Chapter 120 – Stealing her heart (2)

Liu Zhongtian hugged onto Wei Qiqi. His heart was full of fury. Even if the Dowager wanted to see Qiqi, one night wouldn’t make a difference. Could the Emperor demand for the drunk Qiqi to enter the Dowager’s palace in front of all these officials?

“This…” Xiaoyuzi couldn’t find a way to refute it. In actuality he didn’t go to the Dowager. He only wanted to find an excuse to bring Wei Qiqi to the Emperor’s side and relieve the Emperor of his desires and thoughts.

General Chi thought that the announcement was real, hence he stood up righteously. He tried to resolve Liu Zhongtian’s difficulties, “What the Third Duke said has reason. General Qi’s martial arts are powerful. When drunk, she may lose herself and really hurt the Dowager. That will be troublesome. May Your Majesty think twice.”

The officials also thought so and nodded their heads in agreement. The Emperor clenched his fists and stared angrily at those officials. They really were a bunch of busybodies. How could they know what he was thinking.

“Then… alright!”

The Emperor waved his sleeves in anger. His heart felt all kinds of reluctance, however he was helpless as well. He could only indicate for Liu Zhongtian to leave.

The Emperor believed that he was not a lecher. He was busy day in and out with governmental affairs. Occasionally he would sit in the pavilion in the imperial garden to drink tea by himself. Within the palace, there wasn’t a concubine which he thirsted for intensely. Neither was there a concubine who could make him pine for her so much.

Ever since he saw that blue-clothed woman in the imperial garden, he found it hard to sleep or eat. He didn’t think that she was actually the Third Duke’s Royal Concubine.

Furthermore he was the one who gave the edict to gift the marriage.

The Emperor was suddenly very envious of Liu Zhongtian. Liu Zhongtian lost the empire but obtained the beauty. For the Emperor, he might have obtained the empire, yet he didn’t have a woman he loved. On his side were all those ordinary women who lusted after fame and fortune, yet they couldn’t displace the frustrations he had in his heart.

In the beginning, he ‘kidnapped’ Hanyu to deal a blow to Liu Zhongtian. Today he wanted Wei Qiqi purely due to his own innate desires. He was the ruler of the Great Han empire, was it so hard to want a woman? Why couldn’t he sit on the throne and embrace a beauty at the same time?

The Emperor could only watch as Liu Zhongtian brought Wei Qiqi away. Looks like it would be difficult to get Wei Qiqi to enter the palace through proper channels. The only solution was to seek help from the Empress Dowager. He might as well let the Dowager make her pick. He wanted that woman solely. The Dowager could create a chance for him, to forever let Wei Qiqi stay in the Great Han palace. He wanted to keep her in the deep palace.

Liu Zhongtian hurriedly left the imperial garden. The night was extremely quiet, however his heart was unable to calm down. The Emperor’s gaze and expression kept swimming in his head and he was unable to shake it off.

Liu Zhongtian brought Wei Qiqi and returned to the Duke’s manor. Ning Yun-er quickly went to receive them at the main door. Ever since Liu Zhongtian promised her at the pavilion, Ning Yun-er was happy for the whole day. When she thought about the scene of her getting married, as long as she was married to the Duke, she was willing to do anything.

Ning Yun-er was full of smiles and was just about to open her mouth when Liu Zhongtian appeared with Wei Qiqi in his arms. She instantly felt something sour in her heart. Why was this woman so adept at this, must she stick herself closely to the Duke’s embrace?

Liu Zhongtian no longer had the mood to bother about other people. Wei Qiqi nearly couldn’t make it back from today’s palace visit. What should he do tomorrow? If the Dowager really invited, then Qiqi must enter the palace. When that time comes, he really had no solution anymore.

The butler, Xiaotao and other maidservants saw that the Duke’s expression was extremely ugly. Nobody dared to make any sound. Ning Yun-er had something to say, but when she came in contact with the Duke’s cold gaze, she also shutted up immediately and stood at one side. Liu Zhongtian looked like he wanted to kill someone as he walked in big steps into the backyard and entered his own room. He furiously closed the door.

Wei Qiqi laid down comfortably on the bed. The heat from the drinking caused her to be restless. Her hands unknowingly tugged at her clothes. Liu Zhongtian gently unbuttoned Qiqi’s clothes, revealing the white neck and the vaguely present breasts. This caused Liu Zhongtian to feel a ragged breathing. His lustful feelings also rose up.

What was this woman, to actually be so tempting? Could she be a demon sent to torture Liu Zhongtian? Every inch of her skin and flesh was exuding temptation, setting his inner heart ablaze. Her identity and background was unclear and she mysteriously appeared on the Great Han battlefield. Her face was extremely ugly and her movements were weird. It was only at that fateful night did she became a beauty, as if she had been cursed. Any man that saw her was destined to become subdued to her.

When Liu Zhongtian’s fingers touched Wei Qiqi’s soft breasts, he instantly felt like he lost control. He stood up and retreated. He felt like the Emperor was spying on him. When he thought of tomorrow or the near future, that Wei Qiqi would be lying on his Emperor-Brother’s bed and revealing her soft breasts, he could imagine how tempted the Great Han Emperor would be.

Liu Zhongtian furiously took out his sword, the tip of the sword pointing at Wei Qiqi’s chest. As long as he strikes out, he could end this woman’s life, ending this demoness’ enticement and she would never tempt men again.

