Chapter 192: An Intense Fight (6)

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All the pedestrians passing by were prohibited from entering this area. Even the nearby residents were evacuated by the police officers in the district. Only that seven-storey high-rise building was heavily surrounded. There was even a helicopter hovering above the rooftop.

The targets were inside, so the Interpol were full of determination to catch them when taking action.

Nick laughed hysterically in the room as a few loud bangs suddenly burst out nearby the building. A police car was directly flipped into the air by the heat wave and smashed onto another car. In less than a minute, there were countless explosions around the area.

In the blazing fire, Nick laughed coldly, “This is my territory. Even if I won’t be back again, I’d still to say that I really like this exciting and degenerated place.”

Red Scorpion laughed coldly in slight disapproval, “If we take everyone hostage, we could leave this place faster.”

“No no, what I don’t like the most is to use hostages, hahaha. I prefer to go directly against that group of self-righteous people.” Nick wasn’t like Red Scorpion, who liked to be alone. He had put in a lot of manpower and material resources to tease the group of Interpol who were no different from mice in his eyes.

The initially confident Interpol were instantly stunned by the four explosions in the surrounding area and their facial expressions stiffened. The commander began to bark, and the sounds of the ambulance resonated throughout the entire Sydney. The city police marched in and blocked the entrances to the crossroads of Kings Street. They had commenced the first level of police defence.

“Darn it, where are the bomb disposal experts! Ask them to come immediately!”

“God! There are bombs here… quick…” A police officer took the intercom and begged for help. However, before he could finish his sentence, the people with the bombs manually controlled the explosions… So, he instantly hid under behind the car door then rushed to a hollow rock. He said in a shaky voice, “The bombs are being manually controlled to explode… I can’t get close!”

The Interpol had a loudspeaker. Similarly, Nick also had one. He laughed loudly as his voice resounded through the speakers of the KTV outside. “I hope you like my gift, cute mice. If you had fun, I don’t mind offering my gift again.”

His devilish, cold, and ferocious voice resounded, making the Interpol officers who were hiding beneath cars and behind trees and buildings, turn red like pig liver. This was a shame. They were being humiliated by a criminal.

Listening the these words, Ye Jian didn’t know why but she felt that it was quite… venting.

K7’s cold voice, which didn’t seem angry, was heard from her earphone. The message was directly referring to Ye Jian, “Ye Jian, you’re quite small. Crawl into the air vent and send a few smoke bombs at them.”

Having said that, without waiting for Ye Jian to reply, he immediately explained the position of the air vent which would allow her to get from the fourth floor to the sixth floor.

Then, he uttered to Xia Jinyuan: “This is a good plan. Do you have any opinions, Q King?”

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“K7, you’re speaking too much now. Handle the work you have on your hands carefully. Be careful not to reveal your identity by speaking too much.” J5’s tone was no longer casual; in fact, it was slightly cold. “Also, you have no right to arrange a student to complete the task for us. She’s still a student. As strong as her ability might be, she’s still a citizen that we have to protect!”

He was once a political instructor, so as long as the behavior of his comrades-in-arms was out of order, he had to step up and stop them.

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