Chapter 182- 8,946 +1

Astrid7Astridcharacter weakly walked over to the dragon4dragonspecies laying very still on the ground and laid down next to him. She protectively wrapped herself around him before closing her eyes and dying.

Astrid might be free from the system, but while she’s in-game, she has to obey it’s rules to a T! There isn’t any shortcuts or favoritism. However, when she died, instead of being put into memory store for twenty-four hours, she returned to her IRL body. Death is a completely new sensation for her. For the first time since her creation, she was completely out of the system and could do anything she wanted, but she chose to stay behind and look after IRL KMega6KMegacharacter.

He was currently responding to rude comments in kind.

“I love you.” (Astrid)

Those three words are the core of her being. She loves KMega and will do anything for him.

She will even pursue her own happiness over his because that is what would truly make him happy. When he heard what she said, he stopped his rapid typing and closed his eyes to calm down before responding, “I love you too.” (KMega)

Satisfied with his response, she then dived into her private server.

Kyl sat in his carriage as he read the world announcement for their raid on Karma Sky Island.

[There are 8,946 casualties. 1,617 have been captured and force teleported to your homeland. The dead amount to 7,329 people; 7,178 former companions, 7 mercenary guards, 67 civilians, and 77 dragonbloods. ‘Duke’ KMega of Eastguard and Dragon Lord Astrid, Dutchess of Eastguard have also perished. 85% of all goods stolen by the companions, or of equal value of, has been confiscated.]

Kyl had a frown on his face as he read the announcement. Their other operations were successful as well, but he wasn’t very happy. KMega was prepared for them. If he had no idea what was going on, over twenty percent of the island’s surviving population would have perished. They also couldn’t loot the dragon’s lair or it’s inhabitants.

One team found a forge with several high-grade equipment; a recently finished myth class great sword among them. The bandit that stole it just placed it in his inventory, so the curse activated and instantly drained his HP, burning him to ashes and destroying all the items he possessed. When the bandits’ partner saw such a thing, he gave up and went to look for other prizes.

While this was going on, the other team of bandits found a den of sleeping dragons that they thought were extremely easy targets. However, little did they know, when they set their eyes on the young dragons, Level 801 Dragon Lord Elder ‘Nierlar’ showed no mercy.

The main team quickly retreated instead of fighting Nierlar since they already fulfilled their primary objective and didn’t want to lose any more people.

After remembering what happened with the different teams, Kyl started talking with his campaign planners. They had to handle their large spoils of war and keep the Eastguard idiots in check. However, when the carriage suddenly stopped, Kyl opened up his viewer and saw Supreme Commander Luke leading an army of Eastguard soldiers.

“Show him the immunity papers and demand they let us pass.” (Kyl)

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Kyl then sighed in annoyance and started planning his next move before hearing a strange tune.

He instinctively left the carriage since he recognized the song as the famous ‘Death Song of a Dragon’ It’s a song attached to a skill that lets a dragon burn their very soul for strength.

He looked up into the sky and was shocked when he saw a dragon diving at him. The trump card he used, ‘Law of motionless shall remain motionless’, should have disabled all the teleporters after they returned to the surface. However, Kyl had no idea that the sky island was designed for dragons to fly in and out of without having to teleport. The scroll also disabled his own teleportation, but that wouldn’t be enough to escape an angry dragon crashing into his carriage. Through the dust and debris, the song of death played the last thoughts of the maddened dragon. “My wives, my children, my lord, Duke KMega, my friends, and my family! He killed them all! My wives, my children…” (Lazar)

The message kept repeating in a sweet melody of death as it died down with each passing of the chorus. After a few minutes passed, the dragon’s body and soul burnt to nothing.

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As Kyl was trying to decide his next move, he received a message,

[You failed to escape Eastguard before your war crimes were revealed. The god of war has called the gods to a council to decide what happens with your soul. When you die, you will be sent to a trial to defend yourself.]

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