Chapter 235: You Actually Had An Egg?

“Elder Cheng, there’s something I need to tell you,” Yuan Yangzi’s voice was downcast. Yun Tian was Elder Cheng’s disciple. Now that Yun Tian had died, he had to relay the news to him.

“Please speak, Sect Master,” Elder Cheng saw the sect master’s complexion was so heavy, so he spoke with confusion.

“Yun Tian self-detonated his core in Death Forest.”

“Ah? Self-detonation? How is this possible? Who is it? Who killed my disciple?!” Elder Cheng was shocked before voicing out his fury. He didn’t care if he was acting rudely in front of the sect master.

“Currently, we have no idea. I hope Elder Cheng can restrain your grief. Yun Tian was not only your disciple, he’s also my Kunlun Sect’s outstanding disciple. We will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly,” Yuan Yangzi knew that Elder Cheng had always thought highly of Yun Tian, holding high hopes for his future. Now that Yun Tian had died, and had even self-detonated his own golden core, how could Elder Cheng not be angered?

“Thank you, Sect Master!” Elder Cheng voiced out his gratitude. His hand was pressing on the tea table, trembling slightly. His complexion had turned ashen, looking as if he wanted to devour a human. Yun Tian was the youngest Golden Core disciple among all the other disciples under him. His aptitude was outstanding. For a long time, he had always treated him like his own son. Now that he was forced to self-detonating his own golden core, how humiliating was that?!

The other elders were also in shock when they heard the news. When Elder Ping saw Elder Cheng’s actions, although he displayed a worried and sad expression, his heart was actually very happy. The two of them had always seen each other as sore eyes. Now that Elder Cheng’s most talented disciple died, he was naturally feeling very happy.

“Sect Master! You said Yun Tian died because of self-detonating his golden core. With Yun Tian’s strength, to cause him to self-detonate his golden core, this person’s prowess is definitely not an ordinary Golden Core late stage expert. Could this person be sent out from the other sects?” Elder Qing asked fervently.

“We aren’t sure. If I know which sect dared to kill my Kunlun Golden Core disciples, I will definitely make them pay a disastrous price!” Yuan Yangzi harrumphed. Golden Core disciples were the sect’s main forces. Whoever dared to kill Golden Core disciples was directly provoking the sect, to the point of declaring war. If this matter were transmitted out, and Kunlun did not take any action, how were they going to establish themselves in the Cultivation World?

“Put this matter aside first. Now, let’s talk about the soul tool and if Cheng Yu is still alive. How do you people think we should handle the situation?” Yuan Yangzi saw Elder Cheng’s disappointed appearance, and other than showing his anger, he also sighed. Yuan Yangzi then mentioned the other two problems.

“In my opinion, these three matters could be handled together. In any case, they are all in Death Forest. We can send out a Golden Core late stage disciple to leave for Death Forest,” Elder Qing stated.

“A majority of our Golden Core disciples are outside gaining experience. Where are we going to look for a Golden Core late stage disciple?” Elder Ping glanced at Elder Cheng, voicing out his concerns.

“A few days ago, didn’t Yun Feng and Yun Hai return? They are both Golden Core middle stage disciples. I believe with both of their strengths, it’s sufficient for them to handle the matters in Death Forest. Even if they ran into a Golden Core late stage expert, they also have the strength to battle them. I believe there shouldn’t be any danger,” Elder Qing looked at Elder Cheng, and explained his thoughts.

“No way! Both Yun Feng and Yun Hai returned with injuries. They are currently recovering. How can they head out to carry out the mission?” Elder Ping immediately objected. Yun Feng and Yun Hai were Elder Ping’s disciple. Why would he send his own disciples out to help Elder Cheng look for the murderer?

“Elder Ping, the current matters are urgent. Could it be you wish to see Kunlun’s reputation suffer damage? As a Kunlun elder, you should set yourself as the example,” Elder Qing said discontentedly to Elder Ping.

