Chapter 548: With dragons as arrows

When he saw that the barrier protecting the imperial palace was broken, Long Zhan’s expression became pale. Only after a good while, he gritted his teeth and ordered his two thousand dark warriors to stall those prisoners. As for the rest of his dark warriors, he ordered them to return to their post in order to defend the palace.

The reason why Long Zhan didn’t use these dark warriors before to attack those invading prisoners was because he didn’t want to spend his precious resources on those prisoners. In his heart, only the Ximen Clan was his real opponent. As for these prisoners who were only pawns of the Ximen Clan to cause chaos in the imperial palace, they were just sacrificial preys.

Those two thousand killing machines who didn’t know pain quickly replaced the imperial guards and snuffed out those prisoners.

When they saw that the situation was anything but reassuring, the prisoners had no choice but to gather together again. The insane attacks from those two thousand dark warriors increased the pressure on those prisoners by a lot. There was not a single person who wasn’t injured.

At this moment, Long Zhan had already led the remaining imperial guards towards the walls in order to defend against the Ximen Clan’s attack. Crown Prince Long Ying was already commanding the troops on the walls when Long Zhan arrived.

Long Yi was grinning in the sky. His 100,000 strong secret army as well as the 50,000 private soldiers from the Nangong and Dongfang Clan were formed up neatly one kilometer away from the walls of the imperial palace.

“What exactly happened here? How did the barrier suddenly break?” The complexion of Long Zhan was ghastly pale as he asked Crown Prince Long Ying.

“Father emperor, this son has no idea as well! It is probably Ximen Yu’s doing.” Long Ying resentfully glared at Ximen Yu who was floating in the air. Long Ying was dying to peel off Long Yi’s skin and he wanted nothing more than to pull out all the tendons in his body.

It was indeed Long Yi who broke this barrier protecting the imperial palace. He had used those six thousand prisoners to attract the attention of everyone as he approached the walls of the imperial palace in the chaos. He cracked the barrier without anyone knowing.

Naturally, this protective barrier was not an ordinary barrier. Long Yi needed an entire night to break it. If someone had discovered him midway, then all of his efforts would be wasted. He was lucky that his tracks were covered by the huge blizzard the night before. When adding on the chaos in the imperial palace caused by the prisoners, there were no guards who discovered him. If Long Zhan wanted to blame anyone, he could only blame his imperial guards for not having strict military discipline. He could also blame the commanding officers who were too lazy to care about their men. However, was there a point to blame them now?

Long Zhan coldly watch those soldiers who were ready to attack the imperial palace. However, he was afraid in his heart as he was able to sense their sharp and unstoppable momentum. This was an elite army… Unfortunately for him, the elite army belonged to his army. Although he was worried, it was only for a moment. He knew that even though the protective barrier was broken, the walls of the imperial palace were tall and thick. Adding to the fact that the Ximen Clan couldn’t afford to lose too many soldiers, Long Zhan knew that it wouldn’t be easy for the Ximen Clan to achieve victory. As for magicians, although they could fly and attack from the sky, he had already prepared a defensive network in the air, so the main force would still be those soldiers on the ground. As long as they focused on defending, the Ximen Clan would lose a huge amount of soldiers. When the losses of the Ximen Clan reached a critical level, Long Zhan would use his trump card, which were dark warriors, to counterattack. The probability of him winning this war was still extremely high.

Merely, the plan could never overcome the changes. When Long Zhan was planning at this side, Long Yi nevertheless revealed a sinister smile. Who said that he wanted to lose soldiers when sieging the palace?

“Elder Pierre, Leguxiya, come on out.” Long Yi suddenly shouted. Along with loud and clear dragon roars which came from the depths of the cloud layers in the sky, two dragons flew out. One black and one golden dragon which were both more than 100 meters long hovered around Long Yi. Seeing this, the defending soldiers were so scared that they became deathly pale and their legs trembled.

“Heavens, could it be that the Ximen Clan raises dragons? According to legends, dragons have the power to destroy the heaven and exterminate the earth.” A soldier standing on the wall said while trembling. Just sensing the dragon might coming from those two dragons scared him witless. Sweat poured down from his forehead.

“It seems like we are going to lose this battle for sure.” A soldier thought. However, he only dared to think about it in his head. He didn’t dare to speak out his thoughts at all. If his senior officer heard that, then blaming him for undermining the morale of the army, he might be hacked into pieces. As a matter of a fact, he was not the only person who was having such thoughts. Such thoughts involuntarily appeared in the hearts of many people and the morale of the entire army dropped sharply.

Long Zhan saw that the situation was anything but reassuring and he loudly shouted to Long Ying, “Crown Prince, what are you waiting for? It is the time to use that curse.”

Long Ying came back to his senses as if awakening from a dream. Several dark magicians behind him took out a bottle which contained black mist in it and they started to chant an obscure incantation.

As for Long Yi, he simply observed everything and smirked. That Puppet Curse Magic was already gotten rid of by the Dark God.

