Chapter 141: Choosing of Secret Technique

“The secret technique that you used, is it a 3 star secret technique?”

Zhao Wujin asked in a secluded area.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist nodded, “Yes.”

Zhao Wujin didn’t inquire where the secret technique came from, but straight up stated, “You now have two choices. One, to refuse handing over the secret technique. Two, hand over the secret technique and receive a vast amount of contribution points. Which one will you pick?”

“Choice two.” Li Fuchen didn’t have any hint of hesitating.

The Zheng clansmen required the jade buddha in order to cultivate the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique. Li Fuchen who mastered the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique could write down the cultivation method directly and allow others to cultivate it.

“Smart choice.” Zhao Wujin had on a look full of praises, he then said, “The amount of points for offering a secret technique and redeeming a secret technique is different. To redeem a 1 star secret technique is 5000 points, a 2 star secret technique is 50,000 points, and a 3 star secret technique is 500,000 points. But to offer secret techniques, the points would be doubled. Which would mean that if you contribute the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, you would gain 1 million contribution points.”

“1 million contribution points, huh?” Li Fuchen raised his brows.

1 million points was totally outside of his expectations. As such, he would have taken advantage of the Zheng Clan.

In the Azure Water Sect, the higher your cultivation level, the more contribution points you needed.

Take for example, once his Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique reached the highest level, he would need to redeem an even higher tiered cultivation technique.

Within the Azure Water Sect, a mystic class, high-tier technique was about 200,000 contribution points. A mystic class, peak-tier technique would be at least 1 million contribution points. If it was one of the two ultimates, the True Azure Water Technique or True Inferno Technique, it would at least be 1.5 million points.

(TL note: True Cang Lan Sect = True Azure Water Sect)

In addition to that, it takes a lot of contribution points to redeem martial arts manuals as well.

At his current stage, yellow class, low-tier sword arts weren’t able to improve his sword dao foundation anymore. 100 different yellow class, low-tier sword arts had almost covered all the sword skills of the low-tier foundation.

He planned to redeem a large quantity of yellow class, mid-tier sword arts to build up his sword dao foundation. Subsequently, it would then be large quantities high-tier and peak-tier sword arts of the yellow class.

Not forgetting pills, armor, and some life-saving items which all required contribution points.

Contribution points was the currency within the sect. Without any currency, it would be hard to make any progress.

He didn’t wish to continue fishing as it used up a lot of time and energy.

“Zheng Clan… If there is another opportunity, I shall assist them again.” Li Fuchen thought in his heart.


The next day, Li Fuchen arrived at the martial hall.

Secret techniques were contained within the same martial hall, but within a spacious hidden room.

When Li Fuchen arrived at the hidden room, Xiao Libie, Liu Wuhuang, and the others were already there.

Everyone was picking a 2 star secret technique of their desire.

Noticing Li Fuchen, Liu Wuhuang gave a humph.

Li Fuchen paid no to him and picked up a 2 star secret technique scroll to take a look.

‘Divine Movement Leg. Once at the completion stage it allows one’s traversing speed to drastically improve. Astrals winds would be produced by the side of the legs.’

“This secret technique isn’t bad. It’s great for an exit plan!” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

The Shadowless Leg wasn’t bad either, but it was afterall a kick art. It could not be compared to the Divine Movement Leg which focused on traversing.

‘Ebullition Blood Technique. Allows the user to heat up their qi and blood to increase overall attributes, especially reaction speed.’

‘Secret Mark Technique. The body of the user has to be carved with a secret mark. Activating the secret mark would increase their qi burst power and physical defenses.’

‘Sunflower Sword Qi. A sunflower sword qi seed would be planted within the user. The seed would nourish user’s sword qi and can be activated to harm the foe during the crucial moment.’


A total of twenty-seven 2 star secret techniques had all been read through by Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen ended up picking the Divine Movement Leg.

But it wasn’t entirely because of its efficient escape ability.

The world was a big place and having a fast overall speed was a good thing. Be it for escaping, for travelling, or to quickly finish a sect mission, the Divine Movement Leg would be able to be put to use.

Since he already had the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, he didn’t require any more secret techniques that increased his overall ability.

After choosing his secret technique, Li Fuchen redeemed an additional 30 yellow class, mid-tier sword art manuals.


Back at his own courtyard, Li Fuchen immediately began researching the Divine Movement Leg Secret Technique.

The Divine Movement Leg Secret Technique was similar to the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique in that it required many acupoints to be unblocked, but differently in the legs.

But the Divine Movement Leg only has two ranks.

Only allowed on

The first rank was for the legs to produce wind force.

The second rank was to use the divine wind to turn into a shadow.

With his experience from cultivating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, Li Fuchen cultivated the Divine Movement Leg at an extreme pace. In just three days, the Divine Movement Leg had reached the completion stage of the first rank.

In the empty space outside of his courtyard, Li Fuchen’s body was leaning forward.

Silent and without a presence.

In the next moment, Li Fuchen flew out along with the gale. The speed was so quick that even Li Fuchen found it hard to make simple changes in direction.

“So fast. Just the first rank is already proving to be much faster than the Shadowless Leg. The second rank would most probably be twice the speed of the Shadowless Leg.”

Li Fuchen finally witnessed a secret technique that was specialized in traversing.

Once the Divine Movement Leg was activated, qi from both legs would start to react with the surrounding qi flow. It then created a layer of wind which provided a flowing current of qi for support. Now Li Fuchen felt like he was flying and didn’t feel any resistance, like he was gliding through the air.

The only weakness of the Divine Movement Leg was it’s rigidity in the changing of directions. Unlike the Shadowless Leg, where the practitioner can become like a phantom and switch directions at anytime, making the opponent confused.

Once he completed the first rank of the Divine Movement Leg, Li Fuchen immediately began cultivating the second rank.

The second rank was undoubtedly a few folds more difficult to master than the first rank.

It not only required for one’s leg qi to interact with the surrounding qi flow, it had an additional requirement of creating astral winds by the side of the legs.

Once the astral winds were created, Li Fuchen could spend long period of time flying above the ground without the need to step on the ground.

Li Fuchen took half a month just to master the second rank of the Divine Movement Leg.


On a mountain trail, a body figure was flying slightly above the ground. Its speed was so fast, that only the shadow’s legs could be seen. It was like the shadow was riding the winds, it was an unbelievable sight.

“Too fast!”

Li Fuchen looked around his sides. In the past, no matter how fast he was, he would still be able to clearly sense everything around him. But right now, some of the images started to become blurry.

With his eyesight that was actually competent enough to clearly sense everything even when he executed the Shadowless Leg…

When he executed the Divine Movement Leg, his senses wasn’t as delicate.

Before he could sense everything in detail, his body would already be at another place.

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“This speed is slightly more than double that of the Shadowless Leg’s.”

Taking in a deep breath, Li Fuchen revolved the Wind Shadow Steps. He would like to find out, if he combined both the Wind Shadow Steps and Divine Movement Leg, how much faster would he get.

A fine and subtle sound broke out as Li Fuchen vanished. Only a slight transparent figure could be seen moving in the air.

“Sound can be heard. It seems that the speed is too fast. Both the Wind Shadow Steps and Divine Movement Leg can’t remove the air resistance.” Li Fuchen spoke to himself.

As he looked at his sides, he could only see a contorted view of the scenery. At this moment, everything looked blended, like a pot of glue. Making it hard to figure out which was which.

Closing his eyes and opening it again, a blue glow which had traces of green within, illuminated his eyes.

With the illumination of the glow, Li Fuchen could now finally see his surroundings clearly.

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