Chapter 552: The arrival of Empress

Jingjing’s right cheek instantly swelled up and a hint of blood appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“It’s a slap again… All the favors you have given me, I will firmly keep them in mind. Now, I just want to see how miserably you will fall in the end.” Jingjing suddenly chuckled stuck out her tongue. She reached for the trail of blood which was at the corner of her mouth and she licked it up. Turning around, she left the room.

As for Mu Hanyan, she sat down sadly and a complicated feeling appeared in her eye.

“He must hate me to the bones now, if……” Mu Hanyan sighed softly. She looked weak and lonely as she thought about Long Yi.


The warm early morning sunlight illuminated the earth and made the morning a sluggish one.

At this moment, Long Yi was lying on the roof using his hands as a pillow. He looked satisfied and comfortable. Li Qing and Barbarian Bull were also there as they sat behind him, holding their weapons. Their gaze was empty as they stared into the distance. Clearly, they were immersed in their own thoughts.

In three days, it would be Ximen Nu’s coronation ceremony. Today, the Empress of the Nalan Empire, Nalan Ruyue, would be arriving in Soaring Dragon City. On the next day, the allied army of the two empires led by Beitang Yu and the little fox Bertha would arrive. Bertha would be representing the beastmen clans. In the last few days, most of the beauties Long Yi had not seen for a long time were gathering at his side. He became trapped in the world of warmth and he was exhausted as he experienced the happy fate of the man from Qi. His days were so full of enthusiasm that even celestial beings would envy Long Yi.

However, there was something which made Long Yi regret. He hadn’t seen Wushuang for such a long time. She left for Origin Ice with Mea Empress Lianxin quite some time ago and there hadn’t been any news about her ever since. It could be assumed that something might have happened. He made up his mind to personally make a trip to Origin Ice after the coronation ceremony. Furthermore, there was Leng Youyou. After Barbarian Bull escorted her to the Elven Forest, she entered seclusion. Long Yi had no idea whether he could meet her in the near future.

At this moment, there were a lot of outstanding beauties gathered in the courtyard. They were chatting with great interest in groups of threes and fours. If other people saw this scene, their eyeballs might fall to the ground. If they were able to see just one or two beauties at this level, they could be considered fortunate. However, there were so many of them gathered together here. It was really a shocking scene. Under the heavens, other than this freak, Long Yi, there might be no one who could achieve this.

“My husband, come down from the roof! Midi’er and the others said that they want to go shopping. Let’s go together.” Nangong Xiangyun waved her hand towards Long Yi and said.

Long Yi suddenly sat up straight and he looked down with a strange expression. If so many matchless beauties went out to shop at the same time, wouldn’t there be chaos?

“Ask some guards to follow you. Your husband wants to cultivate… I’m not going.” Long Yi said with a smile. What sort of joke was this? Going shopping with one woman was already a terrifying matter. He couldn’t even deal with one woman shopping… How was he going to deal with so many of them?

“Sisters, ignore him, let’s go.” Feng Ling rolled her eyes and said. In a few short moments, a group of beauties left the Ximen Residence.

Of course, Long Yi didn’t worry when he sent them out along with some guards from the Ximen Clan. With the Ximen Clan’s guards escorting them, no one would be blind and stupid enough to provoke them. Besides, it was already considered extremely good if they didn’t go out to provoke others. In any case, if there was a retard who got on the nerves of the girls, Long Yi could only mourn for them in silence. Not a single one of them was easy to deal with.

“Hahaha, Young Master Ximen, you are quite free today… How about a drink?” At that time, a big fellow entered the courtyard and laughed loudly.

“Brother Mo Yan, it’s not difficult for us to find wine here. Wait for a moment while I instruct the kitchen to send food and wine over.” Long Yi also laughed. The person who had just arrived was Mad Lion Mo Yan. He was the person who was in charge of the Bounty Hunter Guild.

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Mad Lion jumped to the roof and said, “Please don’t bother. I brought food and wine. This time, I’m the one inviting all of you to eat and drink. Come come, brother Li, brother Bull, let’s drink and have a good time.”

Mad Lion took out more than a dozen wine jars and a table of steaming hot food which went well with wine. Opening the seal of a wine jar, he downed a large mouthful of it and he said, “Last time, I tasted the Hundred Flower Wine brought by Young Master Ximen. That wine was indeed savory and mellow, leaving behind a rich aftertaste. However, that wine wasn’t strong enough, true menfolk drink this ‘Intoxicated for Seven Days’ obtained from Dwarf Clan. It’s strong enough.”

Long Yi’s trio also opened up a wine jar each as they boldly drank several mouthfuls. There was no need for politeness when men drank.

“Not bad, this wine is strong enough. However, I tasted even stronger and more fragrant wine. I’m talking about ‘Sea Soul’ from the Nalan Empire. It’s just that I drank it all and the rest of the wine isn’t matured yet. Such a pity…” Long Yi said. He felt that only this kind of wine could be mentioned in the same breath as the Hundred Flowers Wine from the Elf Clan.

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The four men drank and talked with a zest for a long time until they heard ceremonial salute sounds coming from outside the city gate.

“It’s Yue’er.” Long Yi was happy in his heart. Now, he had no time to drink here. In an instant, he disappeared from his spot and left the three of them on the roof. They stared at each other in blank dismay.

“Brother Li, brother Bull, Young Master Ximen has gone to receive a beauty. That’s his problem. We brothers still have to drink!” Mad Lion laughed.

Barbarian Bull and Li Qing wanted to chase after Long Yi, but he was too fast. Moreover, since Long Yi had gone to meet Nalan Ruyue, wouldn’t they be considered lightbulbs if they went? In the end, the two of them sat down and continued to drink with Mad Lion.

Long Yi quickly arrived at the northern city gate and saw the Nalan Empire’s convoy slowly pressing forward. Altogether, there were ten luxurious carriages and the phoenix carriage in the center of the convoy was extremely magnificent. It exuded the aura of extravagance as it rolled down the road. In addition, there were five thousand elite cavalrymen escorting them.

This contingent got closer and closer to Soaring Dragon City and the citizens were finally able to see the faces of the cavalrymen at the front. At that time, the golden curtain of the phoenix carriage slowly opened. A pair of energetic eyes looked all around from the small gap.

“Big sister, hurry up and look! I see brother-in-law standing on the city wall.” After peeping outside, the little Lolita turned around and excitedly said to Nalan Ruyue.

“Is that so?” Nalan Ruyue who was wearing a magnificent empress dress couldn’t sit still when she heard that Long Yi was waiting for her. She couldn’t wait to see her sweetheart and she slowly left her soft bed.

With Long Yi’s excellent eyesight, he obviously saw Nalan Rumeng’s eyes the moment the curtains opened. A huge smile blossomed on his face. His treasured beautiful sisters were finally arriving. Could he be happier than this?

At this moment, Nalan Ruyue slightly opened the curtain and she looked outside. However, she couldn’t even discover Long Yi’s shadow.

“You little girl, you actually dare to fool me! See how I smack you **” Nalan Ruyue glared at her younger sister.

“Yue’er, whose ** do you want to smack?” At that moment, the curtain swayed a little and along with a low laugh, Long Yi’s figure slowly appeared in front of Nalan Ruyue.

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