Chapter 55: Unwavering Spirit (Part 1)

20 stones levitated around Shen and every single one of them was imbued with the element of Earth, glowing with a brownish-yellow light.

“Good thing I kept some with no attributes inside my inventory, I almost forgot about them. But now, it’s time to show their worth there where I lack.” → Shen

“[Go underground]” → Shen

He commanded the stones and they did just that; they entered inside the ground and formed a rectangle with a distance between the stones of 100 meters, 10 in front and 10 further away, with the distance of 100 meters between the two rows of stones, then.

“[Split]!” → Shen

He shouted loudly, then the ground vibrated and the 2 rows of stones started to go further apart from each other.

“Wha- what is happening?!”
“The ground is breaking!”
“Retreat! retreat NOW!”

The soldiers from the front rows were in mayhem from the catastrophe that was happening right under their legs. The earth to split apart and a huge abyss formed right in the middle of the battlefield, separating the two armies from one another. The ones who were pushed in the middle and had no time to retreat, fell inside the abyss, unknown to anyone if they survived or not. The elves were the only ones grabbed by Shen’s Energy tentacles then threw right back to their own camp. On the other hand, the demons were ignored while the beastmen were simply pinpointed on the wall of the ravine, making them inoffensive for the time being. The crack in the Earth was more than 4 kilometers long and was over the entire battlefield with a width of around 400 meters, making the idea of simply jumping over it just a delusion. The war on the ground was stopped temporarily while the one from the sky continued till another 50 stones appeared around Shen, this time with the wind element. He sent the stones flying in the air, creating a square with the sides of around 1 kilometer, then commanding a [Wall of Air] to appear. The place between the stones started to spin and twist, making whatever tried to go through it, to be pushed back or crushed by the air pressure. Everyone, be them elves, demons or beast-men, everyone looked with fear and anxiety at Shen which appeared out of nowhere but showed power comparable with a Semi-God.

Haah It’s quite tiring to use so much mental power in controlling so many stones at the same time… I feel like sleeping right now.” → Shen

His eyelids felt heavy while his mind was spinning. Controlling 70 energy stones plus other hundreds of mana-tentacles at the same time only so he could minimize the death-rate of the elves, made him feel like it wasn’t worth it. However, just after feeling like retreating, a green aura enveloped him and helped him to recover from the mental exhaustion.

“Hm?” → Shen

Shen was surprised by the sudden buff. When he looked around he saw some mages giving him magic support at the same time with numerous buffs. They were commanded by Serionus and Shen got buffs for Mana Regeneration, Mental Power-up, Healing Buffs and even some spells to calm down the nerves.

Don’t think this would make me have a better point of view about your people. → Shen

Even though he was thinking this, he nodded in acknowledgment for the helpful hand.

At that moment, from far away, another huge explosion was heard and Ashura was sent flying right in the wind wall, being pushed downwards toward the ravine. When he was close to falling in the abyss, Shen grabbed him and flew in front of the Wind Wall, approaching the other part of the abyss.

“Are you alright?” → Shen

“I’m fine! ARGH! It’s because of that bitch from the back! While I’m having my fun with golden-eyedn eyed demon, the horned bitch from the back keeps on using her stupidly sturdy whip to send me flying! Every time I rush at her to break her neck, the fox-woman would use some wind magic to make push me back again! Grrr so irritating!” → Ashura

Ashura was fuming while being carried by Shen. He was grabbed by the arms, ready to let go anytime and rush in battle again.

“Hmmm…” → Shen

Shen saw the three generals and said.

“Why don’t you just kill the golden eyed demon, then? Stop playing around at such times.” → Shen
“I’m trying! Every time I’m closing in with a final hit, the bitch from the back would prevent me to do so, breaking my arms or legs with that stupid whip!” → Ashura

Shen looked again at the demons and saw in the further back, the succubus with a black metallic whip which looked as if it would destroy iron gates with only one swing.

