Chapter 34: Why Are You Here?

The Xia Group of today was different from the one in the past. Everyone didn’t have the usual solemn look on their faces, rather they all looked radiant.

Was it really just yesterday, when everyone was still worried about whether the company would begin laying off some of its employees, and that they would they be impacted?

Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City really was very powerful, especially to be able to single-handedly support a company that was on the verge of collapse, but without investment, the inner management had long started fussing about it.

But who knew that after a night’s worth of effort, all of the industries under the Xia group would suddenly rise up as one in the morning! Plus, it didn’t just restore itself to its past splendor, it even had the ability to build anew.

What these big changes meant was undoubted… the Xia Group was going to live once more!

So, each and every employee remaining was glad that they stayed rather than leave the company during its most difficult time. The good news was finally here.

After Liu Mo and Shang Wenhu entered the building, they went straight to the eighth floor. They knew that the eighth floor was where the Xia Group’s film industry was going to hold today’s press conference. All things related to the next five films would be announced there.

However, after they got to the place, they were both shocked.

The venue was really crowded. Almost all types of mainstream and non-mainstream media were here. Many people were moving around, making the place lively.

It might be that they had come late and the press conference had already begun. Since they weren’t important people, no one reserved seats for them, so they could only stand in a corner. But even so, Liu Mo was already ecstatic. She felt as if her long lived dream would soon be coming true.

“Do you see the guy with glasses on stage? He’s Li Zhonghai, the one that I told you about. With the rise of Xia Group’s film industry, he’s definitely going to end up rich.” Shang Wenhu also felt proud, pointing to the man on the stage while explaining to Liu Mo. She quickly took a glance, her heart beat faster.

Li Zhonghai was about the same age as Shang Wenhu, but in her eyes they were completely different. She had originally planned on enjoying the atmosphere of the conference for a while longer, but that soon ended.

Shang Wenhu bustled towards Li Zhonghai.

“Brother Zhonghai, it seems that you’ll be getting quite a big raise this time!”

Shang Wenhu held onto Li Zhonghai’s arm as soon as he got in range and spoke to him intimately.

Li Zhonghai was also very pleased with himself. He had already found another company and had planned on switching jobs in two days, but the Xia Group unexpectedly regaining its life made him euphoric. The press conference today was just a little accomplishment.

“What do you mean by a big raise? It’s just work.” He pretended to smile even though he was unable to hold in his excitement.

“Did the Xia Group undergo a huge change?” Looking around, Shang Wenhu asked curiously.

After listening to this, Li Zhonghai became serious, he softly replied, “Of course, 20% of the shares have been transferred to another party, and I heard that the party consisted of only a single person!”

That surprised both Shang Wenhu and Liu Mo. The Xia Group was a large company, having 20% of the shares… that person must be very powerful!

“Have you heard of who that person is? Is he from Donghai City?” Sheng Wenhu whispered, fearing that it was a secret.

“I don’t know, President Xia hasn’t revealed anything, but the new shareholder will be here today. When it’s time for the meeting; only responsible personnel from all departments can participate, which means I can’t go…”

Having that said, Li Zhonghai became a little depressed. Although he was also considered as a leader, he still had a huge gap between him and the Xia Group’s core management.

“Brother don’t be discouraged. Now that the Xia Group’s growing, you’re definitely going to grow with it!”

Shang Wenhu fully understood the reason as to why Li Zhonghai was disappointed so he quickly comforted him. The two men immediately laughed. Then, Shang Wenhu began to introduce Liu Mo, who had been eagerly waiting beside him.

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She was indeed beautiful, she wouldn’t have thought to enter the entertainment industry otherwise. Seeing her appearance, Li Zhonghai’s eyes twinkled before he revealed a tacit smile to Shang Wenhu.

Liu Mo clearly saw the smile. Although she still felt uncomfortable with Shang Wenhu pushing her onto another man, the only thing she could do was accept it. To her, it was just a trade, so she was fine with being with any of them.

The three of them stood there and had a casual chat. One deliberately pretended to be dumb while the other two kept praising each other, indeed, the situation was quite harmonious.

Suddenly, Shang Wenhu turned around and noticed a man in a taxi vest at the exit of the venue. He was peering inside, as if he was looking for someone. Shang Wenhu sneered as he got an idea.

“Brother Zhonghai, how could anyone just take a step in here, is that taxi driver trying to pick up passengers?”

Facing Li Zhonghai, Shang Wenhu deliberately pointed to the door and complained. Liu Mo and Li Zhonghai gazed to that direction.

After seeing that the man was Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel., Liu Mo immediately understood Shang Wenhu’s plan, but she just kept quiet. Since Su Qiubai had ignored her earlier, she’ll purposely make him suffer, just so he’ll learn that he isn’t at the same rank as the people here.

