Chapter 241: Changes Within Cheng Yu’s Body

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Watching Cheng Yu dodge its attack, the Illusion Monarch Beast got even more angered. Numerous tentacles flew towards Cheng Yu. Consecutives parries caused Cheng Yu to feel very strained.

“Cheng Yu! Save…” At this moment, Tian Xue shouted. However, instantly she felt that her neck had been strangled causing her only able to shout half the sentence.

“D*mn it! Six Dragons Emerging Out From The Sea!” Cheng Yu no longer thought of more countermeasures, but hoped to save Tian Xue first. Six dragon reflections howled and flew towards the root of the tentacles. Six Dragons Emerging Out From The Sea was Cheng Yu’s strongest attack. Along with the increase in Cheng Yu’s strength, this move had long surpassed the might of when he was fighting against Huang Wen. Prior to this, the Golden Core Realm Wu Shang was half dead after receiving this attack. Now that it landed on the Illusion Monarch Beast’s tentacle, although it couldn’t kill it, it was sufficient to snap a few of its tentacles.

“Roar! Roar!” The Illusion Monarch Beast cried furiously after being injured. Cheng Yu flew over in time to catch the falling Tian Xue.

“Cheng Yu! Wu! Wu! Wu!” Tian Xue fell into Cheng Yu’s embrace, hugging him tightly while sobbing. Just now, she was truly frightened. Originally, she was enjoying her roasted meat when suddenly an unknown being curled around her. When she was about to unsheathe her sword, the tentacle had already wrapped itself around her tightly.

Fortunately she had cried out in time. Otherwise, she would have died unknowingly. When she saw Cheng Yu was coming over, but was obstructed by the other illusion beasts, she became even more nervous. At first, there was hope, but when she saw herself being handed over to a Golden Core middle stage illusion beast and it had already opened up its pitch-black humongous mouth with her almost reaching the mouth, she was frightened to death. She had truly thought that she was about to become its food. Fortunately, Cheng Yu had arrived in time. Although it was a short 10 minutes, it caused Tian Xue to be horrified. This experience was a lot more intense compared to when she was confronting Wu Shang.

When facing battles, she had already made prior preparation. Even if she was facing death, it wouldn’t be that frightening. But when facing a group of unknown, yet frightening beasts, and they were about to turn her into food, how could she possibly accept it? This kind of feeling was not something that could be described by just using the word frightening.

“It’s fine. Stop crying. Hug me tightly. We have yet to…” Cheng Yu had yet to finish speaking when he saw numerous tentacles come crashing down from the sky. He hugged Tian Xue tightly and dodged.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Tentacle after tentacle crashed into Cheng Yu, producing a series of explosions, bringing forth dust around the area.

“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” The tentacles in the sky danced around. It was basically unable to spot the location of the tentacles. Ultimately, Cheng Yu struck at the root of the tentacle. However, this Illusion Monarch Beast was in the Golden Core middle stage. How could it possibly be snapped off so easily? The illusion beast’s tentacle kept on flinging over. Cheng Yu had no choice but to dodge all over the place.

Cheng Yu’s expression turned solemn as he thought of countermeasures. However at that moment, Tian Xue seemed to not feel anxious at all. Both her hands had wrapped around Cheng Yu’s waist with her eyes still teary, but her face was bright red with a smile. Hearing Cheng Yu’s heartbeat, feeling his warmth, she felt that at that very moment, she was very secure.

“Swoosh!” Cheng Yu dodged the incoming tentacle attack. After that, he hugged Tian Xue and leapt up as he stood on top of the illusion beast. This Illusion Monarch Beast resembled a gigantic flower, but numerous tentacles grew on its stem. Because it had a gigantic body, its movement speed wasn’t very fast. As for those ordinary illusion beasts, they were a lot smaller and possessed lightning speed. Their mission was to hunt for food for the Illusion Monarch Beast. In this Death Fantasy Ocean, there were a lot of illusion beasts. This was only one monarch. The illusion stone beast was also a different kind of illusion beast. If it wasn’t attacking, it could transform into a flower or stone to camouflage itself.

“Primeval Chaos Stab!” Cheng Yu found a spot that resembled a flower bud. After that, he stabbed it ferociously. “Bang!” The might contained within the Primeval Chaos Stab was very startling. It directly pierced through the illusion beast’s Qi defense armor as the sword directly stabbed into the flower bud. With a pull, the flower bud was sliced off easily as a radiance flashed out within.

“Beast core!” Cheng Yu cried out in surprise. Demon beasts that possessed Golden Core middle stage cultivation were classified as eighth rank. Eighth rank beast cores were ultimately very rare. If he chose to exchange it for just spiritual stones, he could easily get millions. The illusion beast cried out in pain. The tentacles on its stem quickly flung towards Cheng Yu.

“Pu!” Under his happiness, Cheng Yu wanted to retrieve the beast core. Momentarily, he forcefully withstood those tentacles. Immediately, he coughed out blood.

“Cheng Yu! How are you feeling?” Tian Xue saw Cheng Yu coughing out blood, so she got worried. Cheng Yu did not speak but continued to pull down his sword, opening up the wound. He stretched his hand in, retrieving the beast core. The Illusion Monarch Beast howled out in pain and the tentacles that had extended towards Cheng Yu seemed to have lost its strength. At this moment, the surrounding illusion beasts also encircled the monarch.

Cheng Yu cleaved a few of the tentacles before escaping tens of meters away. Just as he was about to get near their encirclement, he realized that they were actually devouring the Illusion Monarch Beast.

