sweet talker than I thought~. → Sofia
But I’m not the Pirate King… → Bururiba

Bururiba felt hopeless every time he was called like that but he let it slide after seeing Sofia’s shiny eyes.

Why did such a T-Rex of a woman suddenly get interested in me? What in the world I’ve done to deserve this? → Bururiba

Bururiba felt like crying but he couldn’t do anything. He really didn’t wish to die yet.

“Now, please be here right before sunset. I’ll be waiting for you~.” → Sofia

Sofia walked Bururiba to the gates of the auction house then she looked at his back getting further and further away, on her face a wide grin was showed.

Just enter back into your office already! → Bururiba

Bururiba felt her gaze on his back but he didn’t dare turn around. He tried to walk as normally as possible until he got to the next corner where he finally relaxed his nerves.

“God damn! That was terrifying!” → Bururiba

While Bururiba took a sprint from the auction house to his base, Sofia entered the building with her two goons.

“M-Miss. If it’s possible, may I ask a question?”

One of the goons couldn’t control his curiosity anymore and spoke out.

“Hm~? About what?” → Sofia

Sofia’s seductive voice didn’t change even after Bururiba left, making the two goons to sweat and tremble.

“It’s just, uh… Is there something special about the former Pirate King?”

The goon finally asked with quite the difficulty.

“Something special? Maybe it’s just because he’s so naïve?” → Sofia

Sofia licked her lips with a naughty smile.

“I-I see.”

The goons felt their lower parts react at her strong appealing aura. They had to use all their mental power to control themselves.

Hmph. What beasts. Everyone around here is the same. With the exception of this Bururiba and Tian. Unlike Tian who looks like a tempered man already, Bururiba looks like an innocent young bun~. He isn’t even affected by my charm and he’s able to keep on a cool front even when I’m unleashing my killing intent. But what truly attracts me is his cute character when his guard is down~. So childish, so dreamy. Ah~, I might as well just take a bite~. → Sofia


“Brrr! What was that cold wind just now?!” → Bururiba

Bururiba felt like someone redirected malice on his way, looking around in a panic.

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I sense danger… → Bururiba

His back was cold. After looking around he hastily rushed toward the seaport. From atop a tavern, another shadowy silhouette appeared, this time of a little fairy.

The former Pirate King is here? I must report it back to the boss.

The fairy disappeared again then rushed to the central parts of the city.

Sylvia’s group at this moment just rented 2 rooms at an inn with three and two beds each. Sylvia was in the same room with Theo and Melinda while Ashura and Tian shared a room together.

“Wouldn’t it be better to have little Theo stay with us, so we’ll have the boys and girls separated?” → Tian

Tian asked a little bit confused.

“Well, I don’t really mind but-” → Ashura
“No!” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with a wry smile and looked at the two. Theo had no problem exchanging rooms but Melinda grabbed his back and hugged his arm tightly.

“Theo will stay with us! We’ll be quiet, so we won’t bother Sis Sylvia!” → Melinda

Melinda was anxious, she always slept with Theo after she found out he’s a demon. She does this thinking that otherwise Theo would feel rejected because he’s a demon.

After having his family reject him and his only guardian die, I must become his new family so he won’t feel alone! Even if he’s a demon, I will do it! → Melinda

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Melinda thought while putting on a serious face. Theo wouldn’t mind even sleeping alone or with someone else, but he still preferred to sleep with Melinda, maybe because he got used to it or because he feels something else for her, he’d rather stay with her than with someone else.

They were still children, so they felt no such things like lust for each other, making it alright for them to do such things. Especially, Theo, he doesn’t even know the concept of love that well yet. The chances of him taking any kind of initiative, are lower than having rain for a week in the desert.

…Sigh Sure. As long as you’ll be good, you’re free to do as you wish.” → Tian

Seeing such a pure couple made Tian’s heart feel warmth and pain at the same time.

Zi Jianhua… You had to sell your heart for gold when we could’ve been like this… just what kind of devil tempted you? → Tian

Tian returned to his room, his back looked extremely pitiful and lonely.


Ashura looked at him then talked with Sylvia.

“Sylvia, when will you return to the ship to give Shen the cedar milk and berries? I heard those are the most important for him.” → Ashura

“I haven’t made the milk yet. I had to buy the seeds first and now I will fly toward the nearest mountain to find some pure river water and flowers with a lot of pollen. The fruits and the wild sponges are in my backpack. I also got him some honey-comb, hope he will get enough energy to repair at least one chakra.” → Sylvia
“I never heard about the idea of healing meridians by eating nutritious food, leaving alone chakras.” → Ashura

Ashura said while being a little confused as to how was Shen able to do so.

“Ahaha me neither. It seems Shen just tries whatever comes in his mind and see if it works. He said the soul is the most mysterious part of a living being. The soul can be as vast as the universe while at the same time, it can be thousands of times smaller than a grain of sand, all depends on how you view it.” → Sylvia

Sylvia repeated what Shen told her in one night when he was writing about the soul.

“As a cultivator, it’s normal for me to know this much, but is amazing how he thought that if the soul is boundless then there must be infinite possibilities for it as well. He might be the first one in thousands of years with such a large view about the soul.” → Sylvia

Sylvia felt happy for Shen and she remembered how every time he discovered new forms magic he would make the face of a child with shiny eyes.

