Chapter 171: Leaking a Little More

The time limit of five hours to answer the questions was over in a blink of an eye, but Ye Jian had ample time left after she had finished. Even if she wasn’t in a competition, she would still have maintained the same focus and concentration. After she was done with the five questions, she carefully reviewed them, making sure there were no mistakes before putting down her pen.

Even then, she did not leave. In the group of Chinese students, she was the only one as calm and still as a needle in the sea. She waited silently until 1PM, before she stood up and left the room.

She was the first Chinese student to leave. Director Li and the other 4 teachers who were waiting outside each hugged her. “Good girl, you are our pride.” This was the encouragement from the teachers to the student.

“I will! I definitely will.” Ye Jian smiled. She had returned; she couldn’t let all the good things slip through her fingers again.

Life is limited, but many miracles could occur. She needed and desired to live that type of life!

Laughing heartily, Director Li praised this inconceivable female student from the mountains. “I believe you, Ye Jian. You will become our country’s pride!”

Is prestige important? Yes.

It isn’t because grades are everything but because it can prove that we are not in any way below others!

The only moment when rankings become unimportant is when one has reached the peak and no one else can ascend.

The students hugged the teachers and one another. In a foreign country, hugging another person from the same country quickly eased their uneasy heart.

The complexion of the Vietnamese students were poor as they walked out. The male student, who had incited trouble with the Chinese students, walked up to Ye Jian. When he stopped, his glare remained equally unfriendly, and he spoke in a heavily accented English, “It’s too early to get excited!”

This time, he didn’t dare use the word “aggressors” anymore. However, the Ye Jian now wasn’t the same as the one in the past who would just let everything slide. She puffed her chest out while putting on an attitude and tone that was unrelenting.

Hearing his words, she stared sharply at the boy, her pupils filled with cold determination as she laughed, “What is the difference between being happy now and later? We are always this happy.”

“There’s still 2 days left, just you wait and see!” The boy stopped there after he noticed that there were more students coming out and his own teacher was also waiting in the front. He harshly threw those words at her before leaving.

Ye Jian didn’t let the fact that he had left mean that she could not retort back. He could walk as far as he wanted to, but she replied slowly and carefreely anyways, “Okay, we’ll wait and see, just make sure you don’t trip along the way.”

All the Chinese students who heard the conversation lowered their heads and chuckled, giving her a thumbs up.

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To be considerate and modest is a virtue. However, when someone bullies you, and you have the ability to retaliate, then you should not restrain yourself!

Gao Yiyang’s eyebrows raised in response as he watched amusedly at the encounter. His usual cool face leaked a small smile in response to Ye Jian’s smile which was as bright as the sun.

She was still the same as she was in school; whoever bullied her would get retribution in some kind.

The impression of the lonely and weak Ye Jian was already becoming blurry in his memory. There were times when he would reflect and consider if he had been mistaken, and the real Ye Jian was in fact introverted but confident while also bright and beautiful as the sun, but did not catch anyone’s gazes.

He didn’t approach and hug Ye Jian unreservedly as did the other classmates; instead, he informed Director Li, “My father be coming in about ten minutes, it is very likely that I will be dining with him.”

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