Chapter 236: Blood Contract

“Heh! Turns out that you had an egg!” Cheng Yu saw the eggshell that was exposed behind the grass patch behind the blazing bird monarch and he was surprised. The blazing bird monarch was a blazing huge bird monarch. It’s egg was the bird monarch’s successor. Although the blazing huge bird baby that was just born would only be in the Foundation Establishment Realm, it could advance. If he was able to carry one of these eggs back, nurturing a blazing bird monarch, it would definitely be a good plan. Cheng Yu had decided that he must certainly obtain this egg. Cheng Yu spiraled around the blazing bird monarch, hoping to take a look at its egg. However, the blazing bird monarch followed suit, blocking the grass patch.

“Fine! I shall see if you are faster than me!” Cheng Yu noticed that he had no chance, so he moved instantly. He shot forth at lightning speed, generating a set of frantic chops. The blazing bird monarch’s defense was very strong. Ordinary attacks wouldn’t be able to deal any damage to it.

“Swoosh!” Suddenly, Cheng Yu leaped back, punching a fist out. Phantom Lion Roar!

“Boom!” The blazing bird monarch was once again sent flying. Cheng Yu had been waiting for this moment. In an instant, he dashed to the grass patch.

“Three eggs!” Cheng Yu shoved away the grass. To his astonishment, he saw three soccer ball sized eggs placed there. He was joyful, as with a wave of his hand, he kept the eggs.

“Ji! Ji!” The blazing bird monarch saw Cheng Yu had taken its eggs away, so it screamed, throwing itself over hastily. Cheng Yu was caught unprepared, and was slapped flying by the blazing bird monarch. “Bang!” Cheng Yu hadn’t reacted, yet the blazing bird monarch arrived in front of him and he got slapped flying again.

“Aiyo!” Cheng Yu cried out in pain. Being slapped flying away by the blazing bird monarch numerous times, he felt that his body was falling apart. Cheng Yu was still on the floor sighing with sorrow as a fireball flew over. Cheng Yu was shocked so he shifted his body quickly. However, he was still exploded away by the fireball.

“D*mn it! Too much!” Cheng Yu was angered. Just now, he was too happy and got distracted. That’s why he was sneaked attack by this bird numerous times. Cheng Yu swallowed a few Soul Strengthening Pills, suppressing the Qi and blood that was rummaging in his body.

“Hu! Hu! Hu!” At this moment, the blazing bird monarch was flapping its wings rapidly, creating a large cyclone that gradually grew. The blazing bird monarch’s wings jolted and the cyclone swept towards Cheng Yu instantly. Everywhere the cyclone passed, the stones were turned into sand, and large trees were pulled out from the ground as they all was disintegrated.

“The f*ck! Ah!” Cheng Yu shouted before he got swept into the cyclone. Not long later, the cyclone disappeared. However, a large cauldron was hovering in its place.

“Ji!” The blazing fire bird shrieked. It dashed up to the cauldron, slapping the large cauldron.

“D*mn it. Luckily, I have treasures on me. Otherwise, I would be turned into mincemeat,” Cheng Yu saw from inside the Jewel Cauldron, so he sighed in relief. Just now, when the cyclone was attacking, Cheng Yu reacted promptly, thinking of hiding inside the Jewel Cauldron.

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“Seems like this thing really turned mad. Must think of a way to deal with it first. Otherwise, I can’t possibly keep on staying inside this cauldron,” Cheng Yu sat inside the cauldron, watching the blazing bird monarch keep on attacking the Jewel Cauldron. He couldn’t help having a headache. Currently, he was still stuck within the illusion. If he couldn’t break the protection formation on the Spiritual Crystal, he would never be able to get out from this illusion.

“Seems like this is the only way!” Cheng Yu thought of an idea. After that, he flew out from the cauldron.

“Ji! Ji! Ji!” Noticing Cheng Yu had appeared, the blazing bird monarch intended to launch an attack on him once again.

“Big guy, look!” Just when the blazing bird monarch had rushed itself to the front of Cheng Yu, the wings suddenly stopped as it looked at the egg in Cheng Yu hand.