“I see, so that’s why he’s so obsessed with his researching. It’s because he has the ideas and visions already in his head, making for the next skill to be created. Indeed, quite the prodigy.” → Ashura

Ashura was surprised by what Sylvia said but now he understood how Shen created his set of ‘Yang’. He focused on the image of rays of light and at one of the suns itself.

Shen said that imagination is everything, be it in magic or martial arts. So, if I try to add my visions of the sun in my skills will I be able to evolve the set? → Ashura

Ashura felt as if lightning struck him. He got an idea and wished to try it as soon as possible.

“Ashura, I’ll be going now. Will you stay with Tian for a moment? He might need someone to talk with.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with pleading eyes. She was able to see Tian’s heart surrounded with a black mist, the representation of an internal demon that was ready to be born.

“Eh?… Fine.” → Ashura

Ashura wanted to go behind some mountains and train but after seeing her eyes he couldn’t say no. With a grumpy face, he heads toward his room where Tian was lying down on his bed, looking at the ceiling with a vacant look.

“Thank you~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia thanked then she left, flying toward the tallest mountain.

“Theo, let’s go to sleep. I’m already sleepy after all the shopping we’ve done.” → Melinda

Melinda held Theo’s sleeve and rushed him to bed. Even though they were already Grandmasters they were still kids, feeling sleepy after such a busy day was the norm.

“Oh, alright.” → Theo

Theo accompanied her and they rushed in bed, falling asleep immediately.

Ashura was sitting on his bed while Tian looked at the ceiling. The silence was quite painful, so Ashura opened his mouth. He tried to be as careful with his words as possible, not having many people to talk with, his way with words was pretty crude so:

“Oy, what’s up with you?” → Ashura

Ashura blurted out these words as if it was the normal thing to ask.

“… I’d appreciate it if you could show more compassion.” → Tian

Tian said with an annoyed face. He got up and sat down on his bed.

“Well, you expect a lot from me, don’t you think?” → Ashura

Ashura asked with a plain face.


Tian looked with a straight face at Ashura. He remembered what Shen told him about Ashura’s past; about how he had to suffer merciless experiments on his body and to be tortured by a crazy woman that wished to be with him.

“You’re right, I apologize.” → Tian

Tian covered his face, feeling quite ashamed now.

“It’s fine, it’s in the past now. More importantly, what will you do when we’ll recapture the Jian Kingdom and destroy the Sava Kingdom? Will you wish to go after Jianhua next? It won’t be a problem to destroy it if we regroup with Sir Ryu and the others.” → Ashura

Ashura said with a plain voice while this time, he was the one lying down on the bed looking at the ceiling.


Tian was dumbfounded then his mind started to spin.

Now that I think about it, this group is full of monsters. One semi-god, 2 little Grandmasters who can rival Saints, one great saint, two other high elves with powers of Saints and someone who can show power comparable to a Spiritual for 20 minutes and if he’s fully healed there are chances of him becoming a fully-fledged Spiritual. Let’s not forget Sir Ryu who’s a semi-dragon and from what I heard, he should be able to show powers of Semi-Gods by now. What other people will there be when we get everyone together? Bururiba already accepted of allying with them, getting now a Pirate-King in the group. I accepted as well but the problem is, do I have any rights to stay beside such giants? → Tian

Now that he thought about it, he started to feel pressured by everyone around him. He is the weakest in Shen’s group. He might be able to win against one of his disciples, but he was sure the price of winning wouldn’t be low at all.

And besides, fighting kids with 6 or 7 years younger than me… won’t not the proudest achievement even if I win.

“Oy, what are you daydreaming now for?” → Ashura

Ashura was confused as to why Tian suddenly became quiet.

“Is it so hard to say yes or no? Just say the word and I’ll be sure to make Shen agree on destroying those betrayers. He did say he’ll help you take your revenge, didn’t he?” → Ashura

Ashura misunderstood his silence, thinking that Tian was conflicted if he should take his revenge on Zi Jianhua or not.

“Eh? Ah, no. It’s alright. We don’t need to waste time on the Jianhua Kingdom, the Sava and Jian Kingdoms are enough. But for now, Sir Ashura, I have a request.” → Tian

Tian looked with serious eyes at him.

“No need to be so formal, what do you need from me?” → Ashura

Ashura said with a calm voice, but he had a good feeling about this.

“I wish to spar with you. I need to become stronger no matter what, I can’t remain at this level when everyone becomes stronger and stronger.” → Tian

Tian said with a resolute face.

“Very well! I wanted to train in my Sun Set Shen created for me, now that I have someone to train with, I might be able to perfect my set even faster.” → Ashura

Ashura said with some excitement.

“Alright. Let’s go, it’s time to train.” → Ashura

Ashura rushed outside the door, leaving a dumbfounded Tian inside.

“W-wait a second, Ashura! Where do you think you’re going?” → Tian

Tian rushed outside the inn after Ashura.

“Hm? Toward the sea of course. We can fight on top of the sea just like we did the first time. Like this, we won’t have to worry about destroying the terrain.” → Ashura
“No, with your ridiculous power, we might create Tsunamis… I agree with the idea of training on top of the water, but you better let me choose the location. I happen to know a much safer and hidden place.” → Tian
“Perfect.” → Ashura

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