Chapter 54: The Stubborn And The Fool (Part 1)

I shook my head while my gaze sharpened.

I don’t have enough time to worry about them. If the possibility will arise for me to do something, then I’ll try my best. Until then, the seal is the top priority. → Shen

I then accelerated toward the elves’ champ while Ashura was left behind at the back of the enemy lines.

“Now… What should I do to get the bastard out?” → Ashura

After destroying the asteroid, Ashura free-fell toward the battlefield, with nothing to alleviate his fall.

“What?!” → Fox-Spirit Woman

Below us, a fox-spirit woman with 9 tails exclaimed when she saw her high ranked magic turn to dust with no victims.

“What was that ridiculous power just now?!” → Fox-Spirit Woman

She was able to detect us, so she tried to squash us with Great Magic, but ended in failure using up almost half her mana.

Ashura avoided our platform and free-fell right in the middle of the demonic army. He himself fell like an asteroid, sending everyone who was 20 meters away from him fly while the ones who were inside the 10 meters radius, get killed instantly by the shock.

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“[Solar Pressure]” → Ashura

The ones who were within a radius of 50 meters had their organs crushed and died while the ones in the 100-meter radius couldn’t breathe, feeling like they were suffocating. Ashura’s aura made even the space bent and the earth crack.

“Oh my. What a flashy entrance.” → Fox-Spirit Woman

The fox woman levitated in front of Ashura not getting affected by the aura.

He’s a dangerous one. But he’s just another Fake God. Such brainless creatures are easy to deal with. → Fox-Spirit Woman

“Why don’t you come and dance with me for a bit, hmm?” → Fox-Spirit Woman

She touched her busty chest and tried to provoke Ashura, while at the same time activating a charming spell. Her gaze became fierier while her voluptuous body made even the allied demons look at her with lust and desire.


However, Ashura, the target of the charming spell, looked at her with cold eyes then turned around, killing all and everything in his way, going for the huge armor golems while ignoring her completely.


The woman was dumbfounded.

”W-what?! What is he doing?!”HEY! Don’t you dare ignore ME! I! A high general!”

She then whispered a chant and created a huge fireball which was as big as the one I made inside the Mountain Valley for the first time.

“This is for ignoring me!”

She launched the huge ball in Ashura’s way and the fireball exploded right on top of him, burning all and everything in a 100-meter radius. The allied demons were no exception.

“How’s that?”

She proudly crossed her hands under her plump chest while looking with an air of contempt at the burning fire.

How dare you ignore me like that? This is what you deserve.

“Just so-so.” → Ashura

She then heard the answer to her question, making her frightened for a second because of the cold voice. Ashura then waved the fire away with his hand, showing his uninjured body.

“Stop getting in my way witch, or I’ll cripple you next time.” → Ashura

Ashura looked with his red cold eyes, giving her the chills.

W-what is with this Fake God? His consciousness is stable, he’s able to use his powers to the fullest and he’s able to control himself! T-this guy is much more dangerous than a normal Demonic Doll!

She then retreated to her base, not daring to stay any longer. Afterward, Ashura’s aura rose in power and a slight shine emanated from around him.

“Now that the annoyance has left. Let’s start dancing, shall we?” → Ashura

Ashura looked at the huge armor golem in front of him. The armor was blood red with a lot of spikes, and the sword was enveloped in flames while the shield looked incredibly sturdy. It was as tall as a 15 floors building and every step it made would crack the ground while shaking the earth like a semi-earthquake. This showed just how heavy the gigantic armored golem truly was.

“This might be a little bit hard, but nothing I can’t handle.” → Ashura

He grinned confidently then dashed right towards it. The difference was just like a mouse going against an elephant, quite the terrifying sight.

The huge golem was walking to the front of the battlefield where another 3 were massacring elves or fighting other huge elemental golems 1 to 4. Even though the elves had the advantage in numbers, the armored golems were much stronger, slashing and smashing the enemies just with a few moves.

Suddenly, the leg of the golem bent and he fell in one knee. His leg was grabbed by Ashura, making him unable to lift it.