“Ji! Ji! Ji!” The blazing fire bird continuously called out at Cheng Yu, as if it was trying to negotiate with Cheng Yu, or perhaps, it was beseeching something!

“You want this egg back?” Cheng Yu saw that the blazing bird monarch had finally stopped its frantic attacks, he immediately loosen up.

“Ji! Ji! Ji!” The blazing bird monarch nodded its head, seeming to have understood Cheng Yu’s words.

“I can give you this egg. However, you must be my pet. How about that?” Noticing the blazing bird monarch was able to understand his words, Cheng Yu replied excitedly.

“Ji! Ji! Ji!” The blazing bird monarch shook its head frantically. Evidently, it understood Cheng Yu’s meaning.

“Not willing? Alright then, I will break it,” The Purple Light Sword in Cheng Yu’s hand suddenly lit up. Thereafter, he adopted a posture wanting to break the egg that was in his left hand. The blazing bird monarch was stirred up to the point of jumping around frantically.

“Then are you willing?” Cheng Yu questioned it once again.

“Ji! Ji! Ji!” The blazing bird monarch shook its head once again.

“Seems like you no longer want this egg,” Cheng Yu raised the sword and slashed down at the egg. This time, the blazing bird monarch nodded its head.

“You agree?” Cheng Yu confirmed excitedly. This blazing bird monarch was so valiant. If he were to keep it as his pet, it was a lot better than him nurturing three babies. Besides, with this blazing fire bird following him, didn’t that meant that the egg was also his? The blazing bird monarch nodded its head.

“Alright! Then accept the contract!” Cheng Yu cut open his fingers, ejecting a drop of blood. The blazing bird monarch’s crown also sent out a drop of blood. Both droplets of blood fused together, emitting a bright radiance. Then, two radiances flew back into Cheng Yu’s forehead and the blazing bird monarch separately. A blazing symbol flickered before disappearing. However at this moment, the blazing bird monarch’s figure had turned smaller by a fold, looking quite weak.

“Became Foundation Establishment late stage?” Cheng Yu saw the blazing bird monarch had degraded, so he was feeling regretful. Because this was something unchangeable. All the demon beasts that had been turned into demon pets with higher cultivation than their owners would have their cultivation drop to the same level as their owner. Along with the increase in their owner’s strength, their realm would slowly recover. However, this situation caused Cheng Yu to be astonished as well. Didn’t this mean that he was not in the Golden Core Realm, but in Foundation Establishment late stage?

Cheng Yu was panicky. All along, he was facing an unknown situation. But with the increase in his strength, he always believed that he was in the Golden Core Realm. But the truth now had caused Cheng Yu to be afraid. His core forming process had indeed failed. What should he do now?

“Master, can you return me my egg?” Just when Cheng Yu wasn’t sure of what to do, a female voice appeared inside his head.

“Ah? You are the blazing bird monarch?” Cheng Yu woke up, looking at the small, yet not small blazing huge bird monarch as he sent out his thoughts.

“Yes,” The blazing huge bird monarch nodded.

“En. In the future, you will cultivate inside my Soul Suppressing Pagoda!” Cheng Yu kept the blazing huge bird and its egg into the third floor of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Previously, Cheng Yu had placed two of the spiritual veins in there, making the floor’s spiritual Qi very dense. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda had nine floors. However, he could only open the bottom three floors. He assumed that with the increase of his strength, he would he be able to open the other six floors.

“Master, why are you able to fight with me in Golden Core middle stage when you are in the Foundation Establishment late stage?” At this moment, the blazing huge bird sent out another message. The blazing huge bird monarch was very confused why her new owner was a Foundation Establishment Realm that had such great prowess.

“Er… I am not sure as well. Currently, I am also having a headache with this problem. Not long ago, I tried attacking the Golden Core Realm. However, I failed to form my core. So, things became like this,” Finally, there was someone to talk to, Cheng Yu wanted to say everything that was on his mind.

“What? Core forming failure? Then why do you have such prowess?” The blazing huge bird monarch was also shocked.

