Chapter 237: Meeting Tian Xue Again

Cheng Yu followed the direction of the voice by walking there silently. He lightly brushed away the long grasses and he was stunned. He actually knew these people. It was the few people he met in Luminous City, Tian Xue and her sect members. However, they seemed very miserable, with only her and Tian Xing, the one who wanted to teach him a lesson, remaining. The others had died and Tian Xing was standing in front of Tian Xue right now. As for their opponent, they were also people Cheng Yu knew. They were Wu Shang, who wanted to rob his Purple Light Sword, and Jian Wufeng.

“Want to leave? Today, don’t think of leaving anyone behind!” Wu Shang looked at the duo and said.

“Wu Shang. Once you kill us, aren’t you afraid of inciting troubles for Shushan?” Tian Xue looked at Wu Shang, speaking with anger.

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“Haha! As long as both of you are dead, who would know?” Wu Shang smiled.

“Senior Sister, you leave first. As long as you escape, only then will we have the chance of getting revenge!” Tian Xing stared at Wu Shang closely, speaking to Tian Xue behind him.

“No way. How can I let you throw away your life alone? If you want to die, let’s do it together!” Tian Xue said stubbornly.

“Senior Sister, if you don’t leave, we would really be throwing our lives away!” Tian Xing replied anxiously.

“Tsk, what a touching sight. Unfortunately, none of you will be leaving!” Wu Shang smiled.

“Senior Sister, quickly leave! I will fight with you to death!” Tian Xing pushed Tian Xue away, and started charging towards Wu Shang alone.

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“Hmph! A kid that doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth,” Wu Shang slashed at Tian Xing with a move. Tian Xing vomited a mouthful of blood while flying meters away.

“Tian Xing!” Tian Xue was astonished, running towards Tian Xing.

“Senior Sister, quickly leave!” Tian Xing’s mouth was full of blood as he used all his strength to shout out.

“Both of you should just die!” Wu Shang shouted as he sent a sword reflection towards the duo. With Tian Xue’s Foundation Establishment late stage strength and Tian Xing’s Foundation Establishment middle stage strength, how could they possibly defend against a Golden Core expert’s ruthless killing move? Even if they weren’t dead, they would also suffer from grave injuries.

“Bang!” Just as the sword reflection was about to slash Tian Xue and Tian Xing, a figure swirled out, blocking the sword reflection for them.

“It’s you!” Wu Shang and Jian Wufeng saw Cheng Yu appeared, so they both issued a surprised cried.

“Keke! Isn’t it me?” Cheng Yu placed his sword on his shoulder while rubbing his nose and laughing.

“Haha! You saved my effort. Since you sent yourself to my doorstep, hand over the soul tool! I can spare your life,” Wu Shang mood changed from anger to delight as he spoke happily. Previously, when fighting against five other Golden Core experts, Wu Shang was the first to get defeated. This not only caused him to lose the opportunity to obtain the soul tool, it also caused him to lose all his face. Originally, he thought that the soul tool would definitely be obtained by any of the others. He never expected that it was still on this kid. How could he not be happy?

“Haha. Do you think that I am that stupid?” Cheng Yu laughed

“Cheng Yu?” At this moment, Tian Xue had just recognized Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu had blocked the attack with his back facing her. Although she felt the rear view was familiar, she still couldn’t remember who it belonged to. Now that she heard Cheng Yu’s voice, Tian Xue asked for verification.

“Heh. Senior Sister Tian Xue, I came at the right time, right?” Cheng Yu turned around with a smile.

“Cheng Yu, quickly leave! He’s a Golden Core expert. You can’t defeat him!” Although she had once again met Cheng Yu and was happy, when she remembered the opponent was a Golden Core expert, she didn’t hope to pull Cheng Yu down with her.

“Haha. I am precisely here to kill Golden Core experts. Here. Preserve his life first!” Cheng Yu threw a pill to Tian Xue.