I’m pretty sure that must be a Heroic or even Epic ranked weapon. → Shen

“Then should I help~?” → Sylvia

Sylvia flew beside them and smiled beautifully. She looked at the succubus with a grin and said.

“I can deal with her if you’re having a hard time.” → Sylvia
“Ah. I would appreciate it.” → Ashura

Ashura accepted her help offer then looked at Shen who was still holding him by the arms.

“I’ll ask for sir Shen to stay back. I want to play with the other two.” → Ashura
Haah alright. Don’t go overboard.” → Shen

He then lets go of Ashura which fell like an asteroid, destroying all and everything right in the middle of the demonic army, pushing the ones close to the edge, inside the abyss, and also giving Shen more work on grabbing the beast-men and pinning them on the walls.

Damn brat! → Shen

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Shen hissed in annoyance while flying around with the speed of sound while rescuing beast-men. Even though they were the enemy, he was still doing this from two reasons: He didn’t know if their death inside the abyss made by him would make him drop the test. And he was curious if he could turn them into his people once the war was done. If these beast-men had no place to return to, then he could simply turn them into slaves and bring them to Ryu’s kingdom.

After finishing pinning the beast-men, he observed how the demons retreated while the elves tried to push them back, using a skill [Light Steps] to walk on the air and go on the other side of the ravine.

These bastards, don’t know when to step back! → Shen

He rushed at the first who reached the other part of the ravine and grabbed him by the ankle.


The elf looked downwards confused at first, then with terror after seeing Shen’s mad eyes.

“What do you think you’re doing, huh?” → Shen

Shen asked in a calm but furious voice, then threw him through the wind-wall, back to the elves’ part of the ravine, crashing on other elves at landing.


The other elves looked stunned at this sight and were confused as to what to do now. Their skills didn’t let them stay too much in the air, so they either had to advance or retreat. Staying still would mean falling into the deep ravine.

“Don’t make me bring you back by force.” → Shen

Shen’s powerful voice resounded through the battlefield while emanating a threatening aura. The weaker elves retreated, while the stronger ones stood there, being able to levitate like Shen. They stared at Shen with sharp eyes, as if waiting for an explanation. Seeing them like this, Shen thought of answering their questions.

“Listen here. My job right now is to diminish the death numbers. The fewer of you dies, the better for the planet and for myself, understood? If you dare go beyond this border again, I’ll be forced to use other methods.” → Shen

His aura and mighty presence made the enemy forces to take a step back in caution, while the allied ones to frown and whisper unpleased.

“And what kind of methods might those be? Will you be polite enough to show me?”

A general elf of Great Saint rank-power flew in front of Shen while looking at him with arrogance and superiority.

How dare an outsider interfere in our war against the filthy demons? I’ll make him know what it means to go against the noblest race.

Shen looked deeply at the elf with a cold and neutral face.

“With pleasure.” → Shen

He then disappeared and reappeared behind him. The elf smirked confidently and turned around while punching out.

I shall turn you into an example.→ Shen

The elf’s fist was caught in a scaled fist, then a deep and terrifying voice escaped from Shen’s mouth, resounding everywhere and making everyone’s blood turn cold.


The elf looked up and froze in place after seeing two burning irises like the sun, with a dark and cold pupil in the middle, while the whites of the eye slowly turning darker and darker. The pupils were also in slits, from Shen’s forehead two horns grew.  His canines grew longer and sharper, his hair slowly became whiter and spikier, from his back two white wings appeared, together with a thick and long tail, sharp claws on his fingers, while here and there, especially on his arms, white scales surfaced. He looked like a devil from the frozen Hell, while keeping the inferno inside his eyes.


The elf trembled in fear for the first time in his life after feeling the animalistic yet mighty aura emanated by Shen. The air around shook while the temperature rose significantly. While the elf was in a state of shock and daze, Shen punched out with everything he got inside the elf’s stomach, sending him flying toward the forest behind the elves’ army. The elf crashed for more than 200 meters, downing every tree in his way. His lower dantian was completely broken, while his powers left him slowly after every breath. Now he was crippled, unable to use the powers of a Great-Saint any longer.


