Chapter 253: Still Worried About the Mealboxes?

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Ji Chen and a couple of bodyguards who have been following Si Zheng Ting from the top floor rush towards them.

Ji Chen looks at the woman that Si Zheng Ting is carrying in disbelief, “…… Madam?”

Si Zheng Ting’s eyes are sharp and icy as he glares at Ji Chen.

Being the receiving end of that glare causes Ji Chen to shudder a little, “W-What is going on, Sir?”

Si Zheng Ting’s voice is cold and piercing as he says, “You are asking me what is going on?”

Ji Chen immediately freezes.  He does not dare to even breathe at the moment.  He feels like he is going to die from a thousand cuts just from the sharp look on Si Zheng Ting’s eyes.  He carefully admits fault, “It is due to my negligence, Sir.”  After saying that, he quickly follows it up with, “Sir, it will be better if you take Madam to clean up a little.”

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Si Zheng Ting looks away.  Just as he is about to walk back towards the company, the woman that he is carrying suddenly tugs him in the sleeve.

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He stops in his steps.  His eyes that originally carry murderous intent immediately change when he looks at the woman.  Pity and heartache fill his eyes, though his voice remains cold and proud, “What’s wrong?”

Zhuang Nai Nai points at the plastic bags on the ground, “The mealboxes…..”

Si Zheng Ting’s eyes turn even colder.

He purses his lips as his heart sinks.

Things have gotten to this stage and all she cares about is those mealboxes?

From the way she tugs at his sleeve, he can imagine the stubbornness and the awkwardness in her eyes without even having to look at her.

Si Zheng Ting gives in, “Ji Chen!”

After that, he walks on.

Had Ji Chen not followed him for so many years, he wouldn’t have understood what Si Zheng Ting wants him to do.

He wipes the sweat on his forehead and begins picking up the mealboxes.

There are 35 mealboxes in total.  Even he, this grown man, struggles to carry them, let alone Madam.

Ji Chen bites the bullet and quickly follows Si Zheng Ting.  He really wants to die at the moment.

He originally thought that Mi Nuo is a smart woman.  He has given her so many hints, why didn’t Mi Nuo understand him?  Or perhaps, even Mi Nuo does not know that Madam is being treated as such.

A bitter look flash on his face.  He is not going to escape this unscathed.


The rest of the staffs have gone off work, while those who are still working are busy on their own floors, so the lobby is pretty deserted at the moment.  Si Zheng Ting carries her into his private elevator and takes her to his office on the top floor.

He has his own private bedroom and bathroom in his office.  He takes her to the bathroom and fills the bathtub with water before putting her down.

When he looks at her, he finds her looking down, unwilling to look at him.

His chest feels stuffy.

After a moment of silence, he walks out of the bathroom.

Despite everything, he is still worried about her.  He stands by the door and watches her through the crack in the door.

Zhuang Nai Nai is injured, what if she accidentally slips?

Inside the bathroom, Zhuang Nai Nai sighs in relief once Si Zheng Ting left.  She takes off her clothes before stepping into the bath tub.

When Si Zheng Ting sees that scene, his face turns scarlet.  He takes a couple of deep breaths before turning around and returning to his office.

As he walks on, the redness on his face disappears and his eyes turn sharp once again.

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