Chapter 33: Taunting

No one knew what Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. was going to do, even Guan Yu had temporary forgotten about the chaos outside.

He was curious as he knew that Su Qiubai had an odd set of skills.

Everyone followed Su Qiubai out of the tent. It was already dark but the military camp was brightly litted; squabbling could be heard from the west.

Guan Yu had ordered some of his men to guard Su Qiubai’s car which had been parked out in the open during the day.

So with the car key in his hand, Su Qiubai stomped towards his car, opened the door and began to test the horn. He then smiled and started up the car to the confusion of Guan Yu and the others.

“They’re at the west, right?” Sitting in his car, Su Qiubai popped out his head and asked.

“Little brother, what are you…” Taking two steps forward, Guan Yu looked bewildered.

“General Guan, you just stand aside and leave the rest to me!” Having that said, Su Qiubai drove his car.

At that moment, at the west end of the military camp, the Shu army had peace sign boards hanging around the area, but the Cao army still refused to leave.

[TLN: Peace sign boards are used to indicate that the particular army had requested to stop the war.]

“Fellow Guan Yu, do you dare to come out and fight?”

[TLN: Fellow is just a way to mock someone being an ordinary person.]

“What kind of hero are you, hiding in the camp? Come out if you dare!”

“The Shu army are as timid as rats. Why don’t you guys just leave right now, I’ll even spare your lives…”

Approaching the west, Su Qiubai could hear the barrage of mockery. The Cao army burst out laughing, feeling exhilarated.

Su Qiubai twitched his lips, and stopped the car a few meters away from the camp gate. Standing at the side, Guan Yu and Hua Tuo25Hua TuoAlso known as Hua Yuanhua or Yuan Hua. An ancient Chinese godly doctor/acupuncturist became worried when they saw the taxi stop in front of them. They wondered what he was going to do next.

Meanwhile, the Cao army quieten down when they noticed a moving metal box approaching them.

Su Qiubai chuckled before turning on the car lights and switching it to high beam. The neigh of horses instantly rang out from the opposite side, and almost everyone in front of him struggled to keep their eyes open.

“Guan Yu you rascal, what is this!”

“Retreat… Everyone retreat…”


Without bothering about the Cao army’s fuss, Su Qiubai picked up a loudspeaker.

“Hey…hey…hey, can you hear me?”

The frightened Cao army’s general became even more uneasy when he suddenly heard such a loud voice. He quickly calmed everyone down even though they still couldn’t open their eyes.

“Fellow Guan Yu, come out and fight if you dare…”

“You’re the fellow! All your family members are coarse fellows! Quickly clean the mud out  of your mouth, your mother’s calling you home for dinner… you stinky idiot…”

The soldiers from both of the sides had never thought that the Cao army would be interrupted by such a loud voice. Then, the voice spoke once more among everyone’s stupefied gaze. This time it started scolding them uncontrollably.

“You only know how to taunt others, do you have any respect? You seem like a gentleman but you can’t even speak politely? For a person like you to be a general, it seems that you’ve tossed some money to the leaders, right? Do you really think that you can always work your way up like that…”


No one knew what was going on. The soldiers from both sides were taken aback! All three generals of the Cao army were shocked. The series of scolding had completely scared them. It really was tragic…

Many years later, one of the generals still trembled with fear as he retold the story. His words went like this: “The creature on the opposite side spoke like a long cannon, his voice was louder than all of us combined. And he yelled really weird sentences, one after another, for nearly half an hour. We simply couldn’t understand his words, but we knew that he was swearing at us…”

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Su Qiubai didn’t know what the Cao army thought. He only put his loudspeaker down when Guan Yu came over to tell him that the Cao army had retreated.

His throat felt sore. He got off his car and drank a few bowls of water before finally feeling comfortable. Looking up, he noticed everyone staring at him as if he was a monster. Only then did he realize that his action might have frightened them.

Apologetically, Su Qiubai quickly explained that he was actually a polite person while scratching his head in embarrassment, but… no one believed him.

After Guan Yu’s problem had been resolved, Hua Tuo claimed that he didn’t intend to return to Jiang Dong for the time being as he was meeting an old friend, so Su Qiubai planned his departure.

He hesitated for some time before leaving. In the end, he told Hua Tuo not to treat Cao Cao no matter what. Seeing how determined Su Qiubai was, Hua Tuo oddly nodded.

[TLN: According to the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao assumed that Hua Tuo was planning to avenge Guan Yu (instead of treating his illness) so he killed Hua Tuo.]

Su Qiubai even told Guan Yu to return to Jing Zhou as soon as possible, as Sun Quan wanted to kill him!

[TLN: In the novel, Sun Quan was angry that Guan Yu looked down on him.]

Guan Yu trusted Su Qiubai so he agreed, only then was the old driver able to leave in peace.

Leaving the space-time channel, Su Qiubai directly parked his car in the car park below his apartment. It was definitely a busy night. His throat had swollen up so he downed two tablets of painkiller after entering his house.

