Chapter 180- HELP

For a professional gamer, an hour is nothing. They have trained hard enough to fight for at least an hour without rest. However, there is no such thing as a legendary player that can do it all through effort, cunning, and skill. The world isn’t that small that only one person has such talents. A game is fair and balanced where effort equals reward. Anyone can spend fifteen hours a day in a game and live off of minimal amounts of diet, sleep, and physical exertion.

However, KMega6KMegacharacter lives healthier than most gamers; he gets over six hours of sleep a day, he eats two full meals, and he exercises a minimum of three hours a week. That is the difference between fact and fiction. A true pro doesn’t go to such extremes to get what they want.

There isn’t much difference between breaking your back fifteen hours a day and playing a smarter game for ten. In part, this is due to the idle system of the game. A player can set commands for their toon to do while they’re gone. Naturally, it’s slower and lower quality than doing it yourself, but a little is better than nothing in the pursuit of growth.

KMega is a professional streamer2streamerstory mechanic. The difference between pros and regular users isn’t very large. Streamers normally specialize in PvE, while non-streamers normally take part in PvP.

In essence, it’s because a streamer can’t do PvP because all they have to do is watch their opponents streams before an encounter to learn all their secrets.

KMega lost twenty percent of his HP in the time it took to equip his armaments. He grabbed his short sword and shield and blocked the attacks coming at him. However, his attackers were relentless and tried to surround him. Nonetheless, this didn’t matter much to him since he’s not in his lair. While this was going on, he suddenly heard a dragon4dragonspecies roar full of pain, sorrow, and rage.

[Notice! Your blood rage has reached its limit. Twenty percent of dragon blood has been infused into your body and added to your normal total until you calm down.]

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It’s just like when KMega became the berserker of the blood fields. When he stood strong despite being hit dozens of times in the tournament of the gods. When he overturned common sense and killed over a thousand demons by making himself into a meteor. KMega entered a blood rage that immediately kicked him from the game and left his avatar in a self-controlled state. At this moment, KMega was 85% dragon; beyond the games safety limit. This is why the system took control of his body and made it grow. His armor began to crack and split apart before completely fading away as a fully grown dragon appeared in front of the small army of players. Without warning, a fiery blast engulfed four of them that killed them instantly.

Kyl then brought out the ace up his sleeve; a scroll he used without hesitation.

Astrid7Astridcharacter looked to the front of her lair with a worried look on her face. There is a good reason why players start as humans in most games; instinct. Modern humans have little instinct that enables them to be predators, so they have to grow into it. For KMega, he had a natural inclination to the growth of the dragon race set, so it grew rapidly, but the system doesn’t allow someone to completely lose their humanity.

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