Chapter 191: An Intense Fight (5)

In front of J5, there were several infrared sensors that were still moving back and forth. J5 pressed himself against the wall and glided past, completely ignoring the probes that could possibly discover them.

K7 had spoken, which naturally meant that he could freely cross the pathway.

There were two black sentry guards right before them. J5 and G3 made an interweaving hand sign and rushed towards the two bodyguards in a flash.

Their hands attacked at lightning speed. With one on the left and the other on the right, both their hands swiftly tightened around the guards’ necks, forcibly lifting them with their arms. Surprisingly, they were able to lift the strong bodyguards who were at least 1.9 meters tall such that their feet left the ground.

Cracking sounds could be heard from their fragile necks as the bodyguards, whose feet were off the ground, struggled in mid-air. Both their hands were already grabbing the duo’s metal-like arms tightly. In the end… their tongues stretched out, and their scleras rolled upwards. Lastly… their arms and feet hung down lifelessly.

After killing them, J5 and G3 gently put them down then dragged them to a dark place to hide them.

Moving from the seventh floor to the sixth floor wasn’t an easy task. They assassinated their way through and finally stood at the fire exit to the sixth floor. By then, J5 and G3 were already sweating profusely in their combat suits.

Under the faint emergency light, there were two pairs of black eyes with similar looks in them, seemingly calm, fearless, and fierce.

The assassination on the seventh and third floors were completed at almost the same time. Xia Jinyuan and Xu Wei still had to clear the fifth floor.

On the fourth floor, Ye Jian, who was lying down in silence, noticed the door of the fire exit gently opening. After that, a slender, tall, and sturdy figure appeared in her sight.

The familiar figure made the look in Ye Jian’s eyes like that of a shooting star soaring across the night sky, shining with radiance that would attract others’ looks. “Captain Xia, I’m here.” She had already recognized whom he was without him having to speak.

The soft voice came from the ceiling above his head. Xia Jinyuan shifted his gaze to somewhere in the darkness. He laughed and said, “Do you plan to come down? Or resume staying here?” She felt happiness in her heart. Even when she was in the dark, Xia Jinyuan could sense her.

Rustling sounds echoed from the ceiling. After removing a loose board, Ye Jian leaped down from above, landing lightly and half-squatting on the ground. “Let’s go. It’s not safe here.”

She wasn’t afraid to kill anyone. As they continued walking down the corridor, she also did not feel any fear.

“Then, follow me.” Xia Jinyuan let out a deep laugh and handed over a black bulletproof vest that didn’t really suit her well. “Wear it. It doesn’t fit well, but it still has a little benefit.”

Ye Jian didn’t refuse. She had seen this bulletproof vest on the two kidnappers whom she had killed earlier. If they hadn’t been stained with blood, she really would’ve stooped down to wear them.

Outside, the police siren was still ringing. Someone stood with a loudspeaker and shouted loudly, saying some nonsense like, “You’ve been surrounded, it’s best for you to surrender.”

If they had really wanted to surrender, they’d have done it earlier. Ye Jian smiled sarcastically as she stayed close to the cold figure before her. They approached the fifth floor.

On the sixth floor, Red Scorpion listened to that hateful voice. Grinding his teeth, he yelled, “I think we can teach them a lesson now! The darned voice is just too terrible to listen to!” His eyes were fixated on the monitor screen. The streets near the building could be seen very clearly.

“Do you hear me, my weapon expert? Our partner hopes that you can teach those mice outside a lesson.” Nick really enjoyed these moments where the panicked international police officers were unable to make any move. Looking at them, they really were like a bunch of useless junk.

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His gaze landing on the corner of the room, Red Scorpion suddenly discovered the weapon expert’s existence. Looking at his back, he didn’t look like a Westerner; instead, he had an Asian physique.

His figure unmoving, he simply raised a hand and signalled. That was his answer to Nick.

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