Chapter 233: Golden Core Detonation

“I have no enmity towards Kunlun!” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly. Just when Yun Tian was still confused, wanting to ask why he targeted Kunlun, Cheng Yu spoke again. ”But Kunlun has enmity towards me.”

“Since it’s like that, then there’s nothing to say. Although you are quite remarkable, the disparity between us is not something you can ever imagine,” Yun Tian’s complexion changed, speaking coldly. No matter what, Yun Tian was a Golden Core expert. Although he was injured, he wasn’t afraid of a Foundation Establishment kid.

“Haha, really? We shall see later!” Cheng Yu smiled indifferently. The purple light flickered before he charged over. When competing against a Golden Core cultivator, Cheng Yu did not dare to be careless. Despite his strength being a lot greater than Yun Tian’s, Golden Core cultivators were still able to injure him. Similarly, Yun Tian displayed his Sunray Sword Art, so his attacks were extremely agile and fast. Compared to those Foundation Establishment people just now, the might of the attack was countless times greater.

“Kid. As expected, you have a move or two to be able to exchange so many moves with me. Since it’s like that, then you should try my Thousands Fathoms Sunray. See if you can block it!” Yun Tian attacked numerous times, but did not obtain the result he expected. Never had he expected that his opponent really had the ability to fight against Golden Core Realm.

“Then you should also try out my Primeval Chaos Strike One!” Cheng Yu’s Purple Light Sword was swelling with Qi, forming a powerful Qi revolving whirlpool.

“Clang!” Yun Tian saw Cheng Yu’s weird move, and he did not seem to pay too much attention to it, stabbing directly at Cheng Yu. However, just when his sword was about to stab him, it was actually deflected by the whirlpool, turning his sword slanted. And Cheng Yu’s sword was still heading towards Yun Tian.

“Bang!” Yun Tian’s Heavenly Dipper Armor was pierced through directly. His complexion ashen, he retreated hastily. Fortunately, his reaction was prompt. Otherwise, his body would have been pierced by Cheng Yu.

“You…” Yun Tian looked at Cheng Yu, overwhelmed with shock. He simply couldn’t believe Cheng Yu, a Foundation Establishment Realm kid, could actually pierce his Heavenly Dipper Armor. At Foundation Establishment Realm, the Qi in their body would form a Qi armor. And after advancing to Golden Core Realm, the Qi armor would advance as well, forming the Heavenly Dipper Armor. The Heavenly Dipper Armor defense was not something a Foundation Establishment cultivator could pierce through. This was also why the disparity between Foundation Establishment Realm and Golden Core Realm was so big.

Not to mention, just based on their defense, they were not in the same grade. However, Cheng Yu was able to pierce through Yun Tian’s Heavenly Dipper Armor. How could Yun Tian not be shocked? The main reason why Foundation Establishment Realm could not kill any Golden Core expert was because they couldn’t get through their defense. Now that Cheng Yu was able to break through Yun Tian’s Heavenly Dipper Armor, this showed Cheng Yu possessed the ability to kill Golden Core Realm.

This was too inconceivable. All the others Kunlun cultivators who were lying on the floor were extremely shocked as well. It had never occurred to them that a cultivator with the same cultivation as them, Cheng Yu, was strong to this extent, to have the ability to kill Golden Core experts. This was news that would bring excitement and motivation. But now, they were afraid, to the extent of feeling dread. Because such a person was their enemy. If Yun Tian was to be defeated, they would be dead meat.

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“Could the soul tool be the reason?” Yun Tian looked at Cheng Yu’s soul tool that was flickering in radiance. Greed was revealed in his eyes. If this soul tool was actually so powerful, if he were to obtain it, wouldn’t he possess the ability to kill Golden Core middle stage cultivators, to the extent that he might have the strength to fight against Golden Core late stage cultivators? This was an impressive thing.

“I must certainly get this soul tool!” Yun Tian cheered in his heart, deciding that regardless of what method he used, he must dispose of Cheng Yu and obtain this soul tool!

“Even if you possess the ability to kill Golden Core experts, you will still die today!” Yun Tian glanced at his opponent while the golden light on his body shone. Heavenly Dipper Armor was condensed on his body once again while the sword in his hand grew in radiance.

“Explosive Origin Sword Art!” Yun Tian shouted, rushing forth.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Yun Tian’s swordsmanship suddenly became more tyrannical. Every time it got in contact with the Purple Light Sword, it would bring an forth explosion. Momentarily, the weak Yun Tian had made a comeback. Unceasing explosions caused Cheng Yu to not dare to fight Yun Tian closely. Cheng Yu escaped from close combat, putting distance between them.

“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves! Phantom Fist!” Cheng Yu brandished his sword. Seeing Yun Tian was forced to retreat, his left hand incessantly sent a punch over.

“Pu!” Yun Tian had wasted tremendous strength to block the layers of sword reflections. However, before he even reacted, a large phantom fist had already struck at him, sending him flying!


“Primeval Chaos Thousand Origin Stab!” When Yun Tian saw the large phantom fist, he seemed to have recalled something. But Cheng Yu did not gave him a chance. With a dive, a thousand origin stab had started revolving rapidly.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” Cheng Yu attacked fiercely. Yun Tian was no longer able to resist. After blocking a few slashes, he could no longer hold on. With a bang, his Heavenly Dipper Armor was broken once again.

“Puchi!” Cheng Yu’s last stab had pierced Yun Tian’s body.

“Ah!” Yun Tian screamed! Suddenly, he grabbed onto Cheng Yu’s Purple Light Sword. A golden core appeared on top of his head, and he howled, ”Want to kill me, you should also be buried with me!”

