Chapter 550: The arrival of the Elf Queen

After snowing for several days, on the day when the internal fight in Soaring Dragon City ended, the layers of clouds in the sky began to disperse. Even the sun which had been hidden for several days joined in on the fun. Merely, under the sunlight, Soaring Dragon City looked bloody and desolate.

There were corpses everywhere on the thick layer of snow as blood dyed the land red. The entire world which used to be white and pure was changed into a gloomy dark red. Many common people who lost their family members were crying their hearts out and there were even more people who had a lifeless look on their face after experiencing the wanton massacre. They knew that the heaven above had already changed, however, none of them knew their fate.

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The war which had been brewing for a long time had finally erupted. Counting the total number of casualties from the soldiers to the common people, there were at the very least 500,000 people who died. This was simply a shocking figure.

Right now, the most bustling place in the whole of Soaring Dragon City would be the Ximen Residence. Long Yi was staying in his own courtyard as he looked at the melting snow under the sunlight. He had a dazed expression on his face. After the death of the Military Advisor, he didn’t bother about anything else. Such a tragic and brutal war… Even though his deposition was tough and tensile, it was impossible to say that he was not affected by it.

“Mu Hanyan……” The black pupils of Long Yi shrunk as a painful expression appeared on his face. When he thought about her, a feeling of betrayal welled up in his heart. Although this betrayal was already within his expectation, when it happened for real, he became so angry that he almost lost control of himself.

Did he trust in Mu Hanyan too much? He knew perfectly that her objective was not simple. However, he still decided to believe in her. Or so to say, he subconsciously didn’t want to think that she would harm him.

In the center of this courtyard, Long Yi was standing alone. Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were a bit further away chatting idly. In front a window of a winged room, there were several beautiful women. Intentionally or unintentionally, they were watching Long Yi.

“This is really infuriating… Why is that hateful fellow pretending to think about something deep?” A beautiful elf in an elven dress carried an elven bow on her back as she muttered in dissatisfaction. She glared at Long Yi who was standing in the middle of the courtyard in a trance. She was Nika and she was the one who led the elven guards to help the Ximen Clan.

“He is not pretending. I can feel that his heart is at unrest.” Murong Shuyu refuted. Looking at the current appearance of Long Yi, she felt anguished in her heart. Even she couldn’t understand Mu Hanyan’s sudden disappearance. She didn’t give them a single reason before she disappeared. Murong Shuyu could clearly feel Long Yi’s deep affection for that woman.

Ximen Wuhen shook her head and sighed inwardly. Why did they have to fight wars? Was power truly so tempting? Throughout the ages, how many people went crazy after obsessing over power? How many of them lost their life? As a matter of a fact, she understood this second brother of hers. He just yearned for an unrestrained freedom. However, it was difficult for him to separate himself from the conflicts happening in the Blue Waves Continent and he happened to be the leading force of the conflict.

Watching Long Yi, a hint of confusion flashed through Ximen Wuhen’s clear eyes. However, the confusion disappeared in a moment and her holy and pure became all the more intense. She appeared just like a fairy who was freed from the worldly affairs. All of the other women couldn’t help but cast a sidelong glance at her. The only thing they didn’t know was that the more intense the holy and pure aura around Ximen Wuhen, the stronger the suppression of her true feelings. It was somewhat unimaginable. How can the suppression of worldly desires and feelings cause one’s temperament to become more refined? Perhaps, this was a special case which happened when something turned into its complete opposite after reaching the extreme opposite. In any case, this was happening to Ximen Wuhen. Merely, she was the only one who knew how deep her feelings were for Long Yi.

All of a sudden, two red shadows landed in front of Long Yi.

“Yu, tell me, that person, was he truly not my father emperor?” The eyes of Long Ling’er were red and swollen and she stared at Long Yi with expectation in her gaze.

Long Yi quickly straightened his thoughts and he forcibly suppressed the rage and frustration in his heart. Nodding his head, he said, “Of course, he is not. Didn’t you hear that in person?”

At that time, after Long Yi had used his seven colored magic douqi to pierce through the heart of the Military Advisor, Long Ling’er had blankly held the corpse of the Military Advisor for a long time. However, Long Yi managed to sense a hint of fluctuation coming from the body and he immediately felt that something was wrong. He quickly re-examined the Military Advisor’s body but to his surprise, the shadow of his body came back to life. It strangled Long Ling’er’s neck and the shadow said, “Today, everyone who has the surname ‘Long’ shall be erased from this world.” Long Yi immediately used his spirit power to deal with this shadow before feeding it to the blood-colored spirits.