Sure enough, after spotting Su Qiubai, Li Zhonghai frowned as he strode towards the exit. Liu Mo and Shang Wenhu immediately followed.

There were roughly still a lot of people at the venue at this moment. But the media and artists were slowly leaving, so honestly, Su Qiubai’s vest was really noticeable. However, he didn’t have time to bother about what others would think. He was completely pitted by others to come here!

After entering the building, he inquired others for Xia Rongrong’s office, but they just told him to go up. What does “go up” mean? He wanted to clarify further at the reception, but they instantly ignored him. That made the old driver embarrassed. He planned on calling Xia Rongrong, but was worried that he might disturb her. After hesitating for a long time, he thought since he had plenty of time, he’d just search for her office.

So he slowly rode up from the first floor. Almost everyone gave him an arrogant look after finding out that he was looking for Xia Rongrong. In the end, some said he had to go back, some said to the left, or to the right, there were even people claiming that she wasn’t there at all!

Darn it… is this some kind of joke!

Finally, he gave up asking for directions, instead he wandered around alone. After arriving at the eighth floor, he noticed that there were a lot of people, and heard that there was a press conference being conducted in the hall. Therefore, he guessed that Xia Rongrong was probably still in there, so he ran over to have a look.

However, he couldn’t see where Xia Rongrong was because it was too crowded. In the midst of anxiety, he actually saw Shang Wenhu and Liu Mo.

“Rascal, who do you think you are coming here? Leave now. Don’t wait for people to chase you out.”

Shang Wenhu sneered. Before even getting close to Su Qiubai, he mocked him. Liu Mo’s eyes were also full of ridicule. She felt like she made the right decision to leave Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai was already anxious from not being able to find Xia Rongrong. Having heard Shang Wenhu teasing him once again, he suddenly felt enraged.

What the heck, I’m too lazy to deal with you, yet you keep chasing after me!

“Get lost!”

Su Qiubai didn’t bother to look at him; he cursed as he continued to look around the place.

Shang Wenhu was stunned by Su Qiubai’s words. It took him quite some time to finally realize that Su Qiubai was actually swearing at him, so he felt humiliated and became ferocious.

“What did you say? Say it one more time!”

Shang Wenhu’s voice rose due to his anger. Many people turned towards them after hearing his words.

“Screw you, I told you to get lost. Once isn’t enough, you need me to repeat it to you another time!” It might be that his scolding energy from last night hadn’t calmed down, his anger had slowly been puffing back.

“You… you…” Shang Wenhu was too angry to speak, so Li Zhonghai continued.

“Who allowed you in? Don’t you know that the Xia Group’s press conference is being held here? Leave now, don’t affect our image.”

As soon as Li Zhonghai uttered these words, he felt superior once more.

“Su Qiubai, are you crazy? This is the head of the Xia Group’s film industry, Director Li. Hurry up and apologize to him.” Liu Mo quickly glared at Su Qiubai upon hearing Li Zhonghai’s words.

Su Qiubai was speechless.

Are these people unwell? I’m just here to look for someone, yet these people are all rubbing their superiority on me.

Just when he was about to swear, suddenly there was a commotion behind the crowd.

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“President Xia, good morning…”

“President Xia…”


The corner where Su Qiubai and Li Zhonghai were standing was exposed. Sure enough, Su Qiubai spotted Xia Rongrong as soon as he turned his head.

Xia Rongrong looked totally different from the time she spent enjoying the scenery with him. Her eyes were calm; she had a cool temperament, anyone would feel themselves lacking just by looking her.

Liu Mo especially had that feeling, she even felt like a fool. She also understood that the lady right before her eyes was the legendary Xia Rongrong, the strong woman that no one in the entire Qingjiang City would dare to say they are greater than her.

Liu Mo panicked; her palms were sweating.

Shang Wenhu and Li Zhonghai had similar expression, especially Li Zhonghai. The superiority he had when talking to Su Qiubai earlier had completely disappeared. He slightly lowered his head and quickly moved towards her.

“President Xia, why are you here? The press conference is over.”

Li Zhonghai said with a smile, feeling very odd.

But then, something strange happened. Xia Rongrong was still weirdly staring at the direction that he came from. For a moment, everyone had their gaze shifted to where Xia Rongrong was looking.

Shang Wenhu and Liu Mo only felt as if their hearts were about to jump out of their chest!

Is Xia Rongrong looking at me? Oh my God… she’s coming over!


Everyone nervously held their breath, especially when Xia Rongrong strolled over to that side. No one knew the reason for her doing so. Li Zhonghai was even more confused.

Then, she stopped right before Su Qiubai, smiled softly and casually asked, “Why are you here?”

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