Chapter 190: An Intense Fight (4)

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As Nick’s hand rose, the twenty-four black monitor screens lit up uniformly. The screens showed the entire building’s condition; the entire building could be monitored clearly including the KTV, the back kitchen, and other places.

At this moment, Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine, who was hidden in the ceiling at the end of the walkway of the fourth floor suddenly felt like she was being stared at… She immediately had goosebumps.

Looking down, she shifted her sight to the weakly-lit green emergency light, and noticed a pinhole-sized red light flashing… It was… an infrared sensing probe with a night camera!

All of a sudden, Ye Jian’s heart sank, and she realized why she didn’t manage to reel in the other drug traffickers after dealing with two people and firing gunshots!

The people whom she had killed were clearly just the main European target’s pawns that could be discarded anytime and even used as sacrifices during crucial moments!

“Stupid girl, there’s a little trouble outside now. You just hide in the ceiling. Don’t move rashly,” Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon ordered her in a blank voice, “Hide carefully. Don’t move until I say so.”

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“Okay, I know,” Ye Jian replied softly. She then reported her suspicious findings to the Chinese soldiers, who had all found their way into the shared communication channel. “If I’m not mistaken, the whole building is filled with infrared cameras… infrared sensing probes.”

Xia Jinyuan, who was currently seated on Xu Yu’s shoulders, was biting a delicate but extremely sharp knife in his mouth. His slender hands were wearing combat gloves and were currently modifying an infrared probe.

After hearing her voice, Xu Yu smiled and answered, “We’re dealing with it now, don’t worry. We’ll be done soon.” That little girl’s sensitivity… was really powerful.

Turning off his microphone, he said to Xia Jinyuan, “She’s really amazing to notice such a small sensor.”

“She’s a natural. Look who was the one to choose her,” Xia Jinyuan’s eyebrows rose lightly as he laughed. Under his helmet, his handsome face was calm and gentle. “Stay put, I’m dealing with a little issue on the third floor.”

This place was Nick’s base camp. The international police were still insisting that his home was based in Melbourne. The Chinese side had tried to persuade them, but to no avail… If they didn’t believe it, forget it!

Let’s settle our own business!

If they really obeyed everything the international police said, ha, there would be more than dozens of bullet holes on their steel-like bodies!

“K7, make a creaking sound here. I’m a little tired hanging. I feel that my blood is not only flowing up to my head, but also flowing to… ahem ahem…” J5’s voice could be heard once again, but before he could finish his sentence, he was punched in the chest by G3. The words that he wanted to say became a series of low coughs.

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What he wanted to say was that his blood was also flowing to a certain male body part…

With K7, did that mean all twenty-six letters of the English alphabet were used as codenames?

Ye Jian didn’t bother to ponder over what J5 was unable to say. Instead, she focused on the silent K7.

After about a minute, K7’s lazy voice finally resounded. Ye Jian was taken aback by his words… She was so frightened that she felt flustered. His tone was cold, giving her a dead and sinking feeling.

“You’re alive. They’re dead.” This was K7’s exact words.

Massaging his chest and jumping down like a sparrowhawk, J5 rubbed his arms with his hands and muttered lightly, “Every time I listen to you, I feel like I’m a dead person on a dissecting board waiting for you to cut me up.”

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