Chapter 677 – Marrying Another

However, she then felt a tight squeeze upon her waist!

It was that Vine Equipment.

“Impossible! How can a magic equipment move by itself? It should have required someone to wield it! Something’s wrong, this is not an equipment, is it a spirit treasure? Huan Qing Yan, you possess dual spirit treasures!”

Hou Ning Xue’s expression was mixed with surprise and fear as she went down the hole, all the while screaming.


Several elders who were also King Spirit Masters sat within the hall, all of them had silent expressions.

The one seated at the head position was a cultured and graceful male who looked like a young man, his looks were handsome and on close observation, he looked like Ji Mo Ya while he was displaying a gentle smile. His body was slender and slightly thin, with a pale skin that produced a form of sickly beauty.

This was the current patriarch of the Ji Mo Clan, Ji Mo Wu Chang.

Ji Mo Ya was seated directly underneath him with a respectful attitude.

The elders were displaying a calm and easygoing expression as they looked at Ji Mo Ya.

Except Ji Mo Kai Yuan, who was the witness and the plaintiff, was retelling Ji Mo Ya’s actions during the Saintess Ceremony…

Explaining what had happened in detail while feeling resentful about his behavior, “Little Ya! Its good that you have not become completely muddleheaded and also understood that you should come back to seek forgiveness from the Patriarch. The Patriarch’s old illness had a relapse over the past two years, yet you still did things willfully and caused trouble for the Patriarch…”

Ji Mo Ya did not speak.

The cultured male indicated for Ji Mo Kai Yuan to stop before turning to Ji Mo Ya with a smile, “Little Ya, I watch you grew up and you have never been someone who would do things in the spur of the moment. Since you have announced to the world that you are marrying another, it means that you have made ample preparations; tell us what your plans are.”

Ji Mo Ya courteously bowed, and with a slightly helpless expression paired with a decisive tone he replied, “Uncle, I am willing to give up the position of heir…”

Ji Mo Wu Chang and Ji Mo Ya’s father, Ji Mo Wu Hui, were blood brothers.

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The reason he looked like a youth was because he ranked up fast when he was young, especially upon becoming a Mystic Spirit Master, the changes to his looks started to slow down greatly. When he became a King Spirit Master, his appearance basically did not change by much any longer.

When they heard Ji Mo Ya’s answer, the elders all went silent, displaying expressions of disappointment as well as some resentment that he had failed to meet their expectations.

Only Ji Mo Wu Chang continue to show a faint smile before he covered his mouth and coughed a couple of times due to his illness, “I am rather curious actually, about that lady who is able to let our Little Ya consider giving up his position as heir…”

Ji Mo Ya went on high alert.

Ji Mo Wu Chang waved his hand when he saw his reaction, “Little Ya, be rest assured that uncle and every elder present will not lay a hand on this young lady. Love can make even deities go crazy, let alone mortals. Uncle might not have married in this life, but I saw enough to understand it. Little Ya, tell me, what do you plan to do from now on?”

Ji Mo Ya secretly sighed in relief, if the Patriarch and Group of Elders wanted to kill Little Yan, then he could only accompany her and die together.

He was betting on their bond of several years, that the Patriarch will not be doing things to that extreme.

As well as hope that to the clan did not find him to be as important as he imagined.

“The clan possessed many excellent individuals amongst the younger generation, this junior feels guilty for not being able to live up to the expectations of the elders of the clan; I can only make up by repaying the clan in the future. As for what happens later, it is not yet confirmed that my Dragon Spirit Treasure would face Heaven’s Tribulation in the future, if I really do encounter it, I will also think of methods to overcome it.”

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