Chapter 234: Being Trapped by the Illusion

“Yun Xing? How come it’s them? Could the Golden Core expert who self-detonated is Yun Tian?” Noticing the corpse was several Kunlun disciples, Tian Xuan was also in shock.

“Very likely. Yun Xing should not have the ability to make a Golden Core expert self-detonate. Besides, Yun Tian was injured. The chances of him being the self-detonator was a lot higher,” Ling Feng frowned as he analyzed.

“How is it that possible? Judging from Yun Tian’s strength, his opponent should at least be in Golden Core late stage. Even if Yun Tian was injured, his opponent should at least be in Golden Core middle stage. This kind of expert shouldn’t be coveting things on Yun Tian, right?” Tian Xuan was confused. Wanting to kill a Golden Core expert is not an easy task. If it wasn’t for an important item, it was totally not worth risking their life for. Judging from how wretched the location has turned into, even if his opponent didn’t die, he would suffer from grave injuries.

“Hard to say. Perhaps, there was something on Yun Tian that made the other party feel it’s worth the risk. Furthermore, it might not be killing one to snatch their treasure, it can also be revenge. Us cultivators always have foes, right?” Ling Feng thought and said.

“Right. Regardless, we should be careful. It’s hard to say if the other party has any enmity towards us. Now that Yun Tian died, it might be a good thing for us. At least we have one less competitor,” Tian Xuan smiled.

“Haha. That’s right. Both of us just made him bear grudges with us. Now that he’s dead, we no longer need to be afraid of being targeted by him,” Ling Feng smiled.

Inside Death Forest, there were so many powerful expert but with Yun Tian dead, they had one less to worry about. They did not need to keep on worrying about someone bearing grudges. Perhaps, there would be a day when they got assassinated and they wouldn’t know who was the culprit.


As the culprit, Cheng Yu was extremely pleased. At this very moment, he stopped at a riverside, roasting a fish. To him, his goal was definite. One was to promote his strength and accumulate wealth. Second was to eliminate Kunlun’s strength.

Kunlun had always been Cheng Yu’s sore point. With such a big boulder pressuring him, how could his heart feel any better? He truly wished to kill directly into Kunlun. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the strength to. Therefore, he could only slowly nibble away at Kunlun. From time to time, he would eliminate some of their outstanding seeds. Although temporarily, he couldn’t eliminate Kunlun, it would still cause them some pain.

His next checkpoint would be Thousand Flower Palace. He wasn’t sure if he could find it smoothly.

“Purple Water, Heavenly Bone, locating the Thousand Flower Palace will make me rely on you,” Cheng Yu rubbed his own chest in silence. When it came to him entering the Temple of Heaven, he was still confused. Why was he able to use his blood to open up the palace entrance? This was something he could not understand at all. He wished to know if other people’s blood would be able to open these palaces. If other’s blood was also able to, there was nothing worth bothering about then. If only his blood was able to, this question would have to be thought over seriously. Perhaps, he might even need to look for an answer.

After a rushed journey, Cheng Yu finally passed through Death Bone Tomb. What made Cheng Yu very surprised was that during the night, these white bone armies actually didn’t appear. Although it was very weird, Cheng Yu did not ponder it. Perhaps, similar to Death Swamp, once he seized the palace, the place would return normal.

“Never imagined Death Fantasy Ocean would be an ocean of flowers. No wonder it’s called Thousands Flower Palace. Not sure when I will be able to locate the Thousands Flower Palace,” Cheng Yu surveyed the everlasting ocean of flowers sorrowfully. With expectation, he charged into the ocean of flowers.

“There seems to be nothing weird about this place?” Cheng Yu wandered around the ocean of flowers a few times. Ultimately, he couldn’t feel any danger. He couldn’t even spot any demon beast trails, making him feel baffled by the situation.

“Forget it. Walking around so aimlessly, when will I be able to locate it? I should just use flight!” Cheng Yu walked for a period of time, not sensing a single trace of danger, so he no longer cared and took out his flying sword and flew off.

“Eh? Not good! Illusion!” Cheng Yu used his flying sword and flew up to the sky. He found out that his surroundings was above a large ocean. Immediately, his expression changed.

“Pop!” Cheng Yu hastily descended, hoping to get back to the ground. However, he dropped straight into the ocean.

“F*ck!” Cheng Yu quickly returned up. With his body wet, he was extremely gloomy.

“This time, it’s troublesome. This illusion is very strong. It’s not going to be easy to return,” Cheng Yu hovered in the sky, looking at the never ending ocean. He finally understood why this place was called Death Fantasy Ocean. Without a choice, he could only pick a direction and fly towards it.

“D*mn it. How am I supposed to get out of this illusion?” Cheng Yu flew continuously for three hours, but he didn’t manage to discover anything. The so-called illusion was to take form of an imaginary world, but those placed in this illusion would feel that this world truly existed. Illusions could be either strong or weak. The stronger the illusion, the more the person trapped would believe they were not in an illusion. Of course, this also corresponds to the person’s strength who entered the illusion. Those with weaker strength, even if they entered a simple illusion, would also feel that they had entered a real world. For those with high cultivation, if they were to enter a simple illusion, they would need to preserve their state of mind, so they would easily see through the illusion, causing it to disappear.

However, when facing a formidable illusion, it would be hard to use this kind of method to get out of the illusion. There were three ways to cause an illusion. Firstly, using pills. Regardless of it being in the Cultivation World or the Secular World, pills could bring one into an illusion or hallucination. This kind of illusion was usually very weak. As long as the target had firm willpower, they would be able to wake up from the illusion very quickly.

