Chapter 31: The Third Customer

Standing on the peak of the Xishan Mountain in the urban district, the Qing River could be seen flowing from the east to the west at the mountain’s foot. Lights were reflected on the surface of the river while several fishing boats rowed on the swirling water.

Along the way up, Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City still hadn’t understood why Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. brought her up here.

However, the moment she stood on the stone platform, she was mesmerized.

Growing up in Qingjiang City, she never knew that the river could be so pleasing at night. The cool breeze softly blew past her. She felt relaxed and happy as her exhaustion faded.

Su Qiubai leaned on the railing and gazed at the horizon with a smile. “I used to come here often back when I was in school. But after graduation, I was too busy, so I rarely come here. How do you feel?”

While speaking, Su Qiubai looked back at Xia Rongrong, who was still entranced by the scenery.

“It’s beautiful, it really is beautiful… I thought the city was made up of cold cement and noisy cars. I didn’t expect to see such an alluring Qing River…”


Xia Rongrong was amazed by the scenery in front of her. Her eyes were fixated by the beauty of river; she whispered.

It was a chilly night at the peak of the mountain, so Su Qiubai placed his coat on Xia Rongrong who didn’t refuse it.

In fact, the reason as to why he brought her here was to let her relax. This lady was too tired. She needed rest and to let her beautiful eyes look at the world she had never seen before.

The two of them stayed up there for a long time. They were just like old friends, chatting about when they were young and about their classmates and teachers in school.

Actually, in truth life wasn’t that exhausting. It was just our eyes, that viewed the world’s through a film a dust…

Noticing that it was almost time to head home, Su Qiubai intended to send Xia Rongrong back.

She hadn’t realized till then that it was already so late.

Although she was somewhat unwilling, she still agreed with a smile on her face. So they got into the taxi; she watched him start the car, and mumbled, “Thank you…”

Su Qiubai faced Xia Rongrong, then said with a grin, “We are friends anyway…”

After that, the taxi started up and away it went.


At that moment, an organization located in Dong Hai, near Qingjiang City, that was famously known all over the country, and was rapidly marching into international grounds, was suddenly facing a calamity.

At the Drivers’ League HQ, in a large meeting room, Gu Qingmei reluctantly put her phone down.

[TLN: Gu Qingmei is not related to the Gu family.]

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“I’ve just reconfirmed, the Gu family has really cancelled their cooperation with us.”

Her words stirred up the rest of the people in the meeting room.

“Why is this happening so suddenly? Hadn’t you settled the deal earlier?” A furious looking long-haired man, hesitated for a few seconds, before demanding.

“The Gu family claimed that the reason is because one of our members had done something that jeopardized the safety of their mistress.”

Gu Qingmei’s expression was ugly. It was currently the key period for the Drivers’ League to enter the international arena. Without the strong backup from the Gu family, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call this a bad news for them.

“Jeopardize their mistress’s safety? Which rascal is responsible for this?” The long-haired man shouted angrily while smacking his fist on the table.

“It’s Xiao Dao, but he didn’t make a move on the Gu family’s mistress. He lost the game and stabbed his opponent.”

Jun Xiaodao’s mentor, Kun San was the one to answer. He was also one of the twelve Car Gods in the Drivers’ League.

In fact, he too was a young man in his twenties. Although he was reluctant to confess what Xiao Dao told him, it was related to the Drivers’ League’s future, so he could only admit to it.

“Stabbed his opponent? Kun San… This is your apprentice? But what does this have to do with the Gu family?” The long-haired man snorted, but immediately felt that something was strange.

Strongly suppressing the anger in his heart, Kun San explained, “Xiao Dao hurt the opponent, then his brother wanted to kill Xiao Dao, and that almost put the Gu family’s mistress in danger.”

Having that said, the people in the entire meeting room stared at him wide eyed.

Who is the Gu family? They are the real leader of the Dong Hai. There was actually someone who dared to hurt Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter. because of such a matter?

“Who did Xiao Dao lose to?” The long-haired man asked after realizing that Jun Xiaodao’s opponent was the key component for the entire incident.

“A taxi driver.” Kun San honestly admitted despite his shame.

For a moment, the meeting room was struck silent.

“A taxi driver? Kun San, are you joking?” The long-haired man felt like he was being made fun of so he couldn’t hold back his question.

“It isn’t a joke. Xiao Dao told me this himself. He drove his Maserati but lost to a taxi, and… the loss was a bad one. He was slower than the taxi by about five minutes in every lap.”

Since he had already admitted it, Kun San stopped caring about his image anymore, he told everybody Xiao Dao’s exact words.

In the end, even Gu Qingmei was left gaped.

