Chapter 686 – Shrieking Repeatedly

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Everything was seen very clearly.

“The new students this time were braver, they even dare to enter the Third Palace, if they can come out from it safely, the results of this year would be better than the past years by far.”

“The number of injured in the Second Palace is not little, look at Lin Fei Fei, she only survived after she severed her arm. The Third Palace is a death palace for the new students, going in would mean certain death for them.”

“They must have eaten the hearts of bears and guts of leopards, there is not a single projection stone placed within the Third Palace, they were destroyed the moment it was placed! The dangers within is unknown and ungaugeable, even we ourselves do not know what is happening in there, what a pity to have lost so many good seedlings!”

“Why not we go and try saving them?”

“Save for? The road of cultivation has always been full of dangers, for people who lack both luck and abilities, even if we save them this time, can we save them for the rest of their lives? In addition, the Third Palace is the forbidden grounds of the Third Palace, even as instructors we are also not allowed to enter.”


Just as the instructors were discussing, changes started to happen within the projections of the First and Second Palace.

Swarms of Waterdrop Fishes that were originally invisible started to swim out from their various hiding places.

The rookies within the First and Second Palace were all displaying joyous expressions at the sight.

As they excitedly used every means they possessed and started to catch these fishes…

Very quickly, the swarms of Waterdrop Fishes all enter the Third Palace, and not a single one was left.

What is happening?

It seems like there was an unknown power coming from the Third Palace and it that was summoning those Waterdrop Fishes, or something was attracting them.

Kang Hao Ming and the other instructors looked at each other with dumbfounded expressions, and again, the image on the projection stone underwent another great change.

The ruins of the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace started to collapse, the tattered structures that vaguely created the form of each palace were now starting to crack and collapse…

The students were all greatly startled, shrieking repeatedly as they all rushed out of the Dragon Palace as fast as they could.

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There were some who were unable to escape in time and were caught by the falling rubble and were buried under them.

“What happened? Why is the Dragon Palace collapsing?”

“It looks like something big is happening! Let’s quickly go take a look.”

The instructors did not know what was happening; Kang Hao Ming quickly sent a message to inform the Headmaster before bringing the instructors of the Alpha Hall to the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace.


Huan Qing Yan have thoughts of dying, Floody said before that there was no problem getting Waterdrop Fishes for her…

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Yet in the end, every Waterdrop Fish within the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace appeared in front of her.

Not only that, the Dragon Palace also started to collapse when Floody’s soul settled down inside the Soul Tranquil Pearl, therefore Huan Qing Yan could only transfer the huge amount of Waterdrop Fishes in front of her into her dimension.

At least they could be made into Spirit Dishes to eat!

She was wondering if the little stream within the dimension could fit all of them, but from the looks of it, she would be having many Waterdrop Fishes related Spirit Dishes for a long period of time.

After that, she saw Instructor Kang and the other instructors coming to save them.

Instructor Kang asked them what happened, but no one knew and Huan Qing Yan also denied any knowledge.

The exam for the new students of Alpha Hall ended in less than a day this time.

Although there was a collapse, for it to happen underwater and the timely rescue of the instructors have led to a rather low casualty rate amongst the new students. After a count, nearly five hundred students were present, less than twenty students have gone missing or confirmed dead.

It was the least number of casualties as compared to the rest of the years.

Huan Qing Yan and the rest were brought back by Kang Hao Ming while the academia’s staff that came later went to investigate the collapse of the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace; as for what happened in details back there, Huan Qing Yan did not know.

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