Chapter 239: Senior Sister, You’re Blushing!

“Agree, agree. Thank you, Senior Brother Cheng Yu,” With Cheng Yu yielding to their request, Tian Xing happily replied. Tian Xue also finally displayed a smile with tears still lingering on her eyelashes, making her seem gentle, yet beautiful. However, Cheng Yu was not in the mood to care about such things as he continued with his journey. While Cheng Yu was in front leading the way, Tian Xing chuckled, giving a thumbs-up to Tian Xue. Women always had a way of dealing with such things. The moment tears appeared, their chances of victory were certain. Tian Xue wiped her tears, as her face displayed pride. Her heart also had a kind of sweet feeling as she hurried to catch up with Cheng Yu.

With Cheng Yu leading the way, their speed had increased by a few folds. However, Cheng Yu was not happy with their speed. So, he took out his flying sword, flying low at around three feet high. In order to make best use of time, Cheng Yu didn’t even rest during the night. Only when he was hungry would he stop to fill up his tummy. After that, he would continue his search. Tian Xue and Tian Xing were puzzled by Cheng Yu’s actions because Cheng Yu didn’t move in a straight line, but in weird directions. Furthermore, he seemed to be looking for something. She wished to know what he was searching for. However, noticing the serious expression Cheng Yu had, she didn’t dare to ask. The second day, Tian Xue could no longer endure.

“Oi! Cheng Yu, what exactly are you searching for?” Tian Xue sat beside Cheng Yu, asking him curiously. Because Tian Xue and Tian Xing’s flight speed was too slow, the moment Cheng Yu increased his speed, they wouldn’t be able to catch up to him. Without a choice, both of them had to sit on top of Cheng Yu’s supreme-grade spiritual sword. In order to increase his speed, Cheng Yu had to change to a supreme-grade spiritual rank flying sword. He no longer cared if he was showing off his wealth in front of the two of them while Tian Xue and Tian Xing were looking at the scene while being startled. Seeing how casual Cheng Yu was acting about taking out a supreme-grade spiritual tool as if it was nothing to be proud of, Tian Xue and Tian Xing were shocked and got even more curious of Cheng Yu.

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Not only was Cheng Yu’s strength exceeding everyone’s imagination, even the treasures on him had caused them to exclaim in admiration. Foundation Establishment cultivator using a soul tool was already worth being proud of. However, he even had a supreme-grade spiritual tool and treasured tool. How tyrannical was this guy’s background? Could he be one of the secluded sect’s young master? Both of them were filled with doubts. However, they had no idea how they should phrase their questions.

“Searching for a woman! You believe?” Cheng Yu replied ill-manneredly.

“Hmph! Arrogant chap!” Within a night, Cheng Yu had turned from a deity-like savior to an arrogant black bear in Tian Xue’s heart.

“Oi, Cheng Yu. Are you really in Foundation Establishment Realm? You really didn’t conceal your cultivation?” Noticing Cheng Yu had no intention to continue with the topic, she was unsatisfied. So, she opened her mouth and questioned.

“You guess!” Cheng Yu replied nonchalantly.

“Hmph! I am asking you a serious question!” Seeing how unmotivated Cheng Yu was in talking to her, Tian Xue was angry.

“I am answering you in a serious manner!” Cheng Yu smiled faintly.

“You are obviously not answering me!”

“Since you are so clever, why bother asking me!”

“Aiyaya! You are angering me to death!” Tian Xue slapped the flying sword angrily. Silently sitting at the side, Tian Xing was also very helpless. His Senior Sister was someone who was used to everyone trying to get her attention in the sect. And yet, Cheng Yu seemed to not pay any attention to her. How could she not be angered by this? However, Tian Xing revered Cheng Yu so much that it could be said as adoration. Not only was it because Cheng Yu had saved him, but in the whole world, such a powerful Foundation Establishment Realm was rare. In the past thousand years, there were most likely none!

