Chapter 682 – Are You Human?

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Half a second later, a female voice came out of the huge snake, “You are quite a strange human, are you really human?”

“Naturally I am human, an authentic human.” Huan Qing Yan replied.

She dared not agitate this huge snake.

The huge snake stretched its head and sniffed Huan Qing Yan from left to right, “This is indeed the scent of humans, but why are my little snakes scared of you? Truly strange.”

The proximity of the huge snake caused Huan Qing Yan to feel a huge pressure, while the sight of a snake sniffing as it stretched out its forked tongue would cause anyone to feel a shiver running down their spine. Huan Qing Yan knew that she will not be able to defeat the snake, but she still consciously adopted a defensive stance.

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She took out the sharpest object she owned, the black iron scrap and held it in her hands, if the snake attacks her, she would use it to stab it.

Who knew that when the huge snake sniffed the black iron scrap in her hand, it suddenly paused.

It instantly transformed from a ginormous snake into a petite young lady, one who was wearing a white satin dress that wrapped her slender figure; her looks were fresh and pure like that of an obedient neighborhood girl.

The young lady did a hand signal and several old clams in various corner instantly opened and revealed all sorts of glowing lights, illuminating the entire cave.

The young lady walked towards Huan Qing Yan, “I was wondering how come your scent felt familiar, so it was because you possessed a shard of the Immemorial Cauldron? Where did you obtain this shard?”

Huan Qing Yan was momentarily unable to accept this huge change in the situation.

A huge snake that was breathtakingly powerful had instantly turned into a neighborhood girl…

Huan Qing Yan retreated a couple of steps, “What do you mean by shard of the Immemorial Cauldron? I don’t understand.”

The young lady grabbed Huan Qing Yan’s wrist and took the black scrap iron, “It really is a shard of the Immemorial Cauldron. Tell me quickly, why is it in your hands? If you don’t tell me, I will get Little Flower to swallow you.”

So violent!

Huan Qing Yan looked at the large snake which had just swallowed Hou Ning Xue, and she obediently explained, “I got it from a general store… this is a shard of a cauldron?”

Even Ji Mo Ya was unable to determine what this thing was, and it was actually a shard of a cauldron!

The young lady’s eyes suddenly turned misty with tears, “I knew it, Elder Brother Jin must have encountered a mishap, that is why he hasn’t come and look for me. This was one of Elder Brother Jin’s Life Source Equipment, the shard of the Immemorial Cauldron. More than a dozen years ago, a similar shard fell from the sky and reached here, that is when I started to worry about Elder Brother Jin…”

‘What is this young lady in love image about?’

‘Where has that mighty looking and powerful huge snake earlier on gone to?’

Immemorial Cauldron, this name Huan Qing Yan safely store in her memory; from what she observed, it looked to be a powerful equipment, but who was this Elder Brother Jin fella?

“I say, senior? Senior! Can you please don’t cover my body with your snot and tears?” the snot and tears of this huge snake seemed very slippery and gooey; would it be possible for her to clean it with a Cleansing Spell?

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Speaking of the Cleansing Spell, Ji Mo Ya mentioned that it could be learned by a Six-Star Spirit Master, and she forgot to learn it.

The young lady pulled Huan Qing Yan’s hand, and brought her deeper into the cave, “My apologies, I missed my Elder Brother Jin too much. Let me tell you, Elder Brother Jin is also a human, that is also why I never ate humans and always let my subordinates eat them…”

Huan Qing Yan… really wanted to run away!

The young lady continued, “Since you managed to open this equipment shard that belonged to Elder Brother Jin, then you can be consider a person fated with him. Therefore, rest assure, I will not eat you… Let me tell you the story between me and my Elder Brother Jin!”

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