“Not good! It’s about to evolve!” Cheng Yu and Tian Xue were baffled by this. Suddenly, they realized a few of those Foundation Establishment late stage illusion beasts emitted golden rays, with indications of evolution. Cheng Yu embraced Tian Xue tightly and escaped. These beasts were very hard to deal with. If he were to face a few of them together, it would truly be too difficult for him. The Illusion Monarch Beast’s speed was slow, but its tentacles were very long. Furthermore, there were too many of them. The area its tentacles could cover was very wide. Wanting to escape from it would be very difficult. Even if a Golden Core initial stage expert were to be entangled by it, the expert would face difficulty to escape from its scope.

“Are you guys alright?” Cheng Yu fled for several hundred meters when he saw Tian Xing waiting for them there. When Tian Xing rushed over, he saw Cheng Yu was already in battle. Furthermore, he was surrounded by lots of illusion beasts. He had no way to get near and could only wait for Cheng Yu here.

“Don’t speak so much. Let’s go! This place isn’t suitable to stay for a long time,” Since Tian Xing was also around, Cheng Yu took out his flying sword, and was getting ready to leave. If he was to wait for those few illusion beasts to complete their evolution, then things wouldn’t be this simple any longer. Taking care of one wouldn’t be a problem, but more than one would be very difficult. Therefore, it would be better for them to leave.

“Cheng Yu, how are your injuries?” Sitting on top of the flying sword, Tian Xue came over to Cheng Yu’s side enquiring worriedly.

“Very serious. I’m afraid I won’t be able to endure for any much longer!” Cheng Yu replied with a face filled with pain and seriousness.

“What? How come? Wu Wu Wu, it’s all my fault. I’m sorry. Wu Wu Wu!” Observing Cheng Yu’s expression, Tian Xue thought it was real. Her tears starting flowing down as she cried mournfully.

“Aish! Stop crying. I’m fine. Just scaring you only,” Cheng Yu just wanted to take revenge on her for taking away his bear paw, purposely scaring her. He never imagined her to take it for real. Furthermore, she was crying so sadly, catching Cheng Yu unprepared.

“You…you b*st*rd. How can you lie to me? I am beating you to death!” Tian Xue was taken aback. She stopped her weeping immediately and started abusing him as she threw her punches at Cheng Yu chaotically.

“Pu!” In the end, Cheng Yu vomited out a mouthful of blood as the flying sword descended.

“Ah! Cheng Yu, what’s wrong! Don’t scare me!” The three of them landed on the ground. Tian Xue saw Cheng Yu’s mouth was filled with blood as he fainted. She got anxious as her tears started flowing out again.

“Senior Sister, we should look for a safe place first! Otherwise, this is too dangerous,” Tian Xing said nervously. The current Cheng Yu was their protective umbrella. If Cheng Yu were to face any mishap, they would have no means of walking out of this flowery ocean. Tian Xing carried Cheng Yu as he treaded on cautiously. Discovering a safe meadow, he placed Cheng Yu down before taking out a few Soul Strengthening Pills for Cheng Yu.

“How is it?” Tian Xue was tense as she walked over worriedly.

“His Qi and blood are being impeded and his meridians are in chaos. The injuries seem not light at all,” Tian Xing took Cheng Yu’s pulse before speaking.

“It’s all my fault. I obviously knew that he was injured, yet I still beat him,” Tian Xue was feeling regretful and sad. Gradually, she started tearing up again.

“Senior Sister, you should stop crying. Senior Brother will be fine,” Tian Xing saw Tian Xue kept on blaming herself, so he quickly consoled her.

“He must hate me to death,” Tian Xue replied grievously.

“How can it be? Senior Sister, stop thinking so much. You also suffered some trauma. You should take a rest first. I will protect you both.”

“With him like this, how can I sleep?” Tian Xue wiped away her tears, shaking her head. Tian Xing did not speak but sat at the side, observing his surroundings. This Death Fantasy Ocean did not have any animal-type demon beasts, but the plant-type demon beasts were a lot more frightening than animal-types. Cheng Yu had forcefully withstood the Illusion Monarch Beast’s tentacle strike a few times. It goes without saying that he suffered from serious internal injuries while his Qi and blood were being impeded. This was also the reason why when Tian Xue was asking Cheng Yu of his injuries, he didn’t speak, because he was using his internal energy to suppress his Qi and blood.

Cheng Yu had yet to circulate his Qi and adjust his Qi and blood before he was punched by Tian Xue chaotically. Indirectly, it scattered the internal energy within him. Cheng Yu was unable to stop the torrential energy from his Qi and blood before it starting to surge again. This was the reason why he was no longer able to endure before suddenly spurting out blood. At this moment, Tian Xing was observing their surroundings and Tian Xue was staring at Cheng Yu’s face foolishly. No one knew what she was thinking.

“Senior Sister, there’s spiritual Qi circulating?” Tian Xing looked at Cheng Yu as he spoke after being startled.

“What?” Tian Xue didn’t notice as she asked again.

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“Look at Senior Brother. Large amounts of spiritual Qi is flowing into his body.”

“What’s going on?” Tian Xue asked curiously.

“No idea. Maybe Senior Brother is self-recovering!”

“So you are saying he’s going to be alright?” Tian Xue asked delightfully.

“Should be!” Tian Xing stated indefinitely. In fact, what they didn’t know was that at that very moment, the four spiritual veins within Cheng Yu were rapidly pouring spiritual Qi into Cheng Yu’s body. And around his dantian, the nine branched tree that was formed through the condensation of Qi had ts first branch coagulating Qi gradually. Along with the circulating Qi getting denser, the branch’s tip coagulated even more Qi. The Qi slowly condensed, making it seem like a fruit had been born on the branch.

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