He slept so soundly that when he opened his eyes the next day, it was already afternoon. He thought, I hadn’t slept so much in a long time. It seems that ever since I received this powerful navigation system, I’ve been getting more and more tired every day.

He simply freshened himself after getting up from bed. Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City had told him to drop by at the Xia Group the day before to sign some contracts. He just felt fortunate that he didn’t forget; he left after feeding the dogs. He went downstairs and got into his car before driving directly to the Xia Group.

At Qingjiang City, everyone knew where the Xia Group was located, after all, in many people’s mind, the building was quickly becoming a symbol of Qingjiang City. So, one could imagine how influential the group actually was.

Arriving at the building, Su Qiubai had just parked his car and was about to get off, when he happened to spot a man and a woman exiting a Land Rover.


Today must be a good day for Liu Mo. She had struggled to please Shang Wenhu for months now, just so she could rely on his relationship and contacts to get a luck in acting.

[TLN: Liu Mo was Su Qiubai’s ex-girlfriend.]

Otherwise, why else would a young and beautiful lady like her want to be Shang Wenhu, a 40-year-old man’s girlfriend?

To put it in a wretched way, she seemed to treat Shang Wenhu ten thousand times better than she did her own parents.

This morning, Shang Wenhu had finally told her that the Xia Group’s film industry, which had been close to closing down before, was suddenly able to regain its life once more. He immediately announced that he was preparing to produce five films. He just happened to know one of the supervisors in the Xia Group, so he might be able to talk the supervisor into giving her a spot in the film.

Upon hearing the news, Liu Mo was overjoyed. She took an hour just to prepare herself before leaving with Shang Wenhu.

In the car, Shang Wenhu had told her that it was a rare opportunity as many actors were eyeing those films, after all they represented the revival of the Xia Group’s film industry!

So she had to grasp the opportunity. If she missed it, it would be gone forever. Thus, other than being excited, Liu Mo also felt pretty nervous and even prepared to sacrifice herself if needed.

Arriving at the Xia Group, she linked her arms with Shang Wenhu as they got off the car, and entered the building. However, Liu Mo spotted a taxi parked not far off, more importantly the driver was… Su Qiubai!

She didn’t expect this to happen, so she was taken aback for a moment. Frankly, if she had chosen to stay with Su Qiubai before, perhaps the two of them would have been married by now. But she was unwilling as Su Qiubai was poor; he couldn’t give her what she wanted. She wanted to be a movie star, not be with a taxi driver for the rest of her life.

“What are you looking at?” Sheng Wenhu asked, noticing her distracted gaze.

“A classmate.”

Liu Mo sweetly grinned, before holding Shang Wenhu’s arm tighter, and gently rubbing her chest against him. He smiled and grabbed her breast with his hand, making her giggle.

At this moment, Su Qiubai had already locked his car and was strolling over to them. He didn’t expect to meet Liu Mo. He used to like the lady before, but he had let go of all of those feelings when she chose to leave.

So seeing the way they clung to each other, Su Qiubai only felt very calm. There wasn’t even the slightest reaction.

“Su Qiubai, who are you picking up? How’s business recently? I noticed that you’re quite popular online.”

Liu Mo caught a glimpse of Su Qiubai’s tranquil gaze as he walked towards them. She didn’t bother to hold back as she mocked him. Su Qiubai just smiled as he glanced at her and Shang Wenhu. He remained quiet and continued walking.

“Have you gone bankrupt paying the debt for the car you smashed? I’ve already told you, don’t pretend that you’re capable. Just go back to driving your taxi. You’ll only complete your ideal dream when you’re able to buy a house and bring your parents here from the countryside.”

Liu Mo’s anger rose as Su Qiubai still remained calm. She didn’t know why he was like that. So for a moment, she couldn’t resist revealing the wish that Su Qiubai had told her when they were still in university.

Sure enough, her words made Su Qiubai stop still.

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On the other hand, Shang Wenhu was still wondering who Liu Mo’s classmate was. After discovering that he was merely a taxi driver, his eyes became scornful. He was a little furious at the fact that Su Qiubai actually dared ignore him and Liu Mo.

“You’re just a taxi driver, but you act as if you’re the CEO of Xia Group…”

It was just a whisper, but it was loud enough for Su Qiubai to hear.

Slowly turning his head, Su Qiubai looked at the two of them, but then he quietly shook his head, and swept past them and directly entered the building.

“What kind of a look was that! You’re just a poor man, what are you trying to act as! Even with your entire lifetime, you wouldn’t be able to earn the money that I make in a day!”

Shang Wenhu was ignored. It wasn’t a problem if the person was richer than him. But he was merely a taxi driver! However, Su Qiubai could no longer hear his words. Instead, many people around him looked over at him.

“Brother Hu, let’s go in. No point in being angry with such person.”

Liu Mo sneakily whispered while pulling on Shang Wenhu’s arm. They both entered the building…

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