When a person’s strength was stronger than another by a little, the other would usually feel jealous, so much that it would turn to hatred, hoping to overtake the other person. However, when a person’s strength had exceeded another’s imagination, they could only look up to him, admire him and not have the least bit of jealousy. And in Tian Xing eyes, Cheng Yu was someone he could only look up to.

“If you were to slap my flying sword until it breaks, you have to pay for it,” Cheng Yu stated.

“Pow! Pow! Pow!” When Tian Xue heard the words, she got even angrier, using even more strength to slap it. Cheng Yu also didn’t seem to mind. This woman had truly angered him yesterday. He should also take revenge when he could. After Tian Xue had finished throwing her tantrum, she sat down without a single word. Cheng Yu also didn’t care about her and Tian Xing did not dare get close to her. The three of them sat on top of the flying sword, and began flying.

“I’m hungry,” Suddenly, Tian Xue spoke out.

“…” Cheng Yu and Tian Xing were dumbfounded. They had no idea what was stored inside this woman’s brain.

“I’m hungry,” With no one replying her, Tian Xue increased her volume as she shouted.

“…” The duo still didn’t speak.

“Cheng Yu, I’m hungry!” Tian Xue shouted once again.

“If you’re hungry, take something out to eat. Why are you telling me?” Cheng Yu reciprocated. It turned out that this woman was speaking to him, not Tian Xing.

“I want to eat roasted meat,” Tian Xue stated naturally. Tian Xing who had been lying at the back immediately widened his eyes when he heard the words roasted meat. Both of his eyes emitted two rays of radiances.

“Not free!” Cheng Yu was speechless. Turns out that this woman was planning something. Yesterday night during their meal, Cheng Yu had taken out the meat of a demon beast to roast. In the end, Tian Xue and Tian Xing started to binge without a care for their image. Now, she actually wanted him to roast meat for her. Dream on!

“Cheng Yu, the sky already turned dark. We should look for a place to cook some food,” Tian Xue commented. When cultivators head out for training, they wouldn’t pay much attention to their food. Normally, they would bring some simple rations. As for meat and cooked food, it would be very minimal. As for those who were like Cheng Yu, who would cook for themselves, there were very few of them because those who came out for training were all out to upgrade their strength, enhancing their cultivation and not here for vacation. Why would they waste time on those unnecessary things? Therefore, when it came to food, they were all very crude. As long as it was able to fill their stomach, it was sufficient.

But Cheng Yu was different. After staying in the Secular World for so long, he had long gotten used to a high quality diet. Therefore, he had a relatively high demand for quality food. Cheng Yu had prepared not only rations, there were wine, cooked food and most importantly, large amount of seasonings. If there was no time, he would eat those cooked foods. Once there was time, he would cook himself. Every day, there would be wine and meat. In this vast wilderness, he was still living in satisfaction. Tian Xue had already been here for over a month. She was only left with those dried rations. Where could she enjoy such a satisfying life? When she saw Cheng Yu would actually prepare such a lavish meal, how could she not be frantic? If there was meat, who would want to eat biscuits? Now that the sky had turned dark, Tian Xue was hungry, she would obviously request for Cheng Yu to roast meat for her to eat.

“Today not eating. Tomorrow then we will eat!” Cheng Yu stated. In any case, two to three days of not eating wasn’t a problem to him. Going hungry for a day was nothing. He just didn’t want to roast meat for them to eat. “The f*ck? Your lives were saved by me. In the end, you still wanted to shamelessly follow me. Now, you still want me to serve you guys? Continue dreaming!”

“What? Cheng Yu, I’m starving, I want to eat meat!” Tian Xue arrived beside Cheng Yu, crying out unceasingly.

“Eat meat? Sure. Take it!” Cheng Yu took out a piece of wolf meat that was still raw and dripping with blood and placed it in front of Tian Xue.

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“Ah? So disgusting. I don’t want it!” Tian Xue called out, pinching her nose.

“You said you didn’t want it. Since you are hungry, eat your dried rations. I don’t have the energy to serve you.”

“I don’t care. I want to eat meat,” Tian Xue exerted all her strength to pull on Cheng Yu.