“Reversal Pill?!” Tian Xue received the pill, and once she saw the pill, she was shocked and surprised. Reversal Pill was a high rank pill. This kind of pill was not something everyone could use. Think about it, Cheng Yu had used a Qi Gathering Pill to exchange for five spiritual stones. One could only imagine the cost of a supreme-grade Reversal Pill. If they were to know that he still had spiritual rank healing pills, like the Nirvana Pill, they would definitely be astonished to death. Therefore, Cheng Yu did not dare to show it. Reversal Pills were hard to come by but it didn’t meant that it was rarely seen.

“Kid, seems like there are lots of treasures on you!” Noticing Cheng Yu had thrown out a high rank pill so casually, Wu Shang’s eyes immediately brightened up. He felt that Cheng Yu might not necessarily only have a soul tool. Perhaps, there were other treasures.

“There’s a few. If you are willing to leave your life behind, I am willing to gift you a few of them as offerings,” Cheng Yu looked at Wu Shang, laughing.

“Kid, don’t be arrogant. You are only a Foundation Establishment cultivator. It’s better to be a bit more tactful. Take out all your valuables. Perhaps, Senior Brother Wu Shang might not take your dog life!” A Foundation Establishment cultivator beside Wu Shang said arrogantly.

“Swoosh!” Cheng Yu’s eyes turned cold. In an instant, he appeared in front of that person, and thrust his sword. Wu Shang hastily took out his sword to block. However, his sword was repulsed immediately. Cheng Yu’s sword pierced into that person’s chest. After that, with a swoosh, he returned back to Tian Xue’s side.

“Acting as a dog, you must act accordingly. Don’t bark when you aren’t supposed to!” Cheng Yu stated nonchalantly. Everyone at the scene were completely silent. They were all stunned by Cheng Yu’s action just now. Tian Xue and Tian Xing looked at Cheng Yu’s back, not knowing how to describe their feelings.

Strong! Too Strong! Actually killing off someone in front of a Golden Core expert. What kind of strength is this?! Golden Core initial stage? Golden Core middle stage? Wu Shang’s complexion turned red and white. His own junior brother was killed in front of him. Furthermore, he had already made a move. What was more disgraceful was that the other party was a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Where was he going to place his face at?

“How is this possible?” This was everyone’s thought. No one was able to understand how a Foundation Establishment cultivator was able to achieve all this. However, such a scene had vividly happened in front of everyone.

“You must die!” Wu Shang roared in fury, charging at Cheng Yu. He had to redeem his face in front of all his junior brothers. Otherwise, in the future how was he going to convince the masses?

“Hmph!” Cheng Yu harrumphed coldly as he charged up as well.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” Both of their speeds was very fast. Those with lousier cultivation were not able to see both of their actions clearly.

“Who exactly is this person? He…is he truly in Foundation Establishment Realm? Is there such a Foundation Establishment Realm?” Watching their battle, Golden Core Realm Wu Shang had been suppressed by Foundation Establishment Realm Cheng Yu, everyone was suspecting if Cheng Yu was still a human.

“He…he shouldn’t have concealed his cultivation, right?” No one would believe a Foundation Establishment Realm was able to suppress a Golden Core expert. They all felt that Cheng Yu had concealed his true cultivation.

“I also feel that this makes more sense. Otherwise, it’s too preposterous!”

“Senior Sister, is this really the Cheng Yu we knew?” Lying within Tian Xue’s bosom, Tian Xing looked at both of them. He couldn’t believe that this Cheng Yu was the previous Cheng Yu he had looked down upon.

“Should be!” Tian Xue was also stunned. Previously, she didn’t know that the newcomer who almost got swindled by a street stall would actually possess such strength.

“I am somewhat rejoicing that Senior Sister actually interacted well with him. I am also glad that he actually showed mercy. Unfortunately, Senior Brother Tian Heng wasn’t able to last until Cheng Yu appeared,” Tian Xing was glad, yet at the same time, he was also feeling sad for those sect members who died.

