Chapter 687 – Second Place

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After returning, there was still the counting of spoils to be done.

The exam might have ended earlier but there was still a need to calculate the results, everyone started to take out their catch to exchange for credits.

Le Guo’er obtained the first place for this exam, catching over a hundred Waterdrop Fishes that earned her a total of twenty-five thousand credits!

Huan Qing Yan was worried about attracting the attention of the instructors, so she did not take out as much fishes as Le Guo’er; she also took out over a hundred Waterdrop Fishes but the credits she got was slightly lesser than Le Guo’er, at twenty-three thousand credits!

Obtaining the spot of second place.

Within her little stream was that Waterdrop Fish King, but she did not take it out as she was worried that with it the instructors might link her to the collapse of the Dragon Palace, and that was something she was unable to bear.

Wang Chao obtained third place, while Lin Fei Fei obtained fourth place, her harvest was mostly shared by Wang Chao.

During the exchange for credits, Lin Fei Fei and Huan Qing Yan met each other again.

One of Lin Fei Fei’s arm was empty, her entire person was weak and pale, however the malicious aura on her face has dissipated.

She was being supported by Wang Chao when she met Huan Qing Yan; surprisingly she did not display any emotions, but she also did not stop to greet Huan Qing Yan as well, treating Huan Qing Yan as invisible when they walked past each other.

Wang Chao was the one that stopped instead as he quickly sent words of congratulations, “Congratulations on obtaining second place Lady Huan, I would like to represent Fei Fei to once again thank you for being magnanimous. Fei Fei lost her arm due to the snake poison, this is her punishment for her crimes, I hope Lady Huan…”

Huan Qing Yan smiled, “Everything is in the past.”

Lin Fei Fei said from up front, “Wang Chao, are you done?”

Wang Chao happily went up to her.

Huan Qing Yan looked at their departing backs and felt harmonious feeling coming from them.

The hatred that Lin Fei Fei had towards her, was it still there? There was definitely some still; Lin Fei Fei would never be able to let it go, since too many things had happened…

However, Lin Fei Fei would likely not deliberately provoke her from now on as well.

Firstly, Lin Fei Fei knew she can no longer afford to provoke Huan Qing Yan. Secondly, Lin Fei Fei has a new bond and faith in her heart, she would not casually make a rash move like before.

After exchanging the credits and getting their rankings.

The remaining time would be used to make preparations to enter Beta Hall and to shift to their new accommodations within Beta Hall, as well as other administrative stuff…

Huan Qing Yan went to Ji Mo Ya’s place and did not ask for new accommodations, help the academia to save resources.

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While the others were busy with their preparations, Huan Qing Yan went to get information and learnt that the True Spirit Grass Garden was currently being used by someone. She needs to wait for the current user to finish before she can enter.

Since she had earned enough credits to enter the True Spirit Grass Garden, she can enter it immediately after it becomes vacant.

Therefore, she went to her master’s place and made some Waterdrop Fish cuisines for her master to enjoy.

Elder Snow was unable to move while he was recuperating at the Spirit Spring Outlet and has maintained that position for over a dozen years already.

However, he has been using his divine sense to monitor Huan Qing Yan’s every move and action, it was a simple thing for him to cover the entire Surging Wave Academia with his divine sense.

The projections displayed by the projection stones in Alpha Hall was something he had been constantly monitoring.

When he saw Huan Qing Yan visiting, he quickly asked, “Why did the ruins of the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace collapse out of no reason? It has been over a thousand years, also this old man cannot see why it would suddenly collapse, had something big happen?”

With a slightly embarrassed face, Huan Qing Yan told him about what happened with the Flood Dragon Girl.

Elder Snow laughed out loud.

“Master, you must not tell the instructors about this, if they seek compensation from disciple, even if I sell myself, I will not be able to compensate…”

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