Chapter 551: Secret forever

The cold moonlight covered the entire Soaring Dragon City. At this time, the accumulated snow had melted and a cool breeze was gently blowing across the treetops, swaying newly sprouted green leaves on the branches. It was a quiet and comfortable night.

Even though it was a quiet night, there was an intense battle between a man and woman in the winged room of the Ximen Clan. Rough heavy breathing sounds and sweet moans were resounding within the inner room, forming a soul-stirring spring night sonata.

“Little elf, you became bigger here…” Long Yi shook his waist while his claws continuously played with Lu Xiya’s full breasts. That smooth and elastic feeling endlessly captivated him.

“Is… Is that so? Then, do you like them?” Lu Xiya opened her hazy eyes and hugged Long Yi’s neck with her jade hands. She pressed her breasts against Long Yi’s body and she wrapped her hands tightly around him.

As for Long Yi, he felt as though his face was surrounded with soft and warm **. The fire of lust in him soared as though he had eaten some kind of aphrodisiac. He stuck out his tongue and teased the bright red bud at the peak of Lu Xiya’s rounded breast. Before long, he was sucking on it which caused the little elf to moan loudly.

The world inside this room became pink and these two people got immersed in their ocean of desires. They created one tide after another.

Finally, Lu Xiya couldn’t endure the lashing and she bit on Long Yi’s shoulder. Her body stretched taut. Before long, she softly collapsed into his bosom. Now, her coquettish eyes were watery, she was exhaling a fragrance from her pink lips and her entire body was covered with a layer of enchanting pink luster. She was feeling a kind of extreme pleasure.

After **, the two people lazily lied on the big bed as they enjoyed the feeling of lying in each other’s bosom.

“Long Yi……” Lu Xiya swayed in the bosom of Long Yi and called out.

“Call me your husband. Didn’t you call me that in bed just now?” Long Yi smiled faintly and interrupted her.

“Okay, Lord Husband, I…… I have a question I want to ask to you.” Lu Xiya started to hesitate for some unknown reason.

Raising his eyebrows, Long Yi adjusted his posture so that Lu Xiya would be lying face to face with him. He asked with interest, “What question do you have to ask? Just say it.”

“My husband, Nika and the others said that I am more and more like my mother, do you think so too?” Looking straight to the eyes of Long Yi, Lu Xiya asked.

“Well, let me take a good look…… Yes. You take after her. It seems as though the effect of your seclusion for the past few years is pretty good.” Long Yi somewhat understood why Lu Xiya suddenly asked this question. These past few years, although the appearance of Lu Xiya had no change, regardless of bearing or demeanor, she was becoming more and more like the Elf Queen. However, when she was in front of Long Yi, she changed back to her prior lively and cute deposition.

All of a sudden, Lu Xiya grabbed Long Yi’s big hand and placed it on her plump breast. She asked with a face which was completely red, “My husband, didn’t you say that I have grown here just a moment ago? Now tell me, how is it compared to my mother’s?”

Long Yi was startled and he stared at Lu Xiya in a daze. Could it be that Lu Xiya noticed that ambiguous feeling between himself and the Elf Queen?

“Just now, when you were making love with me, weren’t you thinking of my mother too?” Not giving Long Yi a chance to sort out his thoughts, the words of Lu Xiya nearly made him lose consciousness.

Long Yi calmed down with great difficulty and hastily said, “Darling, don’t let your imagination run wild. The relationship between me and your mother is purer than spring snow.”

“My husband, do you really not have any thoughts about my mother?” Lu Xiya stared at Long Yi with a pair of sparkling eyes.

“I……” Long Yi subconsciously wanted to answer no. However, he was unable to say anything.

“Mother is so beautiful and you are so promiscuous… I don’t believe that you won’t have any thoughts on my mother. When you were in the Elven Forest, you left the bed several times at night. When you got back, you had mother’s fragrance all over your body.” Lu Xiya bit her red lips and her eyes became watery.

Long Yi was flustered and he hastily consoled Lu Xiya. As it turned out, this little elf had already realized the ambiguous relationship between him and the Elf Queen. This was the first time she had said anything about it. No matter what the race was, this was a type of taboo feeling. There were only a few people who could accept this kind of feeling which violated their moral principles.

Seeing Lu Xiya’s red eyes and her tears which were about to overflow, Long Yi had a bitter smile on his face. Just a moment ago, they were still making love… Why did the atmosphere change all of a sudden?

