Chapter 54: The Stubborn And The Fool (Part 2)

…So that’s why the room was flickering with a red light? And why I felt my back hot?! You dangerous woman! I was this close to being burnt to a crisp right after asking for your hand! → Shen

Shen said while laughing, he couldn’t stop thinking about this ridiculous idea.

Make her happy and she burns you, make her mad and you’re dead. Yep, I can’t deal with women. → Shen

Shen couldn’t stop grinning, feeling amused by the conclusion.

Sorry~ next time I’ll try to control my powers better~. → Sylvia

Sylvia answered in a flirtatious way while sending him heart-waves of affection and even of some desire.

Ahem…we’ll talk about this at a later date. → Shen

Shen said a little bit while being flustered.

For now we need to finish what we came here for. → Shen
Alright~. → Sylvia

Sylvia closed the connection, sending a last wave from the heart full of affection. She started to learn how to control the waves from the heart, being sometimes able to tease Shen by sending sudden heart-waves to make him blush in random moments; like when he’s training, writing books or even when he’s sleeping, making him wake up with a flustered face and his heart racing early in the morning.

“God, what an evil woman.” → Shen

Shen sighed helplessly. Even though he already slept with her, he was more of a passive character, not knowing what to do all that well. He just talked with Sylvia when was really needed, rarely having any light conversations.

I know it’s no good, but I can’t talk with someone if I have no need to… It’s a habit I got after years of having to deal with idiotic chit-chatting in my world… Now I need to remember how to start easy talks, damn… → Shen

While Shen was remembering the easy-going but boring as hell life on Earth, he suddenly heard a strong explosion sound from 2 kilometers away from him. He looked over the battlefield and saw far away, Ashura who just punched the golem in the forehead, sending him flying for 20 meters, shattering the crystal from its head with that one blow. A huge armored golem with more than 30 meters in height, was sent flying by a young man not even 1.75 meters yet, it was a ridiculous sight for everyone.

“I knew his strength is ridiculous but… it’s still amazing every time is displayed.” → Shen

Shen said with admiration.

From the right flank, loud noises were being heard. When Shen looked in that direction he saw a huge commander with a halberd fighting Theo to death.

“Hoh~?” → Shen

Shen was surprised to see Theo so active in the war.

Perhaps it’s because of his native Demon Blood. Of what I heard, the demons also had their own races. I wonder what is Theo’s demonic race to make him have such an innate coldness and blood-lust? → Shen

He was dodging and evading the slashes from the halberd by using [Shadow Steps] in a relaxed manner.

“You damn rat! Stop running around!”

The commander got annoyed and started to use more power while attacking everywhere around him. The halberd was sung with incredible speed and power, cutting boulders with one swing.

“Hmph!” → Theo

Theo jumps and punches forward. The commander blocks it with the halberd then counter-attacks with a diagonal slash. Theo retreats then [Lightning Step] He suddenly appears behind the commander.

“You fool!”

The commander suddenly releases his demonic aura, taking a strong step forward and destroying the ground. Huge boulders rose from the ground, sending Theo flying for 10 meters in the air.

“Tsk.” → Theo

Theo spat out some blood then he started to focus. His mind cool while his heart at ease. While fighting he felt a familiar feeling, as if years of experience were already deposited in his mind. Around him, a dark-bluish light started to gather, making him look even more demonic and terrifying.

“Hooh~? Is the little rat angry now? Don’t disappoint me, brat!”

The commander released his aura, emanating a red light around. He rushed in front but then.

[Phantom’s Hands]→ Theo

From below the commander, ghastly arms appeared and grabbed his legs rending him unmovable.

“Hah! Is this all you got?” → Theo

The commander used some more power in his legs, breaking free from the spells. He looked with scorn at Theo, feeling disappointed.

“It was enough to stop you for a moment. [Death Grip].” → Theo

Suddenly, from the right and left of the commander, two huge claws appeared and grabbed onto one arm each.

“W-what is this skill?!”

The commander was baffled. He tried to use all his power to break away from the spell but nothing worked.