The Golem made a thundering sound in annoyance and hurled his huge sword full of flames at Ashura.

“Let’s see how strong this toy is.” → Ashura

Ashura used the two gauntlets I gave him to block the huge sword which came from above like a falling tower in flames. The gauntlets were from Gabriel’s armory. They were a set of Obsidian Infernal Gauntlets which fire being the main element used in taking out the full potential of the gauntlets.

Ashura blocked the falling huge sword with one hand, making the sword crack from the pressure.

“ROAH!” → Ashura

Ashura shouted out loud and punched the sword while absorbing the flames with the hand he blocked. His punch was strong enough to break the sword in two. He then leaped at the golem, punching out a fist full of flames. The golem responded back with the broken sword by slashing with the hilt. The shockwave destroyed the earth and was felt even 1 kilometer away by the demons and beast-men in the frontlines. The other half of the sword got shattered while Ashura flew back and crashed on the ground 100 meters away, forming a crater.

”Not bad~.” → Ashura

Ashura started to like this fight more and more, forming an evil smile bigger and bigger. His red eyes sharpened while his aura exploded with a dangerous feeling.

“What’s happening there?! Why is our golem kneeling? And where is the sword?!”

A pig-beast-man asked. Confusion was in his eyes after seeing the golem kneeling so far in the back of the battlefield.

“L-look again! There is someone fighting it!” → Harpy

A harpy exclaimed surprised, she couldn’t believe her eyes after seeing Ashura jumping toward it again with incredible force.

“What?! Enemy? In the middle of the demonic army?!”

The soldiers started a commotion, they didn’t know if they should advance or help the golem with magic support.

“Keep moving to the front lines! Move! You half beasts!”

The commander of that part of the army was a demon with a huge horn on his forehead. He had blue skin and black hair, with a huge build, full of armor while holding a huge halberd as tall as him that seemed more sturdy and sharp than the ones made from black iron. He looked at Ashura with squinted eyes, feeling like something wasn’t right.

A fake-God? Why is he so strong to be able to win against the golems which are on the same level? This one isn’t simple, and from where did he come from?

The commander was confused but he couldn’t turn the entire army just for one enemy. He kept on pushing forward, killing elves and elemental beings with every swing of the halberd.

I’ll exterminate you all before that monster gets here.

“Advance! Kill them all!”

“…You mean to say that you detected the enemy fly above you, but weren’t able to destroy them. After that, from the respective group, a Fake God appeared and you weren’t able to at least put a stop to his movements… Am I right, 6th high general?” → Middle Age Demon

A middle-aged demon with blue eyes and blonde hair sat on what looked like a throne. Around him, other 5 people were sitting on well-ornamented chairs. They were a Succubus with an enchanting body and thin clothes, a demon with golden eyes and black hair with red horns, looking like he was from the same Devil Wolf clan like Charl, the city lord. A huge demon with one horn in the middle of his forehead and a huge staff at his back. A cold and beautiful demoness with black wings at her back and demonic horns coming from her forehead, unlike dragoons, her horns looked just like normal horns while those of a dragoon looked more like white knives, being sharp and pointy. Lastly, a middle-aged man with black hair and red eyes. He was from the Diablo clan and also the one who tried to take down the flying party by attacking my magic formation. Of course he failed because his enemy was me, getting in exchange a backlash which made his nose bleed for a second.

“I-I’m terribly sorry, your highness! I have no excuses.”

The fox-spirit woman was kneeling in front of the blue-eyed demon, not daring to look up.

“Hmmm…Servius, how do you think we shall resolve this problem…?”

The middle-aged demon looked beside him, at the Diablo member.


The Diablo massaged his throbbing temples which still hurt from the mental shock. He then looked with indifference at the fox woman.

“The enemy might be stronger than we thought. But that’s no excuse for you to run away from the battlefield. However, we can’t execute you now because we still need manpower on the battlefield. Hmmm… I propose for her to sacrifice her life for the kingdom in fighting the intruders and to bring their heads. We’ll send number 5 and 4 with her as support.”