“Yeah. I am not sure what I should do now. I shall let you take a look at my dantian!” In Cheng Yu’s opinion, the blazing huge bird monarch was a demon beast, but it still had the strength of a Golden Core middle stage. Perhaps, it might be able to tell something.

“Such a weird dantian?” The blazing huge bird monarch looked at the weird tree that was formed from Qi inside Cheng Yu’s dantian, and she felt confused. Although she didn’t have a traditional dantian, all her energies were congregated within the crystal nucleus inside her head. Both of their principles was the same. Yet, Cheng Yu’s dantian was advancing towards an unknown direction.

“Aish!” Cheng Yu sighed. Even the good mood he had after obtaining the blazing huge bird monarch was gone. After messing around for so long, he was still a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

“Master, you need not be discouraged. Although your situation is strange, your strength is still improving constantly. This proves that you are not restricted by the golden core. In this vast heaven and earth, to be able to fight against Golden Core Realm in the Foundation Establishment Realm, I am afraid only master is able to do it. This signifies that master is out of the ordinary. Why should master be at a loss for this? Perhaps, it still wasn’t the appropriate time for master to form his core yet?” The blazing huge bird monarch did not wish for its master to only be in the Foundation Establishment Realm. Then, wouldn’t she be forever unable to return to Golden Core Realm? Therefore, it had to enforce Cheng Yu’s confidence.

“You are right. At least the current me is not restricted by the golden core. Or perhaps, it’s still not the time for me to form my core yet,” Cheng Yu pondered and replied. In any case, the situation had already turned to this, so he could only soldier on.

“In the future, I will call you Huo Yu. Do you know what this place is?” Cheng Yu did not continue pondering the problem of his dantian, but thought of the problem in front of him.

“Not sure,” Huo Yu shook its head.

“Not sure? Aren’t you the ruler here?” Cheng Yu said with surprise.

“I truly don’t know. The moment I was born, I was already here.”

“Er…” Cheng Yu was speechless. “Forget it. It’s better to keep these few Spiritual Crystal first!”

Cheng Yu held onto the Purple Light Sword, advancing towards the middle, slashing down at the biggest Spiritual Crystal.

“Clang!” The few Spiritual Crystals outside the large Spiritual Crystal flickered in radiance, activating the protection formation, blocking Cheng Yu’s attack.

“Jewel Cauldron!” The protection formation was protecting the Spiritual Crystal from any destruction. Cheng Yu could only use the jewel cauldron to meet it by force. The Jewel Cauldron continued to slam into the formation. Cheng Yu was able to feel the ground shaking.

“This cannot continue!” This formation was not only protecting the Spiritual Crystals, the Spiritual Crystal was also providing the formation unceasing energy. The Jewel Cauldron’s attack would cause it to consume its energy very quickly.

“Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram! Soul Suppressing Pagoda!” Cheng Yu shouted, taking out two other soul tools.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” Three soul tools attacked simultaneously. The amount of energy consumed by the formation was immediately accelerated.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu had also used his full strength, utilizing the other two spiritual veins, and pouring the Qi into the three soul tools frantically. The formation’s absorption was slower than consumption. Very quickly, signs of unstableness appeared. Cheng Yu saw the formation had turned unstable, so he quickly launched his attacks.

“Pow!” Under Cheng Yu’s fierce attacks, the protection formation finally broke. Cheng Yu was elated, slashing down the large Spiritual Crystal in the middle with a slash. Suddenly, the surroundings started to turn fuzzy.

“Not good, the illusion is about to disappear,” Cheng Yu had only retrieved a Spiritual Crystal. He quickly brandished his sword. Just when Cheng Yu had kept the final Spiritual Crystal into his storage space, the whole illusion disappeared without a trace. Cheng Yu finally appeared within the ocean of flowers.

“Finally out!” Cheng Yu sucked in a breath of fresh air resolutely, voicing his satisfaction.

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“Senior Sister! Quickly go!” Suddenly, a familiar voice was transmitted into Cheng Yu’s ears.

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