“Where is my father emperor? Is he imprisoned by this Military Advisor? However, where could he be? I looked everywhere in the imperial palace but I found nothing…” Long Ling’er said.

“He might have run away. He might have left for a place where no one knew him and he hid his identity.” Long Yi smiled with great difficulty. He knew that Long Ling’er was deceiving herself. She was obviously capable enough to guess Long Zhan’s fate the moment she saw the Military Advisor. She was simply unwilling to believe in the truth. It was just like the situation with Long Yi, where he didn’t want to believe that Mu Hanyan would betray him at the critical moment.

“I also think so……” Long Ling’er muttered and she looked at Long Yi. Her eyes were suddenly filled with tears as she rushed into Long Yi’s embrace. As she choked with sobs, she said, “I’m sorry.”

Long Yi hugged Long Ling’er and soothingly patted her back. Just like how she was drawing warmth from his body… Couldn’t he also draw warmth from her? The matters of Mu Hanyan could go to hell.

At one side, Lin Na smiled as she looked at the two people who were hugging each other. She was happy for her close sister and also was somewhat disappointed in her heart after recalling about the matter which happened in Mea Principality with Long Yi.

Later, after she joined the allied forces along with Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen, her view on the world changed. She didn’t want to deceive herself by saying she had no feelings for Long Yi. She also knew that many women had some feeling for Long Yi, so perhaps, she didn’t have a place in Long Yi’s heart.

Perhaps, Lin Na’s complicated feelings were detected by Long Yi and he looked at her with a smile on his face. In response, Lin Na swung her little fists at him as though she was prepared to fight against him. She turned and walked away from Long Yi with swollen arrogance.

In the third month of the 8790 year of the Blue Waves Calendar, the 300,000 soldiers from the beastmen clan were deterred by Sharman and Crystal. They used their identity of people from the Dragon Race to stop the 300,000 soldiers. They were actually afraid to cross the border frontier as the beastmen clan were innately afraid of people from the Dragon Clan. A week later, the Bimeng Clan gritted their teeth and were prepared to forge ahead despite the two dragons in their way. However, they received the news of Long Zhan’s defeat all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Ximen Nu had rushed over to the western border to aid the local troops. The moment they got the news, the Bimeng Clan started to retreat hastily. However, the soldiers from the Violent Dragon Legion pursued them all the way. In an extremely short period of one month, both the Sand Wave Kingdom and the Enlightened Hero Principality which had openly aided the beastmen clans were completely exterminated.

On the fourth month of the same year, the troops of the beastmen clan that wanted to cross the Blue Waves River and retreat to their supreme headquarter encountered the attack of the allied army led by Beitang Yu. Turning back, they realized that the army of the Violent Dragon Empire was waiting for them.

Under the attack from both sides, the beastmen army lost one-third of their soldiers in the Blue Waves River. The Patriarch of the Bimeng Clan was slaughtered by Tyrant Bear in this battle. After the battle, the Fox Clan, under the leadership of Bertha, began to take over the authority of the beastmen clan.

On the fifteenth day of the fifth month of the 8790 year of the Blue Waves Calendar. That was the day when Ximen Nu would ascend to the throne. He would be coroneted on this day and inherit the throne of the Violent Dragon Empire. He would also take over the territory of the former Proud Moon Empire, becoming the Blue Waves Emperor. As for the name of the empire, it would still be called Violent Dragon. At that time, all the races of the Blue Waves Continent were invited to attend the ceremony. In addition, new laws and decrees would be issued.

At this moment, there were still five days before Ximen Nu would be coronated. Long Yi was playing with Little Shuxian and Niur in the Ximen Residence. Every time he saw this small niece running all over the place without any worries, he would think about the future. When she became a little older and learned that her father and mother had both died, would she still be able to smile so happily? When Long Ying had activated the Puppet Curse Magic, although he was completely fine, his big brother Ximen Tian died after killing his wife. At that night, Long Yi saw that his father stayed in his big brother’s room the entire night.