“I used more than half my mana for this one. Don’t even think of getting away.” → Theo

Theo then made the motion as if he were the one who was grabbing the commander, clenching with both his hands in front.

“ Goodbye.” → Theo

After saying this, he suddenly ‘rips’ in front with all his power.


The commander feels how both his shoulders are being pulled, feeling his body being torn apart.

How savage. Demons can be really cruel, even as children.” → Shen

Shen sighed a little bit tired then a sudden disturbance in mana made him withdraw his attention.
He looked far in the distance and saw in the air 3 flying demons which powers comparable to those of Intermediate Great-Saints.

”Heh, some worthy opponents for Dhavala?” → Shen

Ashura, you got visitors. Think you can handle them? → Shen

Shen contacted him through telepathy and asked in a calm manner.

Of course. I already discovered them, that’s why I ended the fight with the golem faster than I wished. → Ashura

Haha~ very good. Take good care of them, it seems I’m needed now, take care. → Shen

Sure. → Ashura

After breaking the connection with Ashura, he looked behind at an elf who just got out from inside the dent. The elf-leader came rushing in front of Shen and said in an anxious and worried voice

“Young master Shen! The general wishes to talk with you. It seems the problem is much more severe than we thought!” → Elf Leader

At that moment a tremor reverberated through the entire battlefield coming from the World Tree. The mana around started to shake while above the mighty tree, clouds started to gather with golden lightning flashing all the time. Below it, the Earth cracked, looking like a post-apocalyptic moment, waiting for hell to break out. The clouds twisted and swirled in the sky, while from the ground, huge boulders rose up and if one were to listen closely, nightmarish shrieks could be heard from the deep and dark ravines inside the Earth.

“…” → Shen

Shen couldn’t say a word, he rushed right inside the hut where the elf resided. Inside it, a handsome elf with golden eyes, emerald-like long hair and with an androgynous face stood tall in front of a huge mirror. Inside it, a beautiful woman elf with extremely well-proportioned features and leaves growing from her hair was reflected. She had a dress made from huge green leaves, from her green hair little buds were growing and branches were holding her, looking as if she were the mother of the forest. At the moment she stood in a meditation position with a pale and tired face.

“Young master Shen, I presume.”

The elf turned around and looked at Shen with tired and questioning eyes. He looked as if he had a lot of questions but he threw that wish aside for now.

“My name is Serionus Greenoak from the Greenoak tribe, I heard how you saved the people of our kin, but all the rewards will have to wait till this war is over.” → Serionus
“Serionus, don’t be rude with our savior. He ended up becoming the enemy of the entire Demon kingdom and a part of his own, just to save our people from outside the continent. We can’t be rude with such a golden heart.”

The elf woman said with a calm and tired voice. She then looked at Shen and smiled beautifully saying.

“Young master Shen, it’s an honor to see you and I apologize for not being able to greet you personally. At the moment, the seal we tried for millions of years to protect, is being weakened by the war. The forest and every being which lives inside it plays an essential role in keeping the seal up. Right now I’m trying my hardest together with other 6 high-elves to keep the balance of the seal still stable.”
“Y-your majesty!” → Serionus

Serionus looked with a shocked face at the woman. It seems he didn’t wish for Shen to hear about their problems in the slightest.

“There is no need to hide it from an ally now, is there?”

The woman smiled at Serionus, making him calm down. Seeing them still talking about what was right or wrong at such a moment made Shen snap and retort both of them.

“I know all too well what disaster will bring the destruction of the seal. I came here with the thoughts of helping the elves in repairing it and stabilize the balance between Hraesvelgr and Nidhoggur. If you refuse then I’ll have to use force. You elves won’t be the only ones affected and I don’t wish to end up dead because of your stubbornness.” → Shen

Shen said everything with not servile but not an overbearing voice either. Right at that moment, he was extremely agitated by the change in the World Tree. If they were wasting any more time, then the seal would break and hell would befall on every race from this world.

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“You dare utter such things in front of her majesty!?” → Serionus

Serionus exclaimed with furry, unsheathing his sword and emanating the aura of an Adept Saint ranked warrior.

