Chapter 179- Last Stand

KMega6KMegacharacter was surprised by how much his stats shot up after restoring them. They had increased on average by well over a hundred in each category compared to when he had unleashed them during the demon war in part because during that time, they had been on a separate server, so there had been little change to a player’s character except for gear and items. Still, KMega opposed what would swell to over a hundred players. He was not so foolish as to be surrounded in the street. He fell back.

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Naturally, Lazar guarded the mouth of the lair, watching what was going on. He was slightly puzzled. If a dragon4dragonspecies did in another dragon’s lair what the king of the humans had done, the dragon king himself might wipe out that individual’s entire bloodline for such an insult. Still, Lazar stood and shifted his body, limbering his joints. One thing he had learned from watching KMega was cardio. A stiff dragon is a dead dragon. What good was having scales of iron when blades that could slice steel slashed you? Move, strike, avoid, and counter: these were the basics any dragon would develop, but Lazar mastered them, which was rarely done.

From the start, half the players split up. A core group of thirty were assigned to suppress KMega while well over fifty went after the nearby NPCs. A normal player would never take part in a normal NPC massacre, so these were hardcore players who saw NPCs as non-sentient trash. Still, KMega was too late to stop them. He only killed half a dozen of the ones in the NPC-killing group before encountering a player in dragon scale armor. In his hand was a dragon-bone sword. KMega felt the wail of pain from both the long slain dragon’s and his own soul as he was easily pushed back.

In KMega’s dragonian second form, his strength was over a thousand. For a normal player to have such strength, they would be a strength build over level 200. In addition, it required buffs from gear adding to their strength. However, KMega’s other stats were of a similar degree. He was a balanced build, albeit he slightly favored physical over mental stats. Still, when thirty players of a similar level, heavily geared and buffed up charged at you, you back off. After two close calls, he turned tail to strategically fall back. With the death gift he got from the catgirl being inadequate, he barely succeeded.

Lazar felt jumpy because he wanted to help his queen rather than limber up. However, after watching the fighting, he decided his queen was a master of combat. As Lazar threw KMega his sword and ran to him, Lazar received a hand signal: ‘Leave your post. Defend your brood.’ There was only one meaning for this. He left the armaments he had safeguarded and turned toward the academy. The blood of dragons was in the air, and it was not from his queen.

Lazar leaped into the air and dove into three of the academy’s attackers. Before he even arrived, an arrow sprouted from his shoulder, causing him to fall off course. Missing the three, he still hit one, causing the other two to fall back. Two of the buildings had already been broken into. As he stood, taking in the scene, one of his wives in front of him pushed one of his young out a window.

“Papa!” (Daughter)

He heard one of his daughters and raced to catch her. His wife first hit the ground with a thud, a dagger in her back, while his daughter stretched her wings to control her descent before an arrow hit her chest. Lazar was shocked and enraged as his daughter’s blood touched his claw.

“There will be no mercy!” (Lazar)

The Death Dragon of the Blood Tear Brood was about to make its debut in the world.

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