Chapter 143: Outsmarting Instead of Forcing

Even though Liu Fei Hong wanted them to, Luo Fei Yan didn’t stay for a meal.

Firstly, this was the first time they met, so they weren’t that familiar with each other.

Secondly, this was Liu Fei Hong’s territory and she was asking for help; if she still ate a free meal, it’ll be considered rude.
However, even if they wanted to have a meal, it would be a place Luo Fei Yan had chosen and she would settle the bill; only then would this show sincerity and gratitude.
Ma Meng still sent out Luo Fei Yan and Su Ke2Su KeMain Character though.

Ma Meng started first as he said, “Su Ke, last time you fought with Wu Ao Ran, it didn’t seem like you were losing out!”
Su Ke scratched his head and awkwardly smiled before responding, “Hei Hei, I didn’t have a choice at the time. It would’ve been bad if you didn’t turn up!”

Ma Meng then suddenly stopped, causing Su Ke’s entire body to tense up.

He awkwardly stepped forward as Ma Meng spun around and chopped at Su Ke’s shoulder with his right hand. His movements were lightning quick, even Luo Fei Yan who was standing next to Su Ke had no time to react.  
After Luo Fei Yan cleared up, Su Ke had already lifted up his arms to block above his shoulder. He blocked his powerful blow with a ‘Bang’, but Su Ke couldn’t help but fall to the side as he quickly shifted his center of gravity.
Without waiting for Su Ke to adjust, Ma Mang used his left arm to elbow Su Ke straight in the chest.
Compared to Su Ke’s skinny 1.6-meter body, Ma Mang was obviously stronger at 1.8 meters and very burly. The elbow was very fierce; if it had connected, he might be overcome by his strength. He couldn’t move because Luo Fei Yan was to his left.

Upon seeing his elbow, Su Ke was feeling anxious as he quickly spread apart his arms and tilted his body to the side. In one fluid motion, he grabbed Ma Meng’s shoulder and tightly pulled it down, neutralizing the threat.
Ma Meng’s right arm suddenly stopped before it started trembling.

He then pulled his hand back as he said, “Haha, you improved, brat!”

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“Brother Meng, you scared me half to death!”

Su Ke shook his hands as he winced a little bit.

“How would you know if you don’t try? When I went over that day, your fighting strength at the KTV was a bit unbelievable!” Ma Meng drew back the corners of his mouth into a smile as he remembered how Su Ke tried to resist.

However, the effort of a three-legged cat(1) wasn’t worth mentioning.

Ma Meng sighed and shook his head before patting Su Ke’s shoulder, “It’s only been a few days since I last saw you! Come over and play if you got time. I see that your movements resemble Jeet Kune Do!”
Luo Fei Yan’s eyes flashed a strange color. Even though Ma Meng was joking with Su Ke, he does have a knack for it. Another way to look at it was that the relationship between Su

Ke, Liu Fei Hong, and Ma Meng was actually quite good.
They then got into a cab and waved at Ma Maneg as it slowly drove off.

The scenery slowly retreated as Bi Hai Yun Tan slowly disappeared out of sight.
“Su Ke, be careful in school!” Luo Fei Yan said seriously.
“I’ll be fine; Huang Mao and his gang are outside of the school. If there’s any trouble, they’ll notify me!” Su Ke leaned against the seat, thinking about what Liu Fei Hong had entrusted him with. Liu Fei Hong had already found out that the masterminds of the previous kidnapping attempt were the double-headed wolf brothers.

The two sides previously had their conflicts, but they were well-restrained. However, everyone knew that the local double-headed wolf wouldn’t sit back and let their interests suffer.

Not to mention, with Liu Fei Hong’s return, the division of power within the city has changed.
Wei Hai city is divided into Guang Yang and An Ci city, which are controlled by the double-headed wolf and another big boss, Zhang Pang Zi (2).

Both of them minded their own business and complemented one another.

However, Liu Fei Hong came back a year ago and settled into the development zone.
The development zone was a new urban area gradually formed with the economic development of Wei Ha city. It was also once a combination of city and countryside.

Originally, in order to maintain peace, the double-headed wolf and Zhang Pang Zi refrained from acquiring this piece of land and gave it to Liu Fei Hong in the end.

However, this Liu Fei Hong’s momentum was torrential. She didn’t just bring a bunch of brothers from the north, each of them were the cream of the crop. They were all bold and valiant; her initial display of strength was completed without any trouble.

In the end, they couldn’t acknowledge the three-legged cat in front of them.
However, the one who came later would always be a thorn in their side.

Zhang Pang Zi was already old, old enough to know his fate, so his attitude could be considered peaceful. On the other hand, the double-headed wolf brothers were itching to get rid of Liu Fei Hong. Liu Fei Hong had already figured all this out, but she didn’t have a very solid foundation or an ample opportunity to strike.

However, when the people from Ba Zhou wanted to kidnap Liu Qing Qing, she was like an angry lioness, but they caught the person in the end. Even though Su Ke broke his leg, when he was leaving Wei Hai city, all four of his limbs were broken now; they could see Liu Fei Hong’s anger.

In fact, she has been planning the demise of the double-headed wolf brothers ever since then. Additionally, it was when Luo Fei Yan and Su Ke reached Bi Hai Yun Tian that Liu Fei Hong had just finished the meeting. They passed over all of their information to her.
They already noticed all of their movements; the outside of Bi Hai Yun Tian consisted of Lang Ming’s people.
When they move, they have to strike like lightning, without any margin for error.

Liu Fei Hong wasn’t afraid for her well-being, but for her family.

She sent people to two places; one to protect her home, the other to the school where Liu Qing Qing was studying.
However, Su Ke stayed with Liu Qing Qing just in case.

“Hey! Su Ke, Liu Fei Hong said that as long as there was an opportunity, she would face Lang Ming head-on. Should I withdraw some funds to support them!?”

Luo Fei Yan and Liu Fei Hong had a strategic partnership.

Further negotiations would be needed to discuss what they should do.

However, before Su Ke could reply, Luo Fei Yan long-windedly said, “The problem with Lang Ming is practically solved; now we’re just left with the trashy Wu Yi Ren.!”

Once Wu Yi Ren was mentioned, Su Ke conjured up the image of a refined scum wearing gold glasses. However, what Liu Fei Hong meant is that they can’t deal with him right now.

Not only was he the Assistant Bureau Chief of the Trade and Industry Bureau, but he’s also related to the mayor. They could only endure and not force the situation.

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Su Ke leaned against his chair and involuntarily said, “Sister Yan, I’ll think of a solution for this Wu Yi Ren!”

Luo Fei Yan was momentarily stunned, but when she thought about the fact that Su Ke knew people from the underworld, martial arts, and could even play the piano, could there be another secret that she didn’t know?


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1. Meaning handicapped or very very bad.

2. Funnily enough, his name Pang Zi directly translates to fatty.

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