Chapter 181- Death Of A Hero

Pyscho4Astrid7Astridcharacter notched his bow and waited for his skill to cool down before firing. The dragon4dragonspecies in his sights is a lot different than the ones he hunted before; it had insane HP and attack power. Even the front line tanks had to keep swapping out, but he didn’t care since the contract paid good money for his skills.

As a boy IRL, he belonged to an extremist faction that lived off the land. He learned hunting, tracking, and other related skills. As a teen and young adult, he was put into the deep space program when he joined the army. He has set foot on three different worlds, making him a legend. So, at the age of thirty, when he retired from the army, he didn’t know what to do with his life. His family disowned him because they felt like he ran away from the traditional life to join the army. In the end, he could only escape into video games5video gamestheme.

“Sixty degrees, wind near 0, mild precipitation, opening at 21.9 degrees.” (Pyscho4Astrid)

Just like a professional sniper, he ran the numbers in his head as he released an arrow at long range. To him, that has killed actual people, this was nothing. Even killing the inhuman infant was nothing to him. As he notched another arrow, he suddenly remembered something from some time ago. It was when a cute young girl became an internet idol overnight. He was member #2061 of her fan club. There aren’t many people that make him as excited as she is.

“Sixty degrees, wind near 0, mild precipitation, opening at 21.2 degrees.” (Pyscho4Astrid)

He then released another arrow that struck the dragon.

[You have dealt the final blow to player ‘Duke’ KMega6KMegacharacter of Eastguard. Rewards will be divided according to your contribution after the siege is over.]

He quickly flinched because the name sounded familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, so he ignored it. The only one he cared about is an NPC. As he notched another arrow, some members of the guild were rushing into the lair, giving him a bad feeling. However, it was too late.

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The advance team quickly perished as an even stronger torrent of fire then KMega’s**** them.

He wanted to retreat since he already completed his task, but no one gave the order.

The lizardmen were drawing closer, making it hard for him to snipe them from his location.

“Sixty two degrees, wind near 0, low precipitation, opening at 22.3 degrees.” (Pyscho4Astrid)

He then released another arrow as the dragon emerged from the lair, striking it in the eye and taking out its eyelid, even though that’s not what he was aiming for.

[You have dealt 2,637 damage to Dragon Lord Astrid, Dutchess of Eastguard.]

He instantly recognized the name since he spent twenty coins to get his name changed.

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When he was still building his base skills in a small guild, the guild leader was looking to recruit a player by the name of KMega. That is when he met his idol face to face.

However, a streak of blood now flowed from her eye, making it look like she was crying.

In his mind, he just made the sweet innocent girl he adored cry in pain. At that moment, he felt an intense shame as he force logged out by jumping into her next fireblast.

He then immediately deleted all of his contacts with the others of the guild, posted an unedited version of his ‘hunt’, then put his account up for auction.

Astrid isn’t just an internet idol because of her looks. Every member of her fan club adores her because she’s strict, but also very kind and has a good partner.

The video he named ‘I Have Sinned; Death Of A Hero’ is the only video on KMega’s top ten that he didn’t personally film.

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