Chapter 32: Performing a Surgery

Hua Yuanhua?

Pei Qiao County?

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. still couldn’t recall anything about that name even after thinking for a long time, then… the old man continued.

“You can call me Hua Tuo25Hua TuoAlso known as Hua Yuanhua or Yuan Hua. An ancient Chinese godly doctor/acupuncturist.”

[TLN: Hua Tuo (A.D.148-208), a famous doctor from the end of Han Dynasty, so Hua Yuanhua, Yuan Hua and Hua Tuo are all other names of the old man.]

Darn it… Hua Tuo!

Taken aback by the name, Su Qiubai unconsciously slammed down on the car brakes, almost breaking his neck in the process.

You should’ve just told me that you were Hua Tuo from the beginning. Why did you speak of all those random things? Hua Yuanhua? You are testing my knowledge in history!

He was still in shock when those thoughts flashed across his mind.

No wonder he could feel such a charming personality and academic eloquence from the old man at first sight! He was the famous legendary medical physician, Hua Tuo!

The first thing that came into Su Qiubai’s mind was to take a photo with Hua Tuo and ask for his autograph. However, the car wasn’t a suitable place to do so, thus, Su Qiubai could only send the doctor to his destination first.

After he started the car and confirmed Hua Tuo’s destination, he started following the navigation system to Fan Cheng.

Before long, the system suddenly announced, “Lucky mission discovered: Assist Hua Tuo in treating the patient at Fan Cheng. You will successfully become his apprentice and obtain an apprentice care package.”

Upon hearing that, Su Qiubai almost stopped the car the second time.

Apprentice care package?

He knew that as long as it was a lucky mission, the reward would be huge! It was a good opportunity to gain more growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system for Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City.

Su Qiubai’s interest was immediately piqued, so he started chatting with Hua Tuo as he continued forward. After all, it would be best to know more about the patient’s condition before he could assist Hua Tuo in their treatment.

“I actually admire the patient. It’s the reason why I’m going there. In the Shu army quarter at Fan Cheng, there’s a general: surname Guan, name Yu, courtesy name Yunchang…”


Surname Guan, name Yu, courtesy name Yunchang!

[TLN: Basically, the general’s name is Guan Yu. He’s also known as Yunchang, and as the righteous second brother later in the chapter. He is the general serving under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China.]

These words made Su Qiubai slam on the brakes in an instant. His hands were shaking on the steering wheel!

The righteous second brother Guan!

Yeah! How could I forget, Hua Tuo came from Jiang Dong in a boat, to perform osteotomy surgery on Guan Yu in the Shu army quarter at Fan Cheng in order to remove the poison that had seeped into his bones!

[TLN: Osteotomy surgery is performed by cutting into the bone of the patient.]

How could I forget about this famous legend!

Su Qiubai secretly scolded himself for his stupidity, he then quickly looked back at Hua Tuo and said, “We’ll arrive there in a bit. Let’s prepare some things beforehand.”

Without waiting for a reply, Su Qiubai turned the car around.

Grabbing his phone that had been charging, Su Qiubai called Niu Baiwan.

Niu Baiwan was his old classmate and buddy. He had been running a wholesale pharmaceutical business for several years now.

Since Su Qiubai knew that Hua Tuo was to perform a bone-scraping surgery in order to remove the poison from the arrow wound area on Guan Yu’s arm, he could prepare some anesthetics, painkillers, surgical instruments and anti-inflammatory drugs beforehand…


Such things may not exist in history, but I have them here!

“Why do you want these things?” the obviously sleepy Niu Baiwan, was surprised to hear the list of items that Su Qiubai wanted.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I’m coming over to see you right now.”

Hanging up the phone, Su Qiubai sped towards Niu Baiwan’s house in the middle of the night.

By the time he reached his house, Niu Baiwan had already prepared all of the requested things. However, at a glance, Su Qiubai immediately said that it wasn’t enough and took several more sets before leaving.

