Chapter 549: Things come to their proper settlement

When the Shadow Cavalry Regiment began to charge, the archers of the private army began to shoot arrows to suppress the soldiers on the walls of the imperial palace. The magicians also began to display their might.

Very quickly, the Shadow Cavalry Regiment tore through the infantry defense lineup of the enemy. Their dazzling spear harvested the lives of many imperial guards.

“Archers and magicians, continue to suppress the enemy. As for everyone else, push forward and cut off the head of Long Zhan!” Seeing as the cavalry regiment was successful, Long Yi smiled and ordered all soldiers to rush into the palace.

Long Yi looked all around and saw the fake Long Zhan and crown prince Long Ying retreating in a hurry. How was it possible for Long Yi to allow them to escape? As the saying goes, to catch brigands, first catch their king. As long as their head fell, Long Yi didn’t believe that the fighting will of the rest of the soldiers wouldn’t collapse.

Long Yi rushed towards those two people and he suddenly used his seven colored magic douqi to attack which looked just like a beautiful rainbow streaking across the sky.

The imperial guards surrounding those two got together to form a human barricade when they saw Long Yi’s attack. However, it seemed as though they were unable to do anything about it. About a dozen heads flew in the sky and blood sprayed all over the ground of the imperial palace.

They were only able to delay Long Yi for a moment. However, a moment was all Long Zhan required. In an instant, Long Yi was surrounded by dark warriors who came out from nowhere. Long Zhan and Long Ying took advantage of this time in order to escape far away from Long Yi.

The sudden appearance of 20,000 dark warriors made Long Yi lose his perfect opportunity to kill off both Long Zhan and Long Ying at the same time. These emotionless killing weapons without any feeling of pain and whose strength was comparable to Swords Masters were too doughty. With their appearance, miserable screams resounded all around as the private army instantly suffered heavy damage.

The heart of Long Yi tightened, Mu Hanyan, where did that woman die off to? Didn’t she say that she had a way to deal with these dark warriors? She wouldn’t betray Long Yi at the critical juncture, would she? With more than 20,000 dark warriors along with more than 100,000 soldiers on the side of Long Zhan, the side of Long Yi was already in a position of absolute disadvantage.

Long Zhan and Long Ying escaped outside the area affected by the battle and looked at the battle between both sides from far away.

“Father emperor, fortunately, we have the dark warriors. Now, the Ximen Clan is done for!” Long Ying wiped the cold sweat from his forehead as he rejoiced in his heart. That attack of Long Yi had badly scared him.

“Yes, the Ximen Clan will be done for. However, the imperial Long Clan will be erased from this world earlier than the Ximen Clan.” The eyes of Long Zhan shone with a strange light as he stared at Long Ying and said.

“Father…… father emperor, you……” Crown Prince Long Ying was frightened in his heart and he involuntarily retreated two steps. He suddenly felt that his father emperor has changed into another person.

“Weren’t you very interested in curse magic? Now you can make a guess. What kind of curse magic did I place on your body?” The smile of Long Zhan became sinister and a hint of indescribable fanaticism appeared along with his smile. Finally, the Fierce Tiger Dynasty which was destroyed by Heavenly Emperor Tianlong more than five hundred years ago would appear once again in front of the world.

“You are not my father emperor, who are you?” Long Ying calmed down and asked in a stern voice.

“You cannot even make this simple deduction. You are truly stupid beyond redemption… It won’t be a surprise if the Violent Dragon Empire gets destroyed in your hands.” Long Zhan roared with laughter.

The complexion of Long Ying changed abruptly and his entire body suddenly trembling as he pointed at Long Zhan and said in a shaky voice, “It’s you! You are that missing Military Advisor. What did you do to my father emperor?”

Long Zhan… No. He should be called the Military Advisor now. He opened his mouth to reveal a sinister smile as he said, “Do you still need to ask this question? Since you already know about my identity, you can rest easy and go to accompany your father emperor!”

“Guards, guards! All of you heard him! Why are you still not arresting this rebel for me?” Long Ying shouted to the nearby guards with a pale face. Unfortunately, these guards stood still as if they heard nothing. Clearly, they were no longer loyal to the Violent Dragon Empire.

Military Advisor smirked and began to mutter an incantation. Along with that chanting sound, Long Ying suddenly began to feel pain in his mind. He felt as if millions of worms were crawling towards every part of his body from his brain. At this time, his consciousness was still extremely clear. As a result, the kind of spiritual and ** torture was unbearable.

“I will kill you!” Long Ying roared madly and rushed towards the Military Advisor. One step, two steps… All of a sudden, the skin and flesh on Long Ying’s body started to fall to the ground and it appeared rotten. It was very terrifying.

When Long Ying was in front of the Military Advisor, all the skin and flesh on his body had already fallen to the ground. The only part of the Crown Prince’s body left was his bloody skeleton. Finally, it fell backward and crashed into the ground.

By the time Long Ying died, Long Yi had already summoned Long Two, Little Three, the Fire Qilin, and the Violent Lightning Beast. There were also several hundred bloodthirsty blood-red spirits.

Long Two’s blood scythe danced all around as it harvested the lives of everyone around him. In addition, he rushed into the midst of the dark warriors as he chopped off the heads of more than a hundred dark warriors.