“Hmph! Don’t take such a big hat to oppress me. If there’s a matter with Kunlun, I will naturally put in all my effort to help. But I mustn’t let my disciples head over so negligently. The murderer of Yun Tian is obviously in Golden Core late stage, yet both my disciples’ cultivation is only in Golden Core middle stage. Furthermore, they are both injured. Aren’t you asking for them to throw away their lives?” Elder Ping replied coldly.

“Alright. Stop bickering. These few matters are all related to Kunlun’s reputation and future. I hope all elders will work together for a common purpose. Elder Ping, all the Golden Core disciples are outside training. I can only let your disciples take this task. Of course, I will not let your disciples work hard in vain. I promise that as long as they handle these three matters well, that soul tool will belong to you. How about that?” Yuan Yangzi brought a stop to both of them, voicing out his idea.

“Sect Master, you mustn’t do this!” Elder Qing heard that the soul tool would belong to Elder Ping, he immediately disagreed.

“Sect Master, do you mean it?” Elder Ping eyes glowed with radiance, as he verified it.

“Naturally,” Yuan Yangzi nodded his head.

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“Alright! Then I will arrange it now!” Elder Ping immediately became happy, walking out of the discussion hall immediately.

“Sect Master, how can you give the soul tool to him?” Seeing Elder Ping had left, Elder Qing voiced out his displeasure.

“How about you send out your disciples? The soul tool will belong to you then,” Yuan Yangzi said nonchalantly. His eyes were abstruse, and no one knew what he was thinking.


“Haiz! It’s already a day, and still no discovery,” Cheng Yu sat on his flying sword, and his mood was extremely bad.

“Eh? What’s that?” Suddenly, Cheng Yu saw a reflection within the ocean.

“Island? Island!” Cheng Yu quickly descended. That reflection became a lot more obvious. It was actually an island.

“D*mn it. Take a look first. After searching for so long, I only spotted an island. Perhaps, it’s where the formation eye is?” Cheng Yu thought and decided to take a look at the island. The island wasn’t big. Around 100 square kilometers. Being placed in the middle of this big ocean, it seemed very small. Cheng Yu did not land, but continued flying around in the sky. He wanted to search if there was any peculiarity in this island. It would be better if he could discover the location of the formation eye.

“What’s that? Formation eye?” Cheng Yu circled around the island once. He saw an intense flash in the middle of the island. Cheng Yu fixed his eyes on it, as it seemed to really be where the formation eye was situated. His heart was delighted, and he flew over to that flash.

“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!” Just when Cheng Yu was hovering on top of the island, countless blazing huge birds flew out from the island.

“F*ck*r! Could this be the blazing huge birds den?” Seeing a group of large birds flying up, Cheng Yu did not intend to run anymore. He held onto the Purple Light Sword as he stepped on the flying sword to charge over.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu charged into the group of the blazing huge birds to start slaughtering them. To the current Cheng Yu, Foundation Establishment initial stage blazing huge birds were too weak.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” Noticing their comrades falling one after another, they turned crazy. One after another, they spurted out fireballs to attack Cheng Yu.

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“Six Dragons Emerging Out From The Seas!” Under such situation, Cheng Yu had no choice but to use a big move.

“Howl! Howl! Howl!” Six dragon images flew out from Cheng Yu’s body, swaying it’s large body. It brought forth an immensely prestigious roar that was flying in the same direction.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Consecutive acute explosions resonated. The blazing huge birds were like rain, falling down after being killed. The smoke disappeared. The blazing huge birds no longer flew up in a group.

“Ha! Competing with me, even if there’s more of you, it’s easy for me to kill all you until none are left,” Cheng Yu descended happily.

“Spiritual Crystal! Such a big Spiritual Crystal!” As Cheng Yu descended, he saw a large Spiritual Crystal hovering in the middle. Surrounding it were six pieces of smaller Spiritual Crystals hovering in the air. Of course, the smaller Spiritual Crystals were only small when it was compared to the large Spiritual Crystal.

