Chapter 563: Water God

The long beautiful hair of this woman was fluttering in the air. Her curvy figure was soul-stirring and she had towering breasts. Her waist was level and with the layer of light blue light sparkling around her, she looked sacred and inviolable.

Suddenly, a light blue jade tablet shot out from the glabella of this woman and spun rapidly in the sky. Those star like light specks which were fluttering in the air flew rapidly towards the jade tablet as though they encountered a powerful magnetic field.

Soon, all the materialized water magic elements were completely absorbed by that jade tablet. The blue light which surrounded the woman also entered her body. Not long after, this woman slowly opened her eyes and she stood straight in the air. With a flash of blue light, a light blue colored magic robe appeared on her body. She gradually floated down to the ground as a cold mist gathered around her.

“Ai……” This woman softly sighed. Her voice sounded like it came from hundreds of millions of years ago. Stretching out her hand, she grabbed the falling light blue colored jade tablet and a hint of disappointment flashed through her beautiful eyes.


Long Yi used the bone shrinking technique to squeeze into that crack located in the center of the ice cave. He slowly made his way deeper into the cave as he swept away all the exotic flowers and rare herbs into his space ring. However, even after walking 100 meters, Long Yi wasn’t able to see the end of the crack. Even with the seventh layer AoTianJue protecting his body, Long Yi was already shivering.

A Cold Spirit was something related to the spirit. Even if cold qi couldn’t harm one’s life, it could instantly cause one to sink into a state of suspended animation. Their bodily function would be maintained and they would only regain consciousness when they see the light again. If it wasn’t for this seventh layer AoTianJue protecting his body, Long Yi would have already lost his consciousness.

After he walked for a kilometer, the crack gradually became big enough for an average person to walk normally. Before long, Long Yi reached the end of the crack. The only thing at the end of the crack was a small hole. In that small hole, ice shards covered the walls, threatening to turn anyone who entered into a human porcupine. The hole was also extremely deep… Long Yi wasn’t able to see the bottom.

Long Yi hesitated for a moment. He wondered if he should keep going. He had no idea how the hole was formed and he had no idea how deep the hole was. If he hastily jumped into the hole, who knew what would happen? He didn’t hesitate for long as his heart started beating with a special rhythm. The rhythmic vibration was very familiar.

“Shuang’er!” Long Yi touched his chest and he instantly jumped down.

His heartbeat became stronger and stronger as he fell deeper and deeper. Long Yi could feel that he was getting closer and closer to Wushuang and he quickly increased his speed. He left behind several afterimages as he charged into the hole.

“Shoot!” Long Yi exclaimed and came to a sudden halt. Now, his forehead was only one inch away from a thick ice wall. He had unexpectedly reached the bottom of this hole.

“Pengpeng, pengpeng……” His heart was still beating happily, but there was no path in front of him.

Just as Long Yi was burning with impatience and thinking of a way to blow the wall open, the ice wall began to melt.

Long Yi was startled. Could it be that he was seeing things? Rubbing his eyes, Long Yi started to examine the wall in front of him carefully. Before he was able to react, the wall exploded and a strong water current shot at his face.

Crash, Long Yi stayed still like a mountain and the internal force of his AoTainJue protected him. The water which slammed against him eventually crashed to the ground and it instantly froze. Now, a hole appeared in front of Long Yi and there was a familiar figure looking at him on the other side.

“Shuang’er.” Long Yi was pleasantly surprised. In his head, he was prepared to look for her in the Ice Palace. However, he managed to meet her just by entering that crack in the cave. How could he not be happy?

Long Yi rushed into the hole and prepared to hug Wushuang.

Before he was able to touch her, a light blue water screen appeared which made Long Yi bounce several steps back. At this moment, Wushuang was wearing a light blue magic robe. Her beautiful hair hung down loosely behind her and her spotlessly white feet stood on cold mist. She was curiously sizing up Long Yi.

Long Yi came back to his senses in an instant. Looking at Wushuang’s pure and curious gaze, his heart shook and he coldly asked, “Who are you? Why did you occupy Wushuang’s body? What did you do to her?”