Wei Qiqi’s chubby and cute look surfaced in Liu Zhongtian’s mind. After the fish-oil bomb exploded, that soot-black face, the defiant look, the stubborn temper etc. She really was an innocent girl, but she was born with a mesmerizing face and tempting body. Did she deserve death for that? Liu Zhongtian’s hands were trembling, he was hesitant at this moment.

However, he thought about the Sixth Duke Liu Xuanji. In order to obtain Qiqi, even though he never coerced women, he actually used the drug on her. Furthermore, his brother as the Emperor, to obtain Qiqi, he actually conferred on her a Second-Grade official title. He set up a banquet to uncover her face cloth. All were for this woman.

He might not be the only man to entangle with Wei Qiqi on the bed. When he thought about how that lithe figure would be receiving the love of other men, Liu Zhongtian shut both of his eyes. He exerted strength in his hands and viciously stabbed down.

Wei Qiqi’s body was on fire. She subconsciously ripped her chest clothing open. Feeling extremely thirsty, she opened her eyes with difficulty. Yet she saw a bright sword flashing past her eyes. Wei Qiqi felt shocked in her heart and she woke up from her drunken stupor. She opened her eyes wide, looking at Liu Zhongtian in shock.

The tip of the sword pierced Qiqi’s skin. A small red spot appeared on the snow white soft breasts. As long as Liu Zhongtian exerted a little bit more force on the sword, Wei Qiqi would be disfigured or even lose her life. Qiqi looked at the man in front of her. He actually wanted to kill her. The man who once entangled with her had now become so cold-blooded and had no sense of pity.

The love between a modern person and an ancient era person was disjointed. One couldn’t accommodate the other. Since he wanted to kill, then come on.

Qiqi heaved her chest forward and closed her eyes in despair.

Liu Zhongtian saw Wei Qiqi’s look of despair. At this time this temptress only sought for death. That expression caused his heart to feel torment. He threw down the sword bitterly and hugged Qiqi.

“This Duke should have killed you with one sword, why? Why can’t I do it!”

His fingers lightly caressed the blood spot on Qiqi’s chest. That small wound appeared exceptionally striking in contrast with the snow white skin. He had hurt her, he had hurt the woman he loved, to leave behind a scar on the flawless skin.

“Today, if you don’t kill me, you’ll regret it in the future!” Wei Qiqi looked at Liu Zhongtian coldly. Why didn’t he pierce down with that sword. With that one sword, Wei Qiqi could give up seeing the Great Han forever. She would no longer need to worry about those ancient formalities, no longer suffering from the fact that Third Duke was going to take in a concubine. She would no longer be hurt by the man who stole her heart.

“This Duke can’t kill you!” Liu Zhongtian pinched Qiqi’s cheeks. “Tomorrow the Emperor will definitely call you into the palace and show favour on you. If I want to keep you, I’ll have to rebel. However if I do that, Great Han will suffer. For such a temptress like yourself, this Duke will become the eternal sinner of Great Han!”

“Rebel? Wei Qiqi is only a woman. Why must the Duke spend so much effort? Isn’t it better if I enter the palace? You can choose any concubine you want, or you can just divorce me and let your new playtoy Ning Yun-er become your Royal Concubine. I can also stay in the Great Han palace and enjoy those abundant wealth that people are envious of!”

Wei Qiqi smiled lightly. She was Wei Qiqi, not any man’s plaything. To let Qiqi be willing, it must be a foundation of love, a unique love, a love with both sides respecting each other, no matter the Emperor, Duke or any common person.

“You this… philandering woman that’s born with a tempting look. This Duke shouldn’t have saved you in the desert… you tempted me and let me be mesmerized with you, yet at this time you want to jump into the embrace of other men.”

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Qiqi suddenly laughed, “Jumping into the embrace of other men? Doesn’t the Duke want to take in a concubine and hug other women too? What difference is there between us!”

“You are actually comparing yourself with this Duke, you are just a woman…”

Liu Zhongtian furiously pinched Qiqi’s chin and exerted force. His eyes were sharp. When facing the sharp-tongued Wei Qiqi he always lost his emotions. Why was this woman so hard to handle? Her thinking was weird. Maybe it was because of this that she was even more mesmerizing.

Wei Qiqi looked at Liu Zhongtian coldly, “Yes, I’m a woman, but I’m not your accessory. I can choose what I like and leave the things that I hate, for example, you!”

“Leave this Duke, hate me?” Liu Zhongtian’s anger in his heart was unable to be described. “Then you should hate this Duke forever…”

Liu Zhongtian carried Wei Qiqi onto the bed and pressed onto her. His lips went to Qiqi’s cheeks. However the smile on Wei Qiqi’s face became denser, mixed within it was helplessness and sadness. She was no longer resisting, only silently closing her eyes. She seemed to be waiting for a beast to arrive.

“Damnit!” Liu Zhongtian was hurt by Qiqi’s expression. He lifted his head, lightly caressed Qiqi’s hair and kissed it. He furiously stood up, picked up his sword and hurriedly left the room.
That night, Liu Zhongtian didn’t return. He kept sitting at the pavilion in the garden, feeling extremely bothered. The night sky stood in contrast with his negative thoughts. He sat there for the whole night…

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