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Meanwhile, the holy fire of the Fire Qilin, the holy light impact of Little Three and continuous lightning strikes from the Violent Lightning Beast along with a dense bloody baleful mist coming from those blood-red spirits also caused great damage. The situation on the battlefield changed once again.

Military Advisor watched everything in a trance as if he had fallen down to the bottom of a valley from a place high in the clouds. The sudden change from great happiness to great sorrow was unbearable.

“Military Advisor, surrender.” Long Yi who had already flown over to the front of Military Advisor said.

“Surrender? Hehe, from the moment I began to plan this, I already planned for failure. Even if I lose, I will not let your Ximen Clan off easily.” The expression of the Military Advisor became indifferent. It seemed as though he didn’t care about his life or death anymore.

At that moment, the entire Soaring Dragon City suddenly shook as if an earthquake had occurred. Sad and shrill screams resounded throughout the city. Long Yi was startled and he flew up to look. However, the moment he saw what was happening in the city, Long Yi became so angry that his eyes turned red. In Soaring Dragon City, at an unknown time, a strange army of more than 100,000 soldiers had appeared. They scattered all around the city, wantonly massacring ordinary residents of Soaring Dragon City. No matter old, weak, or young, the soldiers killed everyone. Basically, these 100,000 soldiers were not soldiers. They were even worse than a group of ferocious bandits.

“You didn’t guess wrong. These people are not soldiers. They are a group of bandits raised by me. After taking my heart-shattering pills, they turned insane. Although their fighting power isn’t high, they can easily kill normal people. Hahaha, today, I will use blood to dye this entire Soaring Dragon City red! I’ll make Soaring Dragon River change into a bloody river.” Military Advisor laughed wildly like a mad dog.

The corners of Long Yi’s mouth twitched. Although the appearance of the god beasts had changed the tide of the battle, this fight wouldn’t be over in a short amount of time. Long Yi basically didn’t have the ability to stop the bandits from killing the people in the city. This Military Advisor was truly ruthless enough.

Long Yi narrowed his eyes, emitting ice-cold killing intent. The ruthless massacre of common people… Long Yi couldn’t accept this.

“You should die.” Long Yi spat out these three words and attacked the heart of this Military Advisor using his seven colored magic douqi.

Military Advisor lowered his head and he looked at the bloody hole in his chest. He had a strange smile on his face as he fell backward.

“Father emperor, don’t……” At that time, a sad scream came from the sky and a fiery red figure suddenly flew over. She supported the body of the Military Advisor.

“Ling’er.” Long Yi was startled in his heart as he looked at the heartbroken Long Ling’er.

“Second brother.” A soft call caused Long Yi to turn around and he looked at Ximen Wuhen who was wearing a snow-white priest robe behind him. At this moment, her long hair was fluttering in the air which made her look even more unearthly. Beside her, Lin Na whom he had not seen for a long time, stood beside Ximen Wuhen.

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The two women looked at Long Yi before shifting their gaze to the crying Long Ling’er. They had never thought that they would reunite under this kind of situation. Soaring Dragon City was no longer bustling like before. It had changed from heaven to hell. Especially for the poor Long Ling’er. She looked at her father emperor die in front of her eyes and he was even killed by her beloved.

“Why did this happen? Why did this happen?” Long Ling’er covered the bleeding chest of the Military Advisor and she muttered in a daze.

“Ling’er, listen to me.” Long Yi walked over to the front of Long Ling’er, but Long Ling’er looked at him with a confused expression on her face. She looked at Long Yi as though he was a stranger.

“He……” Long Yi had just opened his mouth but black clouds suddenly flew over from the west. Looking carefully, it was a group of wind condors.

Green arrows rained down from the sky, shrouding the entire Soaring Dragon City. The ferocious bandits who were randomly killing the common people were pinned to the ground by those arrows. At that moment, Long Yi discovered that there were people were sitting above that crowd of wind condors. They were elves who were holding elven bows.

Just after the elves had shot two rounds of arrows, a crowd of humanoid birds came from the south. They were people from the Winged Clan. They used their wind blade magic and instantly wiped out more than half of those bandits.

“Boss, Old Bull is here!” A heaven shaking roar resounded as Barbarian Bull led the warriors of the Barbarian Bull Clan into Soaring Dragon City. At the same time, the warriors of the Lion Clan also arrived.

Barbarian Bull rushed to the palace as he held Greenstone Rule in his hand. As he made his way to the imperial palace, he waved his Greenstone Rule which was surrounded with a pale green and golden light. Anyone who was touched by the light had their bodies crushed. No one was able to withstand Barbarian Bull’s might.

Long Yi smiled as he sighed in relief. Fortunately, they arrived in the nick of time. Otherwise, all the common people in Soaring Dragon City would have truly been killed.

With the help of a few races, the situation quickly stabilized. Almost all the mad bandits in Soaring Dragon City were killed after a few rounds of attacks. When the guards in the imperial palace saw that the Military Advisor had died, they lost their fighting will. The overwhelming majority laid down their arms and surrendered. The remaining dark warriors were also destroyed very quickly. Now, there was only a thick layer of corpses on the ground.

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