“Okay, my little elf, don’t cry. Everything is my fault. I shouldn’t have set my sights on your mother. Give me some time, I will definitely sort out everything.” Long Yi tightly hugged Lu Xiya and promised her. In his heart, he was feeling a type of special pain. Perhaps, it was time to swing the sword to cut off all the ridiculous feelings in his heart. He wanted to return everything to normal. If he continued down this road, Lu Xiya might not be the only one who suffered. He couldn’t be so selfish.

Lu Xiya watched Long Yi in a daze and asked in a low voice, “Are you saying that you will give up on your feeling towards my mother?”

“Yes.” The pupils of Long Yi shrunk as he replied.

“But…… My mother also likes you very much. On several occasions, I saw that mother stayed quietly alone and she was in a daze. I knew that she was missing you. It was just like how I missed you… Moreover, she often danced alone using the Lovesickness Sword Technique you taught her.” Lu Xiya was perplexed as she said.

Long Yi was startled. Could it be that the Elf Queen herself also missed him? Even then, what could he do about it? Why was Lu Xiya even talking about this to him? Wouldn’t this make him feel even more uncomfortable? Could it be…… Long Yi thought of another possibility and a bit of hope appeared in his heart.

“As a matter of fact, my mother had always been very lonely. Merely, I was never aware of that. I had always taken the love and care of my mother for granted. However, I had never considered what my mother needed or what she wanted. My husband, am I very selfish?” Lu Xiya rubbed her cheek on against Long Yi’s chest and she mumbled in grief.

“All the parents under the heaven are pitiful. They always think of their child first and not themselves. Little elf, you have truly matured.” Long Yi caressed the beautiful hair of Lu Xiya and he thought of his parents. A warm feeling filled his heart.

“My husband… From now on, can you be good to my mother? Treat her just like how you treat me. No, treat her thousands of times better than me. As long as… As long as we don’t tell anyone, it’s fine. This will be our secret, our secret forever.” The voice of Lu Xiya became smaller and smaller while she hugged Long Yi tighter and tighter.

Long Yi was shocked. He had never expected that Lu Xiya would actually approve of the relationship between him and the Elf Queen. It was already a relationship which went against the moral principles. Of course, it wasn’t something which could be easily decided upon. Perhaps, she had struggled hard for a long time in her heart before making this decision.

“Darling… you are great. I, Long Yi, will take care of the both of you. If I don’t do so, may heavenly lightning strike me! No… If I don’t take care of both of you properly, then heavens will make me unable to become a man.” Long Yi spoke some incoherent oaths. Originally he wanted to promise that he would be stuck by heavenly lightning and die a horrible death. However, he recalled that he was impervious to lightning as he had the inheritance of the Lightning God. As such, he changed the oath.

As if the knots in her heart were solved, Lu Xiya felt as though a weight was lifted off her heart and she took a few deep breaths. As long as other people didn’t know, who would care about the mother and daughter pair sharing a husband?

“My husband, don’t be too happy. Although I agree and my mother likes you very much, it’s not a simple matter to make my mother accept you.” Lu Xiya laughed. When she thought about the days to come, she had conflicting emotions. One part of her was undecided and another part of her was looking forward to it.

Long Yi also knew the character of the Elf Queen. She was a very rational woman. Even if she had some feelings that she should not have towards him, she would never do anything that crossed the boundary. Perhaps, that kind of ambiguous feeling that stirred their heartstrings was already at the limit of her endurance.

However, Long Yi had plenty of time. As long as she was accustomed to getting along with him, she would naturally fall to him bit by bit. At that time, as long as a chance appeared, everything would be done.

Thinking about the happy life in the future, Long Yi couldn’t help smile.

“Bad fellow, you have such an evil smile on your face. Are you thinking about something bad again?” Lu Xiya pouted and pinched Long Yi’s left thigh.

Long Yi hissed in pain and said, “Little elf, I wasn’t thinking about your mother. Why on earth are you pinching me?”

Lu Xiya was so angry that she smacked Long Yi’s little brother. She snorted, “Confess everything.”

Long Yi smirked and said, “Your husband is intentionally controlling himself. Since you just alarmed my little brother, he is protesting now. What are you going to do about it?”

Lu Xiya took a quick glance and saw that the little bastard between Long Yi’s legs was erect. Her maiden heart jumped and her passion was instantly ignited.

