Chapter 193: Praise my Military Might (1)

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K7, whose hiding spot was unknown, remained silent for a moment before saying, “Sorry.” After that, he did not open his mouth any longer.

After dealing with four people on the fifth floor in the dark, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon raised his hand to protect Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine who was behind his arm. With Xu Wei on guard, he replied softly, “The fifth floor’s cleared. I agree with K7’s plan, but let me do it.”

“It’s too narrow here.” Ye Jian was already standing at the vent. Xia Jinyuan walked over and had a look before squatting and patting his shoulder. He said to Ye Jian, “Come, sit on my shoulders and pry open the sealed vent.”

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Ye Jian glanced at Xu Wei, who was armed with a gun, then she shifted her gaze back at Xia Jinyuan, who was in a battle suit and wearing a helmet. She bit her lower lip. Without any more hesitation, she took the dagger from his hand, took in a deep breath, then sat on his shoulders.

After the prying open the sealed vent, Ye Jian’s gaze tightened in concentration as she whispered, “It’s possible to enter. Even three people can enter.” After that, she put both her hands on the sides of the vent and leaped in like a fish jumping mid-air, entering the opening of the vent.

“K7, inform the Interpol, let them do as they please.” Grabbing on Ye Jian’s arm, Xia Jinyuan jumped. With one foot against the wall, he climbed up into the vent vigorously. “Xu Wei, come up.”

After K7 had altered all the infrared sensors, the three of them seemed to disappear from Nick’s field of view.

After five consecutive explosions, people from the entire city could see the red flares in the sky above King’s Cross district. Gao Yiyang, who was already in the ambulance, had struggled intensely before the doctors forcibly injected a sedative into his body. He was directly admitted to the best private hospital in Sydney… It was an aristocratic hospital, with the Gao family holding 25% of its shares.

After finding out about the situation, Director Li, who was waiting at the hotel, immediately put both of his hands together and prayed, “May the Buddha bless you.” Now, all he could do was wait for Ye Jian, who was already with the Chinese military, to return. Since she was with people of her kind, Director Li was quite relieved.

Outside of the KTV, Nick proposed a very simple condition for the trade: To leave this place safely.

The request he suggested was precisely what the Interpol couldn’t agree to. The only thing they could do now was to cause further delay and urge the combat team to barge into the KTV.

The smoke bombs were thrown in one by one, and the fire alarms, which hadn’t stopped blaring, continued to let out piercing rings.

“Where is the Chinese military? Ask them to immediately contact me! Right away!” The commander was a white man. At this moment, he was as furious as a mad lion, and everything he said was in a roar, “Darn it, where did they go!”

“Heck! Why did we allow them to get involved! God, just bring them to hell!”

As the operation’s general commander, he had an unshirkable responsibility due to the five consecutive explosions. But it wasn’t over yet. The other party had explosive points and even more powerful weapons.

“Who said that darn Nick was at King’s Cross district earlier!” The roars resumed one after another from the walkie-talkie to the on-site commander. Even across the connection line, you could feel his saliva splashing everywhere.

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The on-site commander was a European policeman. Hearing the words, he let out a sigh as he solemnly replied, “Yes, Sir. It was the Chinese soldiers, but unfortunately no one believed them.” Even you chose not to trust them.

All of the Interpol officers who could hear the conversation became silent; they all recalled it.

“We need to contact them now because the first to enter… Oh, wait… there’s an emergency call.” The on-site commander took over the walkie-talkie. Before he could speak, a cold voice which didn’t sound angry was heard.

It was K7 who contacted him. Coincidentally, at this moment, Xia Jinyuan, Ye Jian, and Xu Wei had entered the vent.

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