Returning to his car and taking a deep breath, Su Qiubai opened the shuttle channel.

“Navigation’s starting. It’s the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, heading to Fan Cheng…”

Upon listening to the navigator, he only felt a flash before him. He could already see the military camp in the distance, a flag stretched out in the wind. The ‘Guan’ word on the flag emitted a frightening vibe, his heart started pounding faster.

There were many heroes in China that existed over thousands of years ago, but not all of them would ever be mentioned in the history books.

General Guan Yun was the one who killed Yan Liang and Wen Chou, he even bravely overcame all kinds of obstacles in life;  he took the position as one of the top rankers among thousands of army soldiers! Who wouldn’t know him!

[TLN: Guan Yunchang is Guan Yu who’s also the general. He was also known for his expertise in killing Yan Liang without him realizing it and having the strength to kill Wen Chou.]

Therefore, Su Qiubai could only feel anxious to prepare himself when he found out that Hua Tuo was going to treat Guan Yu.

Without delay, he left the car with Hua Tuo. Su Qiubai picked up his pre-packed backpack. Then, the two of them strode towards the military camp.

In the end, after being referred a few times, they were able to smoothly enter.

Despite even encountering ghosts, he was still nervous.

Frankly, you’d also be lying if you say that you weren’t afraid of seeing all the swords and knives or the event that nobody would care if you were killed.

Finally, Su Qiubai was able to see General Guan Yun at the center of a large tent.

He was so excited that after he set foot into the tent. He ran past Hua Tuo and grabbed ahold of Guan Yu’s clothes, his eyes wide opened.

I’m seeing God! I must brag this time. I’ve seen… Guan Yu in person!

Everybody was bemused by his surprising move. Hua Tuo reddened. This young man was so calm just now, why did he become thrilled after setting eyes on the general?

Thankfully, Guan Yu merely found Su Qiubai quite humorous. In spite of the seriousness of the injury on his left arm, Guan Yu still happily chatted with him.

It made Su Qiubai feel that General Guan was really fit to be a general. At that moment, he finally realized that the most important thing to do was to let Hua Tuo treat the general!

Stepping aside, he let Hua Tuo examine Guan Yu.

Su Qiubai sympathized with the pain after seeing the wound. The poisonous arrow had been lodged deep into the general’s arm. No wonder Hua Tuo claimed that it could only be removed with surgery.

Everything was the same as was written in the history novel. Hua Tuo told Guan Yu to close his eyes. Guan Yu refused, instead he took off his clothes with a smile and let Hua Tuo directly perform the surgery on him.

Hua Tuo praised the general with classical Chinese words while reading his knife. Su Qiubai eyes were steady.

He used to not believe it before… But who knew that it was actually true! Hua Tuo really started the surgery as they casually chatted!

Without hesitation, Su Qiubai interrupted.

“Wait! I have some things that could allow the general to safely complete the operation, and shorten the recovery time as well.”

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His words flustered everyone in the tent. Guan Yu had presumed that Su Qiubai was Hua Tuo’s disciple. On the other hand, Hua Tuo had presumed that Su Qiubai… was only here to make a scene!


The operation is about to begin, why can’t you just keep quiet? What are you planning to do?

Su Qiubai opened his backpack in front of the silent audience.

He took out a set of surgical tools first and handed it over to Hua Tuo. Hua Tuo didn’t understand at first. But after listening to Su Qiubai’s brief introduction, his eyes almost fell out.

“Who made this? This is simply a gift from God!”

Su Qiubai was probably the only person to have ever been praised by Hua Tuo, the ancestor of surgery.

However, adhering to his principle of not being arrogant, and instead  have a gentle and humble attitude, he began to take everything out one by one.

“This is an anesthetic, a syringe, a hemostatic drug, a painkiller…”

Everyone was terribly quiet. Only Su Qiubai’s voice could be heard. He understood the impact these products from the future had on these people, but for Guan Yu’s sake, and for his lucky mission… he couldn’t be bothered!