Lu Xiya got up and bent over in front of Long Yi with her perfectly round ** raised high in the air. Now, a maiden’s most private place was completely exposed to Long Yi.

“My husband, do you think that I resemble my mother?” Lu Xiya turned her head and asked. She knew that Long Yi liked this kind of conquering position the best.

The breathing of Long Yi stagnated and the look in his black pupils became deeper. Now, it appeared as though the Elf Queen was swaying her hips in front of him. He was unable to restrain himself and he instantly knelt in front of Lu Xiya’s buttocks. He began to pound ferociously. Before long, sonorous sounds resounded within the room once again. The night was still very long…..


When the first ray of light illuminated the horizon in the east, it felt as though today would be a nice day.

“Knock, knock, knock.” In an inn of a small town that was 200 li or so away from Soaring Dragon City, a person rhythmically knocked against the door of a guest room.

The door automatically opened with a creak and a proud and aloof figure could be seen sitting in front of the window. She looked out of the window and she seemed to be in a daze.

A man and a woman walked into the room and closed the door. The entire body of the man was covered with a black robe. Even his face was completely covered. As for the woman, her face was also covered with a gauze.

“Subordinate Halei pays respect to Miss.” The black robed man bowed and said. He was unexpectedly Halei who was stationed at White Cloud City.

The proud and aloof figure slowly turned around. She was unexpectedly Mu Hanyan who had disappeared all of a sudden during the final battle between Long Yi and the Military Advisor. Her softness seemed to have disappeared completely at this moment. It was replaced by cold indifference.

Mu Hanyan nodded her head and looked at the other woman who was looking at her with a hateful expression. Her gaze stayed on the woman for quite some time before she said with indifference, “Sit down first, I have some matters I want to talk to you about.”

“Halei, now, the entire Blue Waves Continent will be unified very soon. What do you think we should do?” Mu Hanyan asked without any expression on her face.

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“This subordinate is stupid, everything will be done according to the instruction of Miss.” Halei said with terror in his voice.

Mu Hanyan shook her head and said, “Now, even Dark Church is under the control of Ximen Yu. We are no longer able to intervene with the Blue Waves Continent. It seems as though our plans can’t keep up with the changes.”

“Humph, since you are unable to complete the mission, I want to see how you will return to make the report!” Jingjing took off the veil covering her face and sneered at Mu Hanyan.

“That is my problem, you should just take care of yourself.” Mu Hanyan coldly said.

“Miss, then, what should we do now?” Halei asked.

A hint of misgiving flashed through the eyes of Mu Hanyan but it disappeared soon after. A dazzling crystal appeared in her hand along with a sealed magic letter. She said, “This transmission crystal is the key to activate the transfer array of the secret room. This is a letter for my father emperor. It has already been so long since you came to this place… It’s time for you to return.”

Halei took those two things after some hesitation. He appeared as if he wanted to open his mouth, but nothing came out of it.

“Halei, leave us. I have something to say to her alone.” Mu Hanyan pretended not to notice the expression on Halei’s face and she ordered him to leave the room.

“What do you want me to do again?” Jingjing coldly said.

Mu Hanyan simply looked at Jingjing and the expression on her face fluctuated. Jingjing instantly felt uneasy and she couldn’t control herself. She shouted, “What do you want to do? Am I so good looking? Put away your hypocritical appearance. The one thing I hate the most in this world is your hypocritical face. Looking at you makes me feel like vomiting.”

The eyes of Mu Hanyan shone with pallid light and she coldly said, “Believe it or not, I will kill you.”

“You want to kill me? Did you forget that I am already tired of living?” Jingjing stood up and said proudly.

“If I can’t kill you, it doesn’t mean that I can’t kill other people.” Mu Hanyan turned her head and said indifferently.

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Jingjing’s body trembled, clenching her hands into fists, she lowered her head as she bit her lower lip. There was a bone-deep hatred which flashed in her eyes. After a long time, she opened her mouth, “Although I am controlled by you, you are even more pitiful than me. Isn’t it very painful to fall in love with a person you have to deal with?”

Pa, a loud and clear sound resounded in the room. Mu Hanyan sent a ferocious slap towards Jingjing and her eyes flashed with a terrifying pallid light.

“Get out at once.” Now, Mu Hanyan looked just like an enraged mother leopard. Her entire body emitted bloodthirsty madness.

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