Spiritual Crystals were even more precious than spiritual veins. Not only was a large amount of spiritual Qi accumulated inside, it was able to make ornaments. Ornaments that were made using a Spiritual Crystal contained pure energy. In addition to its dazzling radiance, it was the Cultivation World ladies’ favorite.

“Heh! Such a big Spiritual Crystal. If I were to bring it back, I wonder how crazy the girls at home would be!” Watching the big Spiritual Crystal, Cheng Yu suddenly thought of the girls’ spectacular appearances and immediately became delighted. Girls had always taken fancy to things that were pure and dazzling. This Spiritual Crystal would make even those female cultivators crazy, let alone those mortal girls at home.

“Aish. Not sure what they are doing now, and if their cultivation made a breakthrough. Once I return, I must give them a big help. After that, I can finally enjoy my blissful life!” Thinking up to here, Cheng Yu started to miss those girls.

“Stop thinking about them. Should quickly keep this away, return home and enjoy the happiness waiting for me,” Cheng Yu raised the Purple Light Sword, preparing to cleave down the large Spiritual Crystal in the middle.

“Pu!” It was at this moment, a large fireball flew towards Cheng Yu.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu turned around, cleaving apart the fireball.

“Blazing huge bird monarch?” At this moment, Cheng Yu noticed a blazing huge bird that was larger than the other blazing huge birds nearby. On top of its head, there was a crown that looked like a king crown. It straightened its tummy to seem more regal. The blazing huge bird monarch was in the Golden Core middle stage. Cheng Yu did not dare to be careless.

“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” Cheng Yu did not want to waste any more time, so the moment he started, he used his strongest move.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” The blazing huge bird monarch actually didn’t dodge, as it opened up both its wings that were around ten meters wide, and started flapping them unceasingly. It fanned out intense gales, blocking Cheng Yu’s layers of sword reflections.

“Good thing! You are the first who managed to block this move of mine. Brother here admires you!” Cheng Yu didn’t expect the bird monarch to possess such an ability.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” The blazing bird monarch seems to not care about Cheng Yu, continuing to flap its wings, flapping out small individual cyclones to attack Cheng Yu.

“Don’t try to act cool in front of your brother! Your brother isn’t that simple!” Since the blazing bird monarch’s cyclones were able to block Cheng Yu’s sword reflections, Cheng Yu’s sword reflections were also able to block its cyclones. Cheng Yu once again used his Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves to disperse the attack.

“Primeval Chaos Thousand Origin Chop!” Cheng Yu leaped into the sky, revolving rapidly, he slashed towards the blazing bird monarch directly.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” In the end, the blazing bird monarch used both its wings to protect its front, causing Cheng Yu to be unable to slash through.

“Swoosh!” Just at the instant Cheng Yu stopped, the blazing bird monarch used one of its wings to flap towards Cheng Yu, slapping Cheng Yu away.

“Heh! Big guy, you truly angered me,” Cheng Yu didn’t expect this thing to be so powerful, with nimble reactions. Furthermore, it seemed to be very smart.

“Phantom Lion Roar!” Cheng Yu howled, punching a punch out.

“Boom!” This time, the blazing bird monarch didn’t actually dodge, receiving Cheng Yu’s move by force. However, it was sent flying by Cheng Yu this time.

“Just now, I wanted to say you are quite smart. Turns out that you are actually so stupid, to actually not know how to dodge!” Cheng Yu had finally gotten the upper hand, so he started speaking disdainfully.

“Eh?” Cheng Yu saw the blazing bird monarch crawled up, standing back at the original spot, looking at Cheng Yu. It’s legs were moving back and forth slowly, trying to protect something. Cheng Yu was confused by this scene.

“Egg? You actually had an egg?” Cheng Yu saw half of the eggshell exposed behind the blazing bird monarch. Immediately, he was elated.

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