“As it turns out, you were the one causing this….” Wushuang placed her little hand on her chest where her heart was beating rhythmically. Sizing up Long Yi once again, a beautiful smile bloomed on her face.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and his gaze gradually eased up. The strange telepathy between him and Wushuang told him that Wushuang was not in danger. Instead, this person was simply occupying Wushuang’s body for a short period of time.

“Do you know me?” Long Yi relaxed and tried to guess her identity.

She revealed a thin smile without replying Long Yi. The aura she emitted made him feel extremely comfortable.

Even though she didn’t answer him, Long Yi didn’t care. He closed his eyes and he concentrated his spirit power on her. After sensing her heartbeat, he quickly established a kind of peculiar connection with her.

Long Yi began to remember every little detail of the time he had spent together with Wushuang. From the time she first opened her eyes in the crystal coffin of Lost City, their fate was tightly tied together.

Wushuang just watched Long Yi. Together with him, the memories resurfaced in her mind. Soft and sweet memories appeared in her mind along with some sad ones.

“Ah……” Suddenly, Wushuang exclaimed and a hint of redness appeared on her beautiful face.

Long Yi opened his eyes and smirked. He didn’t believe that he could cure her and he simply thought of that ** scene he had together with Wushuang. Although he had yet to truly take the final step with her, he had already touched everything he should and he had seen everything he should see.

“The Lightning God was righteous and straightforward. Such a bad fellow accepted his inheritance. I wonder if he will regret it…” Wushuang quickly reverted back to normal and smiled.

“Of course not. He will feel as though he lucked out. Could it be that you don’t think so, Lord Water God?” Long Yi smirked and said.

“You are very smart.” A hint of admiration flashed through her beautiful eyes.

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“That’s natural……” As she replied him, Long Yi rushed towards her as fast as lightning and he circulated his internal force in his hand. His hands shot towards her acupoints.

In an instant, the Water God flashed away and blue light shot out from her flabella. The entire space was instantly shrouded by cold qi.

“Eternal Ice Seal!” The voice of the Water God resounded and the cold qi suddenly rolled around. The space itself began to freeze under the Water God’s god domain.

She gently stepped on the cold mist and she stared at Long Yi who was frozen in her domain. She displayed a magnificent smile on her face. Relying on his identity as the inheritor of the Lightning God, this boy actually dared to disrespect her. She decided that she would leave him frozen for several days and nights.

Long Yi was completely frozen but a hint of silverish purple radiance appeared in his glabella. However, it disappeared in an instant. In the next moment, a hint of cyan light appeared. The cycle repeated itself several tens of times and the pitch-black eyeballs of Long Yi changed color. It became silverish purple in color and a crackling electric current flowed through the ice around him.

Bang, a large amount of energy erupted from Long Yi which shook the entire place. The ice shattered and the hole collapsed.

The Water God was shocked. However, a Spirit Tablet shot out from her glabella and it emitted a light blue screen. It managed to block the violent energy coming from Long Yi.

The Water God quickly flew into the sky. Before she had time to take a breather, a shadow appeared above her. A huge hammer, with heaven destroying and earth exterminating momentum smashed at her.

Clang, the light blue Spirit Tablet blocked the attack of Long Yi. However, the light blue water screen around her body disappeared. The next thing she felt was a hand around her waist as she fell into a warm bosom.

“Pengpeng, pengpeng……” The heartbeat of the two people accelerated at the same time. They felt as if they were connected with a kind of blood connection and a feeling of intoxication washed over them.

The Water God felt her entire body go hot and soft. Her body instinctively submitted to the familiar warm aura of Long Yi. Although the consciousness belonged to the Water God, the body belonged to Wushuang.

“Let me go.” Water God wanted to angrily rebuke Long Yi. However, she looked coquettishly into Long Yi’s eyes. The marvelous connection between the two of them was not something she could cut off.

“No, I am hugging my woman, why are you butting in? If you don’t like it, then disappear and return my Wushuang to me.” Long Yi looked like a rogue. His guess was correct. Although the Water God occupied Wushuang’s body, she only had Wushuang’s strength.

As the most gentle and kind god among the seven main gods, the Water God had no way to deal with Long Yi’s roguish behavior. She was even less of an opponent to Long Yi’s slick talking.