“My husband, save me……” At that time, Feng Ling ran out of the house with a loud shout. Behind, a group of laughing women was pursuing her. Each and every one of them was a matchless beauty, enrapturing Long Yi.

Long Yi looked at these women and sighed in his heart. Taking a look, he saw the sisters, Feng Ling and Shui Ruoyan, Si Bi, Liuli, Liuxu, Qing Wu, Piao Xue, Yu Feng, Nangong Xiangyun, Long Ling’er, Ximen Wuhen, Nika, Murong Shuyu, Ou Yala, Sharman and Crystal. Although not all of them were his women, when so many beauties gathered together, any man would be able to die happy. Listening to their sweet voice was a kind of great enjoyment.

Feng Ling hid behind Long Yi, but the others rushed over as well. Long Yi was dazzled but he was unable to differentiate who was who. Since he was a brave man who took advantage of ladies whenever he could, he used both of his hands to climb over peaks and jump over gorges. He made all of the women to scream out repeatedly. As fists rained down on him, he had no choice but to cover his head and sneak away like a rat. One should know that there were four she-T.Rex in the crowd. It wasn’t a joke when they wanted to beat him up.

When Long Yi walked out of the Ximen Residence, he saw that Soaring Dragon City was bustling with people everywhere. It seemed that this city was even more bustling than before, which made him sigh with emotion. One might well say that the current Ximen Clan had truly reached the apex of power. Even though the Nalan Empire didn’t fall under the territory of the Violent Dragon Empire, it was after considering the thoughts of the people from the Nalan Empire. It was impossible for them to accept that their nation changed into a part of another country in a day. They needed a period of time to get used to it. However, the power of the Ximen Clan had already extended to every single corner of the Blue Waves Continent. If could be said that the current Ximen Clan was considered the heavens above the Blue Waves Continent. A sneeze from the Ximen Clan would be akin to a flood.

Outside the city gate, guards were running between the imperial palace and posthouse as they continuously delivered letters of the arrival of different people. Many common people were shocked to learn about the identities of the guests. There were remarks everywhere about the illustrious identity of these guests who were here to congratulate the Ximen Clan.

“The Elf Queen and Elf Princess have arrived.” A messenger soldier agitatedly shouted while dashing on horseback.

When the arrival of the Elf Queen and the Elf Princess was announced, the entire Soaring Dragon City went into an uproar. They had long head about the beauty of the elves and all of the citizens became restless. Countless people swarmed at the city gate and main streets, wanting to get even a glimpse of the Elf Queen and Elf Princess. One should know that Elf Clan usually remained hidden in the Elven Forest in Hengduan Mountains. Other than the rare case where a few elves would leave the Elven Forest in order to temper themselves, they would rarely appear in the Blue Waves Continent. This time, the Elf Clan broke their rule. Not only did they dispatch elven guards to help the Ximen Clan, even the Elf Queen and the Elf Princess appeared to participate in the coronation ceremony for Ximen Nu. Many people started to speculate about the relationship between the Elf Clan and the Ximen Clan.

The heart of Long Yi shook. He was in the midst of the crowd as he raised his head to look at the entrance of the city. Before long, a group of Soaring Dragon City’s guards cleared the path from the city gates. The guards a;; wore brightly colored armor and it was impossible not to notice them. In the middle of them, there was a team of several dozen elves. They were wearing exquisite and beautiful elven armor. The male elves were handsome and the female elves were extremely beautiful. Of course, there were exceptions. The seven great elders of the elf clan were pretending to be dignified even though they face was filled with wrinkles.

From far away, Long Yi could see the Elf Queen and Lu Xiya. They were surrounded by a group of elves. Even a retard would be able to guess their identities by looking at their temperament and appearance. It didn’t matter if one was a man, woman, old, or young. As long as they laid eyes on the Elf Queen and Lu Xiya, they would be mesmerized from the bottom of their heart.

Elves innately had a natural air around them and their temperament was also tranquil and comfortable, just like a spring breeze. Many people would not forget their appearance throughout their lives.

“Silly girl, what are you looking at?” Seeing as Lu Xiya was looking everywhere, the Elf Queen smiled and asked.

“I…… Nothing, Soaring Dragon City is so flourishing!” Lu Xiya said in a daze.

“No need to look. He won’t be here. Now, the news of our arrival might have just been reported. He will definitely appear after we reach the posthouse.” The Elf Queen smiled. How could she not know the thoughts of her daughter? Even though they had been separated for a few years, this girl was still pining for that cheeky fellow.