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Secondly, it was those cultivation techniques that focused on confusing the enemy. Just like the technique that Cheng Yu had passed on to his women, the Art of Thousand Illusion Charm, and Art of Heart Confusion. These two techniques were able to make one enter a hallucination, or illusion. As for how strong or weak the illusion was, it would depend on the caster.

The stronger the caster, the stronger the illusion would be. However, if the target’s strength was higher than the caster, it would be very hard to confuse them. Previously, in order to test her cultivation, Lan Ya experimented on Cheng Yu by specially preparing a trap for Cheng Yu. In the end, it was not in the least useful on Cheng Yu. However, it didn’t mean that as long as the targeted person’s strength was beyond them, it would not be useful on them. All of this depends on situation.

This two illusions were momentary. After a period of time, the illusion would disappear automatically. However, the one Cheng Yu was confronting was not these two, but the third one. He was situated in a hallucinatory formation. This kind of illusion was self-sustainable. As long as the formation was not broken, Cheng Yu would not be able to get out of this illusion. Therefore, the only thing Cheng Yu could do now was to locate the formation’s eye.

All formations had their own formation eye. As long as he found the formation eye, he would be able to break it and this illusion would disappear. Cheng Yu understood this point, but Cheng Yu had already searched for a few hours, and other than an ocean, there was nothing else in this illusion. This caused Cheng Yu to feel a headache assaulting his brain.

As the saying goes, ”The cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice.” Cheng Yu might not be a clever wife, but he still had some understanding towards illusions. Now that he was situated inside an empty illusion that didn’t even have a wisp of dirt, what means could he have?

“Truly misfortune doesn’t come alone. Seeking instant benefits is a bad thing,” Cheng Yu was helpless, but he wouldn’t give up just like this. He could only persistently fly in one direction.


“B*st*rd! When did this happen?” Inside Cultivation World Kunlun Discussion Hall, Yuan Yangzi looked through the jade letter in his hand, and his complexion turned green. He slapped the tea table, shouting at the disciples kneeling on the ground angrily.

“Reporting to Sect Master, the moment this jade letter arrived, I sent it over. The incident happened about five days ago,” Noticing the sect master had gotten angry, the disciple kneeling on the ground replied with fear and trepidation.

“Investigate! Within a half month, we must definitely find the culprit!” Yuan Yangzi replied in wrath.

“Yes! Sect Master, disciple still has another two matters to report,” That disciple lowered his head, speaking respectfully.

“What else? Speak!” Yuan Yangzi’s current mood was very bad. There were still so many things to solve, so his mood got even worse.

“Reporting to Sect Master, a few days ago, a soul tool appeared in Death Forest.”

“Soul tool? What soul tool? Where is the soul tool currently?” Hearing soul tool, not only was Yuan Yangzi focused, even those elders who were seated had their eyes shooting out in radiance. Soul tools were too important to a sect. Today, there were no longer any more immortal tools that were ownerless in the world. Only a few big sects would have a broken immortal tool.

Therefore, soul tools could be considered the highest rank weapons that could be found. The more soul tools a sect owned, the stronger they were. How could the upper management of the sect not be concerned by this?

“Reporting to Sect Master, it was reported in the grapevine that it was a sword. The soul tool belongs to a nameless man. It was reported that Shushan Sect, Tianshan Sect, Cangling Sect and us, Kunlun Sect, carried out a battle royale with four Golden Core experts. Our Kunlun Sect Golden Core representative was Senior Brother Yun Tian.”

“Then whose hand did the soul tool fall to?” Yuan Yangzi asked.

“It’s still with that nameless man. I heard that the man played the four great sect Golden Core experts. At the very moment, no one knows where he went. Most likely, he should have entered Death Fantasy Ocean.”

“Useless trash. That man is in what realm?” Yuan Yangzi heard Yun Tian getting played for a fool in front of everyone, so he scolded him. Suddenly, he thought of Yun Tian’s death, so he further questioned.

“Seems to be in Foundation Establishment late stage.”

“B*st*rd. A group of trash! So many people have been played like fools by a Foundation Establishment kid. Where am I going to place my Kunlun’s face at? Send people out to search for that kid. This soul tool must definitely be obtained!” Yuan Yangzi thought the other party’s cultivation would be very high to explain how he played the four Golden Core experts. He never imagined that they were played like fools by a Foundation Establishment kid.


“What is the other matter?” Yuan Yangzi asked conciously.

“According to reports, several days ago, someone saw a person fly out from Death Swamp,” The disciple glanced at Sect Master, before speaking cautiously.

“How is this related to us?” Yuan Yangzi questioned somewhat in puzzlement.

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“Sect Master. Previously, Cheng Yu had fallen into the Death Swamp,” At this moment, Elder Ping sitting at the side reminded the sect master.

“Cheng Yu? What! You are saying this person is Cheng Yu, and Cheng Yu is still alive?” Yuan Yangzi reacted, stating his shock.

“This…the report didn’t have that person’s identity. Disciple is only speculating,” The disciple replied in fear.

“How is this possible? Judging from Feng Qingzi’s strength, he wouldn’t have let Cheng Yu survive,” Yuan Yangzi thought over attentively.

“Investigate. These three matters, investigate them thoroughly for me!” Lastly, Yuan Yangzi opened his mouth and said.

“Yes. Disciple shall withdraw!”

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