Chapter 553: Give me a child

When she saw Long Yi who had a cheeky expression standing in front of her, the endless happiness in Nalan Ruyue’s heart changed into dense affection. Taking two steps forward, she stood on her tiptoes and she hugged Long Yi’s neck.

“Missed me?” Long Yi hugged Nalan Ruyue and softly said.

“Mmm.” Nalan Ruyue responded softly. As though hugging him alone wasn’t sufficient, she jumped upwards and wrapped her legs around Long Yi’s waist. She hung on his body just like a huge baby.

Long Yi stepped back and sat on the soft bed. Before long, the two of them entangled with each other as though they were inseparable. He held the beautiful face of Nalan Ruyue as he looked at those alluring pink lips. Taking in a deep breath, he kissed her deeply.

It had already been a long time since they had gotten intimate, as a result, it was hard to control their **. They wildly kissed each other while exploring each other’s body… It seemed as though their actions were beyond their control.

“Big sister, brother-in-law, can’t you two restrain yourselves a little?” The Little Lolita was extremely dissatisfied with these two people treating her as though she was invisible. When he saw that their actions were becoming more and more intense, she couldn’t help but pout.

Nalan Ruyue woke up from her **. At this moment, her clothing and hairpin were in disorder. Her complexion was bright red and she was emitting stirrings of love. If she were to greet other people looking like this, anyone who saw her would be able to guess what she was doing inside the carriage.

“Tiny tot, why are you being jealous? Now, I’ll give your brother-in-law to you.” Nalan Ruyue calmly stood up from the lap of Long Yi. She sorted out her clothing with a smile.

Nalan Rumeng happily smiled and impatiently jumped into the bosom of Long Yi. Rubbing her small head on his sturdy chest, she could feel Long Yi’s warm manly aura. She felt extremely comfortable.

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“Brother-in-law, you are up to mischief again.” Suddenly, Nalan Rumeng stiffened and she raised her head. She said with a hint of shame as she could clearly feel something poking at her private place.

Long Yi laughed hollowly. He was not a eunuch. After messing around with Nalan Ruyue a moment ago, how could his little brother not protest? In addition, this Little Lolita had grown up quite a lot since the last time he saw her. Her little buttocks had taken shape and her breasts had also gotten quite big. When she moved around in his bosom, his little brother became even more spirited. How could he calm down?

When she looked at Long Yi’s current appearance, Nalan Rumeng smirked. She started to grind her little buttocks against Long Yi’s **. Her beautiful face still carried a bit of immature vibe but she had already grown into a charming and wild woman. She licked her lips and exhaled a hint of orchid fragrance. She whispered into Long Yi’s ear, “Brother-in-law, do you want it?”

That seductive appearance directly made Long Yi’s blood boil. His brutish nature was instantly aroused. As for Nalan Ruyue, she was startled at the side. When did her younger sister learn how to seduce men? She had no idea where in the world this damned girl learned these things from.

Grabbing Nalan Rumeng’s little breasts with his claws, Long Yi endured the fire of lust which was burning inside him as he placed her to the side. Although he couldn’t wait to immediately deal with this silly girl, there were lots of people outside. Moreover, they were about to arrive at the Ximen Residence. He was obviously unable to do anything to the Nalan sisters in the carriage.

Before long, the convoy arrived at the front of the Ximen Residence. By the time they arrived, Ximen Nu had already learned of the news. He was standing at the gate as he prepared to receive them along with a group of his trusted subordinates. With the utmost courtesy as the future ruler of the Violent Dragon Empire, he welcomed the group from the Nalan Empire. Although Nalan Ruyue was his daughter-in-law, when all was said and done, she was also the Empress of the Nalan Empire. He had to show some form of courtesy.


At night, the streets and lanes of Soaring Dragon City were still crowded with people and the atmosphere was extremely lively. It had already been a long time since the night market of Soaring Dragon City was this bustling. Of course, all of it had to do with the new emperor ascending the throne. Many traveling merchants of the various races of the Blue Waves Continent had swarmed to this city. As a result, even this huge flourishing city was filled to its maximum capacity. Even in the outskirts area, there were rows of newly built temporary log cabins and tents. All of the races were getting along well.

At this moment, in the Ximen Residence, Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue were fighting fiercely without any restraint. The entangled body of a man and a woman was emitting ** luster under the illumination of a rosy lamplight.

After a long time, Long Yi finally spurted. By that time, Nalan Ruyue’s body was already soft and had collapsed into Long Yi’s bosom. Her beautiful eyes were half closed and when she breathed, her jade breasts would quiver lightly. This truly was a scene that could make a sage go mad.

Only after a long time, Nalan Ruyue came back to her sense from her lingering **. She didn’t move as she used Long Yi’s chest as pillows. Lightly pursing up her pink lips, she looked at Long Yi with her beautiful eyes while drawing circles with her jade finger on the body of Long Yi.