His voice was cold and he talked as if even his people’s lives were just chess pieces.

“Is everyone alright with this?”

The commanding demon asked. Nobody could say no but he still asked out of courtesy.

“Yes, your majesty!”

The Fox woman, succubus and the golden-eyed demon said in one voice.

“I’m really curious about this Fake God. Is he a guy~?”

The succubus asked with glistening eyes while walking down the corridor.

“Eve, stop playing around, we have work to do.”

The 3 generals left the conference room and rushed to the exit.

“If he’s as strong as this beast woman said, then we better prepare.”

He said with some disdain in his voice while taking a scornful glance at the fox woman. She was the only non-demon from the 6 generals.

What did his majesty see in this talentless woman who isn’t even a demon, giving her a general rank when she’s barely a Great Saint?


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The fox-spirit woman said nothing, she bit her lower lip and just ignored whatever the others said about her.

“Uuuh! Lupy, so stingy!” → Eve
“I said stop playing around and stop calling me Lupy!” → Lupy

The demon called Lupy got angered and almost lashed out at Eve.

“Wah~! so scary~.Fufufu.” → Eve

Eve ran forward and after arriving at the exit, she shot flying in the sky toward the battlefield. The fortress in which they were residing is the base of the demon army where the demons prepared to go out to fight, while right below the walls on the outside, the other races were settling their camps, having no rights to set the foot on the inside. The discrimination was obvious.

“Don’t drag us down, beast woman.” → Lupy

Lupy did the same as Eve and after he left, the woman was alone at the entry.

“Damn it all! I don’t even wish to be here! Cursed demons!”

The fox woman then followed. Her mana was completely recovered, being ready to fight again.


On the battlefield;

Shen sent all the elves to the elves camp and left the elf leader to explain everything to the high ranked inside their newly made hut. In there, a high general of the elves resided, trying to think of some kind of strategy. While they did that, Shen stayed outside the camp where he changed back into human form. He sent Theo and Melinda to take care of the enemy ships which had their commanders occupied by the high elves, bombarding the ships and bringing them down with magic like, [Huge Fireball], [Nova Explosion] and [Thunder Storm]. Theo even summoned an asteroid over one ship, making for huge fireworks in the sky, lighting up the battlefield and crashing it on top of the enemy troops. Even though he was killing hundreds of others of his own kin and living beings, in Theo’s eyes, a cold indifference specific for demons was visible.

That’s not really a good thing…but at the moment, it’s the most useful innate ability of his. → Shen

Shen thought with a logic mind. Melinda couldn’t do the same. Being frightened by the war, she was told to take care of the injured, making her for the best doctor on the battlefield, bringing back to full health even the elves with missing arms or half dead beast-men. Sylvia rushed to a nearby armor golem which was killing the last elemental golem in his region.

“Hmm~ Let’s see if I can bring out that.” → Sylvia

She focused some more then the mana around her started to vibrate and from her back, the Kundalini shone with a bright red light. Her skin turned red and she inspired profoundly when:


From her tiny mouth, a huge fire breath fired out, hitting the upper part of the golem, then shattering the core from between the eyebrows and melting the metal, making it look like a tiny molten iron mountain.

“It’s a success~. Shen’s gift is amazing!” → Sylvia

She looked with affection at her ring from the left hand while the ring shone with a golden luster. Her skin color turned back to white after releasing the breath while her complexion didn’t seem to be affected by the powerful High Spell at all.

Everyone looked with huge eyes at Sylvia. Elves, demons and beast-men alike. Even Shen was dumbfounded by her new skill. He contacted her telepathically and asked.

God damn it, are you a dragon?! From where did you learn such a destructive skill? Does it have anything to do with the Kundalini? → Shen
Yep~. In that night when we double cultivated, at the ending part, I was surprised to see flames rushing out my mouth every time I was exhaling. I tried to control it but~ I was a little bit too dizzy at that time~. → Sylvia

Sylvia said while blushing and with a shy smile on her face.

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