“Fine, fine. Eat, we will eat it ok?” Cheng Yu was extremely helpless. He basically had no way to continue surveying his surroundings if Tian Xue were to continue acting like this. Cheng Yu searched for a spacious place before stopping and started roasting meat.

“Four fish should be sufficient, right?” Cheng Yu took out four fish, lamenting to them.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu, four fishes are too little. At least eight!” Tian Xing saw Tian Xue had managed to convinced Cheng Yu, so he happily urged.

“I don’t want fish. I want rabbit!” Tian Xue objected hastily.

“Tian Xing gets four fish, you get one rabbit!” Cheng Yu took out the ingredients, piercing them. He swept the seasonings on them before placing them on the roasting frame. After that, he threw out a big bear paw and starting roasting it as well.

“Bear paw? Oi! Cheng Yu, you are too stingy! How can you keep such a good thing to yourself? I also want to eat bear paw!” Tian Xue saw Cheng Yu’s hand was holding onto a bear paw, so she protested unsatisfyingly.

“Don’t have!” Cheng Yu retorted ill-manneredly. “This woman is too irritating. Whatever you are going to eat belongs to me and you still want to be picky? Truly so hateful!”

“Then I want yours!” Tian Xue responded, snatching away the bear paw in Cheng Yu’s hand.

“Ah!” Tian Xue wasn’t able to snatch it away from Cheng Yu. So, she bit his wrist. Cheng Yu was afraid of injuring her in the process. Therefore, he let go of it.

“Tian Xing. You should come over to judge this. Isn’t your Senior Sister a bit too mean?” Cheng Yu saw Tian Xue had snatched away the bear paw and yet still showed a complacent look, so he voiced out his resentment.

“Er…this…I saw nothing,” Tian Xing displayed an ugly expression before lowering his head, staring at his fish.

“Tian Xue, you are too much. Give me back my bear paw. Otherwise, tomorrow I will definitely not be roasting meat for you,” Cheng Yu glared at Tian Xue as he spoke. Tian Xue seemed to have not heard Cheng Yu’s words, roasting the bear paw on the frame seriously.

“…” This time, it was Cheng Yu who had turned gloomy. Women could truly not be managed. Hit? He couldn’t hit them. Scold? He couldn’t scold them. Cheng Yu could only choose to stay silent. In the end, until all the roasted meat was finished, Cheng Yu still didn’t speak a single word.

“Senior Sister, Senior Brother Cheng Yu seems to be truly angered,” Seeing Cheng Yu had sat far away alone with a gloomy face, Tian Xing came over to Tian Xue side and said softly.

“Hmph! Penny-pincher. Who asked him to provoke me first?” Tian Xue glanced at Cheng Yu’s back, and she felt that his back seemed a bit lonely. Her heart shivered, but she still spoke things that contradicted her feelings.

“Senior Sister, Senior Brother didn’t seem to provoke you, right?”

“Since when didn’t he provoke me? I spoke to him, yet he completely ignored me,” Tian Xue harrumphed.

“Eh?” When Tian Xing heard these words, it hinted something wasn’t right.

“I…I am saying that when I asked him a question, he would completely ignore me. Isn’t this provoking me?” Tian Xue also seemed to feel her words were inappropriate. So, she quickly explained.

“Senior Sister, that was someone else’s privacy. For others to ignore you, it’s completely normal.”

“This…this…in any case, it’s him who provoked me,” Tian Xue was speechless as she put on a bold face and declared.

“Senior Sister, these two days you seem to be a bit unusual! Why do you keep opposing Senior Brother Cheng Yu?”

“When had I opposed him? It was obviously him who provoked me. You b*st*rd, which side are you on? Why are you speaking up for him, what advantage has he given you?”

“I am of course on Senior Sister’s side. Senior Sister, did you take a liking to him?” Tian Xing felt that for the past two days, Tian Xue seemed to be acting unusual.

“Who…who likes him. Opinionated guy. I would never like him!” Tian Xue blushed as she explained.

“Then, why is Senior Sister so nervous? Furthermore, your face turned red!”

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