Chapter 238: The Irritating Tian Xue

“You…” Wu Shang widened his eyes. A magnificent Golden Core cultivator’s golden core had been snatched by a Foundation Establishment cultivator. How humiliating was it? Ultimately, Wu Shang died with extreme sorrow, humiliation and unwillingness.

“This…golden core?” Tian Xue and Tian Xing were shocked by the golden pearl that was flickering within Cheng Yu’s hands. Cheng Yu had not only killed a Golden Core expert, he had even snatched the expert’s golden core. Once such news was disseminated, Cheng Yu’s name would be renowned through the entire Cultivation World. However, Tian Xue and Tian Xing would never disseminate such information because not only would it bring Cheng Yu a lot of trouble, it would also incite trouble for them. So much that it might even cause Tianshan Sect trouble in the end.

“How about it? Can we leave?” Cheng Yu kept the golden core, arriving in front of the duo unconcernedly.

“No…no problem! Thank you for saving us, Senior Brother…Cheng Yu,” Tian Xue stuttered. She had no idea how she should regard Cheng Yu. If it was in terms of cultivation, he seemed to be in Foundation Establishment Realm. If it was strength, he possessed enough strength to kill a Golden Core expert. She wasn’t sure if she should address him as senior or senior brother. Regardless, she mustn’t address him as junior brother.

“Senior Sister Tian Xue, you acting like this is making me feel unhappy. I hope that you can act like you did previously and address me as junior brother,” Cheng Yu showed a displeased face and reprimanded her.


“Alright. It’s decided,” Tian Xue was still hesitating, so Cheng Yu cut the topic off. He then asked, ”Right, why do these people want to kill you? It shouldn’t be just a simple sect dispute, right?”

During the period when he was in Death Forest, Cheng Yu had met a lot of sects. Every time they met, they would act extremely close, as if they were some long lost brothers. However, whenever they did things, they would push each other aside, competing endlessly. Despite this, they had yet to reach to the point of killing each other so openly. Therefore, Cheng Yu felt that there might be something amiss with this situation.

“This…actually, it’s because of this high-grade spiritual tool. Shushan’s people tried to exterminate us to get this weapon,” Tian Xue thought for a moment before taking out a high-grade spiritual sword. She felt that since Cheng Yu already had soul tool, why would he still covet her spiritual tool? Besides, he had also saved their lives. Even if Cheng Yu wanted it, it was his right.

“So it’s like that. These people are truly ruthless. Just for a spiritual tool, they want to exterminate all of you,” Cheng Yu looked at the spiritual tool in Tian Xue’s hand, he didn’t have any interest. As the newly risen local tyrant, Cheng Yu had countless spiritual tools on hand. Just soul tools alone, he had 11. Why would he still take interest for a high-grade spiritual tool? However, Wu Shang was different. As he didn’t manage to self-detonate in time, all his belongings were taken away by Cheng Yu.

“So what do you intend to do next? Judging from your current situation, it’s impossible for you guys to continue,” Cheng Yu asked the duo.

“This…” Tian Xue stared at Cheng Yu, wanting to say something, but hesitated.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu, I am afraid that even returning would be a problem to us. Therefore, can you allow us to follow you on your journey?” Tian Xing was naturally able to tell why Tian Xue was hesitating. His thoughts were the same as her’s.

“No way!” The moment Tian Xing’s words had finished, Cheng Yu rejected it directly. There were so many secrets on him, and he still needed to search for the other palaces. How could he possibly let them know about it? Although he had come out to save them, it was right of him to do so as they were acquainted with each other. Furthermore, his impression of Tian Xue wasn’t bad. In addition, Cheng Yu didn’t like Shushan’s people. Up to this point, those who knew of Cheng Yu’s secrets were all dead.

“…” Hearing how straightforward Cheng Yu’s rejection was, both of them were extremely disappointed. Especially, Tian Xue. Her heart felt an indescribable sadness.

“Alright. You guys be careful. Return early!” Cheng Yu did not wish to have too much involvement with them. Frankly speaking, they were only acquaintances. After speaking, he left.

“Senior Sister, what should we do now? Should we really return? However, we have yet to obtain the god water. How are we going to explain it to Elder Qing and Senior Sister’s mother?” Tian Xing looked at Cheng Yu’s back, without any ideas.

“Go!” Tian Xue also looked at Cheng Yu’s back. Ultimately, she made a firm decision, following behind Cheng Yu. Naturally, Cheng Yu knew that Tian Xue and Tian Xing were following him. He just couldn’t understand why both of them would still want to continue on. Could it be that treasures were really that important? Judging from their ability, don’t even talk about obtaining treasures, self-preservation might be a problem. However, there was no need for Cheng Yu to know of all this. Pressing on with his speed, and his current ability, normal dangers wouldn’t be able to stop him. Therefore, if it wasn’t a special situation, he could run as fast as flying in this Fantasy Ocean.

However, following behind him, Tian Xue and Tian Xing weren’t so lucky. All kinds of attacking vegetation in Death Fantasy Ocean emerged like flies, causing them to have their hands filled, unable to move a single step.

“Senior Sister, so many man-eating flowers. We can’t handle them!” They had accidentally got caught within a group of man-eating flowers. The man-eating flowers’ veins were like spider webs, crossing each other. Both of them were trapped very easily.

“Persevere!” Tenaciousness flickered past Tian Xue’s eyes. Her heart was anticipating for something. She felt that Cheng Yu would definitely come and save them.