“Be at ease, we will definitely get our revenge,” Tian Xue looked at Jian Wufeng, with a face that was filled with hatred. Jian Wufeng also noticed Tian Xue’s stare. However, he gave a disdainful smile. After that, he continued paying attention to the battle happening above.

“Golden Core Realm only has this much strength. Seeing you like this, I no longer wish to form my core,” Cheng Yu slashed out, smiling mockingly. Wu Shang’s complexion was green and red. A grand Golden Core expert had actually been suppressed by a Foundation Establishment Realm. How could Wu Shang possibly feel good? This Cheng Yu was too abnormal. He could really make no head or tails of what was going on. Foundation Establishment Ream was stronger than Golden Core Realm. This was simply an anecdote under the heavens. In the ancient records, there was never such a thing that happened before.

“Hmph! Don’t be too complacent yet. Golden Core Realm’s prestige is not something you can provoke. Earth Shattering Heavenly Shock!” Wu Shang suddenly charged up to the clouds before descending rapidly. Countless figures appeared in the skies, attacking Cheng Yu.

“See my all round Super Thousand Heavy Waves!” Cheng Yu saw he was surrounded by numerous Wu Shangs and was unable to determine which was the real one, so his body started revolving. Sword reflections slashed out acting like rippled waves.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Layers and layers of sword reflection immediately intercepted Wu Shang’s attacks. Those incorporeal illusions disappeared.

“Now, I will also gift you a move! Duo Dragon Trick Pearl!” Cheng Yu shouted. Two dragon reflections charged out from Cheng Yu. “Howl!” The dragon roar penetrated the heavens, flying towards Wu Shang.

“Boom!” Wu Shang saw the imposing dragon reflection, and his complexion turned ugly. He turned around, hoping to escape. However, the dragon reflection had arrived, so he could only use all his strength to defend. With a boom, he was exploded down to the ground.

“Pu! Pu!” Wu Shang vomited a few mouthfuls of blood consecutively. He was astonished. This strength had completely surpassed Golden Core initial stage. How could a Foundation Establishment achieve it?!

“Senior Brother!” Shushan disciples quickly ran over to Wu Shang’s side. All of their faces were filled with shock. A Golden Core expert had been defeated by Foundation Establishment Realm. Just now, the other party’s move was too formidable.

“Be careful!” Suddenly, Wu Shang’s expression changed. He shouted, shifting his body.
Turns out that Cheng Yu did not let Wu Shang off. He had used another move, Six Dragons Emerging Out From The Sea, directly striking at the group of people.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The spot which Wu Shang was lying at had instantly become a huge pit. As for those Shushan disciples, a majority of them had died under this attack because just now, their backs were facing Cheng Yu. Even though Wu Shang had warned them, it was too late.

“You…you…who exactly are you?” Wu Shang’s complexion had turned as white as paper. His entire body was covered in blood. Although he had reacted, the Six Dragons attacking range was too wide. He was unable to evade it.

“Haha! Previously, I am your prey. Now, I am your foe!” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Keke. Never imagined that I, Wu Shang, would actually die under the hands of a Foundation Establishment cultivator. I am truly unwilling. However, even so, I will also not let you survive!” Wu Shang’s expression was downcast. Ultimately, he showed a resolute look, and golden lights flourished on his entire body.

“Not good, he wants to self-detonate!” Tian Xue’s complexion turned ugly, shouting.

“Swoosh!” With the past experience from Yun Tian, how could Cheng Yu not anticipate Wu Shang’s actions? The moment Wu Shang’s body was suffused in golden lights, Cheng Yu flickered past his body, excavating Wu Shang’s golden core. A golden core was a precious item. Similar to the demon beast core, it contained pure energy. However, human golden cores could not be devoured as this would be too heaven defying. Even though it couldn’t be devoured, it was still quite a good weapon to cause an explosion.

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