Along with the incantation, the black mist within the bottle began to seethe violently. Long Yi stood calmly in the air as he looked at Long Ying with a sneer on his face.

“How can this be? Why isn’t it working?” The complexion of Long Ying became pale as he retreated. He couldn’t believe that this Puppet Curse Magic he had always been relying on was ineffective. He had been eagerly waiting for this moment for a few years. He eagerly wished to see the suffering and madness of Long Yi. He also wanted to see Long Yi killing people on his own side before he died in a huge explosion. However realized that everything was nothing more than a pipe dream now.

Although Long Zhan was somewhat shocked, after the failure of the blood spirits implanted within the bodies of Qing Wu and Piao Xue, he was somewhat prepared for this result. As a result, he wasn’t too shocked.

“Elder Pierre, come on.” Long Yi looked at the helpless Elder Pierre and said with a smile.

“Boy, our Dragon Race has an agreement that we cannot interfere with the matters of the Blue Waves Continent. Are you trying to make things difficult for me?” Pierre bitterly said. The sight of a dragon talking in a human language was a bit strange.

“Did I ask you to interfere? This Young Master only wants to borrow your body, nothing else. You just accept it passively… This doesn’t violate your agreement.” Long Yi rubbed the beard stubbles on his chin as he said with a bad smile. With a wave of his hand, 10,000 private soldiers separated from the main army as they pushed a war chariot where a crossbow was mounted. The crossbow was more than ten meters long.

“You…… what do you want to do?” Pierre exclaimed.

“You will know soon. Right now, can you shrink your body a little?” Long Yi smiled and grabbed the dragon tail of Elder Pierre. After Elder Pierre shrunk to a size of around 20 meters, Long Yi placed him into the launching groove of the crossbow. Aiming at the entrance, Long Yi activated the mechanism to release the crossbow and Elder Pierre changed into a streak of black light as he shot towards the wall.

Along with the sound of an explosion, a dust and sand cloud rose as the fragments of entrance gate flew all around. No one had imagined that just the collision of Elder Pierre would be this powerful. The army on the side of the Ximen Clan was elated. As for the army on Long Zhan’s side, they were frightened.

“I didn’t expect for a dragon to be such a good arrow. Unfortunately, that gap is still a bit small.” Long Yi thought aloud as he looked at the quietly retreating Lugexiya.

“Don’t! Unlike that old man, my skin is not that thick and my muscles are not that rough. You should look for other dragons.” Looking at Elder Pierre swaying as if he was drunk, Lugexiya fearfully shook his head.

“Then, you mean to say that I should go and look for your big sister Midi’er?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows as he questioned. He looked at Lugexiya as if he was looking at useless trash and he said, “Your big sister had risked her life to protect you. I never expected that you would be such a heartless and ungrateful fellow. You instantly sold your big sister… Where did your conscience go?”

Lugexiya hastily shook his head. Although Midi’er often bullied him and trashed him, she would always step forward and protect him at the critical moment. In all honestly, Leguxiya was absolutely not that kind of dragon.

Without Leguxiya knowing, Long Yi had already limited his choice between him and Midi’er. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and to shrink down his body. He became Long Yi’s second dragon arrow.

“So obedient.” Long Yi smirked before placing Lugexiya into the launching groove. With a wave of his hand, Lugexiya shot towards the wall.

This time, Long Zhan was prepared. They used magic spells to attack Lugexiya who had changed into golden light.

Along with another loud explosion sound, a large piece of the wall collapsed. The collision of Lugexiya unexpectedly created a ten-meter wide gap and many soldiers standing on the wall were also buried. As for Long Yi, he admired the toughness of the dragon body.

“Who did I provoke to fall into this situation?” Leguxiya transformed into his human form and stood up as his body swayed about. Now, some places of his golden scale armor were frozen and some places had burnt marks. Although he had only suffered some superficial damage, it was quite painful for him.

Lugexiya complained and he suddenly sensed a violent fluctuation of magic elements behind him. Turning around, he looked and saw that the sky was covered with magic arrows which were made from different elements raining towards him.

***, Leguxiya swore in dragon language before running away. He was very intelligent. When he collided against the wall, he didn’t actively do anything. If he attacked right now, he would be doomed as he would break the agreement of the Dragon Clan. If his father emperor found out about his actions, his old man would definitely not let him off lightly.

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The effect Long Yi wanted had already been achieved. Just the appearance of Pierre and Leguxiya had already suppressed the morale of Long Zhan’s side to a very low point. In addition, he was successfully able to breach open a ten meters wide gap on the wall. This was better than him sieging the imperial palace with his troops.

Long Yi watched the soldiers of the opposite side trying to block the breach in panic and smiled. He then waved his hands and the Shadow Cavalry Regiment quickly stood in the front, ready to attack. The priests of magician corps began to use blessing magic to buff them. As for Long Yi, his hand flashed with a cyan light and the light surrounded the dozen or so cavalrymen who were ready to charge.

“Charge!” Long Yi shouted loudly and pointed a huge sword in his hand forward. Then, this Shadow Cavalry Regiment rapidly marched forward.

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