Chapter 254: She Also Has Pride

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Ji Chen is waiting for Si Zheng Ting inside the office.  When Si Zheng Ting walks over, he immediately reports everything, “I have investigated everything, Sir.  The Head of the Site Design Department feels threatened by Madam’s talent and thinks that she poses a threat to his position, so he has been oppressing her at work.”

Si Zheng Ting does not look at him and simply sits on the sofa.  Even though Si Zheng Ting does not say anything, Ji Chen still feels very intimidated.

The current Si Zheng Ting is in the verge of unleashing his fury, Ji Chen knows that.

After a while, Si Zheng Ting narrows his eyes, “How long has this been going on?”

Zhuang Nai Nai has been working in the company for two weeks.  Does that mean….

Ji Chen lowers his head, his hair rising, “Since Madam starts working.”  After saying that, he hands a set of documents over to Si Zheng Ting, “These are the list of instructions that he have been asking Madam to do.”

Si Zheng Ting reads the documents, his face turning darker with each page he flips.  In the end….


He slams the documents on the coffee table.

 “Ji Chen.” Si Zheng Ting’s eyes become even icier, “How long have you been working for me?”

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Ji Chen shudders a little, “5 years.”

“Then, you should know what my limit is.”

Ji Chen turns rigid as a bitter expression appears on his face.  He has made his own sets of mistakes for the past 5 years, but never to the point where Si Zheng Ting has to let him go.

Si Zheng Ting’s limit is his wife.

This time, his negligence is something unforgiveable.

Ji Chen lowers his head, “I am willing to accept any punishment, Sir.”  In the end, he cannot stop himself from saying, “But, I hope Sir will give me another chance.”

Si Zheng Ting’s face is dark, but he does not say anything.


Zhuang Nai Nai is lying inside the tub, looking tired and haggard.

She feels lightheaded, like she is going to pass out.  She pats herself awake.

She cannot help but scoff at herself, she has only been living the life of a rich madam for a short while and she is already this weak and delicate.

If this was before, she could walk her way through a rainstorm and still does not catch a cold.

She only skipped her meals today and she is already this weak.

Perhaps, it is because she has been soaking in there for too long, but, after she steps out of the tub, her headache becomes worse.

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She picks up a towel and begins drying herself before putting on the clothes that Si Zheng Ting has prepared for her.

Her limbs feel weak and her body feels numb.

She stands in front of the sink, looking at her own reflection before washing her face with cold water.  Once she recovers a little, she turns around to leave the bathroom.

No matter how ill she feels, she will not allow herself to look pathetic in front of Si Zheng Ting again.

When she remembers the 10 million yuan, the stuffy feeling inside her chest intensifies.

With a deep breath, she steps out of the bathroom.

Si Zheng Ting and Ji Chen are both inside the office.  The atmosphere between them is heavy.

When they hear the movement from her, both of them turn around to look at her.  After seeing Zhuang Nai Nai, Ji Chen lowers his head while Si Zheng Ting narrows his eyes and purses his lips, as though wanting to say something but deciding against it.

Zhuang Nai Nai walks over to them and picks up her phone wordlessly.  When she checks her phone, she discovers that she has dozens of missed calls from Zhang Chao Wen.

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