Chapter 147: The Senior Officer’s Invitation

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Su Ke2Su KeMain Character gave an involuntary shudder at Yang Pei Er’s aggressiveness. The pain from between his legs slowly traveled upwards. How could he still think about revenge?

“Zhou Yu Hui, let’s go!”

Since Zhou Yu Hui directly reported to the chief, Yang Pei Er just glared at Su Ke as the both of them got in the car and left.
“Fei Fei is waiting for us at the entrance to the General Hospital(1)!”
As they drove away, Su Ke saw Yang Pei Er staring at him through the rearview mirror.

She looked like she wanted to eat him, which made him want to drive even faster.

Maybe it was because there was ironclad proof of Su Ke’s driving skills, but Zhou Yu Hui was a lot quieter on the way back home. However, her face was pale and completely drained of blood.

“Task: Capture the perpetrator (Complete). Reward: Jeet Kune Do (Intermediate).”

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“Please accept!”

As he drove, Su Ke entered the system and saw the task, “D*mn, when did this task come out?”

Only then did he finally see that there was another task on the screen.

“Task: Eliminate Yang Pei Er’s anger. Reward: Computer Hacking Skill (Beginner).”

“Yang Pei Er’s anger? I don’t want to, I’m still angry at her!”

Su Ke got more indignant the more he thought about it. This task was utter nonsense. The wound his little brother suffered hasn’t even been accounted for, and he still needed to go and comfort other people.
Even more, this Yang Pei Er was a cop; his own 8 bamboo stick couldn’t fight with the other person. Don’t tell me he had to go to the station to be stepped on?
However, after seeing the computer hacking skill, Su Ke was rather interested. This skill was different from the others. It was filled with a mysterious color (2) that made him very curious.

“Let’s just leave it there and try not to think about it!” Su Ke then shook his head as he came out of the system.

Zhou Yu Hui finally spoke from behind him, “Fei Fei is over there!”

Su Ke glanced over, and as expected, Li Fei Fei was standing at the entrance, looking around.

Su Ke nodded and slowed down the car, preparing to park. At this time, a green SUV suddenly appeared from the other side of the street. They were very fast and skidded to a stop at the entrance.
Waiting for Su Ke to stop, two men garbed in military uniform alighted from the SUV and ran into the hospital.

Zhou Yu Hui got out and ran over to Li Fei Fei while saying, “Fei Fei!”

“How are you guys? Has the offender been caught?” Even though Li Fei Fei gave Zhou Yu Hui a call and roughly knew what happened, she still didn’t know the full story.
“That’s right! The two officers wanted to bring us in to the police station! F*ck! If I didn’t know the chief, you wouldn’t even be here right now!”

When Zhou Yu Hui mentioned this, she had a stomach full of anger.

Li Fei Fei saw Su Ke silently standing to one side, his gaze drawn to the golf course next to them.

Only then did she quietly ask, “Was Su Ke’s technique any good?”

Zhou Yu Hui instinctively wanted to downgrade Su Ke’s skill, but before she could speak, her brain conjured up an image of Su Ke winding through traffic, scaring her until she didn’t dare to move.

“Eh! This!”

Especially when they were crossing the intersections, the fierce turns almost made her puke.
Li Fei Fei noticed that Zhou Yu Hui stopped talking, so she asked again, “En, how is it?”

Zhou Yu Hui stammered, “It’s so-so! Only average! Maybe a bit better than some people!”

When she said this, her face was bright red. Actually, she knew that Su Ke’s skills were slightly better than other people. It could be compared to a racer in the movies.

Li Fei Fei realized Zhou Yu Hui’s peculiarity, “Is it really like that?”

This girl normally had very high expectations.

For anyone other than herself, she liked to give them a blow.

Zhou Yu Hui raised her head, like a dead duck reluctant to admit their mistake, “Ah! That’s right, so what?”
As Li Fei Fei spoke, she narrowed her eyes.“How come you look at Su Ke differently? It can’t be that you found something out when you went with him alone?”
“I’m right, aren’t I? Don’t think I can’t see it. Do you like that young man? Your expression in the car just now was weird!”

Right after Zhou Yu Hui finished speaking, she saw Li Fei Fei blush, like she had hit the nail on the head.
“Wei! Fei Fei, it can’t be that you really fell for that guy!? Where is he good? He’s not tall, his looks are average, and he looks like he can be blown away by the wind. I heard his grades aren’t very good either. Plus, he loves to play rogue!”

As Zhou Yu Hui was speaking, Li Fei Fei pulled on her elbow, making her uncomfortable, “Don’t pull me, I’m not done speaking!

“So far, besides his driving skills, I haven’t found any good points!” When Zhou Yu Hui finished speaking, she realized that Li Fei Fei’s face was filled with awkwardness, her face completely red as she looked behind Zhou Yu Hui.
She then looked behind her and realized that Su Ke was standing there, a gloomy look on his face.
Even though Zhou Yu Hui had a sharp mouth, at this moment, her face felt hot as she embarrasedly smiled, “Wei! You didn’t hear what I said, right!?”
“He he, at first I thought you were talking about me! That’s definitely not me!”

“Right! Fei Fei, is the girl fine?”

“En! Her leg was fractured, but it wasn’t serious. Also, some officers from the traffic department came over. Her dad almost came over as well!”

Li Fei Fei finally took this chance to alleviate her embarrassment, “Let’s go! We can go have a meal!”

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Zhou Yu Hui felt a little uncomfortable.

She had been speaking badly of someone, and they overheard her.

Su Ke and Li Fei Fei glanced at each other and gave helpless smiles.

They took just one step forward when they heard a rush of urgent footsteps from behind them.
“Please wait!”
Su Ke unconsciously turned back around and saw a young man dressed in military garb quickly running towards him.

Seeing him turn around, the young man waved his hands frantically as he said, “Nice to meet you! Just wanted to ask if you were the ones who had sent the injured person to the hospital!?” The young man was wearing a military uniform and looked very violent.

However, Su Ke couldn’t figure out his rank.

He glanced at Li Fei Fei and realized that her forehead was full of sweat.

Su Ke quickly responded, “It’s us! Do you need something?”

The young officer gestured towards the hospital entrance before exclaiming, “Sorry, I’m a relative of the patient! Our senior officer would like to meet you!”
When Su Ke heard his words, he felt an inexplicable feeling, “Senior Officer?”


  1. It directly translates to The People’s Hospital, so I’m just gonna put General Hospital. Let me know if y’all think I should change it back.
  2. Yes, the raws say color, so I’m gonna leave it. I assume it might mean something like feeling.


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