“I cannot go away for the time being.” In Long Yi’s bosom, the Water God Struggled. Her towering bosom rubbed against Long Yi’s sturdy chest which caused her to feel a burst of pleasure. She became endlessly embarrassed and angered.

“Why?” Long Yi asked as he grabbed the buttocks of the Water God with his big hands. He clearly knew the sensitive parts of Wushuang’s body.

“I will tell you the reason… Can you stop moving around?” Water God softened her tone. She compromised after realizing that she wasn’t Long Yi’s opponent. She had lived for such a long period of time, but no one had ever taken advantage of her like this. In addition, that kind of ** pleasure made her even more flustered.

“Okay.” Long Yi agreed. Hugging the Water God, he slowly descended. He sat on a piece of huge ice as he nestled the Water God in his bosom.

“Wushuang is the disciple of the Ice Palace. Her physique is very good. She can innately sense water magic elements. I wanted to make her inherit the position of the Water God. Unfortunately, I discovered that although her body was able to absorb a small part of energy within the Water God Spirit Tablet, a mark couldn’t be formed in her body.” The Water God sighed.

When he heard what the Water God said, Long Yi was startled. He asked, “If this inheritance is successful, wouldn’t you die like the Lightning God?”

The Water God nodded her head and she no longer struggled in Long Yi’s embrace.

“Now that the inheritance failed, why don’t you return? What will happen to my Wushuang?” When he heard that the Water God wanted to make Wushuang inherit her position and she was prepared to die, Long Yi developed a deep respect for her. He no longer had any thoughts to take advantage of the Water God.

“The Water God statue in the Ice Palace is my origin body. However, since I was prepared to pass down my Spirit Tablet inheritance and divine mark, the statue no longer exists. I will disappear in fifteen days. It has already been ten days since I entered seclusion. In other words, I only have five days left. You can rest assured… Wushuang will be fine.” The Water God indifferently said.

Long Yi remained silent for a long time. He could clearly feel the helplessness and the feeling of freedom coming from the Water God. Then, he asked, “Is there any way I can help you? If you disappear here, does that represent that the position of the Water God will remain vacant forever?”

“Unless you help me find another suitable person to inherit the Water God Spirit Tablet within the next five days, you cannot help me. It’s fine if you cannot find anyone. I will just place the Water God mark inside the Spirit Tablet. If someone has the predestined affinity, that person will receive the Water God inheritance. If there is no one…” The Water God lowered her voice.

“What will happen if there is no one?” Long Yi asked.

“If there is no one, then, perhaps, the world might fall apart.” The Water God lifted her head from the bosom of Long Yi and reached out her hand to caress the lightning mark on Long Yi’s head.

“What do you mean?” Long Yi felt that the Water God was not joking. He hastily grabbed her little hand and asked solemnly.

The Water God gently struggled free from the big hand of Long Yi and stood up. Stepping on the surface of the ice, she walked forward and she looked at the distant sky. She faced her back towards Long Yi.

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A cold wind blew against the Water God’s magic robe and it gave people an ethereal and natural feeling.

Long Yi squinted his eyes as he looked at the Water God’s back view. He truly felt like she didn’t belong to this secular world. Their heartbeat was so close, but he felt like she was extremely far away. She was just like that Water God statue which was covered by a layer of mist.

After a long time, Long Yi walked over to her side and reached out his hand to tuck her fluttering hair behind her ear. He said with a smile, “It truly might not be a bad idea for the world to be destroyed. At least, everyone will be done for together. Originally the world came from nothing. It’s a great privilege to witness its destruction.”

The Water God didn’t dodge Long Yi’s intimate movements. She simply looked at Long Yi with an amazed expression and she said, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“Why should I be afraid? I have no regrets coming to this world. I only hope that I am together with all my family members, friends, and beauties when that time comes. Turning into the dust of the universe together with everyone is also a kind of romance, don’t you feel so?” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Romance?” Water God looked at Long Yi. Obviously, she didn’t understand the meaning of this word.

“Do you gods not fall in love?” Long Yi asked.

The Water God shook her head. Consoling her heart with her little hand, she looked at Long Yi and she said, “The feeling of love is wonderful.”

“Can you feel it?” Long Yi asked.

The Water God nodded her head. Naturally, she felt this from the beginning. Although she knew that the feeling wasn’t hers, she really liked it.

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