“Oh…… But, I can feel that he is nearby.” Lu Xiya replied.

“Well, don’t think so much, you have already waited for so long, can’t you wait for a bit more? He…… Eh……” Elf Queen consoled with a smile. However, before she was able to finish her sentence, she caught sight of a familiar figure from the corner of her eye. Turning her head, she looked at that figure carefully. In the crowd, there was someone looking at the both of them with a smile on his face. Who else could he be other than that bad boy Long Yi?

Lu Xiya followed the gaze of her mother, the Elf Queen, and she saw Long Yi. The moment she laid eyes on him, a light flashed in her eyes and her beautiful face flushed red in excitement. At this moment, she was so excited that her mind was in chaos.

“Long Yi!” After a few seconds, Lu Xiya screamed excitedly as she rushed towards Long Yi.

When the crowd saw that Lu Xiya was running towards them, they made a path for her without hesitation. Only Long Yi remained in his place as he spread open his arms. He had a warm smile on his face as he looked at Lu Xiya who was rushing towards him.

In front of so many people. Lu Xiya rushed into Long Yi’s embrace. They hugged each other tightly as though there were no other people around them.

A faint fragrance of nature entered the nose of Long Yi. This was the aura he had not felt for a long time. With Lu Xiya in his bosom, Long Yi felt as though he was dreaming. After all, it had already been a very long time since they had seen each other.

The reaction of Lu Xiya was even more intense. She tightly hugged Long Yi’s waist and it seemed as though she wanted to be stuck to him for the rest of her life. That yearning for him was a kind of sweet torment. Now, it was an essential part of her memories. After recalling that yearning she had for him, she felt pain as if her heart was torn apart. Often, she would wake up in the middle of the night in the past and discover that there were tears all over her face.

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Now, she could finally hug him once again. He was no longer an illusion of her memories but he was actually standing in front of her. After feeling his existence and smelling the familiar scent coming from his body, Lu Xiya was so happy that she nearly passed out.

“My little elf, I really missed you.” Long Yi whispered into Lu Xiya’s pointy ear.

“Me too.” The entire body of Lu Xiya suddenly softened when the warm breath of Long Yi blew into her ear. Her mind became hazy soon. Perhaps, after seeing Long Yi again after such a long period of time, she was unable to remain clear-headed.

The on-looking crowds silently looked at these two people. Only after a long time, someone applauded and started to cheer as though they had been awakened from a dream. The scene of these two people hugging together was too glorious, it looked everlasting and unchanging even if the seas were to run dry and rocks were to crumble. People were involuntarily immersed in it and even their emotions seemed to overflow.

“That man is truly fortunate, he actually got the favor of the Elf Princess! Who exactly is he?” A man at one side of the street asked his companion.

“Do you live under a rock? You don’t even recognize the second young master of the Ximen Clan! Now, he is the only son of the Ximen Patriarch.” His companion said with disdain.

“Then, wouldn’t that make him the crown prince? No wonder, no wonder.” The man was shocked but calmed down immediately afterward. If someone like this didn’t deserve this devastatingly beautiful Elf Princess, who else would be worthy of her?

“Right, no wonder! No wonder the Elf Clan helped the Ximen Clan. They are actually related by marriage. Second Young Master Ximen is even able to obtain such a hard to come by girl… He is truly amazing. I made up my mind, from this day onwards, Second Young Master Ximen will be my idol.” Another boorish man made a big fuss.

“Second Young Master Ximen, kiss her!” Suddenly, someone among the crowd began to cheer.

“Kiss her, kiss her……” These words instantly ignited the enthusiasm of everyone and they started to chant loudly.

Long Yi and Lu Xiya who were deeply immersed in their own world woke up with a start when they heard the ruckus around them. Looking around, Long Yi recalled the time when he had proposed to Long Ling’er in the Mea Holy Magic Academy. Now, they were regarded as the legend of love in the academy. All of the junior and senior schoolmates, including teachers, talked about Long Yi’s story with delight.

“Don’t…… No…… Wu……” Seeing the cheeky smile on Long Yi’s face, how could Lu Xiya not know what he was thinking? However, just as she opened her mouth in order to protest, Long Yi sealed her mouth with his.

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