Chapter 178- Etiquette

As soon as KMega6KMegacharacter charged, he knew it was too late. He tried to collide with the player king, but he was gone by the time he arrived. KMega caught the young cat girl as she fell and immediately cast ‘Healing Touch’, but it was already too late.

“Enough of this farce! Retrieve who you can and kill the ones that refuse!” (Kyl)

As Kyl gave the order, the girl in KMega’s arms faded away, leaving behind several items including a sword. It was proper etiquette for a noble to meet another noble unarmed, so he didn’t bring a weapon with him. With rage filled eyes, he grabbed the short sword on the floor and took a deep breath, “ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWRR!!!” (KMega)

[Roar of the Noble Dragon has been used. This unique roar belongs to the user KMega. The courage of his allies will be maxed out. His enemies are now disheartened, but your noble blood has resisted. However, your resistance has failed against the stronger presence. You have lost the ability to use skills and magic items for ten seconds. You have also been stunned for five seconds. The roar is currently buffing the civilizations and other innocents by increasing their agility by 350 for 1 minute. The citizens of Karma Sky Island are fleeing in fear due to your presence. Karma -500. As you do not have a karma related stat, nobility and dignity have been reduced by 250 each. You have offended some of the gods with your actions. The church is now your enemy. You have been marked as evil.]

When Kyl finished reading through it, he was p**sed! The debuffs weren’t a big deal since he’s had experience with dragon4dragonspeciess and their skills before. They’re also in control of the teleportation circle, so there was no way to escape unless you fought them off. What p**sed him off was losing some nobility and dignity because they were a kings bread and butter. Those stats being lowered is huge! Before being marked evil, his nobility and dignity stats were barely over a hundred combined, but now they’re well into the negative. The fact that he offended some gods was also a blow, but not as big as the lowered stats. Kyl then grit his teeth and pulled out a scroll before yelling, “Writ of voiding cry!” as he tore it up and it burst into blue flame.

Only allowed on

[‘Writ of Voiding Cry’ has been activated. Negative effects you received in the last twenty-four hours have been cleared. Effects that add stats will be doubled. This skill affects everyone in a 100-foot area and lasts for 1 hour.]

Unintentionally, Kyl gave KMega the greatest thing he could; double stat growth.

KMega charged at the enemy players and turned into his second dragonian form. He didn’t care about getting hurt as long as he could save the NPC’s. However, he realistically knew that he couldn’t save everyone, but he wanted to save as many as he could.

“Watch out, he’s armed!” (Guard)

KMega lunged forward with the sword turned dagger in hand, but the player he was aiming for quickly dodged.

However, KMega was even faster as he stuck the ‘dagger’ into their heart, killing them instantly.

“Wow, he killed Harrylegs instantly!” (Guard 2)

While another player excitedly exclaimed, KMega unsealed his stats and started looking around for his next target.

The NPC’s living on Karma Sky Island knew something was wrong. Since they’re average level is only 10, they immediately locked their doors and hid in their rooms and basements, even though it won’t do them any good if they’re attacked. The more courageous people grabbed weapons, but after seeing the dozens of over level 100 players standing in front of them, they quickly ran out of town and hid in the fields. However, when they arrived, they stopped in their tracks after noticing some lizardmen. Lizardman and lizard demihumans are very different types of beasts. The demihumans live in the desert aren’t confined by their enviroment, but actual lizardmen need to live in cool places with lots of moisture. Their favorite places to rest are under trees. However, they become dry and blistery under the sun.

Having been living close to the Blood Tear brood, they accepted the brood as their masters. When KMega roared, they sent out their warrior to heed their masters’ call.

It was proper etiquette for them since they were blessed by Astrid7Astridcharacter with protection and a new home.

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