Both champs looked at Shen completely gobsmacked. No one thought he’ll be so ruthless even with his own allies.

“R-retreat! Her highness gave out her command! Retreat now!” → Srionus

Srionus looked with a grave face at Shen which levitated above the abyss, feeling his forehead wetten from the intimidation.

He defeated someone of the same rank as him in just one punch… Something must’ve happened to Yulio seeing how he suddenly froze in place. But even so, the fact that he defeated him in one strike remains undoubted.

After dashing behind the elf named Yulio, Shen activated two abilities: The first one was the [Dragonic Materialisation], only on his arms so he could block and attack in full force. While the second one was [Mental Illusion], activating the first chapter of [One with the Universe] to create an illusion of himself only for Yulio, making him feel from Shen the aura of a Semi-God, while taking the appearance of a devil. The voice was also changed by using the chakra from the neck, giving himself a more demonic voice.

The best appearance I could think of was the combination between [One with the Universe] and [Dragonic Materialisation]. It seems it worked better than expected.

Shen thought while thinking for himself with a calm and indifferent face. The elves started to retreat while this time, it was the demon’s turn to gain their confidence.

“L-look! They are retreating!”
“It seems there are some internal stifles!”

“Let’s strike now!”
“The ones who can fly or use [Light Steps], follow me!”

A Grandmaster-ranked demonic commander rushed toward Shen’s back and prepared a fist towards his back.


The fist connected with Shen’s back and made a huge shockwave in all directions.

“Hm?” → Shen

However, the demon felt as if he punched an iron-pole, looking at his own broken fingers. Shen simply turned around with his gaze turning colder.

“Over you insects, I have no obligations.” → Shen

He then opened his palm and shot out a ray of light which burnt the entire upper part of the commander, turning it into ashes, together with everyone that followed their commander.

“I can kill as many of you demons as I wish, so you better don’t force my hand.” → Shen

Just as he said that, another flying war-ship crashed on the wind-wall and exploded in the air, crashing inside the abyss to never be seen again.


The others looked upwards at the aerial war and observed how even the mighty power-ranks were separated, while the flying war-ships were either retreating or destroyed by a demon-child with monstrous powers.

Nice one Theo. → Shen

Shen smilled proudly, then he felt something flying towards him. He inclined his head to the right and a rock flew by with the speed of a bullet. The one who threw the rock was the golden eyed demon who was fighting with Ashura.

“And who the hell do you think you are?! Come here and let me teach you something, human!” → Lupy

The demon with golden eyes yelled at Shen in annoyance. Just before Shen could do anything, Ashura stepped forward after sending flying a dozen demons with one blast.

“Did you forget who’s your opponent now? Until you can kill me, don’t even think of changing targets.” → Ashura

Ashura leaped forward with a huge shockwave, punching in front with nine little suns around his fist.

“[Great Nova]” → Ashura

The demon got frightened by the huge amount of chi and tried to strengthen himself with everything he got. Ashura’s speed was incomparable, so he wasn’t able to react in time.

“Like I’ll let you!” → Eve

Eve tried to grab Ashura’s hand with her whip but, she suddenly froze in place. Her whip was as if stuck, unable to move it. She looked behind and saw a young white-haired girl, grab her whip with bare hands.

“Where are you looking~? I’m your opponent, forgot~?” → Sylvia
“Damn!” → Lupy

Ashura was un-hindered this time, landing his punch right in the demon’s abdomen. The punch exploded at the contact with the demon and all the pressure and destruction was deviated in front of the punch, making all the damage even more fearsome. A huge yellow beam exploded from Ashura’s fist, destroying everything in front for around 100 meters, looking like an asteroid just landed. The demon was sent flying for just as many meters, blood was gushing from his mouth and his ribs were showing, sticking out from his chest. Surprisingly enough, the demon was still alive but not for long with such injuries.

“You’re sturdier than I thought.” → Ashura

Ashura said with a surprised face. He used the strongest attack from the Sun skill-set he learned so far yet the demon was still in one piece and, even though not for long, still breathing.