Kun San was also depressed! He really wanted to confess that he too felt the same when he found out the truth!

Although Xiao Dao was not as skillful as Kun San, he was a professional driver. How could a taxi beat his Maserati? Yet, it even outstripped him by five minutes in every lap!

Kun San’s first thought that Xiao Dao became crazy.

But the other racer at the scene also claimed the exact same thing!

“Kun San… Are you telling the truth?” The long-haired man felt like he was being mocked.

“Believe it or not, you can even ask Ah Liang. He was also there.” Twitching his lips, Kun San didn’t plan to continue.

The meeting room was once again silent.

“Forget it. First of all, whether it’s true or not, Jun Xiaodao is expelled. I’ll personally discuss with the Gu family tomorrow if there’s still a chance for cooperation… In addition, please send someone to investigate what actually happened during the race at Qingjiang City today, and make sure they provide feedback as soon as possible!”

Gu Qingmei took a deep breath. Several other racers in the league were currently concentrating on the preparations to enter the international arena, so she had to deal with these problems as quick as possible.

The people in the room nodded but Kun San’s expression became even uglier.

After all, Jun Xiaodao was his own apprentice. Anyone would be embarrassed to have their own student expelled.

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But he had no choice as Xiao Dao’s actions had caused great damage to the league. However, he still had some doubts over what Xiao Dao had said, is there really such a powerful taxi?

As one of the twelve Car Gods in the Drivers League, Kun San had the desire to confirm it with his own eyes.

The meeting had ended, after all everyone had gathered to discuss the issue about the Gu family.

However, Gu Qingmei’s phone started ringing again.

“What? The Xia Group has withdrawn its sponsorship? Why?”

Everyone heard her surprised voice and shifted their gaze to her direction.

 “Ok, I understand.”

After hanging up the phone, she was pale-faced. She didn’t expect that she would encounter so many problems one after another.

After raising her head and taking a deep breath, she looked at everyone in the room. “I’ve just received news that the Xia Group has also cancelled their sponsorship with us because of Xiao Dao…”

Having that said, she glared at the increasingly nervous Kun San.

“Everyone should understand that even though the Xia Group isn’t in a very good condition, their cancellation is also a lost for us, so I announce that… As Jun Xiaodao’s mentor, Kun San’s salary and bonuses for this month will be all cancelled.”

With that said, she stood up and flounced out.

No one had expected that things would turn out this way. Gu Qingmei felt really pressured, so she hurried to inform her brother.

After all her brother, Gu Qingtian, was also one of the three big leaders of the entire Drivers’ League!


Su Qiubai didn’t know that he would end up inexplicably affecting the entire structure and layout of the Drivers’ League. At this moment, he was in a joyful mood after sending Xia Rongrong home.

The president of the Xia Group, a beauty of an angel! She sat in my taxi and went on a stroll with me! This is what you call…a winner in life!

Seeing that it was almost midnight, he was about to head home… but suddenly, the navigation system sounded!

“At the intersection of Tsinghua Street, five hundred meters to the west, there’s someone who needs your help.”

Upon listening to this, Su Qiubai drove directly to the destination.

The navigation system was the boss he wouldn’t dare refuse, so the only thing he could do was to hurry along when the tasks were issued.

Besides, if he wanted to help Xia Rongrong to find her parents, he would have to first accumulate a lot of growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system!

Tsinghua Street was quite far from here. When Su Qiubai arrived, he noticed a confused old man in a green robe with a bundle in his hand.

That must be him!

Su Qiubai stopped the car immediately and walked towards the old man.

“Grandpa, where are you going? Let me send you.”

While carefully observing the old man’s appearance, Su Qiubai tried hard to guess who this person was.

The navigation system wouldn’t direct him to ordinary passengers. He didn’t even know how these people ended up in the present world.

“Where is this place? I came from Jiang Dong by boat. I don’t know how I got here.”

The old man was muddled and his accent was quite thick.

Su Qiubai thought for a long time, rowed a boat from Jiang Dong… Who is this?

However, this wasn’t a suitable place to talk right now, so Su Qiubai carried the old man’s bundle and helped him into the taxi.

After closing the car door and fastening his seat belt, he prepared himself for another trip through the space-time channel.

“Grandpa, what’s your name? Where are you going?” Su Qiubai asked.

Looking at Su Qiubai, the old man softly replied, “My surname is Hua, Yuan Hua is my given  name. I’m from the Pei Qiao County. I’m going to Fan Cheng to treat a general’s wound.”

[TLN: The old man’s name is Hua Yuanhua. Fan Cheng is presently known as Fancheng District.]

like first he said his family name then his personal name right? But because it was given separately the personal name git split

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