“Yue’er, haven’t you had enough? Do you want your husband to start again?” Long Yi looked straight at Nalan Ruyue with affection in his eyes as he caressed her smooth back.

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Nalan Ruyue hatefully rolled her eyes and rubbed her full ** against his chest. She said, “My husband, do you remember what you promised me?”

Long Yi was startled and he frowned. After thinking about it for a long time, he was unable to recall anything. Helplessly shaking his head, Long Yi expressed that he didn’t remember anything.

Nalan Ruyue angrily pinched Long Yi and said, “My husband, didn’t you promise me that immediately after the warfare ended…… You will make a baby with me?” After speaking, Nalan Ruyue became shy. Even though she looked shy, her eyes emitted radiance of a woman’s longing. She believed that there were three stages of a woman’s life. First was being a woman before turning into a man’s wife. She would eventually become the mother of his children. Becoming a mother was an urgent matter after a woman had matured enough, physically and physiologically.

Hearing Nalan Ruyue, Long Yi remembered the promise. As a matter of a fact, Nalan Ruyue was not the only person having such thoughts. He had agreed to have a child after settling everything on the Blue Waves Continent. About the matter of having an heir, even Dongfang Wan had been pestering him about it. She had thoughts of bringing him to see a doctor when she saw that none of the women around him were pregnant. She had suspected that there was something wrong with his body. Otherwise, with so many daughters-in-law, why didn’t she have a grandchild?

“My husband, is that okay? I really want a baby. Our baby will be the continuation of our life…” Nalan Ruyue shook the body of Long Yi and said affectionately.

“Okay. Since you are ready, we will have to sow the seeds.” Long Yi pinched the cheeks of Nalan Ruyue and said with a bad smile. He decided that it was time for him to have his own children. Now, the entire Blue Waves Continent was stable and there were almost no conflicts between the clans. Of course, Long Yi had long been thinking about having a child. He had yet to experience the life of a father.

“Then, what are you waiting for, you bad fellow?” When she saw that Long Yi had agreed to it, Nalan Ruyue happily turned her body and pushed Long Yi down against the bed. Before long, intoxicated moans resounded in the room and it didn’t dissipate even after a long time.

Only after several rounds, Nalan Ruyue finally fell asleep. As for Long Yi, he wasn’t sleepy at all. In this quiet night, he was lost in thoughts and he dreamed of the day when all of his women around him were sitting around him as their children gathered around them. He longed for the day when they sweetly called him ‘father’.

Unconsciously, a happy smile appeared on the face of Long Yi. However, Long Yi woke up with a start as he patted his forehead. Perhaps, he was affected by the words of Nalan Ruyue. It might even be his dreams which were hidden deep in his heart.

Long Yi gently got up and wore his clothes. Leaving the sleeping Nalan Ruyue, he walked out of the room.

At this moment, the temperature was cool and dawn was approaching. The people who were bustling late into the night had already entered dreamland after eating and drinking to their heart’s content. On the outskirts of the city, smoke which came from bonfires was still curling upwards into the sky.

Long Yi habitually flew to the roof which was a place where he could find peace. He thought about how it had already been a few years since he had arrived in this world. From fear to novelty to integration… Everything he had experienced was just like a dream. Sometimes, he wondered whether he was just dreaming about everything which happened. However, at this time, the memories of his past life was already cloudy. He couldn’t recall many things and there were only some indistinct and blur outlines left.

Still, whenever he looked at the vast starry sky, Long Yi always had a feeling that he was extremely tiny. The universe was too big and humankind was too small. Even those so-called gods were nothing but a comparably bigger speck of dust in the boundless universe.

Long Yi stretched out his hand as if he wanted to grab the stars in the sky. In this vast universe, could there be a beautiful planet called earth?

Suddenly, a familiar fragrance came along with the night wind. After retracting his hand, Long Yi saw the Elf Queen looking at him with a slight smile on her face.

“Your Majesty the Queen, can’t fall asleep? How about drinking some wine as we enjoy looking at the beautiful full moon together?” Long Yi smiled and sat up. He had thoughts of being alone with the Elf Queen. He was happy that she appeared at this moment.

The Elf Queen gracefully sat beside Long Yi and said, “Why are you here by yourself? What were you thinking about just a moment ago?”

Long Yi took out wine cups and a bottle of Hundred Flowers Wine from his space ring. When he heard her question, his hands paused for a moment and he said with a smile, “I couldn’t fall asleep tonight and I was thinking about some profound issues. How big is the universe? Why do people exist in this world? Why are there men and women? Why can men and women be together but not men and men? Why can’t women be together with women?”

“Only someone like you will think about these messy stuffs. It’s enough for everyone to live in this world happily. Why are you thinking about so much random stuff?” Elf Queen chuckled and said.

“Living happily… Is living happily enough? As long as one is happy, can one put aside their moral principles and ethical constraints?” Long Yi emptied a glass with one gulp and stared at Elf Queen with keen, sparkling eyes. The hand which the Elf Queen used to hold the cup trembled and her thoughts were thrown into disarray.

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