“There will be no majesty after this failure, idiot.” → Shen

Shen retorted back, unable to hold his nerves in check any longer. He was also ready to strike at any given moment.

“Serionus, stop!”

The woman exclaimed in urgency. Her face becoming more and more pained and sweat started to form on her face.

“Mister Shen… Our place is sacred ground, not everyone can step foot here. The only way you can help is by taking our side in the war, sending the elves back to the World Tree to help with the seal and stop the enemy troops from advancing. I implore you to be reasonable, not even normal elves can step foot in here.”

The woman looked at me with tired but firm eyes.

“…You elves are pretty dumb, putting more value in your own traditions than in your life, seeing reality only through the lenses of your arrogance.” → Shen

Shen’s face darkened while his eyes sharpened. His aura started to leak, making every elf from 10 meters around the hut to sweat and tremble. Even Serionus felt alert and the high-elf started to worry. If Shen really wished to turn against them in such a crucial moment, then no one would be able to stop him. However, after he calmed down for a moment, his aura calmed, but his eyes remained just as sharp.

“I’ll do what you asked of me, but if I don’t see any improvements in the recovery of the seal, I’ll do it myself. With or without your will, even if that means to kill you all, I’ll put a seal over that tree.” → Shen

He was completely angered by the elves’ stubbornness but he still did what he was asked. He gave them only one chance.

“Don’t disappoint me, elf-woman.”

Without waiting for an answer, Shen shot out from the little hut and opened his palms wide.

“[Shura Musti]→ Shen

Two huge arms of a blue color materialized above Shen and moved just like how he moved his own arms.

“ROAGH!” → Shen

Shen then struck out with his two gigantic fists, sending out High-Ranked spells like a rail-gun.

One With The Universe: Second Chapter → Shen

Shen’s eyes shone with a green color and after every punch, a phantom image of the fist would be sent out to the respective target. The Phantom would be made from a different element every-time, striking at the engines of the ships, at the core of the golems, or at the commanding demons which were barely able to block two strikes at most. The rest of the punches were sent toward the mass of demons, making different kinds of explosions appear in the enemy lines here and there like huge land-mines. His anger was already beyond the boiling point and he had to take out his rage on these bastards of demons.

”I was told to not kill the humans and the other 3 races… However, he said nothing about elves and demons though. It seems the elemental and demonic beings are not on my mercy list, so I can do whatever I wish here… I’ll kill every demon here while crippling the other races, the elves are on hold for now.” → Shen

His demonic illusion was deactivated but right now he looked more evil than a devil, killing every demon and crippling any enemy beast-man in front while shooting lasers from his index finger. His eyes were already brown since he talked with the high elves while now he tried to get rid of the irritation in the most barbaric way.

“…Your majesty, how should I deal with this problem?” → Serionus

Serionus looked at the high-elf reflected in the mirror with a restless face. He felt Shen’s power and he knew he wasn’t someone he could easily defeat.


The woman looked down with sadness. In the end, she sighed then she said.

“Maybe it’s true. Our stubbornness will really bring the doom to this world…We will try our hardest. Assist mister Shen and command the elves to turn back to help in strengthening the seal. I can see he’s able to hold the enemy troops on his own, retreating more than half of the elves would be good enough.”

“H-half?! Why does your majesty trust this Shen so much?! I mean, he did rescue our people, but he threatened with killing us all! Why does your majesty believe in him so much?!” → Serionus

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“He won’t do such a thing, I’m able to see through one’s soul and I can read their emotions and feelings. Right now Shen wouldn’t kill us, only if we try to backstab him. but otherwise, he’ll never raise his hand against a downed enemy. What he wants is to save the world and nothing more. Trusting him and strengthening the seal is the last thing we can do so we won’t disappoint him anymore… His soul… is a golden one.”

The high-elf looked outside the hut through the mirror at Shen’s back who was surrounded by 20 energy stones of a yellow color. Her eyes shone with complex feelings.

From where did such a high spirit appear? Haah…I wish we won’t become enemies and he’ll forgive our stubbornness this one time.

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