“Not good! Senior Brother wants to self-detonate. Let’s run!” Yun Xing saw the battle had changed so quickly. Yun Tian actually wanted to self-detonate. Without much thinking, he stood up and ran with all his effort. Cheng Yu was also able to tell Yun Tian’s intention. His complexion turned anxious. Although Cheng Yu was strong, Golden Core detonation was something even Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were not able to resist. The Purple Light Sword that was pierced into Yun Tian’s body glowed. Cheng Yu started revolving it, separating himself from Yun Tian.

“Not good! Jewel Cauldron!” Noticing the change in the Golden Core above Yun Tian’s head, he quickly took out the Jewel Cauldron.

“Boom!” With Yun Tian being the core, an explosion that could shake heaven and earth exploded. The explosion pressure was like a tide, surging out violently.

“Dead? Senior Brother Yun Tian died?” Yun Xing and the other two disciples had escaped in time, preserving their lives. Seeing the empty scene, the few of them turned ashen. The explosion just now was too dreadful. It could be described as destroying heaven. This was the first time everyone had seen a Golden Core Expert self-detonating. They never imagined the energy to be so strong.

“Senior Brother Yun Xing, that kid should have died! Let’s go and search for the soul tool!” Suddenly, a disciple voiced out excitedly. The Cultivation World was like this. Although Yun Tian had died, they did not feel any sorrow, only benefits were on their mind. Dying was common in their sect, so surviving was the most important thing.

“Just now, what happened with that explosion? The explosion was actually so mighty?” The surrounding cultivators all heard an intense explosion, so they were extremely curious.

“Seems like a Golden Core expert detonated their golden core!” Someone with experiences promptly reacted.

“What? Golden Core expert self-detonating? Could he have met a Golden Core late stage expert?” A lot of them were astonished as they started to speculate. Generally speaking, Golden Core initial stage experts were very hard to be killed. Even if they ran into Golden Core middle stage experts, they still had the ability to escape. Unless they ran into an expert with a disparity of two stages or above, Golden Core late stage, they would be killed. Therefore, after advancing to Golden Core Realm, their own lives had gotten a lot more protective measures.

“Senior Brother Yun Xing? How come there’s nothing left? Could the soul tool have been destroyed in the explosion?” Yun Xing and his group returned to the battlefield, searching for Cheng Yu’s soul tool. However, after searching for a round, they found nothing.

“How is this possible? Golden Core is strong, but it does not have the ability to destroy a soul tool,” Yun Xing was also confused. Since they had been killed in an explosion, why was the soul tool missing?

“Could it be it was deflected to other place by the explosion?” Another person questioned.

“Quickly look over there. There’s a cauldron?” Suddenly, Yun Song stood behind a tree, shouting.

“Soul tool?” Yun Xing ran over. When he saw the cauldron, he was astonished and delighted.

“Soul tool? Could it be the sword knows how to change its form?” Yun Song asked as he was confused.

“Swish!” Suddenly, a radiance flickered within the cauldron. A person flew out!

“It’s you! You didn’t die! Quickly run!” Noticing the person who flew out, the trio was astonished. They quickly fled!

“Hmph! Want to run! I said before all of you have to die!” Cheng Yu flung the Purple Light Sword, shooting it over to the trio backs.

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“Ah! Ah! Ah!” In an instant, three blood-curdling screams resonated unceasingly. Cheng Yu went up, keeping the trio’s storage bags. ”I could be counted as a local tyrant, but regardless of how small an ant is, it’s still meat. What a pity for those few people, being exploded into nothing.”

Such an intense explosion would definitely attract a lot of people. Cheng Yu did not wish to be spotted. Killing people must be low-key. If Kunlun were to know that their own disciples were killed, but not knowing who was the culprit, they would definitely be angered to death.

“What a wretched scene. I’m afraid the explosion was strong to the point of not leaving any dregs behind!” Just as Cheng Yu left, not long later, a lot of people rushed over to the explosion’s location. When they saw the perimeter was turned into a mess, and the forest had been flattened, a lot of them shook their heads and sighed.

“Never imagined a Golden Core expert self-detonation would be so strong.”

“Not sure which Golden Core expert was forced to self-detonate. It’s so sorrowful,” Golden Core Realm was a lot of cultivators’ dreams. But now, even a Golden Core expert was forced to self-detonate. It was truly a tragic scene.

“Tian Xuan, who do you think is actually so strong in this Death Forest, to actually be able to force a Golden Core expert self-detonate?” Ling Feng and Tian Xuan had also heard the explosion. They rushed over to the scene to check the situation.

“Not sure. To force a Golden Core initial stage to self-detonate, the other party should at least be in Golden Core late stage. If the self-detonated one was a Golden Core middle stage expert, the opponent should at least be in Nascent Soul Realm. There should not be any Nascent Soul experts in the Death Forest, right?” Tian Xuan surveyed the scene and analyzed what had occurred.

“So you are saying the other party should at least be in the Golden Core late stage? Could it be the other sects?” Ling Feng thought and said.

“Perhaps!” Tian Xuan shook his head.

“Senior Brother Tian Xuan. There’s two corpses here!” Suddenly, Tianshan Sect disciples shouted from the forest in front.

“Go. Let’s take a look. Perhaps, we might find some clues,” Tian Xuan and Ling Feng walked over.

“Eh? Isn’t this Kunlun’s Yun Xing and his crew?” Ling Feng flipped over one of the corpses, voicing out his shock.

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