Finally taking out everything, Su Qiubai took a long breath and sat on the ground.

Other people felt even stranger and confused; Hua Tuo was astonished!

This kid seemed to already know what I wanted to do. If these things really have the same functions as what he said, then… this is a miracle!

The old man’s eyes reddened. He grasped onto Su Qiubai arms, trying to clarify things.

However, Su Qiubai knew nothing, so the most important part of the operation still fell on Hua Tuo. Su Qiubai could only explain the specific functions and the usage method of each tool.

Guan Yu and a group of people just sat in the big tent, drinking as they watched the strange scene in front of them.

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It seemed… that the apprentice had become the teacher… Anyway, it was just getting more and more confusing as it continued.

Finally, the old driver felt like crying after repeatedly telling Hua Tuo that he didn’t know how to use them.

If I knew this would happen earlier… I would’ve just brought along a surgeon. If that hadn’t been possible, then even dragging Niu Baiwan with me would have suffice! I’m so annoyed by this old man now!

He’s actually asking me how to avoid hurting the muscles with a scalpel… Darn it, how would I know…? I’m just a taxi driver!

After reasoning with Hua Tuo for quite some time, Su Qiubai finally managed to push the old man to Guan Yu. Who knew that the old man would unexpectedly look up and laugh out loud.

“General Guan, if I only had a 70 percent chance of hope earlier, I now have 90 percent confidence in treating the injury now! All thanks to this little brother!”

Although Guan Yu didn’t understand what the old man was happy about, he knew that Su Qiubai had played a huge role in it. Suddenly, everyone in the tent thanked Mr. Su for his great grace, which made him red-faced.

Anyway, a surgery that shouldn’t have happened, was done.

Everything went smoothly. Guan Yu felt refreshed after a good sleep, the illness had been removed and the wound didn’t pain anymore. He felt a whole lot more spirited.

Su Qiubai also breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that everything was alright. He really could only help that much.

Hua Tuo must be the one who was the most excited, especially after fully examining Guan Yu’s condition, his excitement was indescribable. He carefully observed the medical instruments in Su Qiubai’s backpack.

He picked up a syringe and played with it non-stop.

Su Qiubai helplessly shook his head when he suddenly heard the navigation system’s voice.

“You’ve completed the lucky mission. Here’s two hundred growth points as reward, and Hua Tuo’s Qi observation skill… You also received an extra gift from Guan Yu; your Force skill has increased…”

[TLN: Qi observation skill is a study on the change of a person’s appearance and characters from the past year, to the anticipated year ahead. The practitioner will be able n to help remove evil spirits from the patient based on this observation.]

Su Qiubai felt good receiving the list of rewards; he even had the urge to laugh.

In order to celebrate Guan Yu’s recovery, a banquet was prepared for Hua Tuo and Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai was ecstatic. He got to eat and drink with General Guan. Plus, Guan Ping and Zhou Cang were the ones serving them… can you believe it!

[TLN: Guan Ping and Zhou Cang were Guan Yu’s right hand men. Guan Ping was also Guan Yu’s son.]

However, who knew that halfway through the banquet, there came loud noises from outside the camp. After some time, everyone finally realized that it was the Cao army.

Su Qiubai only then recalled that, according to the novel, Cao Ren knew that Guan Yu was poisoned, so he deliberately came to challenge him.

[TLN: Cao Ren is the military general of the Cao army.]

Hua Tuo had just advised Guan Yu to stay still, but the situation outside the camp was getting chaotic. That made Guan Yu twitchy. He grabbed his Qinglong Haoyue sword and was about to march out the tent. Everyone panicked.

Out of nowhere, Su Qiubai stood up and shouted, “General Guan, don’t go out, let me handle it!”

Darn it, I can’t fight but I can scold people! I even have a loudspeaker in my car.

When Su Qiubai was a child, he had felt that the war between the three kingdoms was a joke. Obviously all they needed was a good scolding!


Today… I’ll let you experience the charm of the language from the future!

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