“LUPY!” → Eve

Eve was nervous, she looked at the half-dead demon and then with hate at the fox woman who looked dazed at Shen since he appeared now.

“You bitch! Why didn’t you do anything when Lupy was in danger?! I’ll kill you!” → Eve

The beast-woman didn’t say a thing, she continued to look intently at Shen, as if trying to see something wrong, not being able to see anything out of the norm till now.

“Do you wish something from me, fox woman?” → Shen

Shen asked with an imposing and cold voice. He knew that she was the one who summoned the asteroid above them, so he couldn’t show too much kindness, especially to an enemy. Even so, he didn’t feel like fighting someone who wasn’t a demon or elf.

“If you wish to fight me, then think otherwise or you’ll end up crippled.” → Shen

The fox woman broke out from her dazed state and trembled a little when she heard his cold voice. Seeing his indifference made her have a hard time talking.

“S-sir Shen, if I’m not wrong…? Are you the one who saved more than a thousand slaves from the Nostrung continent and helped the ones with homes to come back to Eihwaz while giving the others a place to stay in…?”

The fox woman said all this in one breath, with hope and expectations in her voice.

Shen, Ashura and Sylvia were thunderstruck by what they heard. Shen was especially shocked and focused his aura to prepare for his next move.

Why does she know that?! Is there some kind of spy between the slaves I saved? If so, then does that mean the Demon Lord already knows what I did and where I am?! → Shen

Shen became angered. Being backstabbed was never a nice experience and nobody could stay calm after giving a helping hand and getting a knife in the back as thanks. He moved with such speed that in the blink of an eye he was in front of the woman, pressuring her with his aura at full power.

“[SPEAK!]” → Shen

The first word cracked the ground under him and almost injured her organs, making her cough uncontrollably.

“Who is the bastard that gave you such information?! I’ll break bone by bone till you speak!” → Shen
“W-wait! Please wait!”

The woman panicked and tried to take a step back. However, because of the pressure, her legs were already submerged in the ground to the ankles.

Not even the 3rd prince has such a threatening aura!

After reading his power, she tried to recover her composure even though the weight and intimidation made her sweat. She was one of the 6 high generals of the 3rd prince’s army, she had to keep her cool even before death.

“First of all, I wish for Sir Shen to listen to my story, after that I’ll ask for you to help me reunite with my sister. I’ll be sure to do anything if you could to me this favor.”

She said with serious eyes. Even though her legs trembled a little and she was sweating bullets, she tried to stay calm and tall in front of Shen.

“Hm…” → Shen

Shen was slightly surprised by her strong will. He always appreciated the strong; be them evil, good, ally or enemy. He’ll show respect to the ones with spirit and will, while the others won’t even appear in his eyes.

“I admire your spirit, woman. Let me hear you, then. And about helping, I’ll think some more about it after I hear the story. Oh, and if I detect a lie in your story, I’ll be sure to break your cultivation and leave you to die right here.” → Shen

Shen’s voice was firm and his eyes serious. Even though he wouldn’t really let her die like that, he would still cripple her for good.

“I-I understand…”

“Bitch! What do you mean I understand!? Talking with the enemy’s leader like that! Are you betraying the demon kingdom?!” → Eve

Eve was fuming from rage, her voluptuous chest waving up and down from anger.

“I never worked for the kingdom in the first place! What I wished for was just to reunite with my sister! She became a slave and because almost half of the tails were cut, I couldn’t contact her anymore!”

Her eyes started to tear up when she remembered how the mental connection with her sister had been cut. The last time she heard her voice was in the form of a painful scream which torn her heart.

“I needed a high rank so I could go outside this damn continent and search for my sister! I never tried to put my life on the line for the kingdom! Not before, not now, not ever!”

The fox woman looked as if all the pain from her heart was being released right at that moment.

I had to kill and massacre only for this! I’ll never be able to forgive myself but if I can meet my little sister, then I’ll try to repay all the sins I did with my own life.

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