“Siu! Siu! Siu!” They were about to get devoured by the man-eating flowers. Cheng Yu was all along standing there observing and had no choice but to make a move. Noticing Cheng Yu had really appeared, Tian Xue’s heart was delighted. She grew even more resolute on the idea of following him. The inescapable net within Tian Xue’s eyes was like tofu to Cheng Yu. Within a few cuts, they landed on the ground safely. A Thousand Heavy Waves had directly turned all of these man-eating flowers into fine powder.

“Go back! Continuing on, not long later, you will lose your lives. Next time, I will not make a move,” Dissatisfaction could be heard within Cheng Yu’s tone. After that, he walked away.

“Senior Sister, should we still follow?” Seeing the situation, Tian Xing asked.

“Follow, why shouldn’t we follow?!” Tian Xue smiled.

“But Senior Sister, he said that he would no longer save us. If we continue on, very quickly, we will lose our lives,” Tian Xing voiced out his worries. Ultimately, not long later, both of them were once again surrounded by a group of man-eating plants. Cheng Yu wasn’t someone cruel. No matter what he did, he couldn’t achieve the art of turning a blind eye to them. So, he still made a move.

“Are you guys looking for death? If so, then you should just commit suicide by cutting your own throat! Stop following me. Otherwise, I might dispose of you before moving on,” Facing such a situation, Cheng Yu placed down ruthless words. This duo truly had no idea how to appreciate his kindness.

“Senior Sister, we should stop following! I can tell he is truly angered,” Tian Xing said weakly. Cheng Yu’s aura was too scary. Simply too intimidating.

“Let’s go!” Tian Xue did not seem to mind, following Cheng Yu.

“Senior Sister!” Tian Xing cried out softly. Although he was afraid, he still followed behind Tian Xue.

“I said before, stop following. Do you guys really think that I won’t dare to kill you!” Noticing that Tian Xue continued to follow him, Cheng Yu was truly angered. This duo really touched his bottom line, taking his kindness for granted. He still had an important mission, so how could he possibly pay attention to their life or death at every moment?

“…” Tian Xue stared at him silently.

“Senior sister, are you really that sure that I won’t dare to kill you, you are wrong!” Cheng Yu placed his sword on Tian Xue’s spotless white neck as he spoke coldly.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu, no! We don’t have any other intention. We only hope to obtain…”

“Tian Xing!” Tian Xing was anxiously trying to tell Cheng Yu their objective, but was stopped by Tian Xue.

“Hope to obtain what?” Cheng Yu frowned.

“…” Both of them didn’t speak.

“Since it’s like that, then die!” Cheng Yu waved his sword, slashing down at Tian Xue’s neck.

“God Water! We want to obtain God Water!” Tian Xing saw the position, so he could no longer endure any longer, quickly speaking out.

“Tian Xing!” Tian Xue shouted.

“Senior Sister, just tell Senior Brother Cheng Yu. Only he can help us obtain God Water,” In Tian Xing’s opinion, Death Forest was so dangerous. Other than Cheng Yu, this abnormally strong person, there was basically no one who would be able to obtain God Water.

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“Speak! What God Water?” Cheng Yu asked nonchalantly.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu. The reason why we came to Death Forest is because an elder from our Tianshan Sect and Senior Sister Tian Xue’s mother were injured by a demonic sect. Today, they weren’t any better from being dead or alive. It was rumored that Death Shrine has God Water. It is possible to bring a person back from death. Therefore, we want to obtain this God Water,” Tian Xing explained.

“Even so, I am not able to help you. I don’t have the time to help you search for God Water,” Cheng Yu was only curious. He never expected that Death Shrine had such a thing. However, he still had other palaces that he needed to search for. Where would he have the time to search for those unfounded myths? He wasn’t even sure if Death Shrine was one of the palaces, so how could he possibly help them?

“Senior Sister, you…” This time, Tian Xing suddenly spoke.

“…” Cheng Yu didn’t expect Tian Xue would actually cry. He was at a complete loss of what to do. He quickly retrieved his sword.

“You guys should just return! If I find the God Water you spoke of, I will send it to Tianshan Sect,” Seeing Tian Xue acting like this, Cheng Yu could no longer harden his face to continue frightening them.

“No way. I want to follow you,” Tian Xue objected stubbornly.

“I cannot agree to that. If you guys hope to obtain God Water, you must return,” Cheng Yu shook his head.

“I don’t care. Then I will keep on following you.”

“You…!” Cheng Yu was speechless. This woman was too annoying.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu, just let us tag along! You can be assured that we will look after ourselves. Furthermore, even if we find any treasures, we will not take any of them. As long as when the time comes, you can gift us a bottle of God Water, we will be fine,” Tian Xing saw Tian Xue acting so stubborn, and he was really afraid Cheng Yu would become irritated. So, he hastily explained.

“…” Cheng Yu was silent. The underground palace was definitely a heavenly secret in Death Forest. Furthermore, inside, there were certainly a lot of things he didn’t know of. He really wished to fully understand some doubts he had. If Tian Xue and Tian Xing were to follow him, they would definitely get in contact with this secret. This was not a good choice. Regardless of it being personal interest or any other aspect, Cheng Yu felt that Death Forest’s secret should be buried and not divulged.

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“You can follow me, but you must listen to everything I say. If something weird happens, you must not divulge it. Not even a single tidbit about